kim dotcom the truth

Kim is quite obviously not wholly innocent … he is the eric cartman of the geek world, not wholly evil just sometimes dubious in behaviour and intensively seeking self reward right on the edge of law and morality. And he thought megauploads stance would be a matter for lawyers, of which he could afford, also in his public flamboyance his business partners seem to have gone unnoticed ? Link removal is not offering the same feature as file removal to copyright holders, hash checking files being uploaded so as to store a single version of a file whilst enabling multiple download links, tends to work quite nicely to save on storage for “large similar video or music files” rather than your average personal word document which is most likely bespoke, and rewarding uploaders with money for heavily downloaded files, encourages some dubious behaviour, though youtube has worked that same model by rewarding user content creation and distribution, Im sure kims personal music file access rivalled that of itunes match. Sadly google is probably the cop in this scenario as they can measure another sites impact on the web the best, in terms of search and advertising, did google ever write cheques to megaupload ? or was megauploads advertising bespoke ? 4% of internet traffic and google not getting an advertising cut ?

Its also true his arrest was over the top, but the media industry’s ambition is not to win against him but to slow throttle him with a 5 year court case, stop his business and leave him as a penniless example to others, that is a sufficient win for them they dont need more. And the fact the FBI appears to operate on behalf of the MCAA indicates a weird power hierarchy ? Also another reason why the media want to control the internet is not just the Piracy excuse, its because they are also threatened by user generated and non mainstream media content output for a viable share of the publics attention, you know this is true, when the yogscast blew past a billion views ? all of megauploads downloads didn’t equate to a billion downloads. But then again youtube=google can be considered corporo mainstream, after all any wealth seeker can buy shares in it whereas megaupload didn’t share what it was making with an international investor class. Note also he was based in a friendly territorys to the US that made his arrest and prosecution easy, whilst numerous other sites and servers that deliver piracy on a greater scale and more overtly go unchallenged, in piracy prevention it only makes sense to go so far, cost of policing etc unless you get your information for free ?

Kim is right in his video to highlight the real danger which is the media industry wants full control to shape the internet at their will into their paytill, this they should not be given as they have too much power as it is. And the truth is that films can be distributed very easily in digital terms and that lowers the media industrys distribution costs and these distribution costs will continue to decrease in the future, films should cost less in a digital viewing form, and theyre is no reason for them not to be released on the internet at the same time they are viewed in cinemas, the cinema is allot less important to people nowadays in terms of viewing experience with such big screens at home.

barclays new chairman – same old same old

re barclays new chairman

“Sir David is a senior advisor to the American bank Morgan Stanley, having previously been chairman of Morgan Stanley International. Before that he was an executive director of the Bank of England and deputy chairman of Lloyds bank.

He will become a non-executive director of Barclays on 1 September and take up his role as chairman from 1 November. ”
750,000 for no less than 4 days a week ?

so lets clear this up hes another insider whose worked at most of some of the most dubious organisations who are mired in a much shit as all the others ? its seems impossible to find someone to lead a bank who is not a selfish crook ?

and this peice from the economywatch website


A little-known company backed by Goldman, JP Morgan Chase and about a dozen other banks (morgan stanley involved) had created an index that enabled market players to bet on whether Greece and other European nations would go bust.

Last September, the company, the Markit Group of London, introduced the iTraxx SovX Western Europe index, which is based on such swaps …

The Markit index is made up of the 15 most heavily traded credit-default swaps in Europe and covers other troubled economies like Portugal and Spain.

And as worries about those countries’ debts moved markets around the world in February, trading in the index exploded.

In February, demand for such index contracts hit $109.3 billion, up from $52.9 billion in January.

Markit collects a flat fee by licensing brokers to trade the index.

Trading in Markit’s sovereign credit derivative index … helped to drive up the cost of insuring Greek debt, and, in turn, what Athens must pay to borrow money.

The cost of insuring $10 million of Greek bonds, for instance, rose to more than $400,000 in February, up from $282,000 in early January.

On several days in late January and early February, as demand for swaps protection soared, investors in Greek bonds fled the market, raising doubts about whether Greece could find buyers for coming bond offerings …

and this passage from bloomberg written by Matthew Leising

Markit Credit-Swap Services Said to Be Part of Antitrust Probe
By Matthew Leising – August 3, 2009 00:00 EDT

The offices of Markit Group Ltd.

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) — Markit Group Ltd., the data provider majority-owned by Wall Street’s largest banks, is under Justice Department scrutiny for potential anticompetitive practices ranging from requiring customers to buy bundled services to restricting which trades can be cleared in the $26 trillion credit-default swap market.

Markit told a swaps clearinghouse customer to purchase a pricing service as a condition for granting use of its benchmark indexes, said a person with knowledge of the transactions. Markit permitted use of its indexes by another clearinghouse only if every swap guaranteed by the company included a dealer, such as one of its owners, said other people familiar with those negotiations.

