gentlemen v manwhores

I repeat … Gentlemen dont say “nah n***a” and secondarily any man who becomes a womens slave (“kiss they ground they walk on”) is basically a person who does not understand what being a man is in any sense of the word, the men who are prepared to say anything to get into a girl knickers are liars for starters and secondarily they create a false set expectations in womens imagination, as to what they can expect from another human being, they’re ego swells and they can become ruinously high maintenance women by the actions of a few sex obsessed idiotic men, also these men tend to go for high numbers of short term relationships, not good for sexual health, these men can be serious std distributors, they aren’t men they’re what i call manwhores. And work to destroy what being a man is because they can see an easier way to ferret about up women by lowering their personal threshold of acceptable integrity.

High maintenance women the definition

High Maintenance women tend to :

1: Spend more than the relationship can afford monetarily jeopardising its overall security, and confuse monetary expenditure and material things as directly equatable tokens of love, chinese culture also for instance often acceptably perceives monetary expenditure as a sign of love.
2: tend to be very worried about how other people ecternal groups perceive the relationship/family, and are obsessed with keeping up appearances at the cost of the relationship very often.
3: tend to be jealous very easily
4: tend to use the love they do put in, as a tool of manipulation within the relationship to control ower in their favour
5: Tend to throw a wobbly any time the lovers attention diverts to anything other than them, ie if you spend to much or any time even with friends or family or even children, they start throwing a hissy fit.
6: tend to be incapable of seeing whats good about the relationship and being satisfied with it, and the small blessings blessings and qualities within it until the relationship is already irreparably broken
7 Tend to have very high expectations and very low tolerance of behavioural patterns different to their own narrow beliefs.
8: Tend to enduce unecessary amounts of stress into almost every situation, as though they thrive of the stuff ?
9: Tend to throw a hissy fit and prefer to live in denial when confronted with a truth they dont like.

That to me is your … full on … High Maintenance woman

primitive masks

In response to an uncommented post

To dwell on dead others, brings them only feebly to life in ones so partial and limited imagination, but to what end ? dim reminiscences of partys one attended, too many moons before, groping the minutiae of dead events, always seems a little grasping … retentive, and often only catalogued when the people had some small sordid dance on the wheel of fame or worse were friends with someone who did, and these primitive mask faces you speak of, seem everywhere in the circles of power today their hideous grins shining out at you grinning masks
This in fact – not such a rare thing but stock in trade requirement today.

I’m myself am currently pondering whether the fate of poetry books was merely the forerunner, to the fate of books in general themselves, which area Continue reading

the experience project

good you have told us and we have heard you, your parents are flawed and always were, their seperation is not the end, mine seperated before my memory had formed. trust me when i say you dont always do everything wrong, you cannot do anything right enough to save their relationship so dont try to compensate for their breakup if you are. See them as two people who are no longer compatible whether that is their egos or narrowness whatever, have time for them both, be above their disputes love them despite their failings, because no doubt they tried, and remember concentrate on having a healthy psychological attitude to yourself, try not to establish negative patterns in your teenage years, they might entrench themselves, try to see the good things in the world around you and remember you are 13 and the world can have allot in it for you if you choose to see it that way … good luck time traveller.

there is no god that interacts in the real world and there is no afterlife in which your mentality is intact, death will not solve your problems, your wife is nuts – forget her, give her the least of what she wants from you ie your money/wages. she has mistaken a new sensation for growing, she might learn from this one day, your role in life is not purely as a ticket to ride for those who depend on you, you only have another 6 years of kid dependance before you can make some real changes stick it out stay under the radar aid your children in becoming functional happy independent people, then with that goal achieved 6 years from now it is time for change in your life on a grand scale, and in any direction you choose.

your wife is picking up her expressions and philosophy from rather vanilla womens media the “we just grew apart” bit is laughably flakey and weak.

its about threshholds, all human beings endorse and condone their own decision making, post the action, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, if you cross too many threshholds you lose some internal integrity but gain debatable-y useful experience, for me stripping is not attractive unless its in the privacy of your own home for your partner, glamour modelling less troubling if its a phase, and you dont get drawn into anything seedier, ie regardless of the marketing from american culture pornography and the heavy focussing on sex is damaging for most peoples relationships. further women have always had the power of their sexuality throughout history at their disposal, but its not a civilised power, and pure titilation is a waste of everyones time, 40 years of women lib to undo the sexual objectification of women, is ironically being undone by women as they revert to primitive tools to manipulate others for money favour or reward using sexuality, men may as well revert to their violent nature with ease as it is an equally primitive tool, its a complex issue.

either you do not really value the opinions deposited here and have merely posted this question to lapdog activate the sense of posters taste and choice, or you are genuinely the insecure person who’s posting their own profile pic ? whichever attractivity in its purely visual sense is a small portion, and does not square the circle of long term happiness, therefore cannot be said to be ultimately attractive in and of itself. this answer in itself is evidence of how thought, however florid is often pointless. addendum : usefull to do ? i tell you what i’ll post a question on the internet like yours, because obviously thats the definition of useful by your measure ? overreacting ? theres no such thing… there are other people on the internet and you asked for their reaction by posting a question, not keen on their responses ? tough … that indicates your mind only likes to play games where you expect the outcomes and are in control, hence your response to my replys … would you have preferred this response ? “yer real corka” or “wistful beauty” does that fit your fragile expectations ?

