The benefits system breeders continue claiming F*****G unabated

Thus usual story I’ve got a dick or a vagina and im gonna make the rest of you c***s in society pay for my use of it, with your taxes to the tune of £72,000 a year in benefits … C***S … C***S … C***S why does anyone bother with trying to make money the honest way when you can steal it wholesale with the complicit help of the government private landlords and councils who appear not fit for purpose.

and there the other breeders who pack em in so tight, the tragedy of loss in fire is so much more, when a fire breaks out which seems to be a common and recurring phenomenon worldwide according to this search

add another pointless breeder to the list

Jesus he comin to save you … not

Oh Da Jesus he coming to save you in the form of a missionary, yes the missionary is a spirit there to eat you, please eat him first before he opens his lying mouth or shows you his contradictional book of rubbish, you have lived in harmony with your environment for thousands of years, & jesus did not bring or invent the medicine, good human beings invented the medicine, The jesus people would ask you to pray to a fictional character, written by poor authors, some kind of star hippy in sandals.

Tribe first contact white man

Thanks for sharing … fascinating, 1 year from this point the tribe cant make fire without matches ? are they acting as though the rice is like a drug ? If this is real, these people must have the most world shattering day of their lives both good and bad, I doubt things were ever the same from this point onward for them. Did they become smaller in their own world by the sudden expansion of their horizon ?

New royal mail pricing model changes…

My problem is your pricing model, its one thing to increase the cost of stamps so heavily, But the minimum price of 2nd class packet post means you have now moved the minimum price to send anything other than a large letter to £2.20 2nd class, even a CD costs £2.20 to send in the post, even if it will go large letter, i find the people behind the post office counter, if i say 2nd class defaulting to charging me as packet post all the damn time unless I Remember to tell them “Large letter” explicitly ! when the item will quite clearly fit through a letter box ? now there is such non relative pricing weight wise between 2nd class Large letter and 2nd class Packet post this is an issue?

and its not until I got home and looked at my receipt I saw all these new minimum £2.20 charges all over the receipt ! Please Tell all your counter staff to ask which kind of 2nd class post, and not leave it to their lazy decision making, whichever way this is price gouging on packet post, and how may I ask do hongkong sellers seem able to use theirs and my countrys postal services combined at a lower price than I can from resident within my country ? You may have a pensions black hole to fill, which you wish to plug because you offered too generous a pension scheme with not enough personal contributions coming from the employees to actually provide the benefits they expected to get, that is your problem and I do not wish to pay for such fiscal imprudence or fiscally unfounded offerings or promises, to make up your deficits.

I dont personally have anything but a state pension, and if I did have a private pension I certainly would not expect anyone else to pay for my pension, I would expect to pay for it myself with my own contributions. Do employees now make realistic contributions ? relative to the pensions they expect to receive at the end ? or are you also expecting to fund those future generous pension payments through gouging future price leaps ? what has the increase been in employee contributions ? or have the unions got you over a barrel and do you just expect to gouge the poster for this pension issue ? is that the solution now ? because I think im now losing any belief or cultural loyalty to the royalmail as a service which is a shame because that will probably mean in the end the loss of heritage and culture and iconic postboxes in the end just because you weren’t honest with your employees as to the contributions they needed to make ?

also the price jump inherent in your pricing means that there is no pricing graduation on parcelforce express or special delivery from 2kg to 10kg this is blatantly also gouging, I shall be complaining to the ombusdman about the non linearity, black spots, humps and bump starts in your pricing model, Your decisions already mean that myhermes is quite obviously better value and they pickup from mine ! for the cheaper price they charge me for parcels above 1kg. between yours and ebays pricing model you are going to mean more perfectly serviceable products going to landfill because the costs of selling and delivering them are too high to justify the time spent selling them … well done.

Other Solutions might just been to have kept packet prices where they were whilst raising the basic letter rate, this would at least have kept packet volume the same, this way I think you will lose cashflow and profits once the packet posting public really comprehend what the cost increases actually equate to in their own pricing model, these changes will lower the volume overall of packet post for you imo. As now quite obviously you dont wish to accept the challenge of modernisation and being competetive for packet post compared to other postal companies, when realistically letter post will shrink more and more due to electronic communication, therefore you will be running the costs of a by foot delivery network without having much parcel traffic or letterpost to send out on it apart from marketing mail people dont want to receive? Also while I’m at it How do I stop you from selling my address, so as to allow junk mailshot companies marketing rubbish, to arrive through my letterbox ? this you seem rather effective at ? not that I wish you to be … Im not sure you deserve the royal mark anymore, but maybe its all just about whether the queen can afford your services ?

linguistic cultural invasion american corporate speak

American cultural invasion through international corporate business

the american way of phrasing an underpaid paid job

“were always looking for young enthusiastic people to join our winning team”

must we subscribe to this philosophy to be employed ?

translated this mean only young people are foolish enough to waste their time doing this job, its minimum wage and if your not enthusiastic initially you wont last more than a week, as the job is dispiriting and staff turnover is high.

can you guess which american franchise vehicle representative said this ?


