google+ service wide login integration = the nsa’s dream

Accusing people is one way of engaging with them to verify if they have unspoken allegiances, if you are in the privileged position of being able to communicate with google ? perhaps you can communicate to them on mine and others behalf then ? The silence of a majority of users cannot be interpreted as complicity or agreement, as only a minority will ever have the energy for vocalised complaint ? most will accept what is put upon them regardless of its merit. Now that some time has passed my major issue is this google plus login is predominant across all their services if you use chrome, google almost imply you cant search for anything on the web without first logging in to google plus, certainly the average user would perceive it that way? thats is an orwellian invasion of privacy the NSA could only dream of, want internet access ? first you MUST login so we can track everything you do and further its becoming predominant that users must use their actual name for a google plus identity to make any comment online? hence my inability to rate an app now on the google play store ? because google accuse me that my google plus identity … that they created from my youtube identity … is not a real name !? and have suspended certain uses of my google plus identity, the forcing of users to publish under their own name, does have huge potential identity theft and privacy issues attached to it imo ? Also google are trying to associate every identity and account with every other I have, driving me spare ? also I appear to have about 3 youtube derivative identities now, two of which google magically created by themselves and a legacy one making logging in to youtube more of a nightmare to select the right identity as they are all beingatliberty ?, secondarily they are attempting to weave clients of mine’s > google accounts/email whom i support, into my own google+ identity ? super messy and irritating … to have to delete them back out from association to my account …pass that on to the drones in googles ivory towers, as they promote listening but i can get no sense of them listening from my end as a user.

Joan of Arc – a nice video –

her deep faith … was the necessary personal mental aberration, which served as a conduit for something more important, her desire to see the people of her country break free from the ironically norman descended English kings yoke. especially as the region from which she came had been overrun by the english, after all what care does the bible display for national struggle ? it took a young women of humble origin to inspire the fervent grit necessary, to defend a culture, 20 years later her vision was achieved, and her successes and allegiance to the identity of her culture saw the king crowned before her own death, a necessary step on that road,. Most will not remember the name of the king. Killed for political reasons … she was indeed … but it was a trial by an elite self serving class of corrupt religious fools., who didn’t like the idea of an outsider claiming intercession or direct communication with their fictional god bullshit outside of their control. Who worried about protecting their imagined position in relation to their fictional god, that no lowly maid might however delusory, be allowed to publicly express a more direct relationship with her falsely perceived maker, external to the hierarchy of catholic religious control, for this … she did burn, though the names of those who condemned her are recorded, non but historians wish to remember them, As an Icon of the people … martyred … she will always be remembered.

one commenter wrote re the video >

I respect Joan of Arc so much, as an Englishman, but the war against France began when the Normans and French decided to inflood England in 1066. Until then there was no quarrel between our two lands. Fuck the Norman Invasion!!

I replied

Indeed one vile act begets another, you might extend that thinking to say, we should condemn those who defile an established peaceful border, and claim lands not their own – for selfish greed and benefit, wherever and whenever in history it may occur.

apple 7 for 1 share price split > engage > total douche mode

F-Apple, shareholder investor profits driven behemoth, leading a field of rubbish profiteering design choices, is not making the world a better place, god don’t you hate pointless greed ? with a passion ? this 7 for 1 move is just to make investors and stockholders wet, steve would never have approved, their recent profits are mainly driven by china mobile sales, and a whole new market of 1 billion asian people eager for shiny walled garden – overpriced tech rubbish, who don’t yet realise the bad things apple are doing to open standards tech and civility in general, underdog company – has so fully turned into investor class filth preserver. They’re like a disgusting undemocratic law unto themselves.

Corporate manipulation of the markets, if ever ive seen it.

