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RE Godus Design: As a person who adored populous and populous II on the amiga and had the skills to knock up a serial modem cable and play against friends, I must say this :

I think the reason why populous was such genius was to some extent its simplicity and its limitations helped focus the strategy play because theyre was less distraction, isometric or fixed viewpoints is not so much a limitation in RTS games take starcraft, rotating the camera around massively and zooming in and out all the time would just distract the player from the strategy at hand, games arent about being all things to all players. make the camera auto itself about allot without zooming about and flailing distractingly around, maybe have a free camera mode perhaps for players in a non match modes single player etc. and godsims in a way are designed for isometric from above type viewpoint, as you are a god and gods usually view from above the disdainful hubbub of the little peoples lives, they only need their obedience and prayer to enhance their own power.

Perhaps also put sprogging in the game once a house unit is at full power ;) or maybe thats too much micromanagement maybe as an easter egg just an animation ;)

I also played Powermonger which in my opinion was somehow not as good as populous and populous’s 2 player serial play was most fun and addictive, regardless of how beautiful powermonger was, it was slightly too complex and the graphics packed into the screen, and I never mastered it in the same timeframe of populous, almost anyone could start playing populous and within a 30 minutes be able to handle all the controls and be manically working toward gaining enough mana to wipe the opponent out, eventually leading to a point within an hour or 3 where one player was either defeated or conceded.

as an example of one of the best examples of modern smartphone games that had a brilliantly linear learning curve, i would say plants v zombies exceeded angry birds for example in its simplicity to learn, addictive play, stretching the players skills but never being too hard and cause the player to give up.

I think that main game mode for godus if its an RTS multiplayer competitive Godsim, should be that the games / match length can be tailored to say a certain timeframe or perhaps have conditions settable where the game is over explicitly in the sense that recovery for the losing opponent is not possible, this would then make a game where online matches and leaderboards were possible, I know this sounds a bit competetive, but maybe there could be other modes of play too for those – not interested, in multiplayer match style games.

Dungeon Keeper I didnt play but I would say, dont make a game which is to complex with too many things fo the player to manage so as to keep the stress levels low and the fun high, Ie let the population on the landmass decide the best spot to place a mine on the basis of resource, settlers though fantastic was a little complex in this respect even, maybe the player help them uncover the resource by land movement, the flat land principle and they build bigger houses mechanic is a good one to be retained from populous agree, I think the player placing houses is unnecessary let the population pick the best spot on the basis of land movement as populous did, alleviate the player from having to micro manage everything that happens in the game. for instance i dont in competitive play want have to spend my time rotating a house in 3d to place it on the landscape.

And this is where i would say black and white turned me off, It was an amazing game revolutionary clever beautiful etc but imo it was too complex, it didn’t grab the players imagination in the same way that simple populous did after 10 minutes of play, even now If I had two serial linked amigas I would prefer to play populous over Black and White … because populous was like a superb and addictive electronic board game with just enough complexity too make it interesting but not so much as to flounder the player with controls.

Let the little people in Godus execute intelligence as to what to build and where to allow the player to concentrate their strategy on the larger scale issues. make the number of players selectable after all an 8 way game, is probably going to take allot longer than a 2 player game ? And I think some games today are in danger of being to big for peoples time budgets, and like a good film, there is something satisfying about finishing a multiplayer match in say an hour or two, as their is a sense of satisfaction and completion for both players one way or another ;)

The ability to scale player numbers and fixed selection of map sizes to enable a time scale of average completion for a game, so that someone can come back from work and say right I want to play a competetive godsim match for 45 minutes and have a satisfying complete game in that fixed timeframe and then maybe at the weekend they want a four hour match etc more players larger map etc, But I think the idea of fixed map sizes is a good one as it limits games going on for ever etc. make it just like populous so that the rader map shows the whole of the map being played on.