have ? probably not … if you have a beer in your hand but have not drunk it, then it can be taken from you, and hence may not be considered that you have it any longer, as such you cannot now progress or move from the state of having lost the beer to having “had it” ie drunk it, if you remove the doubt inherent, in this possibility of loss … by drinking it, you no longer have or can have the beer either, but have rather “had one” or have a partial unfinished beer and not a whole beer, therefore im not sure its possible to “have” a beer except only temporarily and without the guaranteed satisfaction of having “had a beer” unless one suspends time and you remain in an undisturbed state of having a beer in ones hand but never drinking it, then you could say you “have” a beer, ones beer is permanently in a cyclic progression from a state of wanting one, to temporarily having one and thence inexorably to having had one. if you have had too much beer … do not read this it was written by a person who was too sober for his own good, whilst the gears of his mind eerily span in a beerless state.

its relatively easy to solve your problem, if you just extrapolate the boredom to its ful potential, at that point you will be bored of eating also, you will have a different problem called wasting away, but you will no longer be interested enough to bother eating as you currently are, but reflexively eat at regular intervals as starving or flooding your system with food both encourage diabetes, notice how you weren’t so bored you couldn’t pose this question, and I wasn’t so bored that i couldn’t be bothered to respond to it ? but also note Im often bored with eating, to the extent of not bothering with it, indicating you are not yet bored enough to stop eating ? unless your hunger gut chemicals are modifying your bored with things potential ~ fully possible

agree with you on this, cultural degredation is what i call it, also a certain blindness to imagine others cannot readily identify their attempt at vainly posturing written in their facial expression on camera, be yourself people its the only thing that looks natural, unless your doing it for comedic effect.

bladerunner … had it right … one cannot retro-actively reassemble the dna of a fully grown organism, and fashion it through dna therapy’s into a superhuman as you call it, your best bet, if so obsessed would be to copy the insane american belief in plastic surgery as a method to lure in someone else’s better genetics through deception to breed with and hope the children are better off, as long as you dont discover afterward your wife’s cute nose and breasts were both false in the first place, in which case its another plastic surgery routine for ones children also ? to be honest work with what you got, you would be surprised at its potential ? and if you have a physical disgurement in all seriousness its plastic surgery that can help and not DNA superhuman therapy ? HOLLYWOOD !!!!

Dennis Ritchie Inventor of C dies : and he should be remembered in the same breath as Tim Berners Lee and Steve Jobs

Dennis Ritchie the inventor of the C programming language and a major player in the invention of UNIX has passed away, The significance of the invention of C alone cannot be underestimated, It is probably the most widely used programming language in the world and almost everything that happens on any device your using, will involve C in its creation from a software programming perspective. He is probably more important than steve jobs and Tim berners Lee combined, but because programming is less recognisably sexy than the internet or an ipad by the general public, and Dennis’s decency of nature meant he was quieter than steve jobs would have been about his invention, he will be less memorialised than most icons of the computer age, and this post is here to remind people that he should be remembered in the same breath and thought of having the same stature as the other well known icons of the digital era.

How many lines od C or C++ code exist in the world no-one knows, and its such a difficult task to estimate that I doubt anyone has ever tried to even attempt an estimate ?

the chipping norton set should not have power

why are the chipping norton sets the ones with power

Cameron and his ilk up that way are parasites on culture, lets be honest i would never entrust to such a person with the defense of our borders they live in a false idyll compared to where the majority live, until theyre sending theyre children to a state academy school in finsbury park or brixton, then I dont think they have a right to pass judgement on multiculturalism and immigration as a wonderfull and primary belief, that must be entrenched and indoctrinated into the common people at all costs, such as we appear to experience in this culture, and lockup all those who dont believe in and rally against it, this is a fascist liberal state we are living in that is committing people culture suicide, purely so as to appear super ammicable and non racist in some ridiculous overt who can be more multicultural than america competition. America was founded on immigration britain was not, certainly in the 500 year time frame. ANd i personally feel that the level of immigration and multicuturalism that has been enforced on the major urban centres has been completely out of control for forty years. And this government is no different in investing money to defend the rights of foreign people abroad rather than actually defend our own borders, which should be the primary purpose of any army. Certainly I would be much happier to see someone become prime minister who had seen all sides of british culture, not just from another privileged background such as cameron.

royal mail price rises, shooting themselves in the foot to shore up a pensions pot that employees themselves arent paying enough into …

post office 60p first class stamp

we would be good if it were to support an efficiency drive through using technology with royalmail.

we all know this is to fill the public sector employees underfunded pension blackhole, the employees did’t pay enough of a share in, to justify the size of the pension they wanted, this price rise will help fill the pensions black hole and drive some custom away, it just wont improve the service enough to help them survive in the future efficiently, it will make selling online even more expensive and will kill private ebay sales which are already suffering because of the associated costs of doing so including post.

