Lawrence Dugbazah serial rapist from peckham ?

Lawrence Dugbazah serial rapist from … peckham ? do you think we could stop referring to recently naturalised people as being from places in britain, as I dont think this is a fair reflection on the places themselves, rather it should probably be a reflection of where the people weve imported come from ! Lawrence Dugbazah maybe technically british in terms of being in posession of a passport, but as far as im concerned he is not a product of peckham, as in peckham makes serial rapists, therefore is the “peckham” information in this scenario pertinent ? I think not. But the news as regards criminal ethnic people seems obsessed , with stating which place in britian they come from as though we british have some responsibility for the outcomes of their behaviour, as in we made the places they happen to be resident in, and this must be in someway pertinent to their behaviour.

pertinent information on the bbc website :

“She said: “The conclusion was that you are a dangerous offender.”

Dugbazah had convictions for possessing identity documents with intent, relating to false passports, and fraud by abuse of position. He was jailed for 18 months for these offences.

Defending Dugbazah, Gary Rutter said the defendant came to the UK illegally in 1999 at the age of 16 from Ghana.”

so he grew up in ghana for 16 years, so why dont we say Lawrence Dugbazah from Ghana ? is it that we are now so wet as a nation that we accept rapists into our country and claim them as our own ? rapist who also attempt to defraud our country. fraud by abuse of position ? read between the lines and that probably means some insanely PC council employed this guy perhaps in a position in which this made his ID fraud easier ? ie this guy was as per usual in this culture, given some kind of council or government bureaucratic position for probably no good reason other than his skin colour under some insane positive discrimination law.

Has pete doherty written any good songs ?

Has pete doherty written any good songs ? hmm I thought not … but its not quite true …
heres acoustic evidence of some talent >

i think babyshambles was the right name fro the babyshambles ie descriptive :

he has plenty of sings hare can barely remember how to finish as evidence in the same recording sessions :

foreign prisoners in the UK > costs

foreign nationals should serve there prison time in the country of origin, as it would often cost less and british prisons are to some extent like holiday camps, compared to prisons in their own country.

over 10,000 foreign prisoners in the UK each costing us £38,000 so we are spending £380,000,000 a year housing foreign prisoners this is ridiculous. I personally in the ideal situation dont want a single pound of my taxes spent on warehousing these people.

we should have an arrangement to exchange prisoners with all countries, and if those countrys dont want to prisoner exchange, we should sanction against those countries that dont take responsibility for their criminals. and send the criminals back to them anyway. and set up an international agreement to fine countries the cost of their prisoners warehousing in our country if they send them back to us or refuse incarcerate them in their own country.

vietnam cannabis gardeners especially.

macos x keychain access self blanking secure notes

I use keychain secure notes to store large numbers of passwords and info securely , and also now and again suffer from keychain access blanking secure notes so that all information they contained is lost, this is a big problem with keychains, and also reduces my faith in keychains completely. My conclusion is that this is occuring when a keychain is left open in the background and times out and the keychain locks itself and then goes into some form of deep sleep, and when awoken the secure not appears to be blank or somehow is then blank.

To minimalise the chance of this occurring my theory of using keychains involves saving and closing them and not leaving them open unsaved or open or timing out and locking with unsaved edits in them, whilst the machine goes to sleep as im convinced it is in that situation the blanking is somehow occurring. this flaw is at least 5 years old in my experience and it surprises me no-one at apple has recognised or fixed this problem, I guess the real issue is to identify in what exact circumstances it is occuring.

I was personally going to switch to one password, but since that has no import ability, Im stuck in a tough place as 400 secure notes each containing many logins and information is not really feasable to translate into one password without huge time and energy and expenditure, so I also struggle along with keychain and its frailty

war crime trials being a gravy train for european lawyers

war crime trials being a gravy train for european lawyers, deciding the fate of one man costing us 2 years and 20 million euros. look beyond a certain amount of guilt, whats the point, either execute or inprison him for the remainder of his life. and then spend the majority of case establishing for victims familys the quantity of deaths hes responsible for, without him being present and wasting time.

Southern Cross homes are they mad ?

the reason why southern cross are in trouble is there staff to resident ratio ?
here is an image from there brochure :

they have 44,916 staff serving 32,892 people ? a greater than one to one ratio sounds highly innefficient ! is this really correct ?

I’m also sure there rents are too high probably (speculative property market included).

But also they are no doubt milking money from the government for local authority fees as well as stripping private residents of money : in fact when you get old it looks like its going to cost you £553.00 a week to live ! as an able bodied person its costing me around £200.00 a week to live in a bedsit type environment. the simplest solution to the cost of old age is not to live too long.

this is evidence if any were needed that private taxation is supporting an ineffecient public sector based welfare system run by private companies for shareholder profit.

any company that has to provide shareholder dividends is going to find it harder to survive in tougher times than a not for profit.