youtube static in the signal

ok rick rolled and scare screen joke videos are uploaded by the dumbest people, why do people keep ruining you tube by uploading infantile rubbish, stop doing these videos its boring ! and highly unoriginal ! get some intelligence ! if they’re were any parasites in your food chain, idiots like you would cloud the issue with such rubbish joke videos we would never even know the truth. Then of course your beef is really full of steroids and your milk is full of hormones, and both pumped full of antibiotics. But I guess the rest of the commenters who seemed to love it are testament to the fact the majority of people are idiots.

ok rick rolled and scare screen joke videos are uploaded by the dumbest people, why do people keep ruining you tube by uploading this infantile rubbish, stop doing these videos. It’s boring ! Highly unoriginal ! It is not your job to take a genuine video and spoof it in an endlessly generic way and upload the result to youtube. Do you not see how you are diluting the point of youtube ? if every person in the world uploads a rick rolled or scare joke video, youtube will not be worth browsing ?

rick rolled and scare screen jokes are the cancer of youtube, ok done with it now please.

2nd world war the defeat of facism ?

not likely, facism is in the human soul, and operates at multiple levels today, facism against the ugly facism against the short, facism against the stupid. whats is the definition of facism ? well the best i could find is taken from one of the better thought out options at wikipedia :

“A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion”

I think this definition, try’s to tie itself to closely to the idea of political activity and the history of the second world war, ie presuming political partys actions then was a template for the definition of the word, this simplification turns the tool into a much better device to brand people with, than opening up to the true nature from which it stems, which i believe is all “unwarranted prejudice” of almost any kind, and facism really is the people group version of unwarranted prejudice, which then sadly has dragged the idea of nationalism down with it. Being that nationalism no longer perceieved as say a ‘common bond of identity within a community’, has been reborn as a mark of social pariahdom to even believe in the concept of community one belongs too, on the scale of a country.

Sadly unwarranted prejudice is as rife in todays society as much as it was in anytime throughout history, mainly because most of the human population currently and throughout time have to find ways to reduce the quantity choices, and judgements and decisions to be made about an ever increasing population of people without going to the effort of properly evaluating, anything as this takes too much time, hence people generally and unfairly make false judgements to narrow the problem of making decisions about people, to a smaller subset of options. humans have been doing this since the dawn of time when it comes to attractivity, ie facist prejudiced behavior against people who are short or ugly, and their are no rules in law to protect people from this abuse in society ? So why are we so shocked by the concept that people might use race or religious difference as a way of reducing this subset of choices ?

Perhaps it stems from the fact that an ugly and short people are not going to unite and create a war over being unfairly treated by their appearance/height. Where as by comparison, religious facism has often proven a fertile ground for war, religion effectively so : because it was one of the first if not prime corporate entity within culture to be founded through the history of culture, and was one of the first to use threat marketing and power mongering), Race as well, through and nationalism and the “cult of the tribe” has also proved fertile ground for war.

The truth being perhaps that facism against short or ugly people, couldnt create a war because those people are were already disenfranchised in society, pre the evolution of the tribe or religion concepts that came later, they could never create enough cohesion and power, to enduce a war against the those who were facist against them.

ebay sales slow down

Agreed ebay sales, big slow down, been slowing down for years though imo (member since jul 2000). i think mainly because of economic conditions, perhaps combined with the commercial stores now drowning out private second hand sellers, and therefore people dont perceive there to be many bargains here anymore, and those second hand sales that are here, often sell so close to retail, as to not really be great bargains, and postage can often push small price items over shop prices. Margins are pretty bad for sellers … by the time you subtract list fees, final value fees, postage fees and paypal fees. I cant justify my second hand selling time wise really, its just a fancy form of recycling. In my opinion ebay is turning into a commercial department store/mall online. And that shopping experience can be had most anywhere on the web by a specialist retailer. Ebay need to carefully look at the balance of their business model.

My Conclusion : In my opinion anything under £20.00 probably isn’t worth selling on ebay time wise, and once the people who are charitably spending their time puting sub £20.00 items up have left. Ebay will be no better off as a site, than any other conglomerate web store that is trying to attract sales.

Artificial surveys and marketing feedback skewing

I no longer respond to surveys, why you may ask ?
well mainly because the surveys are engineered to be skewed and imbalanced toward only a positive response being enterable.
ie if they have a question it so often goes like

do you >
feel disatisfied
feel indifferent
feel positive
feel happy
feel very happy
feel extremely satisfied
about x’s performance.

ie they skew the results spectrum such that results can be weighted massivley into the positive spectrum ie.

