Stacey Dooley investigates

Theres seems to me something so empire and BBC archaic about Stacey Dooley investigates, isn’t there ?

Like some great white ginger topped urchin East London china Doll, swooping in to empathise with the developing world and poor people everywhere, to me it feels so empire based from a mindset perspective and largely patronising, it’s amazing she’s has the ability to lecture full grown foreign people wherever she goes on the rights and wrongs of everything, and to feel morally outraged on everyone’s behalf. When the real elephant in the room, is her own incredulity and disbelief at what situations poverty will drive people to, there’s a kind of almost unbelievable stupidity displayed, as though she is shocked the entire worlds population doesn’t operate from a similar middle class, profligately paid media privilege liberal perspective as herself.

Ready to throw her yes of course it’s us white peoples fault at any turn round any short of stature desperate foreign person who will awkwardly fit under and accept it on camera, and then she proceeds to lecture everyone foreign as to the right or wrongs of every situation in every foreign culture she knows little about. And then once she’s done her bit, she swans off to the next place where she can be shocked, where people suffering can be temporarily highlighted for TV entertainment purposes.
I’m sure she’s one of the BBC’s ‘next generation’, she almost ticks all the right boxes, young, urban, female, mockney lower class pretensions and accent, just immigrant parents are missing. I can see her in a few years time, a wealthy, hyper liberal, London media type, owning a large Georgian terrace house with a couple of London privileged liberal spawn and a media hubby, being a mainstay of BBC liberal white guilt propaganda, swanning from one media hyped charity event to another promoting the plight of everything ethnic foreign and minority ahead of anything native. 

Like a kind of new wave lumley without the familial tie to the ghurkas, having  in the few preceding years lost the nose, stomach and nerve for stepping into the common white native persons home or understanding any fragment of the idea that the BBC should represent the native electorate of the Isle that it’s title contains.

Sooner or later if I even did watch the Beeb, the only non ideological dogma free output, I could watch might be the nature programs, but even their credits would highlight an overt employment policy, founded on something other than merit.

No doubt her research team are cooking up where Stacey can investigate next ? I’m sure under priviliged foreign people everywhere can’t wait to be told how they should exist and operate, and what’s unjust and what they’re getting wrong in their lives, culture and society by her, and how white english 20 year old empathetic mockney girls, have all the answers – to those obvious situations caused by poverty, that they just can’t see and rectify such obvious lack of money based injustices themselves, in the pursuit of mirroring a southern middle class, UK take on everything.

These programs rarely seem to go back so many years down the line , and if they did all they’d would probably do, is falsely ‘appropriate’ the glory and credit of the native gumption demonstrated in the long Intervening years.

Financial Times is for rich C***S – surprise surprise !

People who can’t afford their own homes cant afford £5.35 per week in order to comment – thats feudalism, so dont expect your website to be full of anything but the thoughts of a wealthy minority.

The buy to let feudal philosophy is harmful for societal cohesion and balance, if Osborne’s measure doesn’t drastically reduce buy to let, we need ‘more extreme’ measures to tax multiple house owners and landlords, oh landlords you’ll just up your rents will you? this assumes you’ll find people who have no choice but to pay it, for a roof over their head, and pay the new costs for you, how convenient to have some serf to pass the financial buck to? I would advise all young people to move to the only affordable areas left in the UK and spend their life energy in such places where homes are more affordable otherwise you’ll be renting from these scum when your over 40, Let the buy to letters have their fiscal home ownership apartheid until no new serf renters are found, try never to pay anyones mortgage if you can help it, but don’t become a giganto mortgage slave either. The system is rotten it needs correcting one way or another.