Tastes someone posed at me … reviewed

Brandi Carlisle : thumbs up :) vocal clarity sings well, moving away from the more commercial / genre stuff yields gems, certainly a quality voice.

Hard Fi : part the modern enumeracy of intangiblly similar modern bands, not stand out, probably a few club / pub/ background music anthems in their repetoire, but didnt grab me at my age.

Electrelane : produced allot of music ? band very competent, the female vocalist knows how to move her voice about, but her tone seems constantly off in a disconcerting way, perhaps with enough flogging at it, she’ll come come good like nick cave eventually did and produce something like the boatmans call to make up for a profuse collection of weak albums that sound vocally the same. perhaps mpre than one band member should be singing

The Last Shadow Puppets : Fastpaced regional vocals rock duo, 60’s tone, small scowl thrown in, may appeal to young-uns, topics : women … unsurprising for two handsome young men singers, vocally their quality, music is well produced with 60/70’s filmic score touches, seemingly stolen from westerns or james bond. Unappealing to the mentally jaded or lifeworn.

Santogold : backgound music to a pub / club, stand out numbers you will have heard even wihtout knowing it “L.E.S. Artistes” certainly sticks in the memory for the step vocals, and electro guitar muted setup, reminiscent of other music (the police, 70’s cars, numanesque, though references seem to abound, cleverly original none the less)

European Union is demonstrative

The European Union is demonstrative in its pursuit of destroying national identity & democracy, if any proof were needed political decisions are no longer made through UK politics, now we are told by the EU what are responsibilities and liabilities are, as regards immigrants.

somali woman wins european ruling

A Somalian woman marries recently Danish Naturalised immigrant in ethiopia, they then use his EU status citizenship to move to the UK, where he works for 5 months and then starts claiming incapacity benefit, when his incapacity benefit is stopped, he then moves to denmark leaving his wife and children in the UK who then claim benefits, harrow council attempt to prevent the woman from claiming a house for her three children and living off benefits and using the school system here.

She then takes her case to the european court of human rights and gets a ruling whereby harrow council have to provide the full works for her and her children, House, Benefits, healthcare because her kids are in school in the UK . And she now says she is looking forward to being housed in a bigger house by harrow council, who will no doubt have to spend thousands and thousands to rent her a property from the multiple house owning landlords operating in the private sector. And this will set a budget draining precedent for councils accross the country. This must end end, as it is an insult for those who save in vain to afford a family and home from the standpoint of an english moral perspective that prevents them from using the benefits system, why should anyone of a moral bent bother , when all this can be stolen from the poor taxpayer.

Is this somalian woman morally justified in her use of this system ? though morals I doubt seem such a great issue when you come from the kind of poverty to be found in somalia, but to be honest poverty should not be used as an excuse for immorality, as giving succour to somalian pirates has proven.

This case proves that an out of EU immigrant, only needs to temporarily marry, a recently naturalised EU immigrant, to provide them with full rights to the benefits available to a UK citizen.

Yet how can the EU rule in this manner, when a UK citizen living in france cant claim full rights to say French Healthcare ?

This is an abuse of the benefits system without doubt ! which is now reinforced by a european ruling, our government and democracy will mean nothing, till it can stand up against rulings like this and choose which parts of european law to abide by.

We need to make a distinction about european citizens who have been recently naturalised. Or if not that, consider the speed and rapidity in which one citizenship is traded for another or systems abused to maximum selfish benefit by the recently naturalised.

May this country sink under the selfish weight of the vain media whoring fame seekers and high earning guardian reading slef obsessives, and the private sector government outsourcing commercialist internationalist cunts. Politics and the media in this country make me incandescant with rage. We are totally fucked for a culture if this is allowed to continue unchecked.

The european union is beneficial for rich business internationalists, and 2nd home owning self serving bastards, who believe in, and belong to no culture. And the BBC that have done nothing but endlessly foster and encourage foreigners and multiculturalism propaganda in the UK, and ram it down the poorers classes throat since the 60’s, when it is they and not the media set, who pay the price of this immigration in competition for all housing and services.

I admire Evan Davis’s attempt to raise this issue, as very few people in the media have even the balls to touch it, pity the whole program seemed to revolve about whether a certain class of english person is a worse or better surf, to the power mongering business owning classes than an east european. Culture is not purely measured in economic output, and if that is how, it is now purely measured then we are truly living in sad feudal times, in which, all are replaceable unless they comply submit and adhere to some purely economic formula. I would rather these jobs were automated completely, than we used them as an excuse to bring more and more foreign people to compete against and dilute an already fractured and underrepresented and disenfranchised part of our cultural population.

What is so often evil about this, is that the moderately intelligent, use programs like this, as an easy vehicle, to beat up on the lower classes, who’s ignorance is often a product of class division and lack of opportunity’s or education, similar in quality to those who berate them in the media.