Apple Lightning connector is nought more than a crap highly proprietary peripheral-drm USB2 variant

Apple deciding to bast**d-ise and make their own proprietary version of a perfectly good standard like USB2 is astounding, the lightning connector isn’t even USB3 speeds capable?, and the majority of the costs in its production revolves around apple installing unnecessary protection chips into the cable so they can if they wish turn on cable style peripheral/DRM protections to prevent you using 3rd party cables or bring up a warning to threaten you with the idea that your cable is generic so as to force its customers pay £25 for an overpriced USB2 variant that should basically be generic USB3 by now, We need to get the european parliament on this this sort of thing , so they can do something useful for a change rather than waste our money. This is just price gouging and corporate interest style protectionist racketeering in my opinion. I Mean if they want to create a new connector at least make it USB3 capable and magnetic attach like the mag connector, so that docking doesn’t involve physical insertion, just resting style magnetic attach, everything in this world, design wise now seems to be so heavily compromised by greed and stupidity ? Open standards people thats whats in human interest.

I posted this review to the apple UK store … does it appear there ? you must be f**king joking ;) apple doesn’t mind reviews as long as they are positive ? ie apple are a massive censor – who censor everything that makes them look bad, basically apple websites are fantasy land where only promotion of apple can appear, certainly 1 star reviews no longer seem to make it through the apple censor.

general review of lightning cables out there

dissection of lightning cable revealing peripheral digital rights chips no doubt making the cables pointlessly expensive

If anyone would like to argue apple have historically made good connectors please argue with this photo below >

apple cable quality dock connector

when a forum member asks is lightning connector USB3 based i write for the poor soul >

“Yup I know its hard to believe that lightning connectors are USB2 based but I’m afraid … they are, the first USB3 products were released in Nov 2009, and then apple goes and releases a highly proprietary USB2 based connector standard in september 2012 ? But that is the Apple approach for you, make something average then market the hell out of it, thats why cable based iphone backups or restores are so awfully slow when it comes to gigabytes of data, I’d blame apple, if I were you, sooner or later wireless AC maybe quicker than physical cables, the speed at which apple are adopting reasonably priced cable standards.”

does apple allow this to be published ? NO !

so I alter it to this >

“Yup I know its hard to believe that lightning connectors are USB2 based but I’m afraid … they are, the first USB3 products were released in Nov 2009, and then apple goes and releases a highly proprietary USB2 based connector standard in september 2012 ? But that is the Apple approach for you, make something average then market it to the high heavens, thats why cable based iphone backups or restores are so awfully slow when it comes to gigabytes of data, thank apple, if I were you, sooner or later wireless AC maybe quicker than physical cables, the speed at which apple are adopting reasonably priced cable standards.”

and yes that is publishable. Apparently the words “hell” or “blame” must be excluded in the apple censorship book, didn’t realise theyre believers in fictional post life punishment realms ? or they think blame isn’t something that should be allowed to exist ? especially no doubt when it might be directed at apple.

The looking gLa’ss – trajectory of a mind

I think lee couldn’t let go of the difference between the minds unlimited sound realisation, and that which must be pinned down linearised and single form crystallised, so as to be dragged into reality, but like you say, nearly ‘all versions’ still display the underlying quality of the compositions, brilliant music , ‘looking glass’ having all the fundamental quality’s of great poetry, as well as musical genius.

Never Walk Alone

Is this really 1992 ? through the filter of time it somehow seems primitively more innocent and further back, sadly all the decay, and the opportunity it offered has been robbed from everywhere in the UK to make way for private wealth and property speculation, this program hints how many naive musical dreams must die, to birth just one in true flight unto the air. All these people embracing some fatalist disenfranchised romantic view for a chance at something bigger. At 38:00 the code word “community” being used for an entitlement spit was full of vinegar and little merit, the grown musical natives shown here, who chanced the path of music, seem accepting of the risks and don’t look to blame anyone, a lovely snapshot of british people culture, which has sadly largely passed, none the less – overall brilliant – a nice document of time, cheers for uploading it.

