americans 300 million people = shoot to kill policy by police

the guy was warned … tased and then shot six times, have the american police not heard of wounding someone ? set the dog on you had on him ? hit him with a baton ? shoot him in the thigh ? at least, get him down and cuff the guy and get him off to hospital to recover until his psychological derangement has shifted to more normal pattern when in prison. I suppose this is the true measure 300 million people, whats the loss of one public threatening spade wielding nut ? he was once somebodys son.

Review : Seven Samurai

An arthouse film worth its plaudits and commendations, watch it now > 8/10, i dont need to describe in detail whats this film is about, because is such a good film you wont be dissappointed by just ignoring this review and watching it, great japanese acting perfomances in this film, the characters are beleivable tangible, a film where you cant see the acting, the characters are so well embodied.

JUST go WATCH this film right NOW :)

sword and sworcery by superbrothers

a clever game :

this game is like it has all my favourite game influences, theres a pixel dash of ibm pc “kings quest” with a soupson of “journey to the planets” from the atari 800xl, its got atmosphere and slickery and audio lushness of the amigas “another world”, it also has some of the charm and geometric wierdness of “systems twylight” on the old mac / ppc, what with bears that hum the david brent dance, and other little game and joke references, and great heap of tranquil ambience and sublime music. This developers needs giving allot more money to see what other worlds they can come up with id love to inhabit this world some more, in some kind of parallax stereo 3d pixel foggy radiosity version, on a 30″ screen :).

over 2000 nuclear tests have been conducted

I think its worth the public knowing that over 2000 nuclear explosive tests were conducted and people are worried about nuclear war, seems like we already had one ? wtf can they have been learning form this overtesting mentality ? surely 20 tests might have done the job but over 2000 ?

the americans in particular were willy nilly knocking these tests out wtf were they doing for christs sake ? its like they were having side orders of nuclear tests with every fries sold or something ? seriously a heinous and egregiously uneccessary amount of tests were conducted it was as though america and russia were running a ‘who can out test each other book’ or something ? its ridiculous ? and over 300 atmospheric tests ? the americans polluted ‘our shared’ global atmosphere without so much as asking any world citizens or even theyre own countrymen whether this was right or not, if any proof were needed of the ego of nations maybe nuclear testing totals are the ultimate proof of how egotistical a country is ?

galliano : i bet he stumbled when he got up from that table

Well its not a security camera, the camera quite obviously belongs to those who he said this rubbish to ? man if you ever need any evidence as to why not to drink and interact with people when darkly drunk and messed up which galliano quite obviously is here ? this is it. Galliano is providing a clear demonstration of how terrible someone looks and in this case sounds when drunk.

they were trying to ilicit something with “are you blonde”, theres a prior to this conversation weve all missed, as they must have switched their camera phone on belatedly. As soon as they realised what dynamite drivel was pouring from his mouth, they certainly seem to be enjoying filiming him make an idiot of himself. to be honest this drunken rubbish is going to ruin his career, but he doesnt look like hes enjoying it much anymore, he truly needs to go for a very long walk.
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