-1 feel disatisfied
0 feel indifferent
+1 feel positive
+2 feel happy
+3 feel very happy
+4 feel extremely satisfied

this is why multiple choice has mainly become a farce because its so easily abused.

the other type of thing they do is ask you a question about something they already know the answer to in which they know theyre is only possibly a positive result, not because they really want feedback about it within the questionaire, but because theyre are using the questionaire to market to you or make you think about how wonderfull they are. and at the same time it will pad out theyre questionaire with positive answers that they can then be used in marketing products later on to say how they received a 90 percent positive result in a poll or something from their customers.

or if they offer you a negative response they will make it just one overly strong one, ie “extremely dissatisfied” so the negative side of the choice doesn’t have as many graduations of choice, as such you’ll end up picking something at the im indifferent point, if your lucky enough to have it, or low satisfaction range.

basically questionaires are mainly a case of riganomics, ie the form of the question can be constructed to pre-determine its results. questionaires are often used today to generate spurious useless statistics. and if questionaires generate results no-one wants to hear, they can just bury them. And bear in mind companies pay other companys to generate these questionaires so the relationship is already skewed.

The Markets feed on themselves

This economic crash isn’t all doom and gloom, the banks themselves as per usual have found a way to profit from it, by trading against america and the countrys of europe in which they reside and operate. They speculate and profit from the fall in currency value, thats right they want bailing out and while we bail them out, theyre busy finding a way of recuperating some of their losses by profiting from the fall of the currency values here in europe an the usa. I recently spoke to a guy who writes currency trading software who gleefully explained, His department in particular was having record breaking profit weeks, trading on the back of the depletion of currency values, Not enough he explained to make up for the crazy losses of the other fiscally imprudent departments, but hey still profiteering of the carcus of wreckage.

This serves if anything just brilliantly to demonstrate that a countrys government should never bail out any private financial institutions, why ? because as entitys, private banks and financial institutions have one loyalty to themselves and their shareholders in every circumstance even to the detriment of the countrys they operate in, the people working in them have more allegiance to their firms than they do, their countrys. The other truth to be assured of, which im sure theyre pretty clear and honest about, is they do not perceive any ways of making money as being immoral, morality isnt even a question for them.

So there should be no loyalty from countrys to banks, unless as the case maybe in these times, basically the banks own the governments, which is why were bailing them out, because we appear not to have a democratic choice to say no, therefore who is demonstrating their power in this scenario.

Haider dies in car accident ?

Sad news, the only politician in europe, who was brave enough to stand up for his own cultures voice against the EU has died. Especially since so recently he had made such progress in breaking from the further right groups and errant views on the 2nd world war, and managing at the same time to preserve the central core of his debate, about austrians determining their own future rather than having it forced upon them by a centralised EU fascist uber state. Sadly his death will only fuel conspiracy theorys, by those already dis-enfranchised in their own cultures.

How long to pay back american national debt ? deficit

14.28 trillion american gdp
american tax revenue 28% of GDP ie 3.9984 trillion
american national debt around 11 trillion after these bailouts ?
if 10% of america’s annual tax revenue, were put too one side to fund paying off the national debt how long would it take to pay off the deficit not including interest ?
11,000,000,000,000 / 399,000,000,000
= 27.56 years
including interest allot more than that number of years.
now if a politician stands in the whitehouse and says id like to spend 400,000,000,000 a year on paying back the national debt rather than invest in something more exciting, will his approval rating suffer ? :-) and since he’ll only be in office for 8 years would his successor continue such a policy?

foreign investment

we must limit foreign investment

weve privatised everything.
and allot of that is now foreign owned

we have to set a limit to which countrys which are oil rich, with almost unlimited cash funds can just buy up britain wholesale.

And economic crashes like this provide rich pickings for foreign investors.
the idea that BAA is owned by a foreign private business for instance is insane, it is vital infrastructure. The worse thing is determining even ownership nowadays is almost an obsession in itself, as its an egg within an egg scenario, so widely distributed interlinked are shares of one company to another and the major shareholders behind those companies even more un-decipherable.

the truth is any future government has been so screwed in terms of it position, by the last 30 years of government they could probably never sought the blurry mess, this country is in.

economy again

65 billion to bail out northenrock or is it now double ? whichever the moneys funny anyway which is half the problem, it would cost 28 billion to wire all british homes for fibre optic broadband as a government id rather invest in that. That has more potential for societal benefit than taking on the debt of bloated failed uber capitalist banks who over leveraged their exposure to debt in the vain attempt to gamble hard and make more money, the normal individuals will suffer more by the bailout as it gives us all a share in the misery and risk of further decline. Our government have been consisently failing for the last 30 years on a societal and economic way which it has managed to hide till now.

We need real laws and more self governance (The EU distorts are destiny and nullifies voting in our democracy), fiscal prudence and an agile smaller independant economy is the only recourse to a stable future. A 9 year old could have told you the accounts of america dont add up, so how come all the financial experts didnt see this coming, and much the same in this country because we follow their lead way to much, if we had independance from other cultures to a large extent, then we wouldn’t be exposed so badly to the vagueries of the global capitalist system, which tries to spread its toxicity of nature and idiocy of thinking and impoverished get rich quick attitude everywhere.