ps3 & xbox360 heat death ylod rlod rrod

These devices provide good reasons, as to why ball grid array surface mounting graphics chips with early lead free solder, was a cheap … but very bad idea.

the majority of failure associated with these machines can be attributed to this design decision, graphics processors just like cpus get very hot, as such they need attatching to the graphics card in the same way as the cpu itself, ie into a slot onto the graphics board using pins on the graphics processor die itself, the same as a cpu would be, as this is the only way to reduce the failure rate of the bga sfm package design, in such intense thermal environments as current consoles and laptop motherboards, especially under the loads that these devices may find themselves, also I doubt the aging issues with thermal paste , is a an acceptable thermal contact design solution long term, under heavy load, for devices that are not designed to be user serviceable.

My brothers fatboy playstation 3 lifespan 2years 3 months.
not acceptable for any electronic product made with resources from earths limited supply.

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Apple Build quality

imo buying any new mac has become a 50/50 lottery as to whether you will get a machine that will function perfectly or not, for the price premium paid its not acceptable, their build quality today is damaging my view of apple.

where is the pretesting of sample manufactured product ?

the soak and full load testing of components used ?

advertisements ruining television

Adverts and channel self promotion or program adverts are now allowed to account for 1/5th of total tv output.

And I swear some programs have more than this fifth throughout the day, if you count:

Channel promotion and ident brand crap
Program Promos
and artifically segmented program recaps

or programs that unneccessarily mediate, prelude ones viewing of a program

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lead free solder and landfill

lead free solder has caused more landfill with electronics dying early than lead solder’s pollutative effect.

lead free solder not good enough for military applications, hence there exemptional status from rohs standards as regards solder, though they’re still worried about of the shelf life of electronics they purchase using lead free solder designs.

article here

tin whiskers being a major problem with lead free solder :

secondarily : stress fractures are more likely with components that get too hot , such as happened on the apple ibook G4 motherboards, pictured below.

stress fracture dry solder joint worse on lead free solder joints:

lead free solder joint stress fracture dry joint

this 3% lead that is in solder to reduce tin whisker failure and increase longevity of solder joints under heat and expansion stress in general, is probably much less polluting that having lots of electronics fail early and go to landfill because of lead free solder, in reality who knows which has done more harm, I’d probably say the landfill and lifespan / little use issue is a much bigger problem than 3% lead in the solder but maybe im wrong.

uk basic consumer rights as concerns goods:

uk basic consumer rights :

Basic Rights
The law currently states that under these pieces of legislation, a consumer has the right to goods that are deemed to be of a satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and ‘as described’. Satisfactory quality implies that the goods are free from any faults or manufacturing defects, safe, resilient and long-lasting, and have a satisfactory appearance and finish.
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keyboard navigation in mac os x

I swear macos 9 was faster to navigate with the keyboard, than the dog slow finder of OS x. I could do a video proving it. though quicksilver is probably fastest of all, but unless its integrated and standard on all machines you might use, whats the point in learning it. ie If its not in the operating system as standard it doesnt really figure.

my test would be like

Quadra 700 with 68040 with fpu coprocessor, mac os 7 8 or 9 and quark 3 something


intel core 2 duo 1.83 , mac os x 10.whatever you care to choose and the slow bloatware that is indesign.

in a speed design shootout with some heavy high speed open save dialog navigation thrown in for good measure, I swear the quadra 700 would win hands down, on a basic test layout document as long as the images embedded in the document werent 12 megapixel blurry bloatware, but preview size images of a reasonable kb.

somebody should do this video. it would involve a keyboard proficient quark operator from that time, but it would be an embarressing loss for the modern system.

Thats why voice recognition, touch sensitivity with pens or fingers have taken so long to arrive, because very few people risked building them in as standard into every system they produced, they are all old features that were invented so long ago really. But never popularised until possibly now. The mouse itself would not be standard now unless it had been popularised by apple in 1984, and integrated as standard part of every system they produced.

roll on the slow damn evolution of computer interfaces.