more than all the smallest particles in the universe

could all the synaptic impulses that have occured throughout time outweigh the total quantity of indivisible finite matter ?

can the energy used in a synapse firing be used more than once ? is the energy used in a synapse firing dissipated into heat totally ?

and how many times has the matter used within one organism been used in another sentient organism ?

Cameron failing to get a grip on UK immigration

Cameron failing to get a grip on UK immigration

I guess the corporates and the EU have got your balls in a vice cameron ? perhaps the border agency is as we suspect innefective ? or cameron is weak on changing the UK’s seemingly entrenched ideology of mass immigration ? whichever way 239,000 more people arrived in the UK than left in 2010 :(

Cameron you want it down at the 10,000’s then cap both EU and external to EU immigration to those levels, screw business’s needs and the EU you should be representing the native individual voters not business desires or the EU’s requirements. Business would have us all replaced by the cheapest labour globally if it could get away with it, business doesnt give a shit for nor will ever effectively protect something a subtle as national identity or people culture. And the EU cuntocracy main agenda is to dissolve national sovereignty, identity, culture wherever it finds it, unless of course it has hokey tourist exploitable value. The thing the EU fails to understand America is one country divided into states, Europe is a collection of countrys being forceably driven to the idea of being one country by stealth, the only way for the EU to truly exist is to wipe out national identity something the people unless propagandised to death will never tolerate. The EU should have remained the EEC a trading block and no more. The open border EU policy was insane I something I never voted for and will always despise.

we really need statistics to count the number of of foreign students leaving the UK after their courses finish as its over 100,000 a year being educated here. I suggest capping that at 100,000 for the moment and reducing the cap each year by those student that dont leave.

House prices relative terms since 1936

But if we want to talk about the real killer item for native british young it’s property value increases in houses. my grandfather bought a detached house with a large corner garden, lounge, dining room, 4-5 bedrooms for £600 outright with no mortgage in 1936 in Shirley Birmingham, after having saved up to buy it (was lost to the family after his death during my fathers teenage years), in real terms the relative cost including inflation would be £31,332 in today’s money, that house in actual price terms today would probably cost around £400,000 pounds today. The british population in 1936 was 47 million, today it’s not even double that in the UK so population increase doesn’t justify it quite ? US in 1936 had 127 million people and they now have well over 307 million today. I guess in relative terms we must have built very few houses since 1936 ? and more broken family’s, but a 12.5 times increase above and beyond inflation ? whichever we don’t need more people in this crowded island till they sort this housing issue out.

Meaning since 1936 it’s become 12.5 times more expensive for a person to buy a family home in britain ! not including the doubling of that initial price cost by the now essential bank mortgage required to be loaned today in order to buy it, in others words by the time you paid off that £400,000 today you would have paid back roughly £800,000. meaning that multiplier could be as much as 25 times more expensive ? since your not buying outright ? obviously with deposit a bit less ?

No wonder young people are dis-enfranchised by the I’m alright house owning property speculating set ! they’ve benefited from a 12.5 times property increase in relative terms.

When an asylum seeker in this capital is given a family home paid for by housing benefit they are equivalently stealing in value the equivalent of winning the lottery in london for a poor person who doesn’t use the benefits system ? such is the value of a family home in london, and this wanker governement keeps dictating that all these foreign fuckers must somehow be housed at whatever expense, because of bullshit human rights law ? nobody has the rights to live in a £700,000 pound house off benefits ? at the tax expense of the native non claiming poor … its insane, houses are worth too much in relative terms to be giving houses away in london like this > God I hate what this country has become. And the government wonder why there is a growing distance between the moneyed powered housing set in government, and the young self reliant poor of today, who seek the standard of their forebears, home and family.

Price of theatre 1946 till now balcony seats drury lane theatre.

drury lane theatre royal, relatives prices 1946 till 2011 relative inflation factor 31 x

drury lane theatre notice board prices 1946

drury lane theatre notice board prices 1946

In 1946 to sit and watch a production in the balcony was 3’3 or 3 shillings and thruppence ie £0.39p pre decimilasation and 16.25p in new pence post decimilisation, rounded to 16p using the inflation app on the iphone that price in todays money is £5.06 for a balcony seat.

To watch shrek an adaption of a bloody kids cartoon at the theatre today will cost you £31.50.

