UK seems to be exporting muslim terrorists ?

we seem to be exporting muslim terrorists ?

Apologies sweden our government in the UK seem to be obsessed with letting these nutters into our country, often forced to accept them by some insanely overpowered iditiotic euro quangos, and then we give them benefits and free houses so they can breed abuse us in this way, this fucker had three children spent 10 years in luton and was imported from iraq, as far as im concerned i have no sympathy for any religious groups and the radicals and nutter losers that sign up willingly to primitive medieval crap, as far as im concerned they can all fuck off, it will take a long time for the UK government to wake up to the mistakes they made if ever in this department whether importing to many many disparate people and fracturing UK culture or invading countrys uneccessarily, the native people of the UK are way ahead of them philosophically.

again good luck with dealing with these issues.

mugabe is daddy ? dear oh dear

only a person such as your idiot nigerian self, merrily living in the UK ? and not yourself choosing to live in africa and help it “rise” ? would give yourself 5 fake titles “prince” “doctor” whatever, where the hell were you qualified, im not sure i’d entrust you with my health, but no doubt the NHS thinks your great, talk about self agrandisement ?

Ok majority black government and democratic control in africa is a good idea, but since Zimbabwe isnt going to be a multicultural culture at all, as in hes kicking out abusing and disposessing all white skinned people in zimbabwe, then perhaps we should start disposessing and kicking all black Zimbabweans in UK culture ? would that be fair by your logic ? after all africa wasnt supposed to have white people, then i guess little old england wasnt supposed to have black people either ? grow up ! we are civilised here in the UK which is precisely why we have allowed you to immigrate and talk rubbish, are you paying your way in the UK or are you dependant on handouts from the tax payer here, because you may not be helping the UK to “rise”. Or is daddy in Nigeria a corrupt diplomat ?

You seem well fed here in the UK unlike most fellow zimbabweans ? regardless of how many people in zimbabwe starve because of mugabes action, mugabe does not care about human life white or black except those that kiss his ass and his ideals, “>he is a racist tribalist, who murders his opposition black or white, you need to learn about the history of zimbabwe and whats happening their today, beofre calling him daddy mugabe, perhaps you shouldn’t be calling anyone daddy except your real father ? because you are not being wary of propaganda..

For sure a bunch of white supremacists ended up there and made an unfair unjust racist mess, they egotistacally named Rhodesia, and unfair and racist rhodesia, sure was as concerns the majority black population, but everything should have been handled gently in terms of land reform to prevent strain on zimbabwe’s economy, land reform should have been slow and gradual ie farmers giving up 10% of their land per annum, into native farmers hands who could get more land if they prove they could farm that first 10% productively ? whats the point of taking productive land that was feeding zimbabwe and letting it turn back to unproductive scrubland ? Of course at the moment allot of african nations just seem to be swapping european colonialists, for chinese colonialists, who youll have to genocidally remove in another 40 years, I agree with the idea of “rise africa” truly i do, who wouldnt ? but mugabe won’t be the man to do it, he is basically continuously proving himself so far incapable of feeding his own people or protecting his currency, maybe he can turn it around, but i dont give him much time or chance before he either turns zimbabwe into an african north korea, frozen in time with hidden death camps, or their is some form of coup-de-ta or civil war along tribal lines in zimbabwe. And although hes old, trust me their are plenty of zanu PF dictators in the wings to step into his shoes and make things worse. Of course its very difficult to fight a civil war on a hungry belly so an african north korea looks more likely. The ideals of the veterans party of the majority black population having governance control and majority land ownership and democracy in their own country is the right idea, mugabe is probably going to fail to deliver this though ?

lets face it though you could almost see mugabe as an international conspiracy plant to destabilise zimbabwe, because no-one could have picked a person more capable of fucking zimbabwe up better.

