apples application naming sucks

notice a problem with naming applications with these following names ?
“address book”

and why are the following names ok you may ask ?


well any of you with googling skills when problem solving will know that when searching for programs with generic names in use elsewhere ie “mail” makes narrowing searches a right pain, because everything must then be prefixed with “os x” to find anything that actually relates and even then your search results are diluted by other items with the word mail coming in the text such as say entourage ?

truth is it would have been better if they had pre initialed them all with “i” ie “imail” “ipreview” “icontacts” etc at least it would then be searchable on for support issues without getting the silly results that such generic names deliver, but then apple doesn’t always think clearly.

In response to Christian Hawk

As regards this important and forthright article,
a truth the government dare not face or admit
sadly for Christians to bemoan the loss of Britons surviving in Britain is rather hypocritical, considering it is the open door open hearted nature of the Christian doctrine, ie “christian charity” which has been used and abused and aided the english populations destruction, compared to other religions that are less embracing and tolerant, by going abroad and converting native people to the Christian faith has in fact been giving foreigners an excuse to immigrate on the grounds of “religious persecution” secondarily the open door and open hearted all welcome doctrine of the Christian faith has to some extent been subconsciously enshrined into the political outlook on immigration, further compounding the immigrational issue on the native man, secondarily as I can clearly see in Britains urban churches they have effectively acted as clearing houses for Christian immigration into Britain, to the extent that most of these churches have now been taken and subsumed into playing the roll of ethnic community centres, further alienating the native congregation if any that remains. So for the Christian faith at this late stage to worry of the fate of the native Briton is sadly too little to late, and also rather hypocritical since it is partly the Christian faiths doctrine that is guilty in this matter, and been the undoing of the native people of Briton. Religions are the predecessors of corporations of councils and governments all of which are legislatively blind to any sense of people culture and have seemingly no inbuilt ability to protect the congregations they are supposed to represent, and to some extent seem well equipped through their doctrine in fact to aid in their destruction, certainly as the numbers read it, speaking as a native who can’t afford family with 800 years heritage, but too much integrity to claim the benefits necessary to afford to further that heritage, societal and self propaganda assuages me on every side and fits me for a grave I won’t afford, just some ill attended sprinkling of anonymous ashes on a communal lawn in some heartless industrial 50’s crematorium, overseen out the door of english life by happy foreigners in my land, goodnight England.

apple keynotes

;) made me smile, basically every keynote reminds me more and more of their infamous 1984 advert except the apple zealots fill the room with their whooping mantra, whilst some apple cultist indoctrinates, but sadly no sledgehammer throwing rebel enters from the back to disrupt the apalling scene.

human activity = a shitty philosophy exchange

Human activity is an imperfect and shitty philosophy exchange, we spend our entire lives trying to convince each other of things, do not worry about having grown tired of trying to affect other peoples viewpoints. As a teacher you maybe obliged to yet weary, and yet we do not have the resources to afford to be able to avoid ignorance, as the eventual price is too high ? ask the intellectual at the scaffold I guess? Global exploitative capitalism has hidden under liberalistic culture, which has subconsciously reigned for a longtime, its inevitable the pendulum will swing about, truths I perceive … but the majority of people do not … which I wait for others to perceive rather than force on them :
all religion is divisive potentially war manufacturing childish fiction, many liberals do not like to face that one, americas “policing the world” hidden empire ambitions wreak of ego, vanity and are unaffordable, bemoan eisenhowers foresight to call the military industrial complex as americas greatest threat. A one world no borders enforced multiculturalist capitalist free market agenda, has the greatest potential to destroy quiet civility everywhere and lead to an as yet unimagined feudal capitalist totalitarianism. In which ignorant wealth throttles humanitys potential for its own ends. The discrepancy in size between americas military budget and the rest of its budgetary choices science etc can never be explained away, and as we see it has inevitable consequences.

apples time capsule flaws

1: when you manually drag data to a time capsule, time capsule cannot show you the size of any folder and its contents. whether in list view or using get info ?

apples forums have the usual moronic reply with some wankknuckle fanboy who claimed he answered and closed the post, by trying to claim folders take up 0 space on a time capsule which is why time capsule doesnt show the size of them ? well not if they contain stuff they dont ? and even an empty folder on a hard drive will take up a small amount of HD space, christ why do apple desire to propogate moronic no scientific rubbish information so they dont have to answer for a weakness in their design

2: over wifi they’re pretty much useless, too slow to backup the volume of data their volume size represents. even when hooked up directly, as nas backup whether by ethernet or wifi their probably bottom of the wrung on transfer speeds.