£31.50 divided £5.06 = 6.136 meaning, that theatre going has in relative terms become 6.13 times more expensive than it was in 1946 in relative terms ? for the cheapest seats ?

cost of a box

boxes in 1946 cost anywhere from £1 – £7 lets say on average the price was £4.00 meaning the current value is £128.00 , lord knows what the price of a box is today but considering they take 4 to 6 people and the grand circle is £81.50 im guessing in the £400-800 range ? bit interesting to get that info really ? anybody know the price of a box at the drury

The grand circle tickets were in 1946 15’6 or 186p in old pence meaning 77.5p in new pence that equates £24.35 in new money directly. A seat to see shrek in the grand circle today will cost you £81.50 divided by 24.35 = 3.3 times more expensive in relative terms for a seat in the grand circle.

so strangely the poor person is paying 6 times more to see a play at the theatre today than they were in 1946 ? whereas someone who can afford seats in the grand circle in 1946 there ticket price has only gone up 3.3 times.

my suspicion is the boxes have probably gone up even less than the grand circle in relative terms above and beyond inflation.

The other question is has the theatre actually got six time more expensive for the poor person ? in relative terms, im sure theatres would claim productions were more expensive to put on with effects and such but lets be honest im not sure the patrons care for the six fold increase whichever way, the point is the west end has become infected with this american style disney-esque effect driven monster cash cow las vegas style productions, driving proper theatre productions away from the poor. Its true of all markets if you put prices up to much you will some of the people who might have been prepared to go. the question how full or empty are the theatres and are they shooting themselves in the foot ? it seems to me in relative expenditure terms going to the theatre was not the kind of expensive fretted decision it is today, perhaps its mass international tourism that has turned these venues into money milking machines for the tourist, disenfranchising the local poor london familys ? for a family of four to go see Shrek at its cheapest will cost you £126 not including booking fees probably ?

Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots

Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots and attention seeking nutters
( an easy argument to win, shooting fish in a barrel really, but here goes just in case nudist obsessives stroll across this article in the future so we can finish this argument once and for all)

Naked and Nudist obsessives = idiots

Steven Gough stop wasting my tax payers money being housed by the prison system and get a job and pay for yourself to exist.

14 reasons nudists need to contemplate as to why a nude society will not work.

1: I don’t want to look at 80% of the populations naked body’s, I would find this offensive repulsive and interrupting to my general activity.

2: Certain parts of the country are too cold to maintain nudity through all seasons and weathers it is therefore an impractical philosophical belief.

3: Just as nudists perceive it as a personal & inalienable right to be naked in public spaces.
others perceive it as an inalienable right not to be confronted with other people’s nudity in public, and that number of people represent the majority, and such is
the way with first passed the post democracy’s as ours, that those with a minority opposing view are in purely realistic terms not taken into account, with the same
weight as the majority. Personal liberty has always been compromised or reigned in for the general benefit to the group throughout history.
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Problems with Banking in Britain

1: bank savings interest rates are at an all time low because government has effectively legislated holding artificially low bank of england base interest rates, for inter bank credit, makings savings a pointless activity.

Interest rates should not be held artificially low just to save the multiple house owning set, unless prejudicial law is in place against property speculators.

2: Banks dont care about savers money until their on the edge of bankruptcy and a run on the bank might occur

Banks major priority should be the well being of the depositors and not shareholders we need to invent a new class of building society’s whose depositors are the shareholders.

3: The ratio of debt banks can loan in comparison the savings reserves they have is too large

this ratio needs to be reduced and set in stone, infringement meaning prison sentences

4: Banks seem run for shareholders which often means their staff members and not savers ?

shareholders should not be in the equation of more than 50% of uk banks, staff should be financially compensated in line with other sectors of industry

5: Banks have not caught up with the digital age, and offer services that fundamentally stem from a paper banking era

They need to offer built in accounting invoicing and reconciliation and user defined conditional based transfer of money between accounts banks etc.

6: THe disparity between the interest offered to savers and the interest charged to people with loans is profiteering for shareholders and employees

there should be limits set to this style of profiteering between the base rate and what charges are made to the end user of credit. if necessary by reducing credit available to those who are quite obviously unable to pay it back, self certified loans etc.

7: For what banks do they offer too high a level of remuneration to themselves and employees.

