Imported boston bombers mum speaks

According to the mother who is of course in Dagestan – making this interview, probably leading some back and forth fiscally beneficial lifestyle between the two countrys ie in america for material reasons only – probably, whilst culturally holding a foot in dagestan. apparently is was the United states fault for her children blowing up people in boston > notice if your a native of the culture and you do this your just a criminal and a psychopath or a terrorist, and if your an immigrant you can blame the culture you move into as being at fault. She also blames one of her sons deaths during arrest on muslim prejudice, Is this what people do when there citizenship application gets rejected ? Truth is simple you blow some people up in a peaceful marathon there are consequences.

emotional mother diatribe

Multiculturalist gang violence – thank you america for this crap.

victoria teenage gang attack

why were these genes ever let in ?

why were these genes ever let in ?

Murderous teenagers wielding knives and a samurai sword ? would you … like to send your kids to the london school where this bunch of walking cunt thugs hail from ? hmm some poor natives have little choice in the matter, as they cant insulate their kids in a nicer school system, as they dont have the money. “gangs are gay” would be the best slogan, if one was allowed to disregard the homophobia of the phrase, to prevent young black male teenagers joining them, as most of these male black teens are probably homophobic in the extreme and would probably if one could disregard the extreme offense to the gay community, be the best insult to prevent them joining a gang, even if it were a grave offense to the gay community, whom I would not wish to offend, as they are far superior people, than these violent thugs.

apple computer reliability

To be honest I think you can say fairer than that, and that would be to manufacture more reliable computers in the first place? the only things that should be going wrong with any modern computers is the parts that move, ie mechanical hard drives and optical drives – if you still have one. Everything else should be solid as a rock for at least 5 years ? … the issue isn’t for me, if they repair it for free or not, as to be honest your consumer rights exceed the miserable 1 year warranty offered. Its the absolute inconvenience when running a business of backing it up, taking it in to the store, only being allowed to return one machine per appointment ? being without it for a week, and if needed finding and putting temporary replacement machines in place and moving data and settings to another machine temporarily to counter for the disruption collecting the repaired machine – reinstalling it, then switching the temporary machine back and reintegrating the data difference onto the repaired machine, the level of disruption involved in this poor build quality far exceeds even the repairs sometimes, making these premium priced machines pointless from a business perspective, as that level of business disruption is unacceptable. I dont want to buy computers that fail in the ways, most of these machines do. Apple has to get a grip on reliability whether by design or changing manufacturing methods or suppliers, and preferably it has to engineer and design these machines to be much more repairable and upgradeable, as currently the ifixit ratings are woeful, and from a support perspective I would repair the machines more myself to save returning them, if apple had not deliberately made it as hard as possible to repair or upgrade them by their design. I want my mechanical drives replaceable and swappable externally from bays even in the imac.

Apple Stores : My Thought’s

Sadly I doubt Apple will ever evolve and move beyond using another ad agency other than “chiat day”. Who seem to be completely culturally insensitive and un-adaptable, when it comes to representing any culture other than american culture ie internationally they promote a version of state enforced multicultural representative imagery, ie the paint by numbers, one of every race american style representation, chiat day love to sell that everywhere regardless of cultural difference. And Apples employment bible seems to follow that chiat day agenda rather than an actual meritocracy. Apparently apple also think that wearing a t-shirt, makes you a genius and enforced corporate style enforced american whooooping ideology like a good corporate drone, team talks in the morning, is also being sensitive and adaptive to different cultural mores of their various employees globally ? yeah … thats really re-inforcing the idea of the individual and thinking different ? to me walking into an apple store reeks of a saccharine enforced smiley american cult – some kind of shiny orwellian surface level consumer nightmare, a kind of boutique overpriced, american Mc’donalds style computer store, for the mass herds of people who are sold tech with the same marketing tools, that substance-less fashion house brands use.

Use of pointless and ill thought out headline statistics, designed to engineer opinion in the simple minded.

heres was the marketing slogan

“FACT: More coal is consumed within 600 kilometres of beijing than in the entire united states”

As a paid supporter of Greenpeace, No doubt there is too much coal use and pollution from it near beijing and I agree with your belief in caps on coal, this is understood, but I disagree with your use of statistics here as marketing, as it seems a little weak when described this way, your talking the diameter of a 1200 kilometre wide circle around beijing, thats a very large area of 1,130,973 km squared ? maybe there is better and more meaningful statistic to use than this, as I think people with half a brain for mathematics wouldn’t be too shocked by that area use unless they understand the amount of coal consumed in that area ? the ratio of coal v nuclear energy production between the two countrys etc, as im sure the majority of americas coal consumption occurs in an even smaller area ?

the word “FACT:” in caps as though its being shouted, though it may be a fact, the question is what is the real relevance of the fact … surely ? some facts are positive and are some are negative, its the weight of a negative statement and fact that is important, as the severity in meaning of such a statement will bring attention to an important cause, and it is vitally important for organisations who should work at the moral end of the spectrum and fight to preserve the truth at all times, otherwise they undermine their own position and argument ?

Connect the dots between all things

goldman prize for environmentalism co-created by airess of jean production empire :

pollution from jean production

connect the dots, all things are inter-related, linearity is unfounded ideological belief, old wealth tries to assuage its guilt ? the wealth fosters solutions to problems they may well have been largely responsible for originating ?

the world is riddled with close and not widely observed real connections between things, that are heavily inter-related but ill perceived.

Thatcher the real issue, and why she should not be buried with pomp or ceremony

1: Thatcher believed in a radical sense in selfishness greed and radically free markets and endless ideologically driven privatisation, the truth is her funeral should have been paid for by private investors and not the public purse out of principal ! And secondarily it should not be a state funeral in all but name and technicality, as she was no winston churchill who united this culture to a purpose, Margaret Thatcher forever divided and fractured it.

poverty and immorality

afghanistan’s poppy growing culture is evidence of how poverty drives immorality, if its a choice between feeding your children and growing poppys or failing to feed your children and growing cotton then the most human beings will grow poppys, regardless of the consequences to human life elsewhere in the world due to heroin addiction and the drug trade.

poppy production afghanistan