No she not a spy, shes alledgedly just “immature, calculating, emotional and self-centred young woman” according to the trial. classic …

Katia Zatuliveter age … 26

aide ? to

Mike Hancock MP age … 65

according to the telegraph :

“Katia Zatuliveter, 26, had affairs with Mike Hancock, a member of the defence select committee, and with a Dutch diplomat, a German Nato official and a UN worker.”

hmm that’s one way to stay in the country sleep with a 65 year old politician . . . . and a whole collection of older powerful burocrats.

“Miss Zatuliveter, who is being represented by a media handler and is expected to sign an exclusive deal to sell her story, said: “I feel fine. I am very happy, incredible relief. My parents are ecstatic.”

yes im sure they are ecstatic about who theyre daughter has been sleeping with ? all quotes referenced from these two articles :

Read more:
and here

wow shes such a moral human being ? Katia It’s so grim having to climb that greasy corrupt morally bankrupt political pole, but I guess your prepared to.

she said of the older men >

“She also appreciated their “humour, sophistication and kindliness,” the panel said. A personal diary included “excruciating detail” about her attempts to ensnare men and revealed she was an “immature, calculating, emotional and self-centred young woman”.”

the truth will out …

Great another useless contribution to the people that we allow to stay resident in this overly liberal culture.

MP Hancock – you sir are a truly predictable 65 year old man > GROW UP > and stop having women 39 years your junior who work for you ? and concentrate on the job at hand that portsmouth needs you to get on with !

“They said Mike Hancock, the Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South, who appeared to mix with glamorous Russian and Ukrainian women and was supportive of the Russian government “would have been of long-standing interest to one or more Russian intelligence agencies.”
This liberal certainly does like immigration, especially when it get him access to young female russian ones to play around with, Mike . . . . christ you make politics look grimey. hopegully you can climb back into obscurity.

Christ and my day has been disturbed by the furtive goings on between a 65 year old liberal idiot and a needy for fathering insecure political sugardaddy pole climber, god why do I now feel the need to vomit and a general hatred for the continuingly corrupted behaviour of the 60’s generation ?

Her sister and brother-in-law, with whom she lived in Bradford, did not accept her relationship with Mr Hancock but the panel said: “However odd it might seem, she fell for him.”

“Miss Zatuliveter said afterwards that she was “very happy” with the decision and her parents were “ecstatic.” Her tearful sister, Polina, who lives in Chorley, Lancashire, rushed from the court room to ring them when the judgment came through.”

and Polina her sister of course magically by chance just happens as well to be living in the good old UK, because the UK border is effectively non existent ! and half run by naturalised immigrants allot of the time ? bloody bullshit this country is degenerating into, and this story evidence of it.

John Bercow Portrait and Arms

A lesson in why today there is no dignity to be had, in creating a modern coat of arms.

first of all today they are redundant and irrelevant, and secondly they inevitably turn into a personal marketing campaign ?

The portrait ? > Vomit faux realist trash, looks like a bady copy of a photograph, to realist in intent yet not enough perception ?

skilled-ish but without the insight of statement and story and depth that a true portrait should be about.

John Bercow Portrait

Coat of arms ? and I quote from the beeb >

“The Speaker has also been given a coat of arms with a ladder representing his rise as the son of a taxi driver; balls for his love of tennis – one each for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – with the rainbow symbol of equality and pink triangles for his support of gay rights.”

hmm John no-one may have informed you, but designing your coat of arms, should not be treated as an excercise to throw all the vomitous things you like, plus vain statements related to how you’d like to be perceived by the public, into a bin bag shake them about and paste them on some coloured card ?

John Bercow coat of arms

John :

I like Tennis . . . that has to be on there (dribble), one for each country of the union because I wouldn’t want to be perceived as being unfare to anyone ever ? and pink triangles and rainbows ! :)(why not some fluffy bunnys too ?) for my support of gay rights :), a ladder to represent the social climbing of my family. . . . . ooooooh and a samosa, I do like indian samosa’s . . . . . dribble, that will get the ethnic crowd on my side, ooh and can we squeeze in Doctor Who, and throw in some sabre’s I want people to know I’m a bloke ? and for a strapline can we put on it “all are equal” ?

John in case you hadn’t realised the majority of people, are not equal in anything, Pay, Rights, democracy, schooling, life expectancy, Sexual satisfaction, Happiness, Wealth ? I could go on ? The universe abhore’s static universal balance John, all is in fact in uproarious motion and unfair imbalance all the bloody time, so far in history it’s been the natural state of affairs ?