UPDATE 2010 : is zimbabwe succeeding ? maybe ? unless this video is propaganda ? lets just hope the citys are not just showcitys like the capital of north korea ?

though harare aint all suffering for sure :

rhodesia > get out whitey

rhodesian opinion on isreali manipulation of US cabinet for fanatic destruction of national identity globally

oh and heres a story about madeline albright the only supposedly non jewish member of clintons cabinet, and her serious auto amnesia about actually being jewish ? wow that was a cabinet that was really representative of america, no vested isreali interests there ?

the last white man

Positive discrimination for Jewish school security

Tax payers now pay extra money for security at jewish schools, WTF !! upto 2 million a year, im sick of this segregative minority pandering bullshit.

As far as im concerned all faith schools should be banned. Notice how students protest in london and the government just ignores them, notice jewish lobbying is so powerfull, that when self serving laws are implemented by the jewish community for the benefit exclusively of the jewish community at the general taxpayers expense, it can all be done quietly, no necessity for jewish people to protest to get these rights, no … legislation just wafts through as per usual to the benefit of minoritys.

This form of minority agenda led grovelment stinks.

And what further compounds the issue it the isreali’s have just announced the US government is no longer interested in preventing them from building in occupied lands of palestine, WOW OBAMA you really are just a patsy white man in a black mans skin what the hell do you think you are doing ?

Julian assange release more information now about the global downturn, what we need is an isreali born julian assange to dish the dirt, lets stir this hornets nest.

silly police rhetoric

police woman moaning how the protest wasnt ignorable and the protestors didnt make the polices job easy ? were all truly sorry honest ! Does this police woman not realise a peaceful protest is an ignored protest ? ie if it isnt violent nowadays, nobody takes any notice, and have the politicians gone out of there way to meet the protestors and debate with them ? NO .

There is no change in this pathetic democracy without aggressive protest, and that sadly means violence, work out whose side your on ? if you cant help to provide justice to the students ? then you as the police force are coming to the table with nothing, except to be the overpaid lackeys of the same old powerbase that has ruined this country for 40 years.

Who are the real poor in the UK ?

Well the claiming classes whose rent is paid for by taxes are as always protected from real poverty by claiming from other peoples taxes for theyre survival, they are not the truly poor, these state paid for renting people are in league with the multiple house owning landlords set, to defraud the taxpayer of lots of money. As they dovetail nicely together for each others benefit.

The landed and farming sets have for the last 40 years been supported endlessly by european farming or set aside subsidy, so the landed are protected, except from their own inability to claim subsidy. set aside is a bit like a benefits system to encourage lazy farmers to do less, which has encouraged them to be unproductive, a bit like a benefits for the unemployed has created jobs for foreign workers on this land.

The key workers have benefited from endless government fosterance including entry into cheaper property and mortgages, now as concerns nurses in this country most of whom are foreign imported for instance, this policy seems to be benefiting foreign imported people mainly. And now the armed forces personnel are being moved on to this key list ? easier access to mortgages etc, who have always been daddied by the state and the parent figure army organisational body in general, until of course they leave the forces and get a sudden shock as to what civvy street is all about. Extra token funding for schools in which army children go to makes sense, to compensate for being moved around so much.

I went to 12 schools and didnt get any compensation academically for the disturbance, the subjects that suffer are pyramidal ones maths and english, science a little, but less so. but its this idea of positive discrimination that gets me, people are so thick they dont realise its reverse class racism, preferential treatment, rather than as it should be equal treatment for all, except those who “too well” serve themselves ie those with criminal tendancys who attempt to defraud every system for their own benefit, and those who genuinely weak and to moral would suffer too much, you may measure the civility of a country by how the least able survive it within it.

Imagine if the army … is only just capable of bending the prime ministers arm to try and help theyre members out, what chance does a native individual who belongs only to this culture, and not any minority or heavily membered lobbying group etc, Have of getting his voice heard ? … None is the answer, the individual today is no more powerful than they were 100 years ago. If you dont belong to cartels and groups, your fucked for any representation in democracy unless of course you have recourse to money to attain it, or to enable you to be immune form the vaguery’s of culture in the first place. this is the truth kids learn it now !

