More things not fixed in Snow Leopard 10.6 release, bugs remnant in OSX :

More things not fixed in Snow Leopard 10.6 release, bugs remnant in OSX :

More things not fixed in Snow Leopard 10.6 release, as illustrated by some sane journo at macworld, who isn’t on his knees blowing off apples mighty marketing machine:

the fact the spotlight has not been majorly sorted out, to me the most important bug fix just reeks of the lack of sanity at apple, where given 6 releases of an operating system the search functionailty has still not reached the heights of mac os 9’s perfection.

beeb snow leopard promotion bullshit

Now the beeb comes out with some practically promotional piece as to how wonderfull snow leopard is and claims its ours the website viewers view on snow leopard, can I leave a comment on the website myself ? NO as per usual the beebs comment feature is disabled, so as not to disturb the clear pool of “your say” material garnered from the chosen few, which magically reflects their wished for version of our feedback, rather than the truly messy version which is the reality.

Immigration the ultimate tool of class war.

Politics have become such a blunt instrument in this country, that whomever we vote into power, there is no real change visible. If we are ever to halt the long instigated heathian multicultural over immigration policy, that has become such blindly pursued and enshrined legislation, ever approved of by the insulated overly ‘pc’ ‘right on’ middle to upper classes, who do not live alongside nor suffer the consequences of such immigration. Which has already decimated the impoverished literate english non claiming lower middle class in London, and many other major cities in England for the last forty years, and has led the frailer and more eccentric social groups, to become extreme minority’s in their own time and country.
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A Troubled Mind

valid thoughts tnx : a very large percentage of the people on spychological drugs/therapy could live without them and have closer alignment with their body and mind being in control rather than a drug directing your emotional state, which can be a safer way in the long term. Those who treat and supply often have an ego investment, in doing so. Most people were built to function well and stress and depression are a natural part of life, when we are in the bad phases of life, they seem too much but when we are beyond them they seem to fade into in-significance. Hold out for your mind and bodys mechanisms to do its jobs, and try alleviate the obvious mal-inputs that are stimulating the imbalance, sometimes this can be work lifestyles or social groups. Although in this culture avoiding the mal-inputs becomes harder every day, as the mal-activity becomes coded more and more into modern existence. Also its worth noting that perhaps allot of these mental imbalances may one day be attributed to unrecognised systemic low level viral and parasitical diseases.

Final Word on whether Power Macs are overpriced

FINAL WORD ON THIS : POWER MACS DESKTOPS ARE OVERPRICED > COMPARED TO A PC DESKTOP, ive been using apples since the days of the apple II, if i as a user, can build myself a quad core mac with 4gb of memory 500gb hard drive 9800gtx+ and all trimmings working except screen, running mac os x for £470.00 (including £99.00 of that total spent on the operating system). Why should I pay apple £1800.00 for a mac pro with the same or worse spec ? and why can they not make a machine for the same or less than i can ? due to volume discounts etc, you tell me ? now anyone who recently switched from a pc, glad you woke up, and wants to get all partial newborn mac propagandist on me, remember i must have converted over 200 people like you to macdom. they are more expensive and the design isn’t worth the extra money, how often do you put a mac pro on show or look at it for days on end ? macs now are basically now PC’s at heart, it is the operating system thats makes the difference and that costs £99.00.

Zombie Software a forum post about silverfast.

I own a canon 9900f (I also have attatched a Canon MP780 multifunction printer with a built in scanner) running under leopard 10.5.7 I downloaded your demo :


It installed ok

When I ran Silverfast Launcher, it said “There is no SilverFast Scanner Module installed.” and would not go any further.

I decided then to uninstall it using the included script :

“Uninstall-SilverFast (CanonSDK-SE).sh”

when i clicked on the above uninstall script it then proceeded to open the script up in my text editor ?

overall not impressed, wouldn’t run and wouldn’t un-install.

Questions :

1: what Can I do to get the installer or uninstaller to work.
2: Is there still powerpc code remnant in the latest version of silverfast, that uses rossetta ?
3: Is the silverfast plugin happy working under twain in CS3 or CS4 ?

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Religion again shooting fish in a barrel.

organised religion’s function and use, should pass into history the need of it is over, it is nought more than a commercialist self preserving masonic lodge for the wilfully ignorant. Its best virtues instruct a person to be less selfish, but hardly anyone who claims to be of such a faith, practices the best virtues of the creed.

it is time those who have been tolerating religion so far, gave up and just blatantly put forth why it is full of falsity and wilfull ignorance. Aronra couldn’t put it more gently no matter how tired he becomes of responding to such delusions, religion shouldn’t argue with science on the basis religion is about faith, which can roughly be translated to belief without evidence, whereas science is founded on the opposite, those who believe in blind belief will always fail when entering into logical discourse about things when science is the only language weve invented to have such discussions.

