iTunes fing 11.1

Im getting tired of giving you feedback, because its quite obvious to me you have no f******g concern for the USER or their feedback ! how loudly do I have to say stuff for you to hear it ?
Stop making all your programs undeletable ! if its an application the user should be able to delete it from the GUI FULL STOP !!!! ! I should not have to enter terminal and type crap to delete things otherwise ill use Fing DOS !!!!! – you are not the master of my F*****ing computer – I bloody AM ! if its an essential operating system library file, you might have the right to hide it from the user initially but not make it undeletable, programs should be independent from the OS such that they can be uninstalled and re-installed … OK !? straight forward time tested philosophy there STICK TO IT you morons.
dont try and ratchet your user forward into software choices you imagine are better by pretending itunes library files are so massively incompatible my 10.7 Itunes app saves wont read an 11.1 itl file, if it doesnt, its because your engineers have failed to place the latitude to make the program attempt to load and use what it can recognise in the file format, im sure all its mainly doing, is a version check and baulking at the idea a newer version of the same program sniffed at it, rather than re-writing the entire thing in a new format, This forward ratchet shit is trying to lock me into the bullshit changes your trying to force on users that make me want to vomit.

Can you tell me why my major experience with apple update over the last 6-8 years seems to be losing features I care about and gaining features I couldn’t give a shit for, you failing the first principle, in the sense it not necessary to change everything else just to add additional features or polish old ones, thats the whole point of the word additional ! see adding stuff not taking away stuff ? get it ?

I really do give up with you as I company I really do, your losing your touch completely.

If you dont READ this because of your “BE POLITE” policy, which is really just a vapid excuse for censoring users, you stopped Fing listening to the USER … therefore I’m ANgry and therfore my language is angry ? can you comprehend that or not !

Very Healthy Kale crisps

kale chips recipe can be improved upon, I decided to drop the salt drop the oil completely, don’t wash the kale just take it straight from the packet and remove the stalky bits, bake at 160 for 9 minutes and check on them with a white led headtorch, remove from oven when leaf crispy dry and can crumble in centre of tray and before edge kale is browning more than a little. Use a non stick reusable woven baking sheet no need to oil it. Even healthier and can be salted afterward if needed with fine salt, low fat snack heaven.

Sharia councils deciding cases should be made illegal

There should be no law operated except laws passed by parliaments of this country, & in british courts, this sharia law should be clamped down on, scholar of what exactly ? a primitive fiction. Admittedly this guy is performing no more than a counselling role, & as such should be treated as nought more than a counselling center. And should not be allowed to run counter to british law. Muslim women need to realise these courts have no legal basis, you are only bound to them if you wish to be.

Keychain2Go – The best keychain syncing software – bar none

Ok after having purchased and tested this app for some time, I feel if safe to now say If you want to synchronise a keychain between your computers and iOS devices, then keychain2Go is really the best program I’ve found to do the job. I am now able to successfully add to my private keychain on os x and it is synced successfully to iOS when you have the iOS app open on the iPhone and it syncs in the reverse meaning any edit or additional items I make on the iOS keychain2go app then get synced back to my iMac via the background OS x keychain2go os x app which is purchasable direct from the website or the os x app store.

I’ll be honest I initially had a few issues in setting this up, but some of that might have been down to a dodgy router that didn’t handle bonjour very well, My best advice is to read the FAQ in detail and remember that any personal and private keychain i.e. not login etc you want synced must be placed in the ~library/keychains folder and follow the advice under help>faq>misc section for a terminal command that will make it recognise other keychains placed there. and if it first you don’t succeed try a clear out of the program bits and reinstall and try again, because when you’ve got it working this is just dynamite and saves me so much time plugging and unplugging usb sticks where I kept my private keychain until Keychain2go but now its all editable available and synced on my iPhone – absolutely marvellous! Ive bought other password management apps 1password for instance but that could not work with my pre-existing existing keychain notes and I wasn’t going to re-enter over 500 keychain notes each crammed with information, 1password also worked out more trouble than it was worth, when it came to its auto entry feature and required way to many clicks to work, and it only does half what Keychain2go manages to and that seamlessly and cleanly, i much prefer keychain2go’s feature set, the syncing is awesome especially to an iOS app that works well.

don’t mind the few reviews here, the app has recently been so healthily updated, that each new version requires new rating and reviews every time, this a good app, and when you have it working, if you need keychain syncing, this will rock your world ;)

what I need from an intel / desktop CPU

There really isn’t much performance improvement in the last 4 years, intel seem to being doing maintenance stuff with energy and efficiency which is good but we are not seeing more performance for less money in the same way we are with arm ?, the transistor account per core has not really gone up much at all ? will amd start pushing intel back to moores law & actually offering us more power. I need a litle big core, always on pc, thats sips power as a super quiet file server, then transforms into the hulk for video and 3d and stuff.

Iphone 5c a £469 plastic iphone 5 ?!

I know they dont employ commoners of any kind, but I think they should have researched that price point a little better ?