All things are born on the decaying muck of the past, if nothings decayed theres little opportune ground for things to be born upon.

dissection and review of lightning connectors in general >

Apple cost their customers with future compatibility with USB3 delivery 2.5 years late

Apple cost their customers dear with future compatibility with USB3 delivery, as they were 2.5 years late to put it on their computers,

    The USB Promoter Group announced the release of USB 3.0 in ‘November 2008’

, apple had from this moment the opportunity to begin the process of implementing it in its products, the first usb3 peripherals and products shipped in november 2009 and january 2010.

    But the first apple devices to have usb3, came out in June 2012 and the first imacs in october 2012!

    Effectively macs were late to the usb3 party, by 2 and half years by any measure, if not 4 years late from the promotor groups announcement.

USB3 may not be the worlds greatest standard, but it is very cost affective per port compared to apple thunderbolt, which apple pushed in advance of USB3, what do I use my thunderbolt ports for today you might ask ? As little more than fancy DVI outputs ! for two monitors, thunderbolt is overpriced and under-delivering in terms of utility or fruitfulness, except for a high end market that is not representative of many a general ordinary apple consumer, which apple seems to have forgotten.

Add still today in 2017 apple are offering only USB2 on nearly all of their iOS devices! apples lighting port has not been upgraded to USB 3 speeds except I believe for the pro line of ipads!

On USB2 imacs like my mid 2011 you are limited to a maximum of (480 MBps protocol speed) ie around 48 megabytes as second transfers speeds to an iphone via lightning, alternatively over wireless AC regardless of acclaimed headline maximums speeds like 1100 MBps per second from a two foot apart with direct air line of sight best case scenario between devices and router, most people might realistically get around 400Mbps from a wireless AC router, so really still just around 40 Megabytes a second via iTunes wifi syncing might be expected, where as the the storage internal to an iphone 6s plus 128gb can write at over 279 megabytes a second, transferring data from macs to ios devices(except the pro ipad) is therefore inordinately and antiquated-ly slow compared to most android phones.

I feel that much of this is deliberate in that apple don’t really want you transferring data at acceptable speeds between your computer and your iphone, they want you to use it as a media consumption device and to pay for and download everything on your devices from their – cashtill stores. Also their single chip storage designs means that although read speeds with nvme express maybe good on their phones since the 128gb models onwards upto say 1.8 gigabytes a second, until their chips are multi channel or more chips and address lanes are used – write speeds on 128gb models around 270 Megabytes a second- wont match read speeds pace. as single chips designs will always have limited performance unless bespoke designed internally.

imac USB placement and height adjustability … why oh why apple ?

its not irrelevant … where a button is placed, power buttons on the back, what do I hate about imacs ? having to fumble blindly round the back to find a USB port because the idiots at apple couldnt place one on the side even ? or make the screen height adjusteable ? how many people have to prop their imac up on things – books etc ? BAH apple make bad design decisions all the time.

Why the new mac pro is the death knell of standards and compatibility

agreed its take-apart-able, agreed the screws are normal types, agreed its upgradeable with apple parts, but almost all of the unitary components are bespoke non industry standard elements, I’d give it a 6 out of 10 because its not using any industry standard parts, and they are apple proprietary no other manufacturer can make parts for this design without paying apple therefore its hindering human progress, industry standards based parts are what we should all be investing in. And access to these Apple parts will only be available to companies apple authorises, this will disable the average purchaser repairing hardly any part of this machine ! you want a replacement fan … that will be $250 … you want a PCI-E SSD that will be $550 … you want a graphics card to go in it, that will be $1200 … you need a new power supply that will be $600 and way more outside the US, plus labour at an apple repair centre ? how much less does any of the industry standard equivalent parts cost ? its an efeet ‘workstation’ for people on ‘workstation budgets’ who like all their ‘storage external’ ?, even supposed professionals have limited budgets and make cost optimal choices, the difficulty for apple is their is nothing between this and an imac for the budget conscious self upgrading modifying prosumer level, except a PC architecture based machine. not everyone is obsessed with aesthetics primarily and making everything slim tiny and micro above all else.