Elite : Dangerous, the daddy of all space sims will get reboot if you pledge to it.

actual test development gameplay footage

dev diary 1 :

amazing stuff, sunflare through asteroids spot on. planet looks lovely.

improvements : albedo of asteroids and crater damage and greater shape variagation, too bright on sunlit sides ie a little white burnout, a little more mid range space dust gasses, softer atmosphere blend to outer space.

please everyone subscribe / pledge to this seminal game reboot


which logo do you prefer ?

Elite Dangerous gold logo

Elite Dangerous gold logo

I think the gold one is ok but looks a little 80’s and firebird reminscent but to me the black logo looks better

Elite 80's logo

Elite 80’s logo

Elite Dangerous Black logo

Elite Dangerous Black logo

I think this dark one is better as Elite is now in its fourth incarnation called dangerous it needs a darker older more tarnished look battle worn even.

one more to consider from a desktop art on a fan site