3: time machine only uses an exclude list for what to backup so by default backs up everything, and does not offer the opposite control ie an include list, meaning it backs your entire system and every associated system change. wasteful of space.

4: the volume imaging format it uses for time machine backups, doesnt seem very wise or accessible to the average user.

5: no control over time based archiving of data. ie how far back the changes go and their copies go, its all too automatic.

6: no scheduling of when backups occurr or at what frequency ?

OS X lion feedback

ok this is general feedback to the osx development team.
as a mac person who has been using macs ever since an apple IIe , I think you need to understand that I consider lion and mountain to be a terrible upgrade : snow leopard irritated me but at least in functioned reasonably well.

the reasons :

I support about 50 machines currently the majority still pre intel cpu i series ie core series intel and most of my clients as users of mobileme felt obliged to upgrade to lion from snow leopard to continue using syncing in icloud.
of the machines I upgraded recently 3 intel core 2 duo based 24″ imacs with 4gb of ram all have become highly unstable erratic and have needed several clean reinstalls and are still highly unreliable doggishly slow and crashing. when the machines were perfectly fine under snow leopard ? one has now effectively become useless.

The quality of lion (im too burnt by lion to consider upgrading to mountain lion) whilst running on core 2 duo machines is unacceptable, I have so many issues i can barely keep track of them all. my support calls have multiplied by a factor of 5 since lion, not what i wanted form it. I hope in your testing you did many upgrade installs on core 2 duo based machines As i cant beleive the number of problems im having.


Mac os X mail has become unworkable, I suggest Mail needs a complete re-write from the ground up, and that mail should not be creating so many files in the way that it stores emails, for instance I have a macbook air whose mail folder is 30gb in size, I doubt the user has more than 5000 emails yet somehow when finder is slowly backing up his mail folder to a time capsule it claims its copying over 300,000 files, one can also see in mails operation all the endless tiny reads and writes it does to the disk anytime anything is done, this is inefficent, I suggest that you store an email as a single file and not as mutliple on the disk or maybe even entire threads as a single file, maybe linking attachments externally, whichever way mail seems incapable of handling the volume of email the averagee business user is now generating, just like how iphoto got rewritten to handle allot more images without bogging down, make it so mail can handle 10 email accounts 5 exchange/imap and 5 pop accounts and 100,000 emails in total in realtime then it would be upto the toughest users workload, as currently mail seems to crumble at 10,000 emails.

apples builtin applications and uninstalling and reinstalling them.

return to an age when all apps including apple apps can be uninstalled and reinstalled including all their subsiduary system files, and all their permissions corrected both user and system if need upon reinstall from a simple installer, uninstalling and reinstalling safari now appears to involve reinstalling the entire os ? not good for example I spent 2 hours trying to repair a safari install that wouldnt launch, on one machine, from a support perspective you cant justify spending such time on one os installed app otherwise it effectively means the app has now cost lots of money, this was caused by the fact that safari can no longer be removed ? and its cancer seems to have spread deeply into the OS as well, why did you leap on the attack microsoft over the os embedded browser war when you yourselves now appear to be doing the same ? the only way i could refresh the safari install was to reinstall the entire os ! this is rubbish and you know it. sorting a broken app issue should be as simple as uninstall app which also removes its system related bits then reinstall fresh app, in this case safari in total this process should take 5 minutes tops ? what is difficult to understand in this model ? its the only one that can work from a paid support perspective ? imagine your os from the perspective that all the support work is paid for at a certain rate per hour and that all fixes need to be fast and efficient. for instance another problem a mail backup to a time capsule directly connected to a macbook air with an 128gb SSD drive > total copy time for a 30gb email folder ?> 13 hours ?

storage in computers is the greatest slow down im finding at the moment you need to make a 10 fold increase in speed of storage used in all macs all mechanical drives as standard need to be partial ssd backed 7200rpm drives at least, just like momentus XT’s etc and then have an additional dedicated SSD boot drive as standard, and make this internal storage externally accessible and replaceable, you make my life as a tech support 4 x time harder than it needs to be.