Capping of bonuses reduction of salarys back to similar for other sections of industry, for this ridiculous level of compensation has been at the expense of the health of the banks, and drives greater immorality of operation to furnish an unnecessary shareholder class. making banks inefficient.

8: The immorality generally encouraged in market trading leads to immorality in the banking sector as a whole.

market trading operations which are attatched to organisations that accept depositors money should offer money back to depositors whose reward is in relation to the use of the deposits as backing to operations that fund debt growth or trading activity, if the depositors assets are used as leverage in any way to increase trading activity or profits for shareholder staff salarys or bank bonuses. in other words I as a depositor want some guaranteed ratio fo reward in relation to my positive deposits being used to make the fiscal health of a bank look good, rather than the 0.005 % interest your offering me on such balances at the moment.

9: Banks prefer people to be in debt and loan too much money, as they make more money from debt than beneficial investment in genuine enterprise and activity

banks caught loaning money profligately and with too high a level of risk to their depositors and the general health of the bank shall be fined or legislated against /sanctioned with laws of sufficient strength to deter such activities.

10: Theyre aren’t enough decent UK building society’s operating in britain any longer

We the people need to create a few more building society’s

11: Theyre a not enough actual deterrents against criminal behavior in the financial sector, for example :

a teenager steals a pair of trainers for no clear reason and should and probably will get some prison time.

a banker runs his bank into the ground all the while whilst taking 100,000 to millions of pounds in salary bonuses and golden parachutes, he retires leaving his bank and its customers to flounder and get bailed out by the taxpayer, yet this kind of crime gets no prison sentence > it doesn’t really make sense ?

previously in british history :

Henry I … caught irregularity in the moneyers of the land and the mint operations. The quality of the coins in the early part of the reign was poor, as the moneyers made a large profit by producing underweight coins or coins of debased fineness. In 1124 Henry called all 150 moneyers to Winchester, and called them to account for their activities — 94 of them were convicted of issuing sub-standard coins and were mutilated, their right hands and one testicle being cut off, as a result of which the quality of coins improved for most of the remainder of his reign

Now that’s a deterrent from stealing from the state ! so as far as im concerned prison sentences for financial irregularity, should have some real threat to them ! and involve time behind bars in regular criminal prisons, do not imagine that because someone dresses in a suit and works in the city that they can be any less criminal than someone who commits burglary.

National Treasures Live ? complaint

Apologies sometimes it takes 2100 words to express a complex opinion which refers to a complex situation and that such a lack of brevity should not be perceived as a failure of intellect, it’s just not a narrowing of everything, as the dumbing down of television seems to prefer. All things that appear on television are by their nature either a negative or positive promotion / reinforcement of concepts,subjects,ideas,people’s, its how people get their opinions on the world sadly. you write in your initial reply of an “An obligation to reflect the whole of UK society”. Correctly you point out the government has obliged you with laws that have been in place for sometime to deliberately go out of your way to represent all of UK society, what this ends up meaning in reality, is deliberate and artificial representation of minority groups on tv, ie the presenter scenario in which an asian or an african person is deliberately thrown into the mix to appear on tv, just so that you can appear to be fulfilling a diversity quotient of some artificially fostered multicultural remit, so the minority viewer can see himself on TV like some visual form of VOX POP media job distribution ? the problem with the idea of representation of cultural diversity on tv, is it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy from a promotional perspective, once you end up down that road you end up having to have one of each cultural type just to make it look like your fulfilling some diversity obligation, this may well not represent actual numbers, or stand up for the quality or merit of the individuals concerned.

The thing that irritated me greatly about the program was the title used and the content bait and switch relative to it, “National Treasure Live” first of all the Jamaican content wasn’t live ? Secondly populational cultural uk diversity representation, could have been said to be fulfilled by Lenny henry presence on screen itself regardless of the Jamaican content, but then to go on and represent that the Jamaican contribution to british war effort in the second world war within the context of the program was to imply this Jamaicans alliance was a “national treasure” to us all ? this may well be Lenny Henry’s view im sure, and im sure you failed to bring the polish contribution in equal weight or other displaced allies operating out of the UK at that time ? who were not doubt also defending in that process, theyre own cultures ! regardless of the meritorious actions of the Jamaican people or other allies during the second world war and their contribution as a country still within empire control, “it seemed way too much like some form of propaganda to me” ie we should all be thankful of Jamaican immigration to the mother country ? was the net implication of the least we owed the ex RAF Jamaican pensioner living in this country ? truthfully a program about Jamaica’s assistance is not what I would be classing as a “national treasure” maybe that’s just my personal opinion as a native ? surely their contribution to the defeat of classic fascism should be a “Jamaican National Treasure” maybe ? Otherwise it would be to imply, they had nothing themselves to gain or lose from not aiding us or our loss in the war ! except perhaps the inevitable loss, in being part of a greater fascist nazi german empire ? and Jamaicans perception within nazi ideology ? for if england fell then her empire would have been forfeit to germany ? and the nazi’s would have got round to the Caribbean soon enough.
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museum food outsourcing benugo ?

