BBC new layout GGGRRRRR rubbish

previous site I could choose what I did and didnt see. new site no such option … a failing

stop swallowing your own bullshit marketing ? … “vision of connected storytelling” really please ! stop it already makes me want to vomit.

to think that you are paid a fortune to no doubt ram this over the consumer, whats the point of feedback in this modern age.
when if fact organisations appear to do all they can to ignore it ?

“In the meantime, the existing feedback options are still available. You can leave a comment underneath this blog – I read them all”

or what you meant to say is

“This entry is now closed for comments”

Look, the previous BBC site I could remove the crap i wasnt interested in ie my preference of sport and celebrity crap removed was remembered permanently.

under the new interface I go to on the 5th of november and im faced with a full page of practically sport on the header flow rubbish, are you people mad ? how is this an improvement ? every article should have a button[x] you can select to indicate dont show me crap like this ever again ?

Currently im forced to find sport on my front page … as though its news, to me sport is entertainment and should not be thrust in the users face unless they desire to see it, keep this wank in the sports section.

your presenting me only on the front page, with the tip of an iceberg of information, but the tip you choose to show the user is not customised to what theyre looking for ??? why oh why do you run roughshod over feedback re the new site ?

truth is once you have gain velocity down a design road, its almost inevitable you will implement it, regardless as to whether the consent of the user has been obtained.

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