The day the immigrants left, attempted to address this issue, but converted it into a reality show piss take of english workers inability to pick asparagus fast enough, or pack potato bags into palletes like a robot, or recognise the difference between twenty different types of curry, alongside workers who are not english, as though theres a presumption they should be happy for the same opportunities, and also be happy to work in a social culture in which they are surrounded by foreign people. when in fact society and culture and the media has tried to sell people disdain for these menial jobs over the last twenty years, when in fact it is mainly only these kind of dull pointless and listless jobs that seem to exist in culture generally.

One guy in the program was a landlord who owned over 100 propertys, and employed exclusively east europeans to maintain and increase his property empire, at no point was any mention made of the inequitys inherent in a culture, that has allowed this single man to attain so many houses and rent them out. The government has wished to increase the financial divide over the last twenty years and has succeeded agressively in doing it. when you have no stake in a society and see so slim an opportunity of acheiving it, it disheartens them to the extent they lose faith in their own culture and their place in it.

Finder mac os x windows crap updating

Finder mac os x windows crap updating 6 versions of the OS and still these problems persist.

why do I have to close a window and reopen it in order for changes such as :

• new files created through save dialog boxes
• label colour change updating
• file preview icons
• file date saved/modified column changes

as in the changes above dont actually show up in finder, unless im constantly closing and reopening finder windows ? to cause the changes to be visible, this is appaling as this bug has not been fixed from 10.0 to 10.6 !

Apple stop developing ipads pull your thumbs out of you know what, and fix all these damn os bugs.

Welsh website for relaxing welsh immigration controls

stop the deportations in wales ?!?!!?

This website seems to me to be riddled with the comfortable middle class house owning attitudes towards immigration, maybe in Wales you feel a policy of “end all immigration policy’s now” would be a good idea, though I doubt that view could be representative of all Welsh people ? certainly not those who destitute and depressed have no slice in their own culture, and who are looked over. If you wish to see the result of what no proper immigration policy would be in wales, then I suggest you come and live in london or bradford, in some of the areas where unchecked immigration has had its greatest effect. Where you you cannot find hardly any english culture or people left.

The reason why perhaps Wales feels comfortable with it at the moment is because it as yet has had so little of it. When it is your children or grandchildren competing for a school place, or house to rent or work, against the grandchildren of these immigrants, I suggest however ammicable you perceive, your views to be towards them now, your views would be different at that time in the future. You may tar my views here represented so as to be racist, But I can assure you, I in know way am, I am just certain of human nature and how it plays out in the long term and that sadly selfishness rules when there are limited opportunitys. And that your ammicability stems from a deep sense of security you have in your own position, that is presumptious of all your fellow country persons being as comfortable as you, combined with an ego based false view of the scale of britain and its resources, for instance the UK itself is 94,060 sq mi in size , Nigeria is 356,669 sq mi in size, Nigeria is 3.5 x times bigger than the UK as a country, the reason why these people are here for is better opportunitys, what they really need to do is have pride in their culture return to their country and make it great, as with that land mass there is huge potential. Wales for instance is 8,023 sq mi, there may well be national parks in Nigeria bigger than the whole of Wales, Wales itself is in fact 44 times smaller than Nigeria. Nigeria’s population is for instance 141 million people, wales is 2.9 million people estimated 2005. How many Nigerians do you want to help ? do you want help the most needy those who couldn’t afford to make it to britain still resident in Nigeria ? or those who had enough money to make the trip ?

You have a misplaced sense of human compassion, and a presumption that all african countrys are somehow totally underdeveloped and that what these people need is to allow white westerners to foster them charitably to become welsh citizens, this patriarchal view of Africa is in and of itself patronising, this does not aid Nigeria’s development, if you were on the other hand for instance arguing for strictly controlled economic migration which allowed people to work here for a set period of 5 years say or to be educated/trained at their own expense/ scholarships and to take those moneys and skills back to Nigeria and enhance their country, then I might be agreeing with you. The problem is that once people are established they see no beneficial reason to leave back to their own culture, except perhaps the desire become part of an exploitative class in their own country upon return, and exploit their less fortunate fellow countrymen.

people hijacking the youtube video response feature

people hijacking the youtube video response feature

following this response video below to a shackleton one about whisky :

I made the following comment :

hijacking the shackleton video hits by doing a response to it is one way getting people to view your video, but your video is not related to the shackleton video, it is the abuse of something by people that eventually leads to its removal, and if everyone carried on as you a response video feature would eventually be pointless. However harrowing or right your video maybe, your decision to viral market your video in this manner lowers the standard of integrity your video is trying operate from.

and by placing the video on this page, I have perhaps given some exposure to the cause the video intends, without ruining the sense of the internet in the process.

limits on child benefits

Child benefits and knock on housing benefits related to them should only be claimable upto 2 children within one family. extra children should be provided for at the parents expense.

this could be introduced over a period of years.

family benefits

Criminal selfish people are taking the piss out of the benefits system, all civilised systems are broken for all, by those who abuse them.

Spending on race and religion

There should be no spending specifically allocated by race or religion, otherwise you are giving more rights for highly vocal minority’s, than those afforded by the standard democratic process to the general population, who get about as much democracy as voting in, a different set of duffers once every four years. As such all improvements in democracy should be afforded all people generally rather than one minority cause after another.