retort to a housing benefit claimant

agreed Allison not all housing benefit tenants are bad tenants, buts what wrong with the system is not whether they are bad tenants or not, it’s about the abuse that is culturally created between the housing benefit claiming class and the speculative buy to let landlord set, between them they are screwing over all the taxpayers who can’t afford homes.

because :

1 housing benefit is a direct transfer of wealth by taxation from people who may not be able to afford a home but pay taxes, to people who use property as a capital growth investment or income stream rather than working, and can’t actually afford to directly pay the mortgages themselves from their own finances, without the taxpayer or other non home owning private renter paying the mortgage of this speculative investment for them. And better than private tenants, council tenant’s means the council will pay for the upkeep of your property for you ? win win ?

2 enclosing more of the available property up into the buy to let market, into fewer wealthy people’s hands pushes the price of property further away from those wishing to get on the ladder, so not only are those who pay taxes but can’t afford a home subsidising those wealthy who own many homes which they rent as an investment, they are also inadvertently by that aid helping to increase the value of those homes the landlords let to the council at the taxpayers expense making them wealthier still and able to afford more buy to let mortgages, as the inevitable increases due to limited supply and extreme demand occur, like a ratchet buy to let landlords have been better positioned to swallow up a higher proportion of the available homes in the country away from those not yet on the property ladder but paying taxes.

3 Being that the council pays housing benefit on the basis of property values in a given area, and they have a european based obligation to house people in the areas they claim, with little regard to the expense in the area or the cost to the taxpayer this system has also increased council tax most in the areas where more people claim benefits making private poorer owners heavier burdened than areas in which a higher proportion of house ownership exist, usually wealthier areas and wealthier people who also proportionally have an ability to afford more council tax, the council has enabled landlords to charge near the maximum potential, because they already know the cap up to which, the council is prepared to pay, thereby defeating the idea of the free market, creating further heat in the buy to let market as the maximum rewards are known in advance of a buy to let property purchase for speculative gain, and the length of council house waiting lists are so large and demand so high, and it is also known that a tenant who can find a private landlord below the cap willing to rent to them can effectively force the council to enable them to live in that property at the maximum of the cap ? effectively a rent guarantee which prevents the rental price from floating in a free market.

4 The selling of council houses at discount by Thatcher, generous and well-intentioned though it was, created an unforseen increase in the quantity of people perceiving renting and being a landlord and renting property, as the ultimate way to attain money in life, secondarily debilitating and diminishing the belief in reward through working at a job, because through property the rewards were much greater, and the increased diminishment of council owned housing stock has exacerbated this situation even further.

All these things served to create an upward ratchet like increase in property values over the last 30 years.

This process artificially diminishes the supply of available quality homes for poor and first time buyers to live in as homes, as speculative rental investment landlords who have more monetary resource and potential and ready access to the mortgage system to buy said available homes at a higher price, than the first time buyer can afford ? this serves to leverage the market further out of reach of those who do not own homes. In this country you could have not have created a more perfect storm heated version of a real life monopoly games than this through the confluence of the following circumstances ?

1: a guaranteed rental market created by a never-ending social housing list 5 million and growing
2: a european directed council obligation to house people relatively regardless of cost, even without citizenship if claiming asylum, no matter what … in whichever area they wish to live.
3: a council backed rental potential that can be used to sell buy to let mortgages, which is a known value based on and relative to yet even better also tracking in sync with property values in a given area.
4: banks who had nothing to gain from increasing requirements on borrowers, due to that limiting their potential lend and charge interest, hence 100% mortgages occurring, greedily perceiving the property market as having more growth potential than standard stocks and shares.
5: The bank of england … bouyed by the banks growth inadvertently creating a further economic bubble by creating a lending boom by holding bank of england base rates at artificially and unrealistically low levels 0.5% etc because of the perceived economic property based boom they themselves were helping to create.
6: Hiding the true inflationary cost of existence by not including the most expensive item in the basket … “a roof over your head” ? yet at the same time positively encouraging the culture of home ownership.
7: This hidden inflation devaluing savings and investment of most kinds, leaving property as the only perceivably worth while investment to be made ?
8: Rental income perceived as a cleaner faster way to make money, than create genuine economically tangible valuable stable industrial activity through entrepreneurialism with potential for export.
9: The property boom fuelled an influx of border migrating wealthy Europeans to get in on the perceivably guaranteed growth potential of the british property market increasing heat further.
10:Open borders economic migrational policy and expansion in foreign student based higher education due to academical institutional monetary greed, also created further heat in the rental market, further hardening the buy to let market
11:The value of the council maintaining private landlords property’s for them who rented to council tenants, further hardened the value proposition for buy to let landlords

No correction in house prices will occur, until :

(A) Inflation has been adjusted to take account of the ignored mega growth of value hidden in property values, that the house owning has secreted away from financial scrutiny and stolen from the rest of the functional economy.

(B) Interest rates will due to this inflational correction (A) , need to be set at realistic levels in line with where banks are currently placing their interest rate levels to consumers (up to 30% on credit cards) whilst ? simultaneously receiving free credit from the bank of england at 0.5%!), so as to steal back value from the saver being offered 0.5% interest on savings, to cover their own profligate asses from the loss they created by running so fiscally and devastatingly and imprudently for so long whilst driving various institutions into the ground and thirdly over this entire period shovelling money out of the backdoor into their own private wealth buckets through bonuses culture, whilst lying about their own effective performance during this bubble creation.

