Royal mail target ebayer’s

I was assured by the Royal Mail literature I obtained about the introduction of the new postage system that the new size differentiation ie

  • small letter
  • large letter
  • packet
  • Would mean 90% of postage prices would be the same or less as before the new system, what a surprise that having just adjusted my ebay postal price templates in garagesale that all of my prices had to increase by 25 -50p in general just to cover the new postage cost itself, let alone include the extra on top of that in order to cover packaging costs etc, ie that 10% of postal price increase seems to fall squarely on ebay sellers in general with all their awkward shaped packages sent cheaply via first and second class etc, this was what these new changes were designed to prejudice against.
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    Broadband Speeds a Joke !

    The fastest broadband connection in britain was 21mbps acheived by a Bethere customer, this highlights how backward we are in comparison to countrys like japan, who are currently running VDSL servcies at upto 50-60Mbps. But thing that really knocks all this on its head is the fact that fast ethernet/100Mbps networking has been around since 1995 over 11 years ago, yet somehow BT struggle to offer us internet connections anywhere near that speed ?

    see my post an isp-less internet for a possible solution

    london signs of incivility & monetarism

    Finsbury Park is fast becoming traffic ridden at all times even the small roads, Tollington park road for instance a minor road in the area is a constant taffic jam half the day, why around 11.45 am there is a static line of mainly expensive cars with one person at the wheel half the length of the street I dont know ? I hope this isnt a knock on and permanent effect of the recent congestion zone expansion ? I myself use the over-congested public transport but that’s another issue.
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