The definition of the blind leading the blind

Is this photo now the definition of
the blind leading the blind
how idiots can actually be dangerous
how the arrogant can be dangerous
how the self agrandising transmission of ones own egotistical unfounded mystically self divined interpretations of a fictional ‘chinese whispered’ over corrupted text from an adulterated compilation story book from 2000 years ago can be dangerous.
or perhaps just how geriatric religious nuts opinions should be ignored
strange thing is this guy is most majorly just a con artist and should be in prison, but your sweet old grey haired harmless old man appearance is a skin over the top of le ego grande, your half rotted corpse of an existence, after all camping doesn’t have long to go anyway before he “doesnt” meet the big jeezus and his daddy goddikins, which judge will stomach locking him up ? sick thing is this fucker has got form and did this once before in 1994, he should have been locked up then.
also if hes truly religious how did he manage to clusterfuck his own kind, so successfully by ruining their lives with his taking of their money for silly purposes, and then in that truly christian sense ? deny all responsibility ? pity he doesnt take the word of the bible seriously, as it says false prophets are to be killed. Truthfully harold if you had faith in GOD you can ‘commit’ your own personally actioned rapture and go ahead of us all to see if god is waiting for you, as a man of faith this carnal existence must mean little to you ? or are you scared or does your lack of faith prevent you from going to heaven what 4-5 years early ? after all there must be no god if liers such as yourself go on for another 10 years talking more rubbish. But i guess your failed 1994 prediction led you to this inevitable 2nd failing rather than a second coming end of the world whatever, primarily because you have such a massive self investment and EGO in your first wrong prediction you could not allow yourself to imagine your actually just an idiot whose wasted his life reading a false book and thereby making false predictions about outcomes of future events from it, I suggest you read better source material, then things you say might not be guarantee-ably wrong.

I think Harold your real problems must stem in a freudian way, from an overindulged childhood in which unwarranted amounts of love and expectation were placed upon you, and your deep belief in the propaganda your parents must have projected, of absolute and unquestioning love and unfounded faith in you, which you proceeded over years to believe yourself, and have spent so much time attempting to sooth and bridge the vast reality gap between your egos self perception and the reality, by attempting to make real that parental faith by attempting through the power of you own false will manifest this parental faith into reality by convincing the wider world of it also, in an attention seeking and dramatic way, that in fact your parents prodigal image of you was somehow magically correct. your insistence on playing the grand stage seems almost classically psychopathic in nature.

harold camping

blizztard wowdetox post

played for 2-3 years well over 150 days continuous playtime, started the game on a US trial before EU trials were avail, got trapped US side playing from EU : worst raiding scenario, raiding ZG 40 mans would start 12-01:00am for me, Blizzards policy of no region transfers is also a joke, was ruining my life as was locked into us raiding schedules, occupied way to much life, quit subscription before WOTLK came out, character remains at 70, warcraft is a treadmill, if you want to be top level raiding. and raiding becomes worse than work, guild social and politics was appalling, liked about 4 people of about 40, cleared lots of high level stuff, If you have an addictive personality : DO NOT START THIS GAME, it will drink your life away like nobodys business. every expansion those purples and oranges you wasted time getting will become worse than greens, blizzard have created a treadmill for you with warcraft and every step you take on it your going nowhere if not backwards in your life and making money for them in the process, worse thing is the game lore is now a joke its so distended and repetetive “are you ready for the new challenge blah” “can you save azeroth from the XXXXX” pfff, and the fact they own your characters is a joke, why invest 150 days of your life creating something that isnt even your own property ? other more time controllable less grindy better and more open games will come along some day, with a fairer game maker user relationship.

wow … was never the same imo after they nerfed conditionals in the macro language …… many many moons ago. because that was all about blizzard making the grind even more grindy, extending the time required to achieve the same bad gameplay stuff in game, making you waste even more time playing the game. lets face it without addons, wow isn’t really wow, but blizzard don’t care about addon developers anymore than the users. users are merely profit margins in a spreadsheet. The individual user is a disposable item within the 12.5 million users or whatever its upto now, imagine someone in the real world had the ability to make dissappear 150 solid days worth of your effort with a whimfull decision, dont leave yourself exposed to that situation, dont invest any time in this game in the first place. Blizzard is an arrogant company FULL STOP. dont give them any money.

for new users > if you dont start something … you want have any difficulty stopping

only play games that have endpoints with 6 hours of continuous play , unlike this game which doesnt end, that might sound great but trust me a final cap to the azeroth story (all stories need an ending to be complete) would be a good idea, but theres probably too much money to be made to ever bring it to an end.