£90 less than an iphone 5s ? whose not going to pay the extra at that point and buy a 5s, to be honest you I thought apple were going to make a shocker and create a $299 purchase outright cheap iphone which would have opened a whole new market to them ? instead they made a plastic turkey ?

ok this is what the iphone 5c should have been effectively >

it should have been injection molded one colour black plastic iphone 4s all the way that you can buy outright for £199 not on contract, maybe they can still do it and call it the 5e ? for economy I dont know but £469 is well out, its about pushing ios further down the demographic chain into poorer markets and not screwing people over for colour plastics ?

to be honest they should do a dirt cheap £99 iOS based phone with a slightly better than 3gs screen or something and single core ? to really push the iOS using demographic globally

if i wan an investor and a commoner I would think they were out of touch ?

cater for everyone

ooh I can has it in pink or yellow does any grown person really care ?!

The reflex “google it” statement is invalid

The people whose stock response to everything is “google it”, which is not actually bespoke advice, and at its core the statement fails to recognise that anything fruitfully “googled” on the web was contributed by somebody actually adding – hopefully useful information to the internet, and such useful information is not magically created through the act of just googling alone, its put their by someone often in a discussion with others. If everyone just googled it and that was the sum of out input, there would be no answers to find.

Apple forums pointless, way too heavily censored for the slightest apple criticism.

at below is written what I attempted to post in response to this forum post titled “Unexpected Shut down when moving macbook pro on my ‘lap'”, which apple for reasons of censoring ego seem not to allow >

Ignore the volunteer extremely cookie cut response high post count forum trolls, that seem only to exist to hand out the same obvious reflex responses on apples censored forums, to annoy and negatively instantly recommend the usual rubbish of … user error / back up everything / try a wipe re-install or go to an apple store and pay them money. The only valid advice given by such trolls is to make sure you have a backup. Theyre the equivalent of the people whose stock response to everything is “google it”, which is not actually bespoke advice, and at its core the statement fails to recognise that anything fruitfully “googled” on the web was contributed by somebody actually adding hopefully useful information to the internet, and such useful information is not magically created through the act of just googling alone, its put their by someone often in a discussion with others.

Some of us low post count but expert users understand your here in the forum, because your seeking pro-active positive advice from users who’ve experienced such issues before themselves, not seeking stock trite responses, every industry of technical understanding has the same parade of characters, some less useful than others.

    OK actual Advice :

What Linc fails to highlight is SMS stands for Sudden Motion Sensor, “Sudden” being the operative word, ie it supposed to protect the hard drive from a traumatic movement like how an airbag is actuated in a car, and should not be going off when a laptop is being carried to a new location table to sofa etc. I have noted some apple laptops in which problems as you describe occur. and it often comes downs to one of four things>

1 There has been issue with SMS going wrong on certain hard drives and being overactive, this has been noted especially after upgrades. Some drives are not compatible with apples system and falsely mis-report sometimes apples system is too sensitive : read > you can thankfully disable SMS if you want. if this resolves your problems your good to go. just don’t swing your laptop about after disabling it, as Linc1 is in fact correct in stating that sudden repeated terminations of disk activity can cumulatively damage data on the drive and impair and damage the hard drive long term.

2 loose connections in the laptop disturbed by movement, its worth carefully reseating most easily accessible internal connectors and memory

3 Since the final conclusion of logic board failure is so expensive it can sometimes be worth replacing the cheaper PMU board in case there is some operative heat based component failure or flexing issue there, causing it.

4 Or … there is sadly and most devastatingly a dry joint on the logic board, which when flexed by carrying movement ( never carry a laptop by one corner, always use two hands on the sides) causes the laptop to instantly shutoff, in this case a new logic board will be required, solder reflow of dodgy boards can work temporarily but rarely in the long term. apple not providing parts to end users, means we have to rely on the unreliable 2nd hand market, and purchasing a replacement logic board on ebay is usually a lottery.(no lead in solder any more (military got an exemption on that … note) and endless surface mount ball grid array manufacture, for board and chip sandwiches that get too hot … doesn’t help)

I would rule out … points 1, 2 and 3 in the order above before concluding 4

NB> temp based shutdown

its also always worth getting marcel bresinks genius and free “temperature monitor” software and making sure your not experiencng thermal shutdown due to high cpu temperature. apple ‘lap’ tops are not brilliantly ventilated and should always rest on a hard surface when on your ‘lap’ to allow sufficient airflow under and around the laptop, placing them on a duvet is a recipe for disaster, cpus have diferent thermal shutoffs around 100deg c, the lower temperature the components operate in your laptop generally the longer they live, you cpu should preferably never be exceeding 80deg in general use, the cooler the better also there is various fan control software to aid this heat scenario SMCfancontrol, fan control etc, listen for fans ramping all the time.

ifixit is a much better place for discussion as concerns out of warranty repair of apple products.

Why you may ask yourself is the premium priced & branded computer you bought going wrong and you finding yourself seeking help on these forums, a small number of years after you purchased your computer, It’s because chinese standard manufacture quality which can rarely offer premium build quality, is generally the same standard across mainstream brands for all chinese manufactured goods, Reliability and build quality whether a £400 or £1000 laptop is roughly equal, mainly the cost of major component parts used is what creates the price difference, eg CPU / display / graphics / Disk parts cost etc.

    In the end i went on to make the following post … just to see whether it would get through ?

wierdly a post that contains no useful information does ? typical …

“Had some relevant points to add to this discussion, but apples endless usual ego based, forum censorship stasi – prevent my post from appearing, I bet even this wont appear either, apples forums are basically a marketing excercise, I’d look elsewhere help, its time the users left apple to themselves on these forums.”

the post above was also eventually removed … by the apple forum stasi …