The problems I have with this is are :

enthusiastic ? I think its really rude to pay people below minimum wage and top it up to above minimum wage with 80p per delivery, to create or deliver pizza’s and then ask them to be enthusiastic ? people dont need to be enthusiastic they just need to do the job well thats all ? Its not british to ask them to grin and be all peppy with it as well, but american franchise business models don’t take into account cultural difference, they think they have the right to F**K with your mentality and spirit also ? and finally sportsmen win, businesses succeed. Winning is such an overused american expression.

dont listen to bad music theres too much good music to excuse you

I think we all need to get better skilled at defining quality, we need to drill down to just the good stuff to leave room for new things and the good stuff we dont know about, We have reached some kind of uber availability of music and to a catalog some estimate at well over 20 million songs spotify does 15 million but to be honest I think it is allot larger if you take into account non commercially released music, which means you would need many many lifetimes to appreciate the music that has already been made, and the crust of new music is often competing and disappearing in the deluge of music already out there, its vitally important we aren’t supporting rubbish musical tastes, because they’re is so much quality music out there past and present that needs supporting especially present artists, so if you have bad musical tastes there is no longer any excuse. And what astounds me is the amount of amazing people generating really quality music that cant make a living at it. but that I guess has always been the case.

Vinx – Rooms in my Fatha’s House

VINX rooms in my fatha's house

VINX rooms in my fatha's house

just been listening to Vinx – Rooms in my Fatha’s House, a blast from 1991 how this consistent, strong, natural and original album didnt get more recognition or chart strongly at the time is beyond my ken, the taste of the public cannot be accounted for, as always listen on decent headphones or HIFI before appraising the merit of this album.

if you dont own this album you can get it here get it here

vinx’s website can be found here, he’s still making wonderful music

here are some sample tracks from youtube to wet your whistle for his inimitable talent :

American Cultural invasion by the backdoor Daily Mail

This appears under a section headed “News” not US ? this is not news its a fluff story and should be in a fluff section not something titled news ? Daily Mail may well have a large American Audience now, and it maybe financially expedient and convenient to create one site for both, but you serve by this measure as cultural destroyers, get this particular part of american culture out of ours, proms and the belief in them are infectious mal-culture, you should not be promoting such tripe subconsciously or otherwise, this is not america its britain for petes sake ! american culture for americans british culture for british your killing our culture with this rubbish. two seperate sites if you cant manage then the daily mail is doomed to be international smush from a cultural perspective, browsing here feels like a lobotomy, so I gues I depart and leave the rot to continue rotting the problem is I cannot see hardly any part of culture that remains english and sane, most now seems scarred by the international agenda and foreign cultures.

adults asylum seeker pretending to be a child attempts to kill foster carer

adult asylum seeker pretending to be a child attempts to kill foster carer

Usual rubbish this culture comes up with now, NET ? there is no net ! there need to be less people evaluating asylum cases and more people in puffa jackets putting them back on planes, its harder for a citizen to get into a PUB than it is to get into the UK. insist anyone entering the UK is photographed at the point of departure, so even if they dispose of their ID and tickets we know who they are and where they came from so we know where to send them back to at the end of the day. all these people are taking the mickey as my brazilian friend explains to me in no uncertain terms. sky tv, a mobile phone and a bike WTF ! In london state funded primary schools Native child attendance is at 30% on average and falling every year – worse in many areas when not averaged. At what point will this nation defend the native people ? the answer appears to be never. the wealthy insular and privileged have no conception of the reality of the situation for the native poor.

2012 imac drip feed – finally features coming weve requested for a long time – non glossy – display input – USB3 ?

Along with the Anti reflective or should they phrase it correctly and admit theyre own mistake and call it “non glossy” ? theyll probably throw in USB3 since thunderbolt is overpriced ? and display input since they removed it on us ? just to mightily anger all the people who just bought the previous model ! GGRRRR