Nike 10k charity RUN !!!!

Costs £30 to enter for the wembley nike 10k event ?! 10% of which goes to charity ie £3.00 !!!!!! more like a concert with a jog tacked on the side, screw that … get your mates to communally sponsor you £10 to run 10k and youll have done more for charity than entering that marketeers wet dream branding fiesta. Pay £30 to have nike merchandise branded all over your ass and have the Nike logo rubbed into your retina about 300 times over a 3 hour period. Continue reading

Insane train fares

Is it me or has rail travel become mercinary in pricing ?

STANDARD OPEN SINGLE from finsbury park in london to Falmouth : £128.00

The prices have been creeping up for years, but now its got to the point where you can fly almost anywhere in europe for less, than local train cost, beyond the 200 mile barrier. Fuel costs to falmouth in an effiecient car ? much less than £128 each way im sure, these train companys are mad. Theyre transporting large numbers of people in a purpose built vehicle and they cant do it cheaper than it costs to drive yourself there ? where has the efficiency saving gone in running a train ? Im sure if i were to buy £128 pounds worth of coal wholesale I could probably steam train my way to falmouth for the same money, these prices do not make sense.

The Demise of Public Toilets

many thing have led to the closure of public toilets :
but i’d say these four factors are mainly to blame :

Drug taking

It would be nice if they gay community took their share of responsibility, and stood up against cottaging in attempt to protect public toilets from closure, as theyre diminishing the civility of our culture, with their past time of getting their jollys in public toilets, hetrosexual or gay, this behaviour is unacceptable in public toilets. Online sites like “squirt” arent helping this issue with electronically promoting toilets as places for sex. Though cash strapped organisations I reckon are often using cottaging as an excuse for closure, none the less cottaging allows them this opportunity to close. Or as often found also, closing public toilets beyond 10:30 at night, very irritating on train platforms that is.

How we stop the drug taking and vandalism I dont know but CCTV at the entrance to toilets could at least identify drug users and vandals for evidence purposes who were habitually using toilets as a place to get their fix, hang out and damage, for criminal prosecution purposes.

Once these three factors have been dealt with then hopefully the fourth, cost … will be the only arguable reason for closing and that at least means we can argue sensibly over the closure and fight the organisations concerned without having to contend with the three other points.

Public toilets are a sign of a civilised society and we should fight to protect and preserve them, considering how many we have lost already.

here are some links about toilet closure

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