guilding the corpse

The guilding and evangelising of already great yet flawed people that occurs after their death is uneccessarily gauche. let people mediate for themselves a fine discovery like fela kuti, nothing needs to stand up for him except his musical legacy.

new terms and conditions : re friends relatives

Please understand the following things to be true about me :

1: I really do despise photos of myself, im not just saying this to be cranky, photos of myself generally make me extremely angry, I have a very low tolerance for them.
2: If you have taken a photo of me this does not give you permision for you to upload for the world to see ? when I allow my friends to take a photo of me it is for there own personal consumption who was invited to the event, not for anyone on their friends list to gawp at.
3: I do not like to see cakes with candles on, in relation to any event related to me nor photos of me having a relationship with said candled cake.
4: I do not consider any Birthday or Christmas card a valid use of paper, compared to the beauty of the tree destroyed to create it, we waste enough of the worlds natural resources as it is so please stop sending me cards on these occassions, If I send any it will be out of some reciprocal social guilt complicity game, of which i myself do not understand the reasoning behind, as such i give you permission to back of from it and i likewise will do the same for you if you desire it.(ie no cards please)
5: I will never like wearing silly hats outfits or badges whether under the duress of social pressure or not in any situation.
6:If you respect these rules and don’t ignore your friends wishes, you will be a greater friend to me personally. if not I may get even more more cranky.

lib con policy conflict

conservatives promise :
tough on immigration ? tight borders ?

liberal promise / cleggs unilateral action on the basis of no mandate for power with 23% of a 60% turnout ? :
abandonement of all ID schemes ?

net consequence of this action : immigration will fail to be controlled again, by another weak wishy washy government.

my prediction ”

does this goverment have large enough balls to return all illegal immigants resident here ?
answer : NO
will they succeed in capping external to EU immigration :
answer : NO
will they succeed in capping levels of further internal EU immigration ?
answer : NO
will they in three years have made any tangible impact on the immigration problem ?
answer : NO
will they have got laws balanced right to prevent overt positive discrimination benefiting vocal minority groups above the native persons, when all should be based on merit, and nativity to rights.
answer : NO
will they have succeeded in unifying this fractured culture through ignoring the native peoples:
answer : NO

Net consequence nothing ever changes via our current style of democracy.

Ben Andersen Young British and Angry :

What a slanted and poorly made documentary, careful to interview only those illiterate enough to make an arse of themselves on camera, so that he with his media paid for and fed line, can ram down our throat the standard media spiel, about “we’ve” all seen this behaviour before ie all nationalism or pride for the culture one belongs too is somehow facist how little he understands of the truth of the world ?

I will comment on this in depth very soon for I will not personally allow this to go uncommented. No doubt he will return to his comfortable media paid for home and live in delusion land, about how wonderfully self righteous and pc he is, as he sells his culture and people further down the swanny for the love of foreign people, and a deep desire to not offend his overlords or anyone working in the media. and be perceived as at least 10% more PC than his nearest rival, chow down on that media sausage Ben, for they the media corporate tax addict pay for your survival and that of your progeny, if youv’e got to that stage yet or can ever afford a house, in this immensely fractured and divided society, that you the media set painted over us, as wonderful multiculturalism in action.

Look around you my friend, you can hide all you want from recognising the disenfranchisement of the native people of this isle by blaming it on their so called racism (yeah I know you choke on that expression just like bonnie greer, but let me see you go to a native american first and tell him he’s not a native). if im to give up my nativity then every person living here has to give their nativity as well and their second homes.

The media and successive governments colluding together with an agenda created this disenchantment, and it wont be solved by twats like you labelling it as racism in order to avoid dealing with it. and placing the facist boot of the police in its face. If you want to talk about this come speak to me head on about it, and ill give you a real intellectual explanation of what you are failing to comprehend.

and btw the way I don’t belong to any organisation that would have me ! not the EDL or the BNP and I believe things that you couldn’t allow yourself to approve because you don’t go through a process of founding your personal beliefs through rational deliberation based on experience, rather you receive your opinions from others and re-gurgitate them.

Sebastian Coe’s – bloody at it again !!!!

Not content with having foisted on the general public at large without a referendum, via his highly vocal sports minority marketing vehicle, a huge tax burden, by lining us up with this most costly olympic festival media entertainment bullshit jamboree, which as i see it is one great big free lunch for athletes, developers and the media. The f****r is now with his personally vested little interest, best innocent sports face, trying to line us up for the bloody world cup in 2018 as well, no doubt so his sports consultancy vehicle or whatever it is he runs, can make even more money ? or what was it olympic consulting company was quoted as saying when referring on what to charge for services and fees “charge like a wounded rhino”

Do you think for a second Coe gets up in the morning and wonders whether the average tax payer can actually afford, the size of his ego and sports worshipping plans, and stands behind him in his efforts, or do you think like some great sports mafiosi boss, he just perceives how much can be squeezed from the public purse, for him and his tribe of self serving athletic friends to steal.