Its that sense of completion which is a good thing with a board game if monopoly or snakes and ladders or the dark tower went on for weeks on end you would lose the sense of fun and place or reason in the game, so either have matches or something meaning I can choose how much time I put into the game in advance roughly and get a satisfying conclusion. As there are too many ginormous games on the market and as populous proved you could have a match based based godsim, and not enough games that have that satisfaction of conclusion that board games have. This conclusion-al element does not mean the game is short as you can have variation in game length and maps and themes and play many matches, ie one match isnt the games full extent either. just dont make it so standard play last 3 weeks a match ;(

and dont have character development so that some players can bring more powerful gods into the game etc, make it so that only the players with the best strategy bringing it fresh every time from the ground up … win, ie all players start off equal apart from their position on the map :) its just the strategy that tells. or perhaps like scissors paper stones they can choose from three god archetypes and their set of powers and dependant on what other players selects this impacts the gameplay style / strategy a player takes etc ? shrug something like that.

admittedly my advice might sound too much like making a populous remake which godus isn’t fully, but I certainly think take most from populous imo.

wow think i might have waited too long for that 22 penneth worth, but anyway good luck im sure i’ll like whatever your smart team at 22 cans comes up with ;)

US PSN sony chat support Rubbish deferment, where is UK chat ?

US chat support Rubbish deferred me to UK chat why does half their site seem complexly and crappily split between us based and uk based websites TOTAL shit get a grip SONY one or the other but dont fuck me about asking me to enter seven dozen personal details just to get access to a chat representative, just so that she can defer me to UK support ? and waste my fucking time, if i were to rate that support it would 0 stars out of 10. and how much do you pay these call centre people and website designers to be useless ?

Sarah (Responding)
Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. How may I help you?
me: I just bought a new PS3 slim and wish to move my setup from y old PS3
me: but I notice that I can no longer de-activate the old system online
me: you are forcing me to do it on my old PS3 system
me: what happens if the old PS3 system doesnt owrk ?
Sarah: I am happy to assist you with this.
me: you are also forcing me to update that old system firmware before i can go online to deactivate
me: this is hellish
Sarah: I understand how frustrating this can be and I am happy to look into this for you. Please wait a moment while I research your account.
me: your website aslo doesnt differntiate between my systems which is the slim and which is the fatboy, im presuming ps3 system 1 is the old one etc
Sarah: After further research, I have determined that your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account is registered in the United Kingdom. You have reached support for North America and we are only able to provide support for North American PSN accounts. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the tools to assist with accounts in other regions.
Sarah: For further assistance, you will need to contact consumer support for your region.
Sarah: For support in the United Kingdom, please use the following contact information:

• Email Address: help@uk.playstation.com
• Phone Number: 0844 736 0595
• United Kingdom Network Gaming Phone Line: 08702 422299
me: thats an easy copout(the word copout somehow got magically SONY censored out and not typed in) where on earth on that website can I specify activation and deactivation ?
me: of systems ?
me: I dont have life to waste ringing up such numbers this chat is waste enough
me: sony need to get a grip
me: I hate walled gardens and this system is indicative of it

ok there it was 4 hours later I still didnt have the ability to activate and deactivate my own PS3 systems on their website within the Cloud of shit that is Sonys empire.

What PS4 specs should be in this day and age to last from 2013-2017

8-16gb memory, the 256mb memory in the PS3 was laughable in 2006 when it was released especially considering the OS takes 46Mb of memory, you couldnt give away a pc with 256mb of memory and 256mb of vram today.

minimum 3gb Vram for PS4 the (256mb was very average in 2006) The PS3 should be at least 1080p 3D HDMI all the way, no composite possibly component but no bother if ads cost

4-8 cores 16 virtual threads at least 4ghz in speed at least
or a 16 core cell running at 3.8ghz

well ventilated and quiet and never overheats no ylod rlod blod bullshit this generation of consoles have suffered from ad infinitum
hence 32nm technology at least possibly even 22nm to really make them quite and cool

solid state boot drive 64gb in size partioned into 2 partiition 32gb for PS OS and 32gb for fast game sroage cach, with additional green quiet 1tb/2Tb 3.5″drive storage, fully installable games no enforced disc access.

blu ray is still a standard so include, ejects disk on game launch to lower noise levels in game

external power supply to aid cooling efficiency

tower design air in at the bottom/front air out at the top/back 120mm quiet dual fans filtered properly with foam and insulated to reduce noise

Bluetooth 4.0 surround sound audio with game and chat audio mix capability for bluetooth headsets and optical surround sound out amps

wireless N

gigabit ethernet

voice input from dual beam noise cancelling mics, camera included for tv top with the console ? possibly

somehow a touch keyboard built into PS controller, use vita perhaps as controller for PS4 as since the smartphone tablet era inputing text on a standard PS3 contoller is the Definition of Archaic

next gen quality motion control controller no stupid ice cream cone light on top ? distracting and stupid looking

