Journalism what an ugly clique

Journalism and its unhealthy obsession with employing cambridge and oxford graduates, there is something utterly sick about the media, I was on the guardian site and came across some video material by Laura Barton, and it dawned on me how representative a clone she was of all the other cunts in the media, so I checked, my almost guaranteable prediction, as to whether she was a cambridge or oxford graduate and surprise surprise she was. The media is too predictable in whom they employ, as though they have a great lack of imagination when it comes to hiring. As though somehow its fair to select people purely from these infamous college towns on the basis that by some ill figured logic all the smartest people in the country obviously flow through there, whereas in reality only the people that applied, have the possibility of ending up there.

Luckily traditional media is on its way out, and there becomes less and less to say in the media today, as in fact also there is less and less to say in society in general. For as democracy is now a redundant mechanism why would we need to report on anything ? As nothing can now be changed, without the consent of international finance and corporate demigog’s who worship at the total power that is money, this is why the media now no longer reports anything of any siginificance, theyre main obsession is articles that “entertain” or “capture an audience” or no doubt a long list of other bespoke marketing expression that pervade and rot everything in culture.

Its not as if the material the media generates requires much talent. Her Whitsun Wedding piece had a distinct lack of imagination, and its known by anyone who’s interested, Philip Larkin is a great poet, all poetry stands on its own two feet, and requires no promotion, nor lauding in such a manner, and here trip to the marshes to hear the first cuckoo just made me think how efeet are these people in the media are, that such a report might be classed as work. But what really greats at me more than the material, is that access to such a job, is available to such a narrow class of people.

Language as an immigrational amplifier

Thinking about the success of our lanaguage around the globe must to a large extent be a big incentive for a lot of people to come here, even if they havent necessarily learnt the language before arrival, as its probably more fruitful to pickup english than say other less widespread languages. As such, how widespread a cultures language is can determine to some extent what level of immigration they receive.

Sky manipulation In video Excessive

Allot of TV programs produced nowadays seem determined to compensate, for the failing of CCD’s to find tonality within bright skys, by doing a form of artificial sky contrast and tonality enhancement, a kind of psuedo HDR effect without any extra information combined in.

This would be ok except whoever is operating this effect seems to get carried away with its intensity to the extent of darkening horizon buildings and making the shot in general look artifical. If you want a wider tonailty than CCD’s are currently offering either buy better cameras.

One solution would be to film at a double frame rate, with each alternate frame exposed differently to capture a wider tonal range and then combine the frames.

Or alternately just be a liitle more sparing with the intensity of the effect.

Wow a great series of documentarys :) must watch

Adam Curtis has produced a number of documentarys all of them are the way i would like to spend a couple of hours. These documentarys rock, in a way no unfullfilling hollywood blockbuster ever could.

I consider these as part of a set of documentarys that everyone below the age of 20 should watch, though it will take you sometime to watch them all, you will be rewarded with an expanded world view.

Pandoras Box

The Mayfair Set

The Century of the Self

The Power of nightmares

The Trap – What happened to our dream of freedom

Nationality and Religion are form of psychological virus – Israel

Nationality and Religion are form of psychological virus, noisefull illusions of consciousness, just another disease of the mind, we cling to fearfully, there are only humans on this earth. Isreal must unoccupy palestine forthwith. The majority of the human mind is filled with false beliefs, propaganda and noise, and obsession with self benefit and fear of other human beings. A countrys obsession with the absurd pornography of weaponry and militarism, is the identifiable badge of their own idiocy. Religion is a relic of the past and should remain there.

watch these especially if your american:

Primitive religion really has to go, it causes way too much death and trouble. And countrys founded on religious grounds cause a hell of allot of trouble. The measure of the acceptability of Isreal should be measured by the well being of there neighbours, they should be bound as one under the moral eye of humanity.

Mac os X Background Processes Bullshit Adobe Reader

Apple are going to have to start taking background processs seriously, Mac Os X Is far worse than Mac os 9 in this respect, why is it that I must suffer background processes that I cannot Remove with a gui interface ? I mean you could do this in mac os fing 9 but Mac Os X keeps hiding its evil crap, read this article about adobe synchroniser to get an idea of what I mean

I mean why bother having “startup items” if software developers can just insert background processes into mac os X without my control or choice ? And worse this synchroniser is inserted into my user folder now making the fucker uncopyable or deletable because of an active process running from it also why when I use Batchmod or the operating system to modify the entire user folder and its entire contents to have specific permissions, why then do I not find all folders having these permissions ?

Mac Os X sucks Badly in these departments, permission are an abortion, ACLs like wise, user gui control is limited in very hamfisted ways, obfuscation seems to be there game. I have spend hours and hours disecting what all thes rubbish programs install, and work out how to remove it. The link above is one entire web page to remove one irritating item.

currency fall profiteering

Someone should be running a story on the fact that record profits are being made in currency trading by financial institutions at this very moment on the backs of our falling currency values, ie some of those institutions similar in nature and action to those, that plead for bailout are profiteering from the very fall of currencys that the ill chosen actions of their other departments have induced. ie The department that trades in mortgages has mega losses and the part the trades in currencys is now making mega profits of the fall in currency caused by the failure of the other departments. If you think private international financial institutions have any loyalty to countries, you are mistaken, so why we should help bailout private internationalist entitys that by there very nature, are set to profit hugely from our economic decline that theyre own actions have induced. As all real financiers will tell you, these companys are ideally run to make profit in every possible situation, including making money by exploiting and amplifying situations which are fundamentally detrimental to humanity in general, purely for profit.