Permissions and collaborative work between more than one user :
collaborative work on os x is weak, because permissions in osx are a nightmare, posix and acl permissions as used in os x are not functioning well and umasks arent either.

re-examine which of the core parts of os x needs re-writing as performance is currently weak.

It’s looking like some bits of osx arent being touched for fear of screwing them up, as in the person who wrote the code is long gone. maybe start the process of writing a new operating system from scratch not based on osx ? go back and have a look at the genius of mac os 7 , 8 , 9 which seemed far superior in many respects full gui control of the OS extensions etc, as soon as stuff goes pear shape in osx it seems terminal is the only solution ? this is a failing of GUI design.

remember you can consider every extra additional unecessary click made by a user may end up being be multiplied by every user, all of a sudden theirs trillions of clicks of worth of decision time is being unecessarily spent every year by bad design.

Give me control of these design decisions and I can make a difference. I better stop here I could give a thirty thousand word lecture on all the things that aggravate me about os x and macs in general, if you ever need consultancy as to all the stuff your getting wrong email me, pay my flight and ill come and sort you all out.

dear sitecom

dear sitecom

This wireless adapter which I paid extra for, because of its multi os compatibility windows / os x etc has just suddenly died, now it is not recognised whichever machine I plug it into. I now discover your cunning clause to knacker me on the warranty front to claim that if i didn’t register within 3 weeks of purchase (which I cant remember whether i did register or not , and certainly cant find my registration code if i did, I used the form for lost registration code and put in two likely email addresses but no email has been received even though the form claims to have sent emails etc ? so I appear to be unable to use the 10 year warranty ? well in that case i wish to utilise my consumer rights in terms of warranty, theres no way this product should have died within this timeframe especially considering the premium I paid at the time compared to purchasing a cheaper USB stick, for extra compatibility and warranty. Where can I send the stick to, so you can asses it from a functioning perspective as no light comes on and it is not recognised in any form any longer whichever machine I plug it into, it was operating fine on a windows xp machine and then just suddenly stopped being recognised hardware wise whichever machine it is plugged into, I have downloaded and installed latest drivers etc, I note that the installer on the mac side fails to successfully install the drivers under snow leopard, but whichever machine i plug it into it is as dead as a doornail now, which it wasn’t before. it is being plugged directly into the port of a machine not being of a keyboard or hub or anything underpowered, so that is not the issue.

looking forward to your response.

a customer

Obama cant call anything like it is > he’s oily and bent

Obama (jewish lobby got you in its pocket) really you just lost it right there. siding with the bully you armed and paid for. I can see know way forward for the palestinians except to outbreed the Isreali’s in a single Isreal jewish controlled state or to be stuck in an unending war, palestinians need to renounce violence ? usa can never talk on that front. your asking the palestinians to rollover and take it up the arse, and become an opressed population in a greater Isreali state.

do i have to re-affirm to you how great VICE is ?

my comment

mesmerising tripe, how come every girl hipster in london is portrayed as some mixed-culture, cut from a chiat day inspired, apple store employment profile, tatooed profligate sexy wastrel, vice – uk isnt usa. who was desperate to to be fingerbanged but wasn’t, rebelling against one “square” stricter ethnic parents desires for conformity “sweets bad for you & waste of money” etc, classic evidence as to why not to restrict your kids too much, otherwise they become distorted in one direction or another.

to be honest too much is predictable about life, youth culture being a case in point, and the inevitable fashion yummy mummy turning respectable but still hangs with the youth middle years hipster which will pupate from this girl, it started with the corruptive 60’s and seems unending, why on earth did i watch this might be the question ? just to reaffirm my own prejudices as to what is going on in this collapsing culture called london, Vice keep up the good work, BAH humbug – rant over.

btw the words “we made him do it” and then “what a dickhead” shows a fascinating disconnection with reality, group politics and ones own responsibility in such a situation.