Immigrant people are these the poor ? not if they’re claiming asylum or have achieved citizenship, as in reality they are treated just as well or more likely better, than native people on benefits, how you may ask ? well because they are given priority on housing, and from the arrival are inculcated into the system of claiming and how it works, and the councils have european based obligation to house every fucker from this background, and will claim better than a native person who has moral qualms about claiming.

Oh of course people who cheated on the benefits systems and were asked by the government to repay the money, have now been informed they dont need to, if you cheat the benefit system we will not ask you to pay anything back, these were people who failed to notify of a change in circumstance, so now even benefit defrauders appear to have free rain to misbehave.

the small business entrepreneur and the self employed dependant on their ability are in fact not favoured in anyway.

But the real poor, are the native young poor today, who through moral background and upbringing are just above the claiming classes, yet never rich enough to afford property, this is the true poor, for the taxes on money they earn are spent on helping everyone else without receiving any benefit themselves, ie they are putting more in than they receive, and the meagre savings they have are not rewarded with proper interest because the government are holding the interest rate so low in order to benefit the multiple property owning class. they also now realise the baby boomer generation have pretty much sewn up property ownership in this country to such an extent, therye beginning to realsie they will never own property unless they inherit or take control politically enough to affect real change in this culture.

This government is evil, for it benefits only those of immoral nature who shout and demand for themselves out of the pockets of those who are less vocal, its a form of bullying and extraction from certain a lower middle class people who dont own property.

We definately should of at some point in history had a revolution in this country, as the french did for it would have cleansed the land of all those who think it is moral to disenfranchise the many, for theyre own benefit and that of small cartel of other self serving elites.

Today these family names and types still have the majority of power in the land, they dress it up with the idea of being politicians and democracy, the only democracy anyone has in this country is to elect a a differentially branded set of similar class duffers to come in and fuck theyre country up once every four years. If you think that is democracy of any worth then you are sadly deluded.

The only way to send this government a message is to have a mass protest of money withdrawal from banks and store it under your mattress, or at least move your money to one of the last cooperative banks that doesnt have shareholders, move into the claiming class for all your worth, until the system is broken, and spend as little money as possible to bring the economy to its knees, until the government decides to listen to that small non house owning, non claiming poor person who contributes more than they take from the system, yet seems to get gipped in terms of our opinion being taken into account decision making wise at every turn, by this supposedly democratic process, by every loud mouthed minority group of self servers.

the government has not represented the people of this land for 40 years, it has represented the few.

UK and Euro Government undemocratic bias toward the landed and house owning

UK and Euro Governments have an undemocratic bias toward the landed, house owning, and wealthy and the claiming classes, they represent these people more than democracy would indicate.

why is the record low of 0.5% interest rates being held for so long artificially ? whilst no saving is being encouraged at all in a country that needs strong deposits to boost lending ? they avoid the appearance of boom and bust, by denying the natural market action of bust as reprimand for over speculation.

Meaning the government is hoping it can turn this profligate situation into a realistic one, and take the greedy specualtive debt laden action of the last 20 years and work out a way of it not having a financial hangover from it, and reward those people for those aforementioned actions, this is an act of criminality against the poor the young and the first time house buyer, and the non house owning set in general, a betrayal of decent fiscal behaviour in favour of the greedy.

Perhaps what the government is really worried about, is the fact that if theyre were a property crash in this country, then due to the liberalisation of people movement in europe, what would really happen, would be that rich foreign investors, thanks to the european union and easy residency in the UK, would buy up the slack in the market if theyre was a crash, in other words the british poor would still not be able to take advantage of a property price crash, to house themselves becuase european and international types would have more disposable income to buy ahead of them in the property marketplace.