“it gets better” campaign

schmaltzy … possibly … most people dont care about people … fact. learn this now , with the billions on this planet its difficult to know anyone truly even if your in a relationship with them, sex is not the same as knowing someone, you will or will not live your life to your own satisfaction this will be the outcome which doesnt really matter. be assured nature is the only thing that shows you a balanced hand, humans are partial always, thats why they are less than soothing, so this video “it gets better” project is some form of coded gay support thing ? look if your gay … its ok … just whatever your sexuality is, its not interesting so dont shove it in my face, show some taste.

sword and sworcery by superbrothers

a clever game :

this game is like it has all my favourite game influences, theres a pixel dash of ibm pc “kings quest” with a soupson of “journey to the planets” from the atari 800xl, its got atmosphere and slickery and audio lushness of the amigas “another world”, it also has some of the charm and geometric wierdness of “systems twylight” on the old mac / ppc, what with bears that hum the david brent dance, and other little game and joke references, and great heap of tranquil ambience and sublime music. This developers needs giving allot more money to see what other worlds they can come up with id love to inhabit this world some more, in some kind of parallax stereo 3d pixel foggy radiosity version, on a 30″ screen :).

Lands end and John O groats sign > photograph charges

The famous Signposts at Lands end and John O groats attractions :

John o' Groats

John o' Groats not the most northerly point in the UK Mainland

These famous signposts and the sites themselves at either end are both owned by the same business “Heritage Attractions Limited” or is it “Heritage UK” ? at either end of the country, a name designed to make a private company try to sound like it’s a national government backed agency or something, and in opening hours during the tourist season there is a charge of £10.00 per person to take your photograph next to the infamous signs at either end of the journey, for this you get an an 8 x 10 print posted anywhere in the UK and they put the lettering up on the sign etc, which is ok value, but to be honest, admiteadly its not more than thorpe park would charge for a photo on a log flume or something, but I dont think that either end of the “end to end” should be turned into some kind of themepark ? and since practically every one has a digital camera these days, this service in my opinion is just milking it too far, and after hours and out of season the sign is reduced to a plain post as both directional fingers and the roundel on top are removed to prevent people from getting their evidential photograph standing next to the sign for free, which seems to me demonstrate something of the kind of highland welcome they should not be promoting in their tourist industry ? I should not get too aggressive at John Carter who I believe is still the photographer in question ? as many have said he’s a nice enough guy ? but I cannot vouch for what goes on at John O Groats, no doubt there some local/familial and private investor squabbling that goes on, that can often turn, once lovely locations like this into somekind of hotbed of powermongering and plotting to control some ailing tourist cash register, as is the case with most private ownership in this country.

John o Groats no fingers no roundel

John o Groats no fingers no roundel

the photo is borrowed from a very good article about the general sorry state of john o groats in a great article on urban realm which can be read by clicking this link, they also seem to run something called the carbuncle award, which surely has too many contenders architecturally in britain

This seems uncivilised, that both these sign locations are privately owned, they should obviously be free as when people come to these uk furthest points, they will spend money in the facilities on site and the nearby area anyway, therefore people should be able to freely take their own photograph next to the signs, or perhaps english heritage should purchase them ? as currently this charge sadly bookends what by foot is a personal and epic pilgrimage of britain, with a really touristic tacky experience at either end, quite unpleasant, and not british in nature.

Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head the real most northerly point on the UK mainland

Dunnet Head the real most northerly point on the UK mainland

dunnet head

Dunnet head is in fact the geographically most northern point on the UK mainland, and John O Groats is the grockle cash register they built at a convenient ferry crossing point, they want you to visit to spend your cash, which apart from it being geographically incorrect, wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t run to the extent of charging you to stand next to the sign ? which is egregiously money orientated, after all tourists would no doubt spend money there, but to be charged for standing next to a sign is just plain cheap and gouging ! My advice get your journey stamped in the post office > take your photo next to the dunnet head sign, and visit john o groats for a bit to eat and drink, and you if you feel the necessity of the sign itself being in your photo album then pay for that also, as regardless of how crass it seems to pay for a photo with a sign, its no worse than any other horrifically over commercialised places in the UK.

to resume :
toilets are 20p (sadly most of the public lavatories have gone) I blame cottaging and weak councils)
a cup of tea at John O groats ? no idea anyone got any experience on that front ?
take your photo with the sign > £10.00 larger photos cost more. once youve paid you can also take digital photos too.

OS footpath dataset govt

This argument is as old as the hills and full of greedy behaviour.1 The Ordnance survey data , in its inception though founded by royal charter and even today funded by council planning , when theyre funding is traced back, it fundamentally stems in one way or another from the general publics purse, this is fundamentally “our data” regardless of how they would like to couch copyright issues and fundamentally we still as individuals dont have access to it, of course commerical use should be paid for, though difficult to restrict if personal use were free, but basically we want our data, maybe it should be done that they release all data that is older than 10 years that way we would get nearly all footpath data and pubs etc without affecting there current business in planning data as that needs to be up to date, to take into account modern developments. At the moment we are left in a situation in which ordinary people in openstreetmap are remapping all the stuff that has already been mapped by the OS, which is ridiculous.2 What we fundamentally need as individuals is access to the footpath and hostelry data for free on digital handheld devices, as this would make walking these footpaths for the average person much more feasible, this i currently not possible, The Os charge for this data in the form of maps.3 AN iphone can store 64gb of data, I want 1:10,000 the whole country on my handheld device at my disposal and I dont see why they balk at the idea, the data they have released into the public domain deliberately didnt include footpath data or pub locations and much other stuff, basically making it useless from a walkers perspective.4 The OS and the councils and copyright issues are both standing in the way of human progress, by artificially limiting this data.5 We want openstreetmap to be given OS data at 1:10,000 for the whole country in kml format, at least we could guarantee that they as a body wont try and screw us for our own data as theyre remit is for open data and always will be.