Christ what an embarassment the whole waste of £37,000 of taxpayers money it was … and this in recession ? did john ever delude himself this would turn out well for him ?

Ed milliband Vocal butt trumpet for the unions F him

I might hate the cameron government for its weak and inneffectual inability to cut immigration figures, but on this front hes right, the public sector pension figures for payments in and out have to add up and make fiscal sense, the difference cannot be subbed up and exploited from poorer recompensed private sector workers.

Public Sector Workers should try it in the private sector for a year, they’d soon realise they’ve often got it easy in contrast to most poor private sector workers, self employed, I’m self employed I earn under £16,000 a year and will no doubt end up on the state pension, The idea these public sector workers with their nice comfy pensions want to preserve their pot, and arent prepared to pay for the actual cost of providing the value in their own pensions, the poor private sector taxpayer with rubbish or no pensions can’t sub up these people anymore, the pubic sector seems riddled with self entitled balding union men, feminist women and immigrants all bonded together by the magical solidarity of the desire of money from the taxpayer. And allot of these public sector workers are employed to serve another group of people who live under a false umbrella of self entitlement the benefits system. Theres a building with solar panels near me called a “refugee therapy centre” ? No public money should have been or ever should be wasted on this kind of rubbish. The only valid point the public sector workers have is the the bankers have not yet been made to learn any lesson, they are still to be dealt with. If anyone was to be taxed it should be the bankers, but lets be honest if you let the unions get their selfish way they can wreck an economy > I lived in the seventies I remember. You cant expect to be given, what you aren’t paying for, simple logic.

Some public sector workers get three years severance pay ? at the taxpayers expense ? wtf I get 0 severance pay in my line of work, you just go out and find new work …

“The workers united will never be defeated” ? that kind of crap is only valid in a culture that lives by economic sense and and has the spare / slush capital to pay for such bullshit sloganistic diatribe spouted by the ignorant, public sector workers have never generated the taxes necessary to pay their own wages, that responsibility comes down to the private sector.

Decent men and women day in day out … being attacked ? emotive and unproveable language ? decent how would anyone know ? attacked ? attacked plain emotive, an insistance that you pay in enough money, to pay for your own pension draw at the end its simple money logic.

Pensions over the last 20 years have always worked on the wrong assumption re working population doubling, pensions are not a pyramid scheme, you need to pay a measure proportionate to the money youd eventually like to take out, money doesn’t just magic out of anywhere. revisions to the compensation offered in peoples pensions is dependent on economy and markets just like anything else. Which currently are in the tank and will remain so for some time.

New BBC layout the Feedback I gave

Its all surface gloss, too many elements on the page distract the eye, they all scream for the same level of attention ? there is little flow, where’s the breadcrumb trail ? and the section on the top just appears as a random undefined selection of guff without titles, Like you somehow have an ability to predict what I’m interested in ? don’t presume, just like a newspaper lead with the major stories and work down, without titles it makes it mainly illegible from an eye scanning and readability perspective compared to the previous layout, this is due to the use of too many high contrast tones, not enough tones are laid back, sub headings body text have as much presence as heading etc. Sadly I have a degree in Graphic information design and understand UI and HCI intimately, so see these terrible design decisions being made all the time. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, stop wasting the licence fee with endless redesigns, improve and evolve not total revamp just for the sake of a glitzier appearance, Any site user can eventually adjust to anything it doesn’t mean you made an improvement when they eventually memorise a new layout, you should not act like a supermarket shifting the crap around on the shelves for the sake of it, just to irritate the customer. The middle bar “BBC online today” etc disappears, in the layout. Has this been designed by a chinese person ? knowing you the beeb ? probably … is the answer > why else would you place a main nav bar on the bottom right ? stop messing with your customers heads unecessarily especially at their expense ? by utilising the imagination of people whos main aim is to make an ego statement of their own design prowess.

Remember EVOLVE it not REVAMP it in its entirety. Remember you should be carrying peoples acquired knowledge/learning of your website layout with you not discarding what theyve bothered to learn already ?

I cant turn off the crap stuff on the page I dont want ? this is a huge negative compared to the old design ? disregarding that half the time sport seemed to find its way back in my layout whether i wanted the rubbish or not, that you could have fixed in the old site rather than revamping it …

I could go on but thats enough I think ? after all im not getting a FAT consultancy fee for this ?

70p on monthly line rental, infinity broadband BT not thinking big enough.

