Eric Pickles comes across as alright

Eric Pickles comes across as alright, shame the interviewer seemed to dominate the scenario, its one thing to pose the opposite view in a debate, but to stand there and batter down people who are trying to vote for the idea of reducing council tax, makes you look like an idiot. Its important for council budgets to be able to go down as well as up, something they and many other public institutions have failed to do becasue they dont live in the real market.

Tuneup 2.4.2 Now really working much better : Recommend to buy and use advice…

Guys RE the New update to Tuneup 2.4.2 and upwards really is a massive improvement, they have and are listening to feedback and the software is definately getting much better.

WELL DONE TUNEUP coding team :)
I’ve experienced much less lockup and much more control in 2.4.2 and allot of the original complaints ive listed have to some extent been fixed, the software is working much better, and certainly Tuneup is still regardless of it’s issues the best software on the mac at what it does.

The improvements in 2.4.2 are such I now have confidence that Tuneup is now a must buy for those with large incorrectly tagged itunes librarys.

ADVICE re tuneup use for an easier time :
Once you begin to get somewhere with tuneup, correcting ‘albums’ it can clearly recognise first, then working on the remaining proportion with manual oversight and input enables you to get to the point of having things tagged correctly, Tuneup works really well with albums and doesn’t do so well with lone tracks with very little basic tag information ie no artist no album etc so its best to process whole albums first, then work on the harder stuff afterwards and this will get you a large amount of progress, It might take you a little while to get your whole collection done, Tuneup is not fire and forget and nor could you expect it to be really, BUT … doing the task without Tuneup in most cases would be a nightmare.

Tip when cleaning tracks : Continue reading

design verging on pointless at times

design is turning to shit literally. form seems to be winning over function every bloody time and it angers me, design is not just a witty visual joke ? we cant solve battery life issues in smartphones because idiot designers want to sell them a slim as a mint wafer, meanwhile another idiot designer thinks its worthwhile building a £500 pigeon coop to spend 3 months making 50p’s worth of soap ? Designers need to worry that theyre on the list with the banking industry and government as being basically pointless ?

pointless design

A4e Emma Harrison, cunts in government waste taxpayers money … Surprise … Surprise …

Emma Harrison who runs A4e, whose main premise seems to be to pay poor family’s to get back into work through some kind of convoluted bullshit marketed, taxpayer funded slush fund, ie just another more complex form of benefits funded no doubt on government debt, that some future generation of taxpayers is supposedly going to payoff. With results which the company itself describes as ‘missing its targets’ > meanwhile the government gets to remove the people on such taxpayer funded schemes from the unemployment figures ?

in this process Emma Harrison herself becomes £8.4 million wealthier in just one year !!!!!! well at least this government funded scheme is working for someone ?

A £160m-£180m is leeched from the imaciated taxpayers arse, directly into this private company, it has no other source of income ? as so many other public sector outsourced companys thrive by just pure leeching from the taxpayer, and A4e’s shareholders ?! were paid £11m in dividends ?! so effectively £11m just went direct from taxpayers pockets into making private shareholders wealthier ? wow super efficient way for the government to spend !

read the story here

and here

But does she give a shit ? I doubt it, she’ll fuck off sheepishly to some place where they dont care where she stole her money from , just like any other criminal ?

Service Repair manual ripoff for old products.

The arena of service manuals is a ripoff … do you own the rights to the service manuals you are peddling on ebay ? one thing the EU should sort out is free access to service manuals beyond the point at which these companys are prepared to service their products its ridiculous were exposed to getting them through third party dodgy websites.

Mac os X updated installer disks that can boot any machine ?

anybody know where i can purchase or get my hands on pre-updated installer disks for mac os x

10.3.9 installer without the need for combo updater ie installs 10.3.9 direct from install DVD ?
10.4.11 installer without the need for combo updater ie installs 10.4.11 direct from install DVD ?
10.5.8 installer without the need for combo updater ie installs 10.5.8 direct from install DVD ?
10.6.8 installer without the need for combo updater ie installs 10.6.8 direct from install DVD ?

as at the moment half the disks I have can boot half the machines I need them too.

imac g5 design failure

Just repaired my iMac G5 with complete boot failure, it all came down to capacitors, there was an industry wide use of sub standard/sub spec capacitors at the time the imac G5 was manufactured, due to a manufacturer using a capacitor recipe missing one ingredient, This caused the imac G5’s to fail at a much faster rate than they should have done, I had to replace half the capacitors in the power supply and 5 of the higher rated capacitors nearest the power supplies internal vent onto the logic board once this repair was affected, my machine worked perfectly.

take the cover of the back of you imac G5 and see whether your imac version has some led diagnostic lights and check whether the power diagnostic led light lights up properly when started, there are tutorials for this on the web also a light there that indicates whether gpu is communicating with the display properly. all led internal green lights should light up, apart from the right hand one of the four.

with your dar screen sleep light on symptoms it seems quite likely a surface mount BGA graphics chip failure, but to be honest it could also be a capacitor related issue, if your not into stripping the machine down and soldering capacitors then the machine for you is probably a right off, just try a pram reset boot before giving up, I had similar sleep light no boot scenario on a macbook pro, and a stripdown got it booting again.

the power supply in the imac G5 gets very hot and has no fan of its own and is dependant on the one internal motherboard fan, there is also no temp sensor for the power supply to give you an indicator as to how hot its getting, I feel the the heat venting from the overheating power supply internally is what cooked the capacitors nearest it, this is a flaw in the design of this machine.