Why PS3 users shouldnt ever moan about skyrim on the PS3

here are the Pc minimum requirements for skyrim

And here’s the minimum requirements to get the game up and running:

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent processor
2 GB System RAM
6 GB free HDD Space
Direct X 9 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is slated to hit retail and virtual shelves on November 11, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and windows PC.

here ar the PS3 specs

single core with 8 dubious co-processor cores
0.256 Gb of system ram 8 x less than the minimum pc requirements
0.256 Gb of vram 2 x less than the minimum pc requirements

hardware facts are hard facts and cant be argued with.

damn straight

hard core truth is always attention grabbing

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Fucking Time machine OS X

Why does apples heap of uncrontrollable shit time machine insist that in order to backup 920gb of data onto 1tb with 990gb free on it, it magically needs over 1.11tb of space wtf ! the backups are larger than the original ? so buying two drives identical drives and imagining you can backup the contents of one to the other is basically a crock of shit … and why does it not tell me this in advance ? before I delete my old backup fucking wank … wank … wank … wank. Apple stop making user friendly Auto bollocks with no controlloble options ? why have i only got an exclude list, why cant I have an include list instead ? why do I get no control over ther versions of files it stores why on earth is the backup in your own proprietory bullshit mega disk image accessible through a time interface ? what if that disk image doesnt want to open someday ? at least with a standard folder copy individual files will always be accessible ? hmm

and why when i decide well fuck it i dont need a backup system that makes backups larger than the original, and turn the heap of shit off and deassigning the drive does it still come up with dialogs like this when I try to copy some files about ?

time machine bullshit

time machine bullshit

FU apple, stop thinking you can software engineer yourselves out of the need to provide your user with control.

What do i need from a backup system

exact copy of data including invisible files and locked files
a synchronised incremental backup, only copying the changes from the source to the destination and removal from destination of any files removed from the source.
for the backup not be larger size wise than the original on a source and destination drive which are two seperate identical drives, ie the backup process should not add so much fluff the backup wont fit on a drive of the same size as the source ?
the backup to be in the form of a standard file structure ? so tis not dependant on a particular peice of software to be accessed, and can be moved into place in case of failure of the original drive
if versioning of files is to exist then that to be user controllable to the amount of extra space allocated to such a task ?
to have these backups occurring on a schedule, with email reports of backup failures and error event and setable disk space warning ?
an clear and sensible interface that gives clearly labelled controls and all options and subtlety controllable by the user ?

lacies silverkeeper sucessfully provided 90% of this, time machine is inept and uncontrollable in my opinion.

Elite : Dangerous, the daddy of all space sims will get reboot if you pledge to it.

actual test development gameplay footage

dev diary 1 :

amazing stuff, sunflare through asteroids spot on. planet looks lovely.

improvements : albedo of asteroids and crater damage and greater shape variagation, too bright on sunlit sides ie a little white burnout, a little more mid range space dust gasses, softer atmosphere blend to outer space.

please everyone subscribe / pledge to this seminal game reboot


which logo do you prefer ?

Elite Dangerous gold logo

Elite Dangerous gold logo

I think the gold one is ok but looks a little 80’s and firebird reminscent but to me the black logo looks better

Elite 80's logo

Elite 80’s logo

Elite Dangerous Black logo

Elite Dangerous Black logo

I think this dark one is better as Elite is now in its fourth incarnation called dangerous it needs a darker older more tarnished look battle worn even.

one more to consider from a desktop art on a fan site

An open letter RE : Double Fine Adventure to Tim Schafer

why not have some kind of in office digital comments pin-board, where backers can throw encouragement, suggestions feedback Ideas etc and staff can sticky them or something print em out etc

to Tim : I pray this somehow passes across your gaze

    What I think about adventure games

(background Osborne luggable with CCA – till today)

agreed DFA cant be a nostalgia re-RUN / repeat things usually taste better when they’re fresh concepts etc, 2nd digestion is for ruminants, and cows look quite bored when they’re ruminating ?

    essences that were important in my love of – Monkey island 1 and not just from a nostalgia perspective
    Characters :

I want to love the characters not because theyre good, but because they’re recognisable cohesive and I can identify with them whatever they’re role in events dopy, evil, good, romantic funny, without them being one dimensional caricatures, ie if evil then also has to have an element of silliness or stupidity etc, and the characters regardless of their lot in the plot demonstrate some levity in their situation even if a dark levity regardless of the circumstance, this is something we all admire even in real life ;) some sense of background of life Arc, but not necessarily in a realistic way.