recently visited both cafes in the V&A (victoria and Albert museum) in one day, And I truly don’t understand why there so expensive ? outsourcing has revealed nothing here but ripoff pricing.

firstly the outdoor cafe :

expensive tea, coffee and cake dispensed in paper cups, I guess this is the future we have to look forward to as regards cafes in london in general ? mainly consisting of an east european person handing you an ok cup of tea , milk and sugar at least is not lots of little packets, yet it has a strangely over produced tea bag that flops wetly over the side of the paper cup ? at £2.30 a throw ? small square picnic slice of good cake £2.25 (larger slice of of a round cake = more money), Orange Juice £2.25 a throw and the paper and plastic waste and rubbish generated by this operation is outrageous, whether it’s claimed to be recycled or not ? the bin side of the operation seemed to just bundle everything together in the same bins. But I think a lot of these issues at the V&A stem from a lack of real kitchens located anywhere near the actual dispensary of the food, Im guessing perhaps that benugo’s kitchens are off site ? whichever way the courtyard cafe experience at the V&A is ruined by awkward ill proportioned tables and chairs, the tables are quite low like small round coffee tables, it always surprises me when design means we all end up hovering on low slung chairs crouching over tables trying to corral a selection of plastic coated paper cups and paper towels & plates that fundamentally don’t fit the table size or height on offer, no proper cutlery or china here, and the courtyard is such a nice environment architecturally the least they could do is create a cafe that was in keeping with the architecture ? i mean if Kenwood house can manage then why not the bloody V&A ? but im guessing the outsourcers profits leave little space for the civility of china, or staff with an english accent, when I was a student I worked summer jobs and part time jobs that weren’t to inspiring, McDonald’s to afford a ski holiday, various pub and casual restaurant jobs, that’s what they are for, some casual work to pick up some extra cash during the academic climb, by doing these jobs there is an civility of service provided to all which we all benefit from providing a basic structure to our society im guessing young english people don’t wish to look at such jobs even when they’re young, why the people always seem guaranteably east european is depressing. You might say the prices are ok but for the poor by the time youve added 2 adults 2 kids and 1 item to eat your talking practically £20.00 gone, sandwiches and an extra 1 item cake etc nearer to £30/£35 or over. The poor just have to bring a pack lunch and flask thats all dont depend on prices being within range anywhere, which to be honest with you we should all be doing. though iv’e noticed the social stigma /jokes growing towards those who produce flasks of tea ? when really theyre a sign of civility in my opinion, and are truly redilent of decent british culture now sadly seemingly shifting into past culture. Maybe im out of touch, maybe a cup of tea and 1 snack item is now basically £5.00 where ever you go now ?

the V&A need to in house this again for profit purposes for im sure benugo are making plenty ? they’re part of the time bloody warner group for christs sake, they’re not doing it for charity, and up the service to china and decent tables and chairs or something.

Solutions : Larger taller tables, a few more tables sizes that accommodate more than two people.
minimum standard use of porcelain plates and cups, real cutlery and genuine teapots per person which will yield 2 full cups of tea ? Obviously the current situation by benugo has been engineered for minimum staff use ? ie everything is disposable : every cup of tea served generates a paper cup its holder a long droopy teabag, some organic tea leaf waste a bit of flat cake yields a paper plate serviette and plastic fork plastic wrapper being thrown away, now the question is from an environmental perspective what is worse all this paper and plastic waste, or hiring someone to load and clean a dishwasher ? im not sure on the figures on this but i would have thought the waste generation was worse but maybe someones got figures to back this up ? and even if they want to go down this less civilised yet totally disposable road then why go the whole hog to provide a wooden fork with the cake shown on this page which cost about 3p each ? and somehow find a way of making the teabag not some floppy sock of paper leaking over the side of the cup, and have fill lines on the paper cup so the people working the cafe can’t underfill or overfill the cup which seemed to happen to two cups i drank. the disposable road also feels less civilised somehow compared to porcelain ? maybe that just me, it just seems like culture is creeping backwards, like everything is cheap and ephemeral and built for a moment of profit and loss the story weaved by the till.

