warcraft region transfer the neverending story: the truth about warcraft

warcraft region transfer the neverending saga:

This is my 3rd retort to the blizzard corporate bull-spiel i was emailed as to why region transfer 8 years after the making of the game is still an impossibility ?

Your response was the usual rubbish, I’m not sure why blizzard employ people who have no possibility of garnering the respect of game users, on the basis that as employees they can change absolutely nothing at all ? its just a waste of money to employ such people. it would be better to employ no-one in this capacity, and just say the game is how it is, lump or like it, it would be much more honest … rather than suggesting they have the option of developing another char, in another region version of the game ? oh yes ill just spend another 130 days of my life investing in another online character, so you can tell me its your property !!! christ i can if i want stick my cock in a blender also. I don’t need Continue reading

whats really going on

Like the binary base or foundation of the digital world, Are not all things in the real or psychological realm safely represented … by a queer alphabet of bundles of energy, whose masses attract, repel, disrupt, expand, contract and whose spin can unwind energy on and off each other, or further increase speed of spin or slow each other down, so as to attain or lose a meta kind of mass, so as to effect and interact within the greater space and all those bodies contained their in it, and within this space are all things that can be said to exist in any scientifically determinable sense occur.

And these energys at some scales, whos possible permutations of interactions so vast and incalculable, though pictures Continue reading

The media is a self flagellating monk

the media is a self flagellating monk sometimes its perverse to observe, everybody seems to take offence to everything, everyone needs to man the F**K up and take it on the chin, or this country is finished. If this particular ref whether female or male misinterprets or misperceives, a match situation, then in reality people should be allowed to fucking comment on it !! FULL fing STOP.

I’ts got bugger all to do with sexism. generalisation and even most information thats touted as functional pointed and usefull is mainly just noise and this is with it.

Ebuyer website bugs and issues

LONG but worth reading real website feedback :
browser im using : firefox 3.6.13 on mac os x

Ok this might be the second time i have ordered 2.5″ drives and received 3.5″ drives, so I figure its overdue to put this request in here, for drives to be properly listed within the website.

As my moniker indicates (xxxxxxxxxx), stuff like this makes me feel allot older, because life is too short to tolerate mis-communication wasting both your companys time, and for me more importantly, wasting my time and money, obviously Continue reading

hippy rot

60’s idiot if you ever needed just marginal evidence of how allot of foreign worshipping idiot hippys started the rot in this country, look at this fella.

lived abroad since those times sucking at the tit of a corrupt medieval religious book, what a absolute waste of a life ! But then being the smug englishman that he must be ? subconsciously perceiving his right to take on an assume another cultures identity, unto which he was not born, how pleased his parents must be ? or maybe they were colonialists who went native ? probably of that slightly upper class group, who thought everything primitive eastern was somehow golden.

i guess mohamed is is his guru ?

anjem choudhary needs to go live in a Muslim state

Anjem choudhary making unfounded and bullshit statements, blaming bad evil western culture for gangs of Asians who’ve been gang raping school girls ! Basically idiots are born every day its something we need to be aware of.

Anjem choudhary and his non Muslim western indulging youth, just like Abu hamza who also spent a profligate youth before turning radical, could you please grow up, and if you truly desire to live in a Muslim state then go and live in one it’s not very difficult to achieve, a plane fare will get you there as it did your family here ?

Also he’s another wet sausage who pathetically, steals from the state to pay for his own existence, that’s whys he’s got time to talk crap about this culture.

Saw the fucker in Finsbury park myself the other night, but didn’t cognate it till he passed, I should have turned round and given the shit a peace of my mind, after all he’s so keen on pouring crap in other peoples ears.

Best jamaican restaurant in london ? a hidden gem

As a regular orderer of takeout from this restaurant, im a little worried it doesn’t get enough custom and might be dwindling, this is a selfish interest because, I in fact enjoy the takeaway food immensely at this restaurant, and do not wish to see it dissappear, so im putting my love of the food from there, down on this blog.

The “Hummingbird” in finsbury park : north london is a small jamaican restaurant, that to a large extent is very unassuming, one wouldn’t think the food inside, was so good, whats clever about the food, is the cuisine is delicious yet kind of home made, so for instance the goat curry and fish stew are both delightful, but in a homely way, the food that i have tried has the quality of being out of someones personal kitchen, and to recipes that are sub consciously understood and so deeply ingrained within the chefs imagination, the kind of cooking that is passed on from one person to another, and it is on the food, that this restaurant always wins, the decor is nothing to be spoken of particularly and service seems good, but it is not on these points one would come to the hummingbird, one comes to the hummingbird for the food.

