damn straight

hard core truth is always attention grabbing

“To all you dumba$$ Guys out there that think they can win back their women, guess what… you can’t. the b!tches love to inflict pain. when was the last time you saw a responsible woman? I mean really. And your grandmother doesn’t count. Since the pill came out women the world round have been causing he11. sexual revolution my a$$. when one man was with one woman and parents were a team was when we actually got sh!t done. We built skyscrapers and monuments and great things why? because every dumba$$ wasn’t trying to chase down every piece of ass walking by and men didn’t waste their time trying to keep the one… guess what ladies you ask for equality and really all you’re doing is lowering yourselves to the level of dogs. sleeping around and lifting your tails like b!tche$ in heat. all you single mothers have no right to complainyour raising your kids by your selves because your standards aren’t realistic. I blame disney. it’s true. there is no prince charming. and stop screaming abuse. social workers were invented during the third reich. yea that’s right. modern social doctrine was first practiced by nazi’s. They were the first to take children to re-education camps. and don’t get me started on women and their poor judgement. when was the last time any girl you knew stayed with a genuinely good guy. what women want is a guy that holds their interest and that means it’s not mister sane and stable. then they complain. i’m sure I have more to say but I have to go to class and teach all your dumba$$ children yea that’s right I’m a teacher and let me tell you duluth, you’re screwing up…..”

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