(C) all property ratchet drivers 1-11 will need to be examined to detach their influence on the market so that true value can be assessed ( unlikely to occur to much vested interest )

(D) best multiple strike solution on this problem :
• financial penalties on multiple property ownership for those who have not paid off a certain proportion of their mortgages
• no solid council rent maximums the rent cap 25% below market value
• no free maintenance of private rental property by the council
• no guarantee to be housed in a specific area
• capped maximum benefits per annum at least 25% below average annual wage at maximum
• rigorous and proper checks on the ability of potential borrowers to pay off a mortgage
• no interest only mortgages
• no buy to let mortgages for people who do not have the income to pay for them
• ban 100% mortgages have minimum deposit values
• cap all immigration
• limit asylum seekers access to free housing
• increasing financial penalty for multiple home ownership per extra unrented home, non linearly increasing in cost beyond two homes.
• make bank of england base interest, inter bank lending rate track offset below overage bank consumer credit interest rates, thereby limiting profiteering of savers backs. reduce this disparity

This has also created a system where the aged home owning disenfranchise the young none home owning, and those people whose parents own homes and who will act as the bank of mum and dad, have much greater chance of entering the property market thereby creating and further entrenching system of limited mobility property wise, which disenfranchises and further divides our culture so that a few already wealthy, and not necessarily a very productive set, may flourish further with less actual entrepreneurial labour within out culture and pass the benefits of the stability of a family home down to their children.
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The hideousy of the female transformation

The hideousy of the female transformation, the power of makeup to mask like transform the face and how fakery has become the norm of human female appearance ?

Why age and plastic surgery make a bad mix

perhaps why growing old gracefully is a good idea ? plastic surgery does not go well on the face after 50 ?

what an actual mask her made-up / fake face is, a few smears of a tissue reveal the reality which probably looks worse than if she had just left her face alone, at least it would have some natural if aged integrity ?

UK Foreign Origin Benefits Claimants

371,000 foreign nationals when entering britain, now residing in britain are claiming benefits

371,000 x £26,000 per annum = 9.646 billion pounds ? per annum

These figures in now way account for the children born here from these immigrants claiming off the benefit system ?

David Cameron makes a good speech at the ECHR

David Cameron makes a good speech at the ECHR

I have about as much faith in the british QC Sir Nicolas Bratza that resides at the ECHR’s head, as a sail boat with wet tissue paper for a hull, he’s no doubt ? some über liberal wealthy type whose as a QC has been overpaid his entire life, and lives in an isolated social bubble which enables him to sustain his artificially sustained personal philosophy’s of fascist imposed hyper liberalism, that wouldn’t take long to break with the right exposure to real british culture, who no doubt ? runs from his secluded private detached house to the train catches the eurostar and comes back again all the while avoiding a real view of britain ? except that which he’s sees on television. It’s either that or maybe the bureaucrat lives in Strasbourg at great euro taxpayer expense for stretches at a time ? you can see him in the wikipedia link above, shaking hands with a catholic bishop at some ridiculously secluded and catholic / law event, where supposedly intelligent logical human beings from the field of law seek guidance and approval from the catholic faith under some ancient hideousy called the “Red Mass”, no doubt descendant, from when that colonialist business empire known as the “Catholic Church” had more dibs on this country’s and many other’s destinies than they should have done. Religion should be separated from democracy and law … FULL STOP, no overlap it’s not democratic nor becoming of a supposedly evolved species like our own. Little shindigs like the Red Mass should be purely ceremonial or cultural heritage, the problem is when powerful people get together under whatever guise, there is bound to be a distorting influencing effect. The bishop already has an individual vote his influence should be no more than that on democracy.

BAE cutting staff again, and blames taxpayers military spending cuts.

Thank goodness for military cuts ?

BAE cutting lots of staff ? why ? because they only made £2.21billion profit ! ie they’re profits were only up 0.8% on 2010 WTF !?
And what do they blame they’re so called lack of performance on ? The fact that the taxpayer basically funds these companies so that shareholders can make a profit, and they’re losses are due to taxpayers giving them less tax money for free ! to make profits on, for theyre shareholders. Fiscally whichever way you look at it these companies are dependant on tax revenues for theyre existence, and so are all the employess, but worse the shareholders are basically leeches sucking up tax revenues.

The fact that manufacturing weapons regardless of the scientific or intellectual merit involved is fundamentally a morally bankrupt idea for human progress unless we count human depopulation through military violence programs as a good thing for the success of our species overall ? I mean seriously why is taxpayers money being wasted on this pointless shit ? all those researchers and scientists intelectual strength that does exist at firms like BAE should be diverted into creating a silicon valley in this country, no building, more shit weapons at the taxpayers expense for the profit of shareholders. Making our own silicon valley would benefit british taxpayers more than weapon systems manufacturers.

Fundamentally BAE cant class themselves as a private company, purely because the majority of they’re earnings stems from the governments of the world’s tax revenues, ie indirectly or not they’re just another syphillitic leach on tax revenues. After all what other private entitys are allowed to buy weaponry ? It’s only governments that buy weapons therefore its only taxpayers that are footing the bill ?

RBS are a bunch of total cunts !

No bonus allowed if there aren’t any profits … judged as a whole operation, it would seem to make sense to me ? and we the majority public shareholder should decide if there are any bonuses to be paid ? when there are profits. This seems relatively simple to deal with Mr cable ? Write the bill and push it through parliament, as long as those super fascist liberal fogies dont kick the bill in the nuts like they did with the benefits cap !!! