Apple products crap for repairability and upgradeability

Apples new ethos to make everything unrepairable and non upgradeable, means that ram decisions have to be made at purchase time so they can rip us off for it.

Non removable upgradeable by design in 2012 :


The fundamental design philosophy is to hide the above elements inside objects with impenetrable surfaces for sale, so that the user forgets the idea that it can upgrade or repair anything, meaning the cycle period for them to come back and buy a new product is all the sooner. ;(


Fixed memory at purchase, the iphone ipad storage con is outrageous and extra 16gb of memory should cost an additional £10 at most apple charge an extra £79.99 when going from a 16gb to a 32gb ios device ? and provide no SD card input … total bastards is all one can say, evil incarnate. And now they’re fixing memory in retina macbook pros at birth, regardless of memory chipset capability … absolute horse shit activity 8gb only unless you buy a 15″ retina but even then memory is only upgradeable to 16gb at purchase time and apple will charge you an extra £160.00 for an extra 8gb of memory … shit shit and double shit.


Not externally replaceable, barely internally replaceable – only as a apple service option, not environmentally responsible and so bespoke and weird that the service part is no doubt ridiculously expensive. and probably unjustifiable as an upgrade / replacement expense.


Why Make it so that the displays inside your products can only display the output from the computer that they are embedded into, since computers are the fruit of turings universal machine, the idea that a display is locked into only displaying s specific computer, seems to go against the grain of the universality of bits, displays what ever they are embedded into should always have an input so a external device can connect to them, in order to remain flexible and be called displays. All peripherals Displays included all need to be connected much more like network devices, ie on a network so that any device on a network can connect to them. The lack of target display mode on 2011 imacs was a mistake.


storage in the macbook pros is no longer easily replaceable, and the ssd parts used are often bespoke and difficult to source compatible parts. not great

Apples obsession with thin-ness and extra shareholder orientated money making is causing all these problems, that cash mountain they have, is formed from overpriced memory and ssd upgrades, and high pricing on their product line in general in comparison to other manufacturers. The products generally are hard work to repair, meaning ifixit repairability ratings are really low usually around the 2 out of 10 mark.

It creates a dumber consumer who assumes these limitations are somehow normal.

Why are serial killers so prevelant in america

At least serial killer doccumentarys highlight the immorality of these killers ? look at the violent fictional entertainment americans seem to desire and recreate, which often seems externally, to show indifference to the presentation of criminality and aggression, combined with the approval of selfish patterns, extreme financial pressure, agressive socially and divisive … anything goes culture & increasing wealth gap, combined with a population of 300 million, means serial killers I think are inevitable. Also A higher murder rate to me, means more people cross the threshold of murder itself, meaning a higher percentage of people can from that moral situation walk the short path to not caring about murdering more people.

and lo, behold ye shall hear the sound of a fountain of shit

thanks for reading this it highlights so greatly what a comic invention it is.

the bible … ‘and lo, behold ye shall hear the sound of a fountain of shit’ and the madman in the cassock with his business will lead thee far astray from logic and tax you with pointless ceremony instead of working, and will falsely place himself as the very intermediary between you and god and pass off his own invention of words written in an mad book of laws as those of this higher power.

response to comic book girl in fiction land re flex mentalo

the first premise of the comic, build your masculine body for revenge, man muscles are exploding tits! get it ? oh so f’ing enlightened, thank gawd crummy lummy, I dont enjoy many comics perhaps the furry freak brothers – Sam and Max – larson, my heros are not heros, if flex is “smart comics” I may well live without them. COUGH … kid omega has the same colour hair as you, which is another way of saying people identify with reflections of themselves. when others say of it “Shit, probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. And I read a lot of shit” I think to myself How I try to avoid shit.

Fatty boom boom

interesting video :

my review

its better than gangnam style > had coherence in its form an presentation great sense of dress up, the linguistic diatribe was still pertaining to the archaic rap trinity of money, sex and violence, some nice self aware references to their home audience – “coz we blowing up overseas” i like the highlighting of the fickle mentality of the crowd. Perhaps geting edgier and more politically vigorous and worldly, step up the difficulty level tackle a hard “boner”-fide topic with the same vigour.