70p on monthly line rental in a recession ? why ? stop employing so many useless employees in call centres, pointless branding and self image excercises for designers and advertisers in unecessary self promotional campaigns, save the money elsewhere othe than hitting the customer, become more efficient, stop presuming on price increases, and promotion to hide weak offerings, as far as i’m concerned line rental is an outrageous charge as it is, with other services, you pay for use of a service, but not for remaining connected ? no doubt it seems an invaluable income resource to be able to put up land line rental when perhaps your revenue from call charges decreases, cheers for stealing another £8.40 of me per annum for no other reason than you’d like the money to pay for more wasteful expenditure ? to some whom you employ, it might be beer change or not much of an increase at all, perhaps because they are earning too much ? in an inefficient company ? for those who dont waste money, its part of the endless trend of the public being squeezed, i’ll find it original when you manage to reduce your line rental and not increase it, if you were making the increases, so you could fund bringing fibre into my house and not just to the local cabinet, and offering 1gbps connections it might be worth it, after all
there are probably more landlines in the UK than people ? so you could say, just this increase should generate 68 million times £8.40 or around £500million no small change ? as it is its probably going get lost subbing up, over the top BT pensions or employment welfare schemes or something, if you thought big rather than small with 1Gbps fibre optic connections directly into peoples homes the bandwidth would be so excessive, that the necessary data for landline voice communications would be piffling, almost hardly worth charging for in the scheme of things.

the 40mbps ifninity brand broadband why thats about 16Mbps per second faster than the ADSL im getting already ? network speeds normally times by 10 when theyre major evolutions ?
intital broadband offering
512kbps (my first broadband(10 fold increase))
my broadband today
24,000 Kbps(theoretical max(48 times increase))
infinity broadband
40,000 Kbps(1.6 times increase)
I guess thats what fibre to the local cabinet buys you ? or are the new increases to be milked out of us micro incremental upgrades 60mb next year 80mb year afterwards ? flick of a switch or soft/firmware upgrades ?

But the with traffic shaping what customer knows what theyre actually getting anyway ? my friend got infinity broadband to discover at certains times of day his connection speed decreased to 4 MBps ?

you do realise the Fast ethernet network standard of 100Mbps was invented in 1995 dont you ? and gigabit 1000Mbps invented 3 years later 1999 ?
The only way your going to get reliable 1000Mbps into peoples into homes is with optical inside the house, so perhaps you better start thinking about stealing a march on the world and providing us with that kind of infrastructure early, after all the economy could do with it ? that … I would give you £100.00 as a one off fee if it went into a pool of customer money only for that purpose and to guaranteeably deliver it ? I guess when you invest in research to cheapen the cost of quality fast and easily installed, fibre optic connections then we might see this occur ?

In the end BT should only be able to make one charge to people, a fixed monthly charge for a guaranteed more symetrical connection speed with unmessed with/filtered bandwidth. pity that companys like to spend so much time marketing about how wonderful they are than actually delivering on the potential of technology.

4kB demo scene incredible

to put this 4kb demo scene size in context for non techies, this demo was effectively written with a program using only 4096 individual keyboard characters 40 lines of code using 100 letters each (disregarding compression techniques), the demo code could fit 360 times onto a floppy disk ! or a 175,000 times onto a CD(700mb cdr)

the megabit megabyte ripoff

mainly agree xbit should mainly refer to transfers speed, but it is also a pretty useless measurement for that since everyone has to learn byte sizes in their imagination due to it being a practical requisite in understanding filespace usage as a user, ethernet speeds where Mbit terminology is used, would in my opinion also be more practically described in “actually transferrable” Megabyte rates, as most headline theoretical max’s are often not acheived in practice …

ie ? 100mbit ethernet means you can move 10 Megabyte’s per second, ie a 10 megabyte file on 100mb ethernet can theoretically be copied from one machine on a network to another, in practice you might get 6-8 megabytes a second with packet structure & overheads, drive speed, signal issues etc what counts to the user is actual megabytes per second transferred not theoretical maximums or xbit based measurements for transfer speeds.

Bit based storage measurements as I stated earlier were used by cart makers to make cartridge storage capacities sound bigger sadly popularising the term Mbit to describe storage size in that arena, muddying the seperation between xbit for transfer and xbyte for storage size, so a cart maker claimed theres was the first xMbit cart inflating perceived storage by 8 ie 256Mbit cart sounded big but was in fact 32Megabytes in size, the largest carts for the N64 were marketed as 512Mbit etc.

your adsl modem for instance might state its Mbps as 24 Mbps /24,000 Kbps speed, meaning in theory you can download around 2.4 Megabytes per second at maxiumum, but ADSL is truly an arena where Mbps is used a selling tool for transfer speed, by pulling you in with theoretical maximums, but the connection speed your modem actually gets and then the final transfer rate in megabytes you actually get between one ip and another rarely corrolate to the figure you are sold, due to many factors

Message to the Media >

we dont like towerblocks never have done don’t try and propagandise us to like the idea of raising familys in these poorly sound insulated stacked rabbit hutches for people ! which are built and sold for the profit of developers at the expense of those who dwell in them, in limited and damaged existences even if they dont comprehend it. Most often no place to raise healthy positive individuals.

