US PSN sony chat support Rubbish deferment, where is UK chat ?

US chat support Rubbish deferred me to UK chat why does half their site seem complexly and crappily split between us based and uk based websites TOTAL shit get a grip SONY one or the other but dont fuck me about asking me to enter seven dozen personal details just to get access to a chat representative, just so that she can defer me to UK support ? and waste my fucking time, if i were to rate that support it would 0 stars out of 10. and how much do you pay these call centre people and website designers to be useless ?

Sarah (Responding)
Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. How may I help you?
me: I just bought a new PS3 slim and wish to move my setup from y old PS3
me: but I notice that I can no longer de-activate the old system online
me: you are forcing me to do it on my old PS3 system
me: what happens if the old PS3 system doesnt owrk ?
Sarah: I am happy to assist you with this.
me: you are also forcing me to update that old system firmware before i can go online to deactivate
me: this is hellish
Sarah: I understand how frustrating this can be and I am happy to look into this for you. Please wait a moment while I research your account.
me: your website aslo doesnt differntiate between my systems which is the slim and which is the fatboy, im presuming ps3 system 1 is the old one etc
Sarah: After further research, I have determined that your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account is registered in the United Kingdom. You have reached support for North America and we are only able to provide support for North American PSN accounts. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the tools to assist with accounts in other regions.
Sarah: For further assistance, you will need to contact consumer support for your region.
Sarah: For support in the United Kingdom, please use the following contact information:

• Email Address:
• Phone Number: 0844 736 0595
• United Kingdom Network Gaming Phone Line: 08702 422299
me: thats an easy copout(the word copout somehow got magically SONY censored out and not typed in) where on earth on that website can I specify activation and deactivation ?
me: of systems ?
me: I dont have life to waste ringing up such numbers this chat is waste enough
me: sony need to get a grip
me: I hate walled gardens and this system is indicative of it

ok there it was 4 hours later I still didnt have the ability to activate and deactivate my own PS3 systems on their website within the Cloud of shit that is Sonys empire.