Timothy Leary and 60’s philosophy

Timothy Leary statement Manifesto

I propose any philosophy espoused by timothy Leary is propaganda sent from the aged bankrupt 60′s generation who have done more damage to destabilise harmonious people cultures than can be quantified, the entire philosophical viewpoint was that of a break with past a standard youthfull rebellion, a disruption an upturning of the status quo , these activitys are in conflict with the word peace, offering the crimes up of “the white male power manipulators” of the “other generation” as being in some binary and tragically simplistic way, a guilty by default scenario. That endless expression on the 60′s generations lips “the man” like a child asserting there father is to blame, no wonder now to imagine the era we live in today in which unless you are foreign, queer or feminine, you have tragically been born white male western and heterosexual and are thereby assumed guilty racist and fundamentally wrong and flawed beyond recovery and should not have the ear of culture in any sense. and failing by the following qualitys ? Let’s tackle just a few statements –
They are bores:
It is precisely the 60′s generation who sought nought more than their own egotistical gratification under the guise of peace and free love, which I might say was childish and equally boring, as it negated to recognise the true human nature in that although one can try to impose peace and love on humans, in reality, the two qualitys are quite misunderstood, and less dynamic than many other qualitys and should not be considered as idealised philosophys, peace being a static state in an absolute sense, and love being riddled with competition prejudice hope desire loss, disappointment, love being a much more dynamic word is riddled with much darker sinues not readily apparent, to the vapid many who affected the nature of the hippy mindset. They were no doubt many in the 60′s generation who didn’t get a free ride on the love boat who were excluded from it in someway the revolutionary group must always by its nature have a boundary or there is nothing to overturn, and the 60′s revolution ran out of steam once it had been inevitably been commercialised and packaged and the group of subscribers became too large and diverse in philosophy and demographic makeup to hold themselves together and like any psychedelic bubble must burst as any flower has its time in the sun.

They hate beauty ?
Another vapid subjective binarism, after much thought over many years beauty to me means coherence, but to say white man power culture hates beauty ? In what sense ? The media portrays nothing but an endless parade of visual beauty, by the measure of advertising alone it takes the top 10% of the beautiful people and aspirationally projects that over the other 90% who could not achieve such beauty. Why do humans beings endure or even tolerate this presentation because even the ugly are prejudiced subconsciously against the ugly, this is almost hard wired into the psyche of breeding creatures.

They hate sex ?
I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I doubt we have ever lived in a more promotedly or highly and emotionally irresponsibly sexualised era ? Look at the availability of its imagery, the unceasing expansion of the global population on a limited planet, peoples views of the words peace liberty love and sex rarely recognise the conflicting limitations of such words when measured relative to the limited environment we live in. I’d say if there is less sex in existence today it’s not for a lack of its promotion ? It is the population pressure that the free love boomer generation created, that as a hangover today, has begun to stunt young native western populational reproduction, by the scarcity of resource to make it civily viable to the same standard, as was possible for their parents generation, combined with the new rude dribellous longevity of a life, science has enabled. And the fact thate the sense of white guilt that the all things foreign loving 60′s generation has assured the destruction of the grand children of said 60′s generation as a large factor in the breeding populations demographic makeup ? Today, 60′s influenced loved up over immigration, in many cases being the tool of their grandchildrens demise. The 60,s generation were a foam of youthful expense created by a hard fought for excess, they’re parents had worked for through measured and sobre existences. In generations that remained still acutely aware of the sacrifices their anticedents had made for them and their responsibility toward the generations yet to come.
They hate life ?
Whereas of course hippys get to claim the love of life as their property ? Dingbat really . . . all creatures love life it’s three quarters of what most of the problems in the world are over, peoples desire to at minimum cling onto the quality of life they have and perhaps garner a better more fulfilled expanded one most inevitably often whether consciously or not at someone else’s or the environments expense, often something that previous generations taken by borrowing resource wise in a profligate manner from the futures of generations yet to come.

And By the way who are “they” ? Your parents ? Your children ? The ones who didn’t subscribe to the fascist liberalist propaganda you espoused ? The people outside of the group ? Even the hippys had to be triballistic in nature, because that is human nature, just hippys asserted virtue to their group and guilt to others? As most youth movements always do.

I almost consider it beneath my intellect to make a critique of such declarational manifestos, as by their form alone and the fickle nature of words, and the boldness of their presumptions, must inevitably be heavily flawed. Though as with all good binary story fiction must be riven with some bright quality metal to philosophically headlining simplistically attract the minds eye, yet always attempt to make too much of their own statements.

True statements are often quiet and subtle in their true nature, often compromised toward many objectives which when viewed in parallel and in context of the group which democratically believe and espouse in them, will sum in a diffuse way to an enhancement of the groups existence in general.

Best rucksack in the world

let me save you allot of research, if you want a lightweight rucksack, with a breathable off the back backsystem with frame and 58 litres of storage will cover you, then look no further than the osprey exos 58 rucksack, weighing in at at 1.14 kg it is the best rucksack money can buy with its feature set.

I prefer the green version but your preference

Apple the new wave, total patent whore, US Patent office a patent farce which acts as lackey to any US corporate interest

lets be patent about this(pun intended), apple would patent the sun if they could, they are total idiots and the US patent office is a lackey to overpowered corporate interest, it should not be possible to patent hand movements interacting with screens ? its ridiculous, this is limiting human evolution not enhancing it.

Does the US Patent office grant patents regardless of prior art ? Can anyone post the minority report in 2002 let alone earlier prior art demonstrating things, apple seem to patent freely because of sheer money and legal resource, come up with a patent that just patents all the hand movements shown in said film or does publicly known prior art not count for anything against such patents, lets face it pinch to zoom or rotate, this principle must have been demonstrated many times prior to this patent being applied for by apple in various art forms, yet apple are now claiming they invented something novel enough to warrant patenting it, this is ridiculous, same with the patent for an array of icons in a grid ?!?!?! Apple are beginning to suck harder than a medal winning prostitute. It’s also a further and clear demonstration that legal power and money is what the patent office responds to it is not a system that is open to all.

imagine if a company tried to patent, moving a mouse up and left as a user gesture, and barred all other companies from using it in their product, that effectively is what pinch to zoom and two finger rotate are, their user interactions, you should not be able to patent user interactions like this, what apple are trying to do here is limit the available screen interactions of users on devices other than apple, so that if an android person places their two fingers on a screen it does nothing. yeah that sounds like limiting human evolution to me if ever I heard of it.

likewise any sense would tell you a grid array of icons on a screen should not any longer be patentable.

Screw Apple
Screw the US patent office which are making themselves look farcical, by agreeing to such moronic patents, sooner or later the US patent office is going to cause the whole patent system globally to collapse, whereby everyone will just ignore each others patents completely, embargo’s no doubt ensuing. to be honest I think we should abandon patent and operate on a first to market and popularise principle ? It would work just as well once company’s got used to the idea. As at the moment we are allowing corporations the right to all ideas versus the individual just on the basis of power and money alone.

Screw the system which is quite obviously biased in favour of US corporations who have inordinate amounts of time and money to spend on lawyers and litigation

Lets get back to a system that prizes the pace of human and not corporations.

Apple OS X resolution independance … whatever

Yep sounds like Apple, who apparently spend more on patents than R&D ? why dont we copyright scaling Os’s after all nobodys patented that before ? and before you accuse me of being a hater, I’ve been using apple since the Apple II. Bitmap icons at 1024 x 1024 seems highly expensive file size wise, I think I’d prefer vectors at that size, dependant of course on which has the smaller file size, no doubt apple won’t be efficient about it. But Apple dont mind making your hardware unnecessarily redundant, ((take my early intel Quad core Mac pro not running ML) which I can get to boot ML if I hack it with chameleon ?)). We were promised resolution independence two os’s ago, I’ll believe it when I see it. If the menu bar doesn’t scale, and things dont scale harmoniously together it wont cut the mustard for me. Im beginning to lose faith that they can ever fix all the bugs in OS X. Lion and Mountain Lion were both nighmare upgrades for someone who does Tech support for a living & caused me immense grief in collaborative work environments, OS X is turning into the OS where all the fixes are either in the command line, arcane hidden preferences or out of the users control. I think they need to start afresh with a new hardcore GUI based operating system, its feeling too obviously like unix re-skinned.