Ok … so you like to run faster than some other idiot, do I want to pay you as a tax payer to do that ? No I do not. Do I want to pay for a huge waste of billions of pounds to pay for lots of other athletes to come to this country ? NO ! Its not something that going to improve humanitys let alone english cultures lot greatly, and all athletics wreaks slightly of some kind of genetics fit for physical purpose facism competition.

Im personally hoping Coe has an embolism, before we get lumped with any more expensive tax burdens we cant afford, in order to smooth his knighted ego. Problem is him being an ex athlete an all, its not too likely unless he does the sudden heart attack on a treadmill routine, while the 10 a day smoking cyclist lives longer.

Sebastian is the perfect example of a dumb talent, such as I once ran a little quick against other white people, and how this can lead to fame which leads sadly to all the opportunitys of britain being laid at your feet, including a free entrance into politics mainly because idiots can recognise your face and name on a ballott, and from there be knighted by the queen for what ? services to sports ? I mean that takes the piss out of doing your duty for your country.

crazy head size differences ?

one footballer looks like hes latched onto a twice real size model of a footballer, I guess one of them has got a massive head or the other a tiny one ?

crazy head size difference

crazy head size difference

or perhaps one giant and the other small such the head size difference looks crazy ?

Somebody is thinking about armed revolution!

Beyond Redemption :

Its been tried, thats why we were systematically disarmed :) but even unadorned arms can be quite dangerous, someday for our own safety we will be armless, and note how in the hidden yet visible humour that the universe displays through language, when we reach that state, we will be one H from harmless.

perhaps the H symbolises the final stage of armless to harmless, involves the removal of the legs as well like the black night in monty python.

another year older and what do you/I … get ?

Birthday Address if its good enough for her indoors in the big house :

Another year older and what do you/I … get ?

I get :

a one digit decimal incrementation towards ones “used up by date”. The useful shelf life of an organism, is probably all before an age limit, one increases, the closer its proximity, which isnt exactly a scientific approach.

where is the fat lady about now ?

btw : Yes … I am now really 82 years old, least mentally that is, which means I do have the right, to poo poo everything associated with young people and there tawdry enthusiasm’s for the quick and readily sensorial elements of life… :)

Things I have grown to no longer handle well : futile discussion, normalsea, a lack of floridity, booze, heavily processed or burnt recreational drugs, overpaid in your face sports based culture, smoking, artificial enthusiasm, simplistic entertainments, diversions from cause, politics, average human activity, the presumtion that adult humans in and of themselves are somehow automatically a precious and important commodity, fashion and inflated consumerism, and of course the evil of a lack of individuality, displaced by the group mind and pier pressure, and that horrendous activity of keeping up appearances, and the financial/opportunity divide which is now fracturing our culture into smaller and more segregated groups.

The endless utter reliance on private interests and enterprise, to direct cultural human activity, and the presumption it alone will suffice as a maker of plans or have suffcient vision to direct humanity’s sustainable future. A growing futility to the benefit of expressing anything complex at all, compared to say showing a small child falling over or some other inane home video on etc

Limited mis-spelt american dictionarys being the only ones represeting the definition of english language freely on the web, OED you know your snobberistic paid access is wilfully creating ignorance within our culture.

Things I get some happiness from :

gifting something to someone that may actually give them some evidentially tangible long term pleasure if no longer myself, english culture pre 1950 with an exclusional clause for technological advancements, all forms of eccentricity and the deliberate use of uneccessary but jolly and archaic linguistic precision to sustain the english languages voluminous strengths.

The circular and self maintaining balance that nature quietly displays as an intellectual suggestion : against the general psuedo science and artificially binary short term linearism’s of human/corporate/media/political activity, we project as the currently acceptable mask of science, to with false logic reason for current or previous, vastly compromised human practices or theory’s being somehow by this logic, an acceptable compromise.

Everything humans do being given an artificially postitive sheen once done, so we can avoid the mental trauma, of having to chalk half of all the decisions made by people in every sphere as being scientifically and accurately logged as appalling or a mistake, whether those decisions be from sleeping with people when drunk to inventing nuclear weapons, in fact some get promotionally gilded by dumb consensus, such that its almost heresy to go against the public grain of opinion whether useful to recognise or not.

you get  ?  probably a person you understand less.

Snow Leopard search or find add sort by size

ok i followed some info from this page to add sort by size functionality to mac os x’s find / search funtion, so all credit to their respective authors as mentioned on the above page, what i have attempted to do on this post is to add the extra information to make the procedure foolproof from my experiencing of doing it. if you follow this information i will not in any way be held responsible if you naff this procedure up.

1: open a new finder window in list mode
2: go to the view menu and Continue reading