“That’s a legitimate area of inquiry,” said Evan Stewart, a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP in New York who has practiced antitrust law for more than 30 years and isn’t involved in the case. “If you want to get into the market with Markit with access to real-time prices, this is where you have to play,” he said. “You don’t have a supermarket of other choices.”

The Justice Department said July 15 it was investigating users of credit-default swaps as U.S. lawmakers seek to regulate the $592 trillion over-the-counter derivatives market, which helped worsen the biggest financial calamity since the Great Depression. Trading in OTC contracts provides as much as 40 percent of profits for Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, according to research firm CreditSights Inc.

OS X mail issues duplicate sent imap drafts partial creation email saves residing in trash

OS X mail issues duplicate sent imap drafts partial creation email saves residing in trash, crikey OH riley apple give us some control over this ? i dont need 20 drafts saved for an email that took 10 minutes to write ? GRRR

More Lion woes, erase install the only way to get lion to perform properly, upgrade installs glitchy as hell

Network links/aliases in dock not working ?! in Lion they no longer automount the associated network volumes if the login is stored in keychain, or offer up the dialogs to put in username and password when the login details have not been stored in keychain, this worked fine in snow leopard and was extensively used by many in my office environments. There are too many things that go wrong with an upgrade to lion as it stands.

Why Oh why dont I have a preinstall option to do a good old “archive and install”, So i get a clean OS install and then can pull in only user data that will be known not to conflict ? and reinstall apps. I know Lion prefers a clean install, because I have four machines that are all now slow glitchy and rubbish by the users measure and level of complaint after a normal Lion download & upgrade process, apples now standard way to install the OS ? I took one of these machines, backed up 250gb of user data via ext FW800 ! YAWN even that was a pain because you made the user library folder invisible in lion ? and made the copy function not copy invisible files ? Dangerous from a manual backup perspective indeed! I then erased the drive, did a pure clean lion install from a manually created install on a Hard drive from the ESDinstall img. Another problem recovery boot install manually re-downloads the installer image everytime! thats total !*$! from my perspective, imagine I need to do this on 5 machines Meaning I have to download a 4gb file 5 times ? not everyone has a 100mbit fibre connection on an apple campus !!, Then I hand reinstalled all apps, selectively manually copied back the user data, avoiding most library and sys related files that werent necessary, Now the machine runs as it should do normally and without so many issues ? total time 10 Hours just to do a full clean install of their complicated setups. Why Must I Erase a drive to get a completely fresh install of Lion on these machines ?????? this involves backing up 300gb of data and copying it back again from a support perspective its a disaster time and expense wise for my clients ? a £20 upgrade costs them a fortune in support hours to have their machines working normally ? just so they can have calendar and address book syncing back !!!! the only feature they wanted to keep using.

archers = mind vomit

gay farmer having an affair with east european farm hand ? thanks archers yes thanks allot for the simpering hideous setup its repulsive, turned off as soon as I noted your cynical plot device.

christ almighty is there no end to the … for the sake of salaciousness, grubby cynical bullshit plot manoeuvres and characters, The archers is already this hideous stereotype of rural english culture, but there seems no device they will not stoop to, there is no limit to the depths this nasty radio program won’t got to, to maintain viewership . People in the media seem like a liberalist virus designed to destroy this culture through an endless enshrined multiculturalist polysexual enshrined mantra of rubbish.

os x Lion Upgrade woes

having upgraded four imac machines in an office environment to lion >
24″ imacs, one an intel core 2 duo 2.66ghz 2gb ram machine (unuseably slow in comparison to snow leopard ? same spec)
24″ imac 4gb ram intel core 2 duo noticeably slower and pausing not as but bad as 2 gig ram imac. but still allot worse under lion ?
under snow leopard the same machines were all fine ?
the machines have gone from being useable on snow leopard to almost unuseable after the upgrade to lion, immense pausing all the time mail being too slow for words ? and weird pausing occurring, As a person who supports apple machines for a living I dont expect an OS upgrade to cause me such grief that machines become practically unuseable through a enforced paid upgrade. just so that my clients can continue to sync contacts and calendars ? with the forced death of mobileme ?

this means although the os only costs £20 my time spent resolving the slowness and upgrading software is untenably high ? and now am coming to the conclusion I have to go onsite to do flaming clean installs, as the machines performance stands, post upgrade its unacceptable, my clients are giving huge grief over the upgrades. which were only implemented to retain syncing ?

