Bullshit catchall posh phrases used by lazy bureaucrats to not respond – whilst pretending to

The exact kind of phrase bullshit undemocratic government departments will use to not reply to you when they pretend to be replying and pretend to be interested in “Your Say” or “Your Feedback”, when in fact it would be more straight forward and honest to admit theyre care for no-ones opinion but theyre own, they will send you back letters with bullshit phraseology like this>

“We note your comments, but I am afraid it would not be appropriate to comment in detail on your points at this stage”

what stage ? … you mean the whole stage prior to you having made your decisions by yourself already, where my input might actually have a slight possible chance of impacting the process in an notable and real democratic way ? instead of just allowing you to write your own ticket as concerns the bullshit process you operate in a feigned pretense of democracy, so as to lazily garner yourself an easy bureaucratic salary ?

these statements are signifiers made by people who know they have the power and situation to be able to ignore you, whilst claiming a good salary and doing little.

Fucking Time machine OS X

Why does apples heap of uncrontrollable shit time machine insist that in order to backup 920gb of data onto 1tb with 990gb free on it, it magically needs over 1.11tb of space wtf ! the backups are larger than the original ? so buying two drives identical drives and imagining you can backup the contents of one to the other is basically a crock of shit … and why does it not tell me this in advance ? before I delete my old backup fucking wank … wank … wank … wank. Apple stop making user friendly Auto bollocks with no controlloble options ? why have i only got an exclude list, why cant I have an include list instead ? why do I get no control over ther versions of files it stores why on earth is the backup in your own proprietory bullshit mega disk image accessible through a time interface ? what if that disk image doesnt want to open someday ? at least with a standard folder copy individual files will always be accessible ? hmm

and why when i decide well fuck it i dont need a backup system that makes backups larger than the original, and turn the heap of shit off and deassigning the drive does it still come up with dialogs like this when I try to copy some files about ?

time machine bullshit

time machine bullshit

FU apple, stop thinking you can software engineer yourselves out of the need to provide your user with control.

What do i need from a backup system

exact copy of data including invisible files and locked files
a synchronised incremental backup, only copying the changes from the source to the destination and removal from destination of any files removed from the source.
for the backup not be larger size wise than the original on a source and destination drive which are two seperate identical drives, ie the backup process should not add so much fluff the backup wont fit on a drive of the same size as the source ?
the backup to be in the form of a standard file structure ? so tis not dependant on a particular peice of software to be accessed, and can be moved into place in case of failure of the original drive
if versioning of files is to exist then that to be user controllable to the amount of extra space allocated to such a task ?
to have these backups occurring on a schedule, with email reports of backup failures and error event and setable disk space warning ?
an clear and sensible interface that gives clearly labelled controls and all options and subtlety controllable by the user ?

lacies silverkeeper sucessfully provided 90% of this, time machine is inept and uncontrollable in my opinion.