If you want grand service and an immaculate environment then perhaps somewhere else is your best bet, as it is really the experience of dining that your enjoying, some people have complained of the service in reviews on urbanspoon and even holy of holy the coleslaw ? but i dont think they understand that culturally silver service and jamaican food arent synonomous with each other, when it comes to jamaican cuisine it really is about the food and not the service, it tends to be measured by someone you new or remember who made the best this or that, it revolves around a relatives kitchen and what came out of it and how good it tasted.

Not to say that jamaican cuisine, cant have great service because it can, but i never attend a restaurant, purely because the staff are bending over backwards to make me feel like an important person, im not interested in feeling like an important person, nor do i go just for a beautiful interior, a restaurant can have great service and a lovely environment, but if the food isnt the main attraction, I dont go, and where the hummingbird really wins is purely on its food. So with takeaway, you will get just as good an experience with the food as you will with say in the restaurant. the difficulty with the menu in any restaurant is being able to dive around the menu enough to truly get the scope of its cuisine, the stews, the dumplings, the currys, and all the assorted sundries that can be ordered complete the picture, even the drinks can be bespoke if thats your thing, irish moss etc.

I would first of all try the goat curry(probably mutton but heck) or fish stew takeaway and if you like it, then go for a sitdown and try out the rest of the menu. Ok the takeaway menu could be accused of having a fair amount of rice, and not enough sauce No doubt, if you were inclined to perceive it that way, but unlike allot of indian restaurants the rice is not purely there to bulk out the sauce element, the rice and peas, which acompany allot of the dishes is a thing in and of itself, not everything is sparkling on the menu but then i dont think i have ever been in a restaurant where every item on the menu was as great as every other item, as with any restaurant its a matter of finding the things that are great, so often a restaurant is ruined by picking an item from a menu that doesnt delight, and never returning, which is often why i think restaurants could shorten their menu to that they do well and grow from their, which is sometimes why i think fast food that turns into a restaurant can sometime work well, because fast food is so competitive an environment in a big urban city that if you don’t make good food that people like, you will dissappear pretty rapidly. some of the best and tastiest bites come from food stalls that have thrived on delivering one tasty and original food experience, and grown from their.

The Hummingbirds : coleslaw

Its difficult to explain why the coleslaw, also available with the takeaway menu is so good ? I think it comes down to someone making the coleslaw the way they would make it for themselves and have done so for years, who cares about things being done right, which in this age of costco bought mass produced catering size everything is in a way a symbol of the quality of this restaurant, and how even all the sundries in a restaurant, benefit from thought and consideration in their preparation, its a delicate coleslaw, finely shredded with an almost sweet tinge perhaps coming from the carrots or an additional, yet it makes supermarket coleslaw look like a joke product. The coleslaw tasted by itself will tell you what attention, is put into what is served.

I heartily recommend the place, whether to sit down for a meal or just to pop in and get some takeaway, my favourite’s are the goat curry and the red fish stew, but when i find things i like, i tend to stick with them. Its a casual place there is no need to dress up, its a little on the downlow, and a little unassuming, but to me that is part of its charm, but now again I pop in and i think they could do with a little more business which is why im showing its some love on my blog, to counter the few reviews on urbanspoon that were negative.

you will, if your anything like me, find yourself going back again if its nearby to order another takeaway, we should all support those of our local restaurant that though deserved of it, dont have the customer attendance of the timeout rated restaurants that always seem busy beyond their brilliance, those in finsbury park being the pappagone and La-Porcetta, which always seem rammed and to me though pasta and pizza vary in quality it is not something that greatly excites me as a cuisine, though the starter, scallops with warm rocket salad converted to a main in pappagone is particularly good, but if finsbury park were to lose the “Hummingbirds” Jamaican cuisine it would be losing allot.

Hummingbird Restaurant
84 Stroud Green Road
Finsbury Park
London N4 3EN
020 7263 9690

Minecraft virtual CPU, realscale enterprise, the unitary game benefits.

Watch this series explaining minecraft, it will probably mean you wont need to play it, but it will give you a good insight into a game though made of cubes, it has many more possibilitys than most normal games, because its completely formed from a kind of unitary particles or atoms, in minecrafts case a 1m cube of various types, and because of this you can do all sorts of things in this game that normally wouldnt be possible, perhaps in the future the shell like surface nature of models in gaming will we moved over to a solids or atom style basis.