Passport Revoking please & deportation to Morrocco for this c**t Mohamed Bouzalim and his family

Passport Revoking please & deportation to morrocco for this c**t and his family

I wish Mohamed Bouzalim and his hanger on family, permanent ill for the rest of their pathetic immoral theiving lives, stealing to the tune of £400,000 from the tax paying public of this country, by lying he needed his 5 family members to look after his not disabled ass, the evil bastards this countrys benefits seems to attract. I want the ability to revoke passports for criminal behaviour for 10 years after attaining it. The councils the buracracy the weak pathetic-ness displayed all round are benefit systems and border the ineptitude of government GAAARRRRRHH GRRRRR FFFF********CK !!!!!! and I a man who has never claimed a single benefit from this culture, These people drive me angry as hell !!!

complaint to camden council and the dept to work and pensions >

Dear Camden Council >

As a person at the age of 39 who still cannot afford his own home in this capital, doing it the hard way that has never involved claiming anything,or having the advantage of the “bank of parents”, who has never claimed any benefits of any kind, but successfully employs himself and pays his own way and taxes who lives without debt of any kind, I am furiously angry regarding the ineptitude you the public servants display in the Case of :

Mohamed Bouzalim >

I would like an explanation as to how you can as the public servants we pay to employ seemingly waste the taxes, people pay, people like me who pay such taxes and cant afford a home of their own in their own native land , on providing so much benefits to foreign and recently naturalised people and their family’s in my culture ? WHY ?! who are often claiming illegally ? £400,000 !!!!! and citizenship for him and his criminal family ! and he owns a home in leighton via this ? DISGUSTED !!!

there’s a kind of insanity involved in the money you seem to be throwing around on our behalf, most often funded on government and council debt that the tax paying public of the future tomorrows youth will inevitably be burdened with and for what reason ? when allot of the claims are fraudulent or systems to easy to abuse seemingly ? or even the benefits legally claimed to generous to warrant large numbers of claimant’s bothering to seek or make their own work ? It appears those english people remaining stupid enough to pay for their own existences and taxes and who dont claim in any way, are a dwindling number ?

How can you as a council involved explain your incompetence in this matter ?

I shall be likewise putting this complaint to the department of work and pensions > who seem equally at fault ?

your response or lack of it to my email address will be noted, I as an individual at least, can no longer let the flow of incidents like this slide ! regardless of the stress or hate towards culture they seem to induce.

d morgan

if you would also like to follow suit and complain to camden council click here or the department of work and pensions email here > even though they claim they will not respond …

Brent largest Diwali festival ?

no public / council money should be spent on foreign traditional festivals in england regardless of taxpaying immigrant demographic in that area.

This is the thin end of a wide wedge to erode this culture from the inside out. Obviously native culture is limited in in Brent ? fireworks manufacturers are up for it, because they can sell more fireworks all year round, if we foster this foreign cultural festivals funded by taxpayers its an endless thing every group will want money spent on every religious observance and cultural trifle . Fundamentally bonfire night is the night for fireworks in this culture. Im beginning to hate people who seem only to want to join our culture for the improved living standards, and do not embrace this culture, and then want to thrust their culture in the faces of the english native, as far as im concerned you want to live in an indian way ? then please remain and live in the origin country of said culture. do not come here to the already fragile english culture and try and overrun it, by setting up little ghetto states within my culture, this is going to create trouble sooner or later regardless of being force fed/marketed an endless diet of multicultural propaganda by governments, councils and international media.

Human beings are natively tribal, and this government has forced english culture into a defensive mode with the endless mass immigrational era, which effectively abuses the section of people who are the struggling english native. And thats a global problem for most small nations, apart from the usa which is, in its current form a culture founded on immigration.

and current immigration figures being record in number, after promises to reduce them by a weak government are just the icing on the cake of this situation, the native has never been asking for mass immigration, only governments and business’s desire it economically, and sooner or later you have to choose between culture and money, I choose my native culture before money because I dont have any stake in either the money, business or property game, meaning that overt population pressure in this isle is not beneficial for me, all it means is more competition for the limited resources in this isle of decent home, quality job, school, health etc.