    Humour :

call me old fashioned, sadly I want my games and my characters I play or interact with to make me smile, even if only wryly, and this is often not a technical exercise this comes from the spirit of the people who make the characters, its a giving of themselves or someone else they know or saw in a personal memory kind of way.

    Immersion :

I like to feel that I’m immersed cocooned in a tangible atmospheric alternate place, that im mostly comfortable to exist in, even in the sense of pausing or tootling or looking about. Something that draws me in and I’m inquisitive about (Read say Dear Esther, Monkey island, Myst)

    Story :

I like those storys where im intrigued to see whats next, yet i can still put the game down, but at the same time i think about what might happen next after ive put the game down, and know i going to come back to it


    On games in general:

awareness of Linear v open multi pathing in adventure:


if an adventure is too linear the game world is inevitably less immersive and quicker too complete and can feel like its on rails, yet also feels more directed and secure, and this can work in some kinds of games and still be satisfying.

    Open World:

if its too open a world the player which the player can get lost in, in this case you need to make sure the environment theyre lost in, is a casual one with less consequences, their character is chilled to be lost in, with eventual signposts that hint where to from here etc, characters going in circles repeating parts looking for a trigger in a linear pathing sense within an open world, can get frustrated, unless of course … the exact details of how you progress are looser and less prescribed this style of game can have its own issues, paths being blocked in open world games by single missing items and discoveries / events frustrate the player.

    Games stress :

speaking as an older player, If the game makes me feel stressed in visiting a place more times than once, in a “im not making enough progression sense” im going in circles argh! Then its got it wrong in the sense, I should like the environment enough to want to be/play in it regardless of the objectives ((objectives is such a negative word) perhaps better to say things my character wants to do to get some feeling of wholeness and happiness)), but not feel so threatened in the game all the time, I don’t want to hang around and scurry desperately trying to find a save point to solidify my progress in the game, for fear of progressional loss. A game that had this right – Journey on the playstation.

Likewise stress related to controlling the game, is not “the game” (ZombiU on the Wii), nor should it be part of the games difficulty, controls should be beginning to be transparent after the first 15 minutes of play, inventory management tends only fun in games where those items make a difference to your characters abilities. So inventory management should be a stress free process, removing unnecessary clicks and dialogs, keep the control structure and the actions required as brief as is actually needed, this increases immersion and flow( Superbrothers sword and sworcery, didnt quite have this right, although i loved the game and supported ideologically for its originality and endeavour, somehow I didnt feel compelled to complete it ?)

    Measuring player progression ? testing, game feedback ?

such measurements like the metric as to how much of a game you bother to complete, should be built into the game and anonymously reportable, so developers know what people can be bothered with and the trends of where they get bored and where they pause or finally stop, players need to be teased and intrigued along.

    Virtual esteem:

players dont like feeling their running on a treadmill that travels backwards and undoes the progress infinitely (ie WOW), im not a virtual esteem seeker i like fun, i like interesting situations or environments, i like characters , like a sense of progression and a meaty story that warrants the time spent to traverse the whole of it. If games rely too heavily on character identification and building and virtual esteem related to said charcater, they eventually become stressful and unhealthy (WOW).

    Scale, story length and episodic nature balanced against a lingering desire to see whats next

but don’t need an open-world so vast and complex it takes me three months of solid playtime to finish it , as I don’t have time, the good thing sometimes about a film is you get final satisfaction in a 2 hour period, though films can be episodic, and that also can be good have chapters that have satisfying or meaningful places to pause before starting another chapter (sword and sworcery a good element) but at the same time not too conclusory, ie they leave you with a desire to know what happens next.

    things that are still ok:

puzzles im ok with, puzzles are great as long their progression difficulty is linear in its increasing difficulty and can be picked up quickly (Portal was a brilliant example of this) at no point in portal did i feel really frustrated or totally stumped and that is surprisingly difficult thing to achieve from a playability perspective, and the voiceover always encouraged or amused and those slower moments added to this and they’re difficulty is not created through being frustratingly obscure.

    things to avoid :

REhashes of old concepts – pirates etc ;)

    Extra thoughts :

Keep it simple, don’t sweat the technicalities and don’t try too hard, dont over-examine, to the point of not being able to see what you have created anymore or taste its flavour, let some instinct and gut in, let it come naturally Xen style, but also make sure graft and output and fresh beta testing is in that mix.