Also the fact you have removed all control in recent os installs from the user over what kind of install occurs compared to previously, ie Theres no “archive install” or clean install selectable unless I format the drive ? as the process is now all hidden from the user and automatic etc, only improvement in this process being I can remote install the upgrade and wait for a restart.

looking in activity monitor and console I can clearly see page ins and page outs are high will upgrade the 2gig to 4gig, to the sorry max of this machine you set in firmware ? although in a 64bit os its now 8gb rather than 4gb ram right ?

console is riddled with os complaints and errors post upgrade? issues relating to mdworker and indexing which cpu process wise, seems to dominate things, but the pausing seems worse than expected even for a low memory scenario hence going for the clean installs and the time to reinstall and re-setup every darn thing on the machine seeming the only logical conclusion ? however wasteful of support time and unnecessarily expensive for my clients. why do so many apple programs seem so memory hungry compared to others apps ? safari v chrome for instance why does safari gobble so much with hardly any windows open ? compared to chrome ?

why has perfomance under lion so radically degraded compared to SL, and dont suggest ML 10.8 as the solution ? where are you wasting the machine previously acceptable performance ?

Why is mail like the slowest mail client I’ve ever used ? it desires to endlessly write every tiny change to disk and to be so slow at writing it means moving a thousand emails takes an age ? compared to what it should be ? im seriously considering moving them all to thunderbird just to get some performance when running an email program ? why is this the case ? exporting mboxs takes an age and doing anything in mail seems to take crazy amounts of time, if you observe and wait for the activity window to actually finish a given task moving emails etc ?

sadly I dont trust that any of this stuff will be fixed in 10.8 and why should I pay for that when the recent lion upgrade seemed to bork things up and stiff me over time and energy wise ?

feature request

In the future it would be good if you could build computers where every point of the bootup and shutdown process can be visually remote controlled, a big ask but a second networked always on os, a secondary os to the main os, perhaps residing in earam to remote control the main install would be immensely useful.

A simple GUi way of determining the ip of an osx machine im networked ? get info on networked to machine icon ?

a way in network utility of testing hardwired ethernet networks for throughput and interference to establish weak links in network topology

a better permission system that just works by default from a collaborative networked group perspective, interface for setting umask ? os9 permissions sharing system worked much better in practice than osx’s do, especially from an permissions inheritance perspective subfolders etc, the dual acls and posix perms setup is confusing as hell and permission repair in disk utility not repairing user folder acl permissions is very weak ? command line seems only way or reset pasword boot hidden perms repair routine another trick that wont work remotely ? site visits grr… ?

other issues
installer re download for each machine.
The way the app store expects you to download the upgrade to lion on each machine individually repeatedly is the biggest waste of bandwidth and time from a support perspective, obviously I can do some installer extraction and copy round the network and instal , but your actual chosen standard method of re-download is ridiculous from a tech support perspective. and yet now creating usb boot version of lion installer to save time from from a support perspective in disk utility has also gone south and become unusable ? refuse to do with checking also AS I maintain many many macs ive noticed you mark the installer to some extent to an apple ID as I discovered ? after copying the installer around for upgrading clients as I was purchasing the upgrade for clients using there apple IDS from the app store but not wanting to wait for the downloads on each machine as a waste of time and bandwidth, so the re-use of an lion installer. but this revealed at some point the installer was retaining the apple ID ?

FUll screen effects
AS a person who does 90% of his support remotely, I find it highly offensive the number of full screen transitions and visual unnecessary rubbish you use throughout the os as the is an immense waste of upload bandwidth when remote supporting to draw all these gimmicky full screen effect screen redraws for different actions, please be sparing with these things and think of remote support.

OS X lion and 2gig memory, terribly slow 4gb should be the minimum

lion is a memory hog and awful when it comes to paging in and out to disk, had a client on a 24″ imac that happened to have 2gb of memory, he got away with that memory spec on snow leopard, on lion his machine was practically unuseable directly after the lion install. client angry and frustrated upgrading to 4gb memory the crappy max on this 24″ imac can take … cheers apple, notebook technology in desktop replacement machines ? ADVICE to all out there make sure your mac has 4gb minimum before installing Lion. The amount of memory safari uses is obscene compared to chrome. and the full screen effects are a waste of bandwidth from a remote support perspective. Apple get worse by the month.

tip for anyone suffering in lion with 2gb ram, run the major memory hogging apps in 32 bit mode (tickbox selectable when “command I”-ing on the keyboard the selected application itself) then restart the program

financial pariah list – dont know – befriend – entertain or foster these people, let them sit in their middle of their squalid money piles friendless

financial pariah list – dont know – befriend – entertain or foster these people in anyway, let them sit in their middle of their squalid money piles – friendless

international based corporate shareholder self love egotists who have little solidarity with any culture or people other than themselves, who historically decided to disenfranchise and profitably ill reward depositors with no interest on their positive accounts, so they could create profits to for themselves to create vastly leveraged speculative digital debt growth encouraging operations whose further profits were then used to set up huge corporate trading arms for the benefit of shareholders, that vastly outweighed the depositor operation, so as to create speculative market based gambling operations whose only function was to reward the shareholder class and shareholding employees, subverting the idea that a bank is supposed to benefit its depositors, who are the lynchpin by which they gamble.

bob diamond
Jerry del Missier

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