The Main Canteen

as for the main canteen in the main decorative rooms including the morris room, well i bought a chicken pie and a veg bake hot-pot and some vegetables on a side plate type thing and two cans of drink … price ? £24.95 I know the museum doesnt charge entrance, £25.00 for two people to eat a canteen style lunch ? to be honest with the decor they have to work with, the morris room etc which is lovely visually if a little harsh auditorily due to all the enamelled and tiled hard surfaces, the least they could do is staff some portion of it like a restaurant and keep the prices where they are ? or if its canteen style which is equally preferable and makes more sense from an efficiency cost perspective perhaps, then the least they can do is make the prices reflect that and not be restaurant prices for canteen food held under hotlamps, mains without accompanying veg seemed to cost £9-£13 or a chicken pie in a bowl was £8.95. But to give them some due the pie contained generous portions of chicken and was a quality pie, possibly too much meat and a smidgen to large for some but hey, but none the less they should have at least made the mains include some form of veg as standard, which one can always refuse if one doesnt want veg of any kind. Id say if the chicken pie i was given was say £6.95 without veg and £7.95 including veg then the prices would have been reasonable for canteen food, and any canteen should have an ambition even in its hot food department to cater for all classes monetarily. To me it seems reasonable to say that individual in a canteen should be able to have a soft drink and a hot meal including two veg for £8.95. In The Victoria and Albert it looks more like £12.50 a head for lunch which is a little much im sure for a large number of the visitors, but i guess this operation being benugo also theres going to be the inefficiency of outsourcing and profit for shareholders of the Warner group ?

blizzard the worst company ?

Blizzard is the most arrogant company in the world . theyre is not one part of wow games mechanic and your chars makeup mechanics they will not f**k with on a daily basis, its one thing to expand a game, its another thing to endlessly mess with every aspect of it, your char is there property ? the TOS is abominable when read and fully understood. the customer support is beligerent and ignorant and revolves around ignoring customers and deleting/locking posts that reflect even in the slightest way negatively on them, the make more money than sin, but refuse to develop a region transfer facility, citing bullshit corporo drone spiel as the reason why its impossible, most of the game changes seem to revolve around making more money than making a better game, they also shit on addon developers constantly. 75% of the patches revolved around nerfing something you liked about the game, conditional macros , ranged based action bar addons, subtracting 20 talent points from your characters design, forcing you to re-level to 85 to have access to two talent trees ?! the list goes on and on, when you buy wow and invest time in a character your playing an addictive game of virtual esteem poker in which the dealer is changing the rules as soon as you get a wiff of winning, dont bother its a suckers game, if you think that im just QQ-ing then question it again when youve stopped playing for 2 years, and the scales will fall of your eyes, and you will realise that the people who love to play no matter what blizzard do, are just the non QQing “man” addicts who get stiff enough for the next top level content boss, who will continue to masochistically suck the dealers c**k no matter the abuse.

Mubaraks health ?

I’d wan’t a second third fourth and fifth doctors opinion on his health, his whole lying in bed in the court scenario seems, a “put on” to me, they should at least put the fucker upright to face his charges, I doubt it would kill him, theres not many diseases that kill you through being in an upright position ? He looks like he’s trying the usual dictator bullshit of pretending he’s close to death in order to avoid facing life shortening charges, surely it would save allot of time just to kill the fucker and have it done with. No Court cases, No trial nothing, the guy is quite obviously going to make a mockery of the idea of a court in order to extend his life, before facing any actual sentence. It does not serve egypt to have him lying in a bed, lying about everything. Out with the old and in with the new corruption is probably whats occurring anyway, but really they should be sure he’s properly out of the picture, otherwise he’ll hang over Egypts current possibly military corrupt future like a stale fart. At least if he’s been executed then it serves as a warning from the people to the powerful that if you want to have allot of power in egypt and suck up to the isreali’s, then if your caught at such activity then you are more likely to be executed, his execution might help ensure you get more moral people seeking power in Egypt.