Very Healthy Kale crisps

kale chips recipe can be improved upon, I decided to drop the salt drop the oil completely, don’t wash the kale just take it straight from the packet and remove the stalky bits, bake at 160 for 9 minutes and check on them with a white led headtorch, remove from oven when leaf crispy dry and can crumble in centre of tray and before edge kale is browning more than a little. Use a non stick reusable woven baking sheet no need to oil it. Even healthier and can be salted afterward if needed with fine salt, low fat snack heaven.

Use of pointless and ill thought out headline statistics, designed to engineer opinion in the simple minded.

heres was the marketing slogan

“FACT: More coal is consumed within 600 kilometres of beijing than in the entire united states”

As a paid supporter of Greenpeace, No doubt there is too much coal use and pollution from it near beijing and I agree with your belief in caps on coal, this is understood, but I disagree with your use of statistics here as marketing, as it seems a little weak when described this way, your talking the diameter of a 1200 kilometre wide circle around beijing, thats a very large area of 1,130,973 km squared ? maybe there is better and more meaningful statistic to use than this, as I think people with half a brain for mathematics wouldn’t be too shocked by that area use unless they understand the amount of coal consumed in that area ? the ratio of coal v nuclear energy production between the two countrys etc, as im sure the majority of americas coal consumption occurs in an even smaller area ?

the word “FACT:” in caps as though its being shouted, though it may be a fact, the question is what is the real relevance of the fact … surely ? some facts are positive and are some are negative, its the weight of a negative statement and fact that is important, as the severity in meaning of such a statement will bring attention to an important cause, and it is vitally important for organisations who should work at the moral end of the spectrum and fight to preserve the truth at all times, otherwise they undermine their own position and argument ?

the main pre-occupation of humans is to exchange personal philosophy

the usual partial intelect with an opinion, heres my response :

To imply no meaning, would set people free to act in any manner including violent or deviant ways, as … if there is no meaning , then there is no cause or consequence above and beyond what is policed for, and for which you can be caught. This philosophy in itself when believed & operated can easily have a causal expense of creating unhappiness in others lives, religion is subset of child object belief’s, carved from humanity’s more civilised philosophy’s, without which the world would be primal.

your description of non meaning is in itself an attempt to provide meaning to others in relation to life ? if you believed truly in the non meaning, why would you reason in, putting out videos, on the subject as there would inherently by that argument be no point or meaning to doing so, the fact you espouse a personal philosophy of any sort, is because you yourself have unfinished business with meaning ?

it is also a false connection to assert that searching for meaning creates depression ? depression can stand for itself as it is, it doesn’t even need a cause necessarily from a psychological perspective, if your brain for instance was even minorly tilted of axis chemically, it would rapidly become apparent, how fragile that intellect which you perceive yourself to be … is.

If your liver dies it will affect you life so greatly as to destroy the entity of your consciousness, from which you derive all the logical conclusions of your argument, and from which any existence may be derived, correct nearly all lives have unhappiness in them, the proferance of your philosophy, is not capable of correcting this problem in other people as you see it, perceiving peoples unhappiness to mean they are broken and need fixing is your self delusion ?

High maintenance women the definition

High Maintenance women tend to :

1: Spend more than the relationship can afford monetarily jeopardising its overall security, and confuse monetary expenditure and material things as directly equatable tokens of love, chinese culture also for instance often acceptably perceives monetary expenditure as a sign of love.
2: tend to be very worried about how other people ecternal groups perceive the relationship/family, and are obsessed with keeping up appearances at the cost of the relationship very often.
3: tend to be jealous very easily
4: tend to use the love they do put in, as a tool of manipulation within the relationship to control ower in their favour
5: Tend to throw a wobbly any time the lovers attention diverts to anything other than them, ie if you spend to much or any time even with friends or family or even children, they start throwing a hissy fit.
6: tend to be incapable of seeing whats good about the relationship and being satisfied with it, and the small blessings blessings and qualities within it until the relationship is already irreparably broken
7 Tend to have very high expectations and very low tolerance of behavioural patterns different to their own narrow beliefs.
8: Tend to enduce unecessary amounts of stress into almost every situation, as though they thrive of the stuff ?
9: Tend to throw a hissy fit and prefer to live in denial when confronted with a truth they dont like.