Review : Southland Tales, director Richard Kelly

Review : Southland Tales, director Richard Kelly (of Donnie Darko infamy)
This film try’s to reach with too much scope toward too many themes, too many genres … Sci-fi / Comedy / Drama etc packed in here supposedly, but each seems to defeat the others possible movement, I can see/feel what is being attempted here, but sadly it doesn’t come off in the wash. Any great creative if they’re lucky foolhardy or ambitious enough, will probably attempt something like this film once in their career if they’re worth they’re salt, only to crash land in the wreckage of their own ambition and desires, this is not to say that films like this shouldn’t be made as its important directors and writers reach and stretch themselves, but it must be recognised when they don’t come off. Whether films do or don’t come off as it where is somehow separate from the attempting to make such films, that said what lessons can be learnt ?

The issues:

Casting :
The cast is too diverse seems too much a miscellany or hotch potch, and is peppered with actors who could rarely be taken seriously, and who all come with too much baggage and connotations and known character styles they fail to escape from. Maybe the budget was too large and the choices and options too various and everyone was pulled in ? but none the less it doesn’t seem to work, half the dialog seems to be between actors fearfully wooden and self conscious of their screen presence or ones who’ve misconceived or who have no clue as to what kind of film they’re partaking in. as though at some points the actors think they’re in a comedy an then they alternate to thinking they’re in a serious film with mystical dialogs, in a way this film is self defeating at every turn. This must have been quite painful for Richard Kelly to make as he must have been hoping he could somehow pull it together in editing or something. Previously richard has perhaps been known for lesser known actors starring in his works, which adds to the sense of fresh realism, an alternate but plausible version of our reality, and the choice to use all these mainstream actors somehow kitchify’s and addles the work all but completely. Stops it working as a whole it becomes some kind of pastiche patchwork of parts that could never be made to work with each other and the conflictory enjambment seems almost continuous. In Donnie with its central role and and hungry relatively unknown actor Jake Gyllenhaal who came with little screen baggage … presence wise, things worked believably.

Too many Influences moods elements:
This film lies very uncomfortably somewhere between twin peaks, brazil, the fifth element with some kind of sunny californian cinematographic soap feel of say baz lurhmans ‘romeo and juliet’, and some touched attempts at lebowski esque surrealism, they’re is an underlying theme of media induced societal schizophrenia and a heavy dash of conspiracy and distrust leading overall to the ‘no story effect’ where no discernible gripping parables or human messages maybe discerned, and those plots employed seem somehow throwaway, other story elements that are rammed into this film include – oil crisis, world war 3, post nuclear, terrorism, media control, doppleganger’s, 4th dimensional rifts, alternative energy, new wave drugs, the list goes on like some over engorged list of thematic ideas.

The narration:
Like Bladerunner … if you need to stick narration in, most often it means something is very wrong or the studio don’t understand your film and are worried about it. It certainly doesn’t help the viewers belief in the tangibility of the world presented, although the other flaws in southland tales are such that even without narration it still refuses to work.

obviously richard can write and direct but in this case the film falls over itself.

good bits:
The opening suburban celebration barbecue scene – pre the narration, seems perhaps like the sting the film was sold on, the mood is genuine and interesting up to that point, the barbecue house scene almost seems totally real no doubt documentary no actors involved to balls it up, and develops high expectations of the film to follow post the nuclear explosion, the commencement of the explanation and narration to set the scene for the film seems to be a complete disconnection, and at this point a second film starts riddled with hollywood style over inflated fake knackery.

I’d best end here an say this film will be interesting to those who study film, to see what happens when reaching too far or scope creep occurs with a large budget in the hands of an ambitious creative who both writes and directs a film and has all the options he wants available to him. Often limitations lead to more originality.

Interesting to note the cast are in reverse order of magnitude on the credits, as though to reduce their recognition and identification with the film. perhaps this was a post the rushes choice on they’re part ?