Why you should give a shit as to whether mass immigration and multiculturalism become enshrined policy in your culture…

Figures gleaned from here if you want to test the merit of these figures I can send you the spreadsheet

Why you should give a shit as to whether mass immigration and multiculturalism become unquestioned and enshrined policy in your culture ?
so currently white british ethnic children represent 31.37% on average of the pupil intake into Londons state funded primary schools in 2011. London wide by 2047, if the last 2 years are projected forward the native white british children attending state funded primary school in London. Will represent less than 5% pupils accross the board at most, my local secondary school looks as if its below 5% native british children already so obviously thats an average, there are probably plenty of state funded primary schools that are almost exclusively full of people already who are not british white ethnic origin. London is effectively already and certainly will be a foreign entity in the future. Then end is nigh for native english people in the capital, unless these numbers in some way change, and the forecast is different.

White british ethnic pupils as a average percentage of pupils in state funded primary schools London

White british ethnic pupils as a average percentage of pupils in state funded primary schools London

the main pre-occupation of humans is to exchange personal philosophy

the usual partial intelect with an opinion, heres my response :

To imply no meaning, would set people free to act in any manner including violent or deviant ways, as … if there is no meaning , then there is no cause or consequence above and beyond what is policed for, and for which you can be caught. This philosophy in itself when believed & operated can easily have a causal expense of creating unhappiness in others lives, religion is subset of child object belief’s, carved from humanity’s more civilised philosophy’s, without which the world would be primal.

your description of non meaning is in itself an attempt to provide meaning to others in relation to life ? if you believed truly in the non meaning, why would you reason in, putting out videos, on the subject as there would inherently by that argument be no point or meaning to doing so, the fact you espouse a personal philosophy of any sort, is because you yourself have unfinished business with meaning ?

it is also a false connection to assert that searching for meaning creates depression ? depression can stand for itself as it is, it doesn’t even need a cause necessarily from a psychological perspective, if your brain for instance was even minorly tilted of axis chemically, it would rapidly become apparent, how fragile that intellect which you perceive yourself to be … is.

If your liver dies it will affect you life so greatly as to destroy the entity of your consciousness, from which you derive all the logical conclusions of your argument, and from which any existence may be derived, correct nearly all lives have unhappiness in them, the proferance of your philosophy, is not capable of correcting this problem in other people as you see it, perceiving peoples unhappiness to mean they are broken and need fixing is your self delusion ?

Spanish raga vocal fluttering

Been listening to sevillanas de oro 6, track 3 – Romeros De La Puebla – Y Le Hace Palmas Sevilla, – Their power singing sounds like their doing so with the heart of the entire of spain in voice, such high anthemic drama it almost feels like i’m transported to some kind of crazy spanish bollywood movie , reinforced by the solo vocal modulation and fluttering, which almost sounds indian in origin, bhimsen joshi et al, but of course in a spanish way ;)

bhimsen Taking vocal fluttering to new heights :