That to me is your … full on … High Maintenance woman

Britain effectively ceased to exist as a soverieign entity on the 10th Dec 1991

Britain effectively ceased to exist as a sovereign entity on the 10th Dec 1991, with the signing of the Maastricht treaty, do not delude yourself otherwise, no country which cannot control which persons can enter its borders has control of their own country or any real sense of self determination. Britain was only great when is was sure of its own identity, and was culturally unified in purpose. Our overpopulated isle and your future native progeny are now fully exposed to competition with 800 million people, whose cultures maybe more agressive selfish and less civilised than your own.

This is disregarding the impact of the era of global mass immigration external to the EU into the UK over the last 40 years we have been living under the kosh of, that has compounded the struggling native englishmans situation further.

The hideousy of the female transformation

The hideousy of the female transformation, the power of makeup to mask like transform the face and how fakery has become the norm of human female appearance ?

Why age and plastic surgery make a bad mix

perhaps why growing old gracefully is a good idea ? plastic surgery does not go well on the face after 50 ?

what an actual mask her made-up / fake face is, a few smears of a tissue reveal the reality which probably looks worse than if she had just left her face alone, at least it would have some natural if aged integrity ?

sheffields park hill estate KNOCK IT DOWN ! and build something better

park hill morbid uncivilised rabbit hutch egg box crate

keeping the original framework/bones of the building is just a joke, regardless of it’s infamous negative iconic history the building should be demolished, it was built as rabbit hutches for poor people without examining the space a human being needs to live in to feel civilised, and new dwellings created within that framework will create uncivilised lives. Knock the crap down and stop pandering to the ego’s of aging modernist architects who failed culture and are attempting to immortalise for the sake of their egos the cheaply produced crap they knocked out which is sadly the legacy of their shitty careers.

The problem with building anything better today, is that all architecture students are converted into modernist perverts before they’re allowed to practice or interact with the world. The disease is passed from one contaminated mind to another, Architects and designers today have no solidarity with the public, who put up with their disasters, their in the pay of developers, they get their over priced percentage based project profit, theyre masters have one interest money and profit, design is secondary to acheiving those first two perogatives, architects and designers can afford to waste their time deciding which italian / german taps will complement their stone surfaces in their modernist detatched dream house, whilst they employ a million foriegn student trainee’s to satisfy their other dream of engineering a culture of foreign loving internationalist roll necked sweatered ego’s. Who roam around europe working out the solution to rich peoples whims, whilst building ever decreasing in size dwellings, in euro industro park toy town housing schlock in cad programs for the commoners to live in, and the rules fundamentally, lead to crowding more people into less space ! thats not design its a human disaster ? without much hope or end in sight. Whats the ratio of detatched family homes being built over the years ? compared to say blocks of flats however tweely disguised, a declining one I would suggest. And notice how whenever any complaint is levelled about this, the excuse is always being given of cost ? AS though money is the prime perogative of all things, being fiscally prudent is one thing but non tangible money should never dictate the rate of human development or design evolution, because expensive material use is one thing, but better ideas dont necessarily take more time to think up than bad ones, and therefore should not cost more? Notice the only people who benefit from the extortionate rise in property values are developers and those property speculators with multiple homes already on the market. Screw these people, may the rot in human social isolation we allocate for those who demonstrate low moral responsibility towards their fellow brethren so as to line their own pockets with money all the better.

fukushima nuclear disaster = chernobyl x 3

From a visual reckoning thats 3 nuclear meltdowns on one site, on the scale of chernobyl. ie at the worst childhood thyroid cancer, and cancers in general in young people and birth deformitys will end up being anywhere upto three times that or worse of the scenario found around chernobyl upto 150 miles away. watch the chernobyl heart documentary “chernobyl heart”

obviously japans economic situation will enable them to save more children from illness, but still we can expect an increase in these childhood illnesses. 16 years later there is still a 30km exclusion zone around Chernobyl. So Tepco’s three reactors will present a much worse situation they need to entomb those reactors now. with halflife of some of these radioactive materials, the wider they distribute into the environment the worse it will be for the population of japan in the long term, the exclusion zone should be widened now, those people should not be returning to their homes in the exclusion zone, unless theyre old and have had children and are not worried about the possible effect, the people who return to near that land, should be adult people who dont want children or are well beyond the age of having children. As its those organisms that are newly born, young or growing that will be most affected by the uptake of the radioactive compounds, dust etc.

for instance here is the countries affected by fallout from chernobyl :

so superimpose that size of fallout on japan and times it by three

see whether you can do snap with these images ?
fundamentally nuclear power is never going to be very safe technology

to me thats at least 2.5 times chernobyl and these reactors contained a great deal more radioactive material on site. so its probably 3 times chernobyl.