Things to improve zinio

Problems / feedback / suggestions >

This form just lost the words ive been typing for the last 20 mins ? Grr

As a person who has had a subscription to the printed version of Macuser, I have a few question and suggestion RE Zinio, prior to buying a subscription

(1) As a person who has stacks of old printed Macuser magazines taking up precious spacein my life, I can ill afford, I would to a large extent wish to convert these printed versions into their digital equivalents, But the price for old issues of £1.87 means it would cost me £46.75 to replace a years worth of old printed issues ? considering a new subscription is £29.99 it seems to me, not a very cost effective way to do this ?

Think also you should have a way of browsing by year and also give a large and increasing discount for purchasing a years back issues at a time, such that the older the issue the deeper the discount ?

Or perhaps as a bonus for current subscribers the ability to download old issues beyond a certain age for free ?

Perhaps a discount for buying in amounts of 6 and 12 back issues at a time etc ?

This would seem to make marketing sense to me compared to charging £1.87 per older back issue as this doesn’t provide me with a cost effective way of converting my old back issues into its digital equivalent ? you might say there would be little demand ? but if feel if such offers were made apparent and obvious to the users of your website on arrival when investigating a particular magazine, with slogans such a s convert those dusty magazine and free up space ? etc

(2) when browsing back issues on the website prior to purchase you need to provide a way selecting particular years issues etc as at the moment I just have x number of pages in chronological order etc, not very sophisticated sorting.

(3) Question how searchable are the magazines presumably they’re not just static jpeg style encrypted PDF’s etc i can search for content ?

(4) Have the adverts been removed on the back issues ? or is this a selectable option with in the Zinio viewer for non current issues ? AS stale deals and offers aren’t something i desire to browse after the event ?

(5) are the text elements in the magazine proper vector artwork or are the pages essentially jpeg’s with limited resolution and heavy file sizes ?

(6) This – “how can we improve” box I wrote into on the survey form has a line wrap wider than the form box itself meaning im having to do crazy sideways scrolling back and forth just to see what i’ve written, please fix this.

(7) In the future the current disadvantage between the printed version and the zinio version of – ‘no covermounts’ needs to be addressed, does or will zinio have support to link to a portion of a zinio or amazon S3 server space that means covermount disk images can be downloaded ?

(8) I like to manage currently my epub and pdf media through Itunes how does or can zinio integrate with that ?

(9) What noticeable effect of DRM is there ? is there a slowdown in any way?

(10) Beyond a certain age of back issue of a magazine is the DRM removed ?

if you insist I can send you photographic evidence of these stacks of printed magazines cluttering up my life ? Ive spoken to Macuser about the problems i talk about in point 1 above, these kinks in digital magazines subscriptions need to be ironed out, although I dont think apples newstand isn’t much of a solution either as apple have decided to take too large a percentage on that one, kind of crippling it imo price wise, but we will see.

gatwick express ripoff for such a short distance

gatwick express overpriced overmarketed rubbish always has been, its must be the shortest distance high speed train in the world ? 22 miles as the crow flies 27 miles by road rail prolly somewhere between the two ? say 25 miles and yet somehow it can still take 45 minutes and cost £27.90 open return ? just over 50p a mile on trains seems to be the standard and to be honest cars can beat that now 60mpg car equals 10p per mile at current fuel prices, for a single driver ? multiple occupants and it falls further ? trains need to be more efficient and cheaper than cars how come they fail at this ? yet this franchise train network seems to become increasingly fleecingly expensive at every turn, gatwick is not worthy of a high speed train, in germany they would do a better job of it with their standard train service, a normal limited stopping efficiently run standard service would do fine, and yet the traveller and tourist is unecessarily gouged to get to this horrible airport, if only the tourist knew how short a distance it really was, gatwick is a horrible spread out rubbish airport, half the time the terminal shuttle never works, and involves overcrowded horrendous cattle like crammed bus journey form north to south terminal shuttle service. and the expensive and overmarketed express trains just the icing on the cake of irritation, considering one has to sit and watch them depart but cant get on if ones getting a normal train, its class division at the entire train level. in fact it seems that the trains to here are just a form extra airport tax in general, making the whole gatwick airport seem a worse experience than necessary, cameron we dont need more capacity at airports, we just need better airports, after all more capacity means even laxer border controls which you are failing at. If you want to experience a nice airport arrive in london at heathrow terminal 5 BA now thats a nice airport, reminds you of what air travel can be like, when one isnt pressurised at every turn and hurded like cattle and made to unecessarily stand up queue like egits wherever possible, travel is unecessarily stressfull, from heathrow purchase an oyster you can get back into london the 14.5 miles by tube nice and cheaply, Gatwick Express parent company GoAhead made more than £150 million profit in 2010, and its executive director’s renumeration leapt up from £965,000 in 2009 to an eye-watering £1.4 million in 2010.