    YOUTH !

Everybody thinks theyre funny, but you will need some young people in order to inject the optimistic humour and levity of youth, people with enthusiasm, and an often puppy like nature, bright eyed peeing around the place and soiling the carpets but innocent of such things, looking for theyre meat of laughs and adventure, it cant all be old hands, but your office looks like it has wit and levity as an underlying principle so even the old bones can be warmed by the warm hearth of jostling communal humour.

    How to know when your getting it right :

When I stop playing the game i want to feel lighter than when I started, too many games today are like your going to work to or something in an unsatisfying job. and I definitely know when ive enjoyed ie, If i tell someone about a character or a situation in a game from a humour perspective, and not from a ((frustration perspective)read WOW)) the strong elements make permanent memories, for example the sword-fight in monkey island or the boat salesman.

also watch on youtube farfromsubtle’s first and last episode of their ZombiU review, and contrast their happy enthusiasm optimism in the first video, with their faces in the last video, as long as dfa doesnt do that your on the right track ;)

    An Idea / character Suggestion ?

Id love an adventure that at some point you played a shabby wire’y old man with a stick and a limp as its main protagonist and hero (no children) living in a windy rainy rough faded glory seaside town or space port ( who once in his youth was a computer wizz but is now out of touch with technology of the era he lives in, as in the game, the other characters technological culture is too advanced for his precise understanding, his environment would be inhabited and flavoured most often by younger characters hes always out of touch with and mis-comprehending their negative actions as positive’s, as a way of trying to fit them in to his world view and template, with a pre-perception to see them in a better light than he should do in all realism, yet he stands no truck with misbehaviour and sets to task on those who misbehave in the most unexpected and old fashioned of ways, (ringing their parents up etc) surrounding characters who due to societal decay are living in bad circumstances with few options, and although the old man disapproves at the same time he treats them all regardless of their situation or character with a displayed disdainful charismatic humour with hidden empathy and wisdom of the long years, regardless of their apparent situation or role, as extended members however distant of his wider family in a cultural tribal tableau yet at the same time even those of his own age he doesn’t understand or get along with either, A solo melancholic who has somehow maintained empathy and enthusiasm for that which surrounds him , this old man has his routines he sticks too, whilst at the same time trying to find adventure in his life until a mystery that need solving falls upon him, which he engages with in order to defer his own inevitable death from boredom and routine. Maybe the adventure could also flashback to his childhood and a girl ?

BBC new layout GGGRRRRR rubbish

previous site I could choose what I did and didnt see. new site no such option … a failing

stop swallowing your own bullshit marketing ? … “vision of connected storytelling” really please ! stop it already makes me want to vomit.

to think that you are paid a fortune to no doubt ram this over the consumer, whats the point of feedback in this modern age.
when if fact organisations appear to do all they can to ignore it ?

“In the meantime, the existing feedback options are still available. You can leave a comment underneath this blog – I read them all”

or what you meant to say is

“This entry is now closed for comments”

Look, the previous BBC site I could remove the crap i wasnt interested in ie my preference of sport and celebrity crap removed was remembered permanently.

under the new interface I go to bbc.co.uk on the 5th of november and im faced with a full page of practically sport on the header flow rubbish, are you people mad ? how is this an improvement ? every article should have a button[x] you can select to indicate dont show me crap like this ever again ?

Currently im forced to find sport on my front page … as though its news, to me sport is entertainment and should not be thrust in the users face unless they desire to see it, keep this wank in the sports section.

your presenting me only on the front page, with the tip of an iceberg of information, but the tip you choose to show the user is not customised to what theyre looking for ??? why oh why do you run roughshod over feedback re the new site ?

truth is once you have gain velocity down a design road, its almost inevitable you will implement it, regardless as to whether the consent of the user has been obtained.

Mac os x file renaming moving deleting certain applications

Mac os x file renaming moving deleting certain applications

why has this all now become bastard size cock mongery ! seriously its a file I should be able to give whatever name I see fit !

the usual mac os wonder gui solution is proffered >

“The workaround is to use the terminal”

fuck the terminal if i was happy with using a command line OS interface, The old osborne with CPM would still be doing me fine GGGRRRRRR

Apple do not abandon the Fucking GUI as a means of getting anything done you bloody WANKERS !