This might be considered a one off, but really nuclear power stations rely on trying to control runaway reactions, similar to those that occur in a nuclear explosion and keep them under control for the purpose of generating electricity, the problem is once they get out of control theyre almost impossible to bring back into control, especially if you have no way of cooling the reactors as in this scenario, and then what happens is kind of inevitable … a nuclear meltdown and its related explosions distributing radioactive material into the atmosphere and environment. Radioactivity can be thought of being a bit like magnetism, in the sense, that one one magnetic object can magnetise others, so its the same with radioactivity, in the sense that one source of radioactivity can make other things radioactive, the problem with the environment, radioactivity and the long half life of these materials, is the inevitable portability of this radioactivity and its almost inevitable diffusion into the wider environment.

Just read the “cat in the hat comes back” by Docter Seusse and imagine the pink stuff as radioactive compounds and you get an idea of what will be going on.

Also my prediction is they will go for an entombment approach as they did with chernobyl, the brush it under a rug scenario, which is possibly the best scenario ? shipping the radioactive material elsewhere will probably just distribute more radioactivity, but how are they going to entomb this site quickly ? its going to be exposed to the wider environment for many months now, and secondarily this isnt the russian era where you can pay 150,000 volunteers to recieve their lifetime dose in 15 minutes of work to clear the mess up, theyll now either have to use robots which will take forever, sadly theyll need an army of old heroic volunteers who arent going to be having children or have already had them to do this work. the tomb will have to be three times bigger than chernobyl, and they will still have big risks from rainwater leaching radioactivity into the water table underneath.

my hope is that the seriousness of this situation is gauged correctly by the government officials tasked with dealing with this situation, and that all possible measures are being brought in to contain it.

irish citzenship all it takes is holiday sex according to the EU.

According to this article. all it now takes to become an irish citizen is to fly there on holiday, on arriving or prior to arriving put you missus up the duff, then 10 months or less later out pops an irish citizen, and the parents can stay because of this, so basically anyones whos prepared to breed, and can illegally hop about ireland for 10 months avoiding being thrown out for overstaying there visa can become an irish citizen ? fucking great im sure its pretty much the same in crappy old britain, the european court of justice can go fuck itself, rights to my culture and citizenship should mean more than a holiday sperm injection.

fuck all these foreign invaders, they have no fucking respect for anything or anyone, the story of immigration is and endless story of systematic abuse of borders, generally by self enfranchising people of low morals who are prepared to do anything, I have much more respect for the foreign people who stay at home and remain as the genuine constituent natives in their own land, they are the decent real people that a country is made from. the world today is riddled by people who move to seek benefit for themselves, it is obvious action.

getting a peice of paper stamped in an office does not make culturally anything, it might technically make you a citizen but other than from a law perspective it means nothing culturally.

Things like this make me despise the EU and wish to see it burned to the ground its agenda seems to be to destroy all european borders completely and by this process create a cultureless uber fatherland, even the nazis would have been proud of. sooner or later theyll want to start flying there blue starry fucking flag all over the states of europe as well, only a little more propoganda to make that happen, and they love pumping out propoganda because they have an agenda.

being born somewhere when your on holiday should not make you a citizen of that country, its ridiculous 400 years worth of familial heritage and history somewhere native, can be washed aside by birthing somehwere foreign i dont think so, this is just immigrants taking advantage of systems.

rubbish designer lightbulb industry still pushing cfl

designer energy lightbulb is just further proof as to how poor design has become in this country, that this heap of shit wins an international prize ! this is merely just a different form that is in itself not design unless that form adds better function to the product, it does not its just a different shape.

good design is in bad shape … this thing is a heap of shit, this is really art rather than design as the change in design has not yielded any improvement in function, theyve just taken the current CFL bulb and asked the factory to blow the glass tube in a slightly different configuration, its still the industry > pushing supermarket strip light technology from the seventies , enhanced a little by miniaturising it and enhancing the shitty starter refresh rate, untill they sort this to be instant on and correct the colour temperature of these things to match or be better than incandescant they are not good enough, incandescant warms life up with its glow these CFL bulbs seem to make us look like were all living in a mortuary, the light these things emit regardless of lumens measured seems dingy unstable and badly coloured and that is the function part of a lightbulb these guys must master or theyll never be liked regardless of energy savings, you want the bulbs to be adopted rather than guilted onto us for energy reasons ? well … make them match incandescant in colour temperature give them a 400hz refresh rate, make them safe, instant on, no warm up period of dinginess, and make them not fundamentally rely on transmuting uv radiation into visible light as uv light leakage can be very sensitising for some peoples skin.