Apple forums pointless, way too heavily censored for the slightest apple criticism.

at below is written what I attempted to post in response to this forum post titled “Unexpected Shut down when moving macbook pro on my ‘lap'”, which apple for reasons of censoring ego seem not to allow >

Ignore the volunteer extremely cookie cut response high post count forum trolls, that seem only to exist to hand out the same obvious reflex responses on apples censored forums, to annoy and negatively instantly recommend the usual rubbish of … user error / back up everything / try a wipe re-install or go to an apple store and pay them money. The only valid advice given by such trolls is to make sure you have a backup. Theyre the equivalent of the people whose stock response to everything is “google it”, which is not actually bespoke advice, and at its core the statement fails to recognise that anything fruitfully “googled” on the web was contributed by somebody actually adding hopefully useful information to the internet, and such useful information is not magically created through the act of just googling alone, its put their by someone often in a discussion with others.

Some of us low post count but expert users understand your here in the forum, because your seeking pro-active positive advice from users who’ve experienced such issues before themselves, not seeking stock trite responses, every industry of technical understanding has the same parade of characters, some less useful than others.

    OK actual Advice :

What Linc fails to highlight is SMS stands for Sudden Motion Sensor, “Sudden” being the operative word, ie it supposed to protect the hard drive from a traumatic movement like how an airbag is actuated in a car, and should not be going off when a laptop is being carried to a new location table to sofa etc. I have noted some apple laptops in which problems as you describe occur. and it often comes downs to one of four things>

1 There has been issue with SMS going wrong on certain hard drives and being overactive, this has been noted especially after upgrades. Some drives are not compatible with apples system and falsely mis-report sometimes apples system is too sensitive : read > you can thankfully disable SMS if you want. if this resolves your problems your good to go. just don’t swing your laptop about after disabling it, as Linc1 is in fact correct in stating that sudden repeated terminations of disk activity can cumulatively damage data on the drive and impair and damage the hard drive long term.

2 loose connections in the laptop disturbed by movement, its worth carefully reseating most easily accessible internal connectors and memory

3 Since the final conclusion of logic board failure is so expensive it can sometimes be worth replacing the cheaper PMU board in case there is some operative heat based component failure or flexing issue there, causing it.

4 Or … there is sadly and most devastatingly a dry joint on the logic board, which when flexed by carrying movement ( never carry a laptop by one corner, always use two hands on the sides) causes the laptop to instantly shutoff, in this case a new logic board will be required, solder reflow of dodgy boards can work temporarily but rarely in the long term. apple not providing parts to end users, means we have to rely on the unreliable 2nd hand market, and purchasing a replacement logic board on ebay is usually a lottery.(no lead in solder any more (military got an exemption on that … note) and endless surface mount ball grid array manufacture, for board and chip sandwiches that get too hot … doesn’t help)

I would rule out … points 1, 2 and 3 in the order above before concluding 4

NB> temp based shutdown

its also always worth getting marcel bresinks genius and free “temperature monitor” software and making sure your not experiencng thermal shutdown due to high cpu temperature. apple ‘lap’ tops are not brilliantly ventilated and should always rest on a hard surface when on your ‘lap’ to allow sufficient airflow under and around the laptop, placing them on a duvet is a recipe for disaster, cpus have diferent thermal shutoffs around 100deg c, the lower temperature the components operate in your laptop generally the longer they live, you cpu should preferably never be exceeding 80deg in general use, the cooler the better also there is various fan control software to aid this heat scenario SMCfancontrol, fan control etc, listen for fans ramping all the time.

ifixit is a much better place for discussion as concerns out of warranty repair of apple products.

Why you may ask yourself is the premium priced & branded computer you bought going wrong and you finding yourself seeking help on these forums, a small number of years after you purchased your computer, It’s because chinese standard manufacture quality which can rarely offer premium build quality, is generally the same standard across mainstream brands for all chinese manufactured goods, Reliability and build quality whether a £400 or £1000 laptop is roughly equal, mainly the cost of major component parts used is what creates the price difference, eg CPU / display / graphics / Disk parts cost etc.