still there isnt free footpath data in digital form from the OS

complaint to the ordnance survey

I wish to make three complaints

1: as a person who has a degree in Graphic information design, turning the symbolic old symbol of christian churches a cross into the letters of PW (place of worship) how bloody non descript and weak an expression, this is an abomination, which person / pressure group organised this symbols swap to letters scenario ? the eye then has to differentiate this text from other text this isnt as efficient for the eye as differentiating a symbol from text which has a greater natural graphic seperation in the first place, this has no doubt be done to appease some ethnic groups somewhere, i find it denigrating and personally offensive that you have done this, not that im am in anyway part of any organised religion, as a graphic purist you are removing usefull information from the map, even if its a mosque (crescant symbol) … i want to know, if its a church (the old cross symbol) i want to know, small overly PC cowtowing no doubt idiot government approved of chivying denigrations such as these are continuously damaging my culture, it offends me your organisation gives way to this idiocy.

2: the “GetaMap” service (nice marketing slogan led era we live in today) well its a really great service, build your own walk with waypoints … stopoffs … point of interest …walking times … fantastic ………up to the point …… at which you need to use the information ? if i can’t get the route that ive constructed on the getamap website as anything other than static A4 printout for a £1, how really usefull is it to me in this technological age ? did you think about the environment and wasted paper you are creating with this one decision alone ? I guess you think your saving the environment compared to people buying full maps which are printed, I need it as digital information to go into a gps smartphone/iphone so I can live track myself on my route with all the points of interest and pubs as an itinerary, with perhaps a virtual walker on the same route travelling at my estimated speed so I can see whether im ahead or behind my schedule, then it would be a truly amazing service.

Do you fear … that you might be giving the people to much information from the information pile, they have paid you to collect in the first place ! whether as in your founding by charter of a warring king who taxed his people to pay for you, or through all the moneys that ultimately flowed from the people over the years to your organisation. I dont believe you should have no ways of generating revenue, I just believe that you should be making most of your money from commercial organisations, planning etc and not individual walkers.

oh there is memorymap digital maps … I hear you say ? well I’d only need 69 of those at £100.00 ie £6900 to get the whole of the UK at 1:25000 not even 1:10000, i would truly love to know what the vector based(ie not as images) dataset of britain at 1:10000 would be digital data size wise with all the information relevant to walkers, 32gb ? 2tb ? which ever way the idea that this could be squeezed into a handheld gps navigating device, seems possible to me.

3: The fact that in this day and age I still cannot get access to a whole or protions of a free 1:10000 digital footpath map for my own country is an embarassment for the OS, long may openstreetmap continue to grow and be contributed too by the ordinary public, so that one day we do have an organisation that is open and for the people in this digital age rather than being dependant on a public exploiting organisation like the OS, so that we the people can have our footpath knowledge for ourselves in a digital form, after all it was the ordinary people and the drovers and hard working sods over thousands of years of drudgery, who created the majority of the paths with their footfall in the firstplace. the footpaths are one of the small remaining symbols of some of the last public ownership and rights in this country that no matter how poor and disenfranchised you maybe in society, you can take advantage of on a nice walk, in a nation so consumerist, overmarketed, fractured, divided, outsourced, privatised and apportioned into the hands of the selfish few and private wealth international ownership brigade, it is a tragedy you dont make this footpath data freely available to people.

A British Native

Grr this government must take her and her childrens citizenship away

bastard fucking immoral religious primitive cunts filling my country with their immoral behaviour and their seven fucking children at my expense, the native priced out of existance by property speculating, comfortable house and land owning sector, who guardian esque think immigration doesnt create more unnecessary competition for native resources, with people from abroad who are not hampered by homegrown morality and decency propaganda most of the imports dont even have to consider.

I literally wish this human being the worst outcome in life !

imac amd 6970m performance

ok lets make this clear mobile versions of graphics can in no way be compared to desktop version of similarly named cards, on average they are at east half the power of their desktop equivalents especially when packed into compact enclosusres, all in one computers and and laptops.

for the record 3d mark vantage for the 6970m is : 11,573
3d mark vantage for the 6970HD desktop card is : 23,499

truth is that AMD are classically deceptive equal to most graphics card manufacturers re their mobile graphics card model numbering, the 6970m is in fact based on the desktop HD 6850 graphics card, which is what makes laptop cards so confusing as in fact they often take the name of a high end desktop card slap an M on it and then use a lower power version of an older desktop card to provide the guts/blue print for the new high end mobile card, so often theyre unrelated to the card there named after.