Olympics shmympics oeuf ! Grrr hurmph

nazi olympic badge, nazi probably loved the olympics as an equal believer in genetic bullshittery.

You would have thought they would have learnt there lesson with the millenium dome! But no, governments become so detatched with reality, they press on regardless, you get some twat/s with massively vested interests like … Seb Coe saying its a good idea, and before you know it were hosting the flaming olympics, the biggest most corrupt gravy train since lord knows when.

This complete and utter waste of of tax payers money, should never have been in my view. And when we “won it” … what a joke that is ? and all those vested interest, sports council employess or ‘friends of’ or even athletic idiots themselves went hOOpla in some highly staged way in central london, you could here their brains counting, the tax payer investment behind their greedy bright teary little eyes.

If you have any morality, you should boycott the whole thing and refuse to jump on the gravy train that it is, but how many are left in this Soddom and Gommorah of a city, who dont think its theyre inalienable right to be as corrupt and greedy as the next man, where morality and decency fall to the lowest common denominator. One quote I heard from the twats consulting !? or working on it was “Charge like a wounded Rhino”. The whole thing will no doubt also get carved up into some kind of minority ethnicity racial jamboree bullshit media-fest as well, in which our wonderfull multi-culturalism is rammed into our shriveled un-appreciative native faces as the fantastic for us, success its marketed to be, down the boobtube until we fall asleep, watching qualifying round 16 of the front crawl to hell and back in this totally ‘lost’ culture of ours.

Long seems to run the fall of english culture.
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Gripes from the tech past part 3 Jaguar bugs

Enjoy this Gripes blast from the past lol : Some of these probably remain in 10.5, but I cant be bothered to check anymore, I full well Know apple long ago, stopped listening to users, hence the Bugs that remain unfixed since the initial releases of OS X. The themes are often the same though the years change :)

Written 23 september 2003 ————————————————————>
Thorns left in Jaguar 10.2.6’s foot, will Panther be our £99.00 bug fix

Small Thorn 1:
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Gripes from the past Part 2 Epson get it in the Neck. lol

Something I wrote to epson in 2003, not sure I got a reply, but products don’t get any better whichever way generally, but chewing theyre balls might lead to some positive outcome, after all the number of epson printers that must be in Landfill right now haunts me still. If only an army of undead but livng(I know unlikely we are talking Epson here) Epson printers risen up from landfill, could be put to some use like a cloud printing device or something LOL.

WRITTEN 26 OCTOBER 2003 ————————————————->

1. As a UK user : Why are the drivers for the C60 MacosX US and UK drivers different version numbers ?! and different k sizes by quite allot ?.

US Printer Driver v1.3aD
UK printer driver 1.1b
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Gripes of Wrath from the Past lol G3 powerbook blues

Just to illustrate how computers have been in a pain in my arse, since lord knows when (well Apples since Apple II europlus days I guess ;) ), lets illustrate some G3 gripes and Issues I suffered in 2002, which I recently discovered written down on one of my drives, but never published (maybe as a covering note to apple repair) from back in June 2002, now Apple can take the negative publicity issues from this rubbish lol.

My motorola G3 CPU was covertly replaced, because only on the IBM version of the CPU could you actually install Mac os X 10.0 on, something that all lombard machines were supposed to be ready for. They had a swapout program going on in the US, but nothing ever got setup for UK customers with the motorola version of the CPU. Tech support at Apple US is much better than the UK equivalent, the guy at apple US support admitted to me he owned the same powerbook as I did, and had the Motorola CPU in his replaced almost a year before my query, with the correctly functioning IBM one, he informed that my unit had the same problem as his did before the swap, ie Macos X was impossible to install and run stably. EU and UK governments are good at guaranteeing cucumbers to be straight, but laughable when it comes to take tech companies to task through trading standards, its always been a serve yourself mentality in getting some true response from tech giants and their non recalled fuck ups, How many recalls have you heard of in the last 10 years ? truthfully they should have launched double or triple that number of recalls on products, but have managed to avoid it but playing stumb with their own customers about design flaws in models. early ibook users have allot to complain about in this dept, the number of motherboard failures were appalling, also all post on apple sites are heavily groomed to remove non flattering information.

lombard laptop
sadly this machine was in use by my uncle until quite recently, but now has replaced it with a cheap crummy Pc laptop, as there was no low priced apple alternative.

Dear Apple I have tried upgrading this machine with a 256 Mb memory module twice, bought from a mac memory supplier, who I have explicitly told them, what machine i have ie bronze keyboard with usb and scsi no built in firewire, with grackle memory controller. It is endlessly tiresome trying to sort these problems, The first simm recognized as a 128Mb Ram Simm, when it was described as a 256Mb ram simm from the retailer, The second simm came up with this error “The built in memory test has detected a problem please contact a service technician”

So now I have resorted back to my old 128Mb simm in the top slot.
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