    In the end i went on to make the following post … just to see whether it would get through ?

wierdly a post that contains no useful information does ? typical …

“Had some relevant points to add to this discussion, but apples endless usual ego based, forum censorship stasi – prevent my post from appearing, I bet even this wont appear either, apples forums are basically a marketing excercise, I’d look elsewhere help, its time the users left apple to themselves on these forums.”

the post above was also eventually removed … by the apple forum stasi …

Intel Haswell the skinny – wait for next gen :

intel IHS still not soldered onto the CPU die just like ivy bridge :( not happy, no doubt rubbish tim used instead, will wait for next chip gen to see if IHS is soldered onto CPU die, dont wish to to have to delid the cpu to OC properly or have cleanly related core temps when high OC’ing, and haswell is not more powerful, just better energy efficiency, this is not an upgrade for the LGA market for sure as an improvement in integrated graphics are of no major interest to desktop gamers who if they’re spending £170 on an LGA CPU will be spending that on a separate graphics card anyway ? no shakes no interest, and would not wish my oc’ability to degrade with aging TIM in the CPU itself, life is too short for intels cost saving method for attaching the IHS, in what is a premium expense CPU.

US PSN sony chat support Rubbish deferment, where is UK chat ?

US chat support Rubbish deferred me to UK chat why does half their site seem complexly and crappily split between us based and uk based websites TOTAL shit get a grip SONY one or the other but dont fuck me about asking me to enter seven dozen personal details just to get access to a chat representative, just so that she can defer me to UK support ? and waste my fucking time, if i were to rate that support it would 0 stars out of 10. and how much do you pay these call centre people and website designers to be useless ?

Sarah (Responding)
Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. How may I help you?
me: I just bought a new PS3 slim and wish to move my setup from y old PS3
me: but I notice that I can no longer de-activate the old system online
me: you are forcing me to do it on my old PS3 system
me: what happens if the old PS3 system doesnt owrk ?
Sarah: I am happy to assist you with this.
me: you are also forcing me to update that old system firmware before i can go online to deactivate
me: this is hellish
Sarah: I understand how frustrating this can be and I am happy to look into this for you. Please wait a moment while I research your account.
me: your website aslo doesnt differntiate between my systems which is the slim and which is the fatboy, im presuming ps3 system 1 is the old one etc
Sarah: After further research, I have determined that your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account is registered in the United Kingdom. You have reached support for North America and we are only able to provide support for North American PSN accounts. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the tools to assist with accounts in other regions.
Sarah: For further assistance, you will need to contact consumer support for your region.
Sarah: For support in the United Kingdom, please use the following contact information:

• Email Address:
• Phone Number: 0844 736 0595
• United Kingdom Network Gaming Phone Line: 08702 422299
me: thats an easy copout(the word copout somehow got magically SONY censored out and not typed in) where on earth on that website can I specify activation and deactivation ?
me: of systems ?
me: I dont have life to waste ringing up such numbers this chat is waste enough
me: sony need to get a grip
me: I hate walled gardens and this system is indicative of it

ok there it was 4 hours later I still didnt have the ability to activate and deactivate my own PS3 systems on their website within the Cloud of shit that is Sonys empire.

warcraft region transfer the neverending story: the truth about warcraft

warcraft region transfer the neverending saga:

This is my 3rd retort to the blizzard corporate bull-spiel i was emailed as to why region transfer 8 years after the making of the game is still an impossibility ?

Your response was the usual rubbish, I’m not sure why blizzard employ people who have no possibility of garnering the respect of game users, on the basis that as employees they can change absolutely nothing at all ? its just a waste of money to employ such people. it would be better to employ no-one in this capacity, and just say the game is how it is, lump or like it, it would be much more honest … rather than suggesting they have the option of developing another char, in another region version of the game ? oh yes ill just spend another 130 days of my life investing in another online character, so you can tell me its your property !!! christ i can if i want stick my cock in a blender also. I don’t need Continue reading

Beware Belkin skypephone

Beware Belkin skypephone do not buy it unless you like to waste your own time

avoid this model number at all costs : F1PP000GN-SK

just spend two days messing around with it on behlaf of someone who blew money on it dissappointed. the thing barely connect to some wifi networks and when it does can fail to connect ot the internet even with manual known settings dont ask why just trust my experience in avoiding it.