Nigel Slaters – Eating Together

Christ could this be any more liberal smug wealthy  middle class tuned to tick every ideological bbc agendered box. The word “diversity” is flapped about endlessly, no lower class native British people figure in it, heavens above such people might be offensive to middle class nostrils, it’s basically one ginormous peice of multicultural propoganda – to badly stitch and hold together the broken and now readily apparent mass immigrational multi-cultural agenda the BBC has been hammering unwarranted-ly into the British natives faces for the last 55 years. Complete with little pastiches of arrival storys and the ever growing populations of fuckers from elsewhere taking up space and place, all groups adding to the never ending wonder machine  that is promoted as ‘diversity’. Quick translation – it’s basically just more pressure on struggling natives. The BBC and anyone who works in the industry have got themselves backed into a corner, where they have to endlessly stand apart from the native in promoting a value set the people find it hard to believe in any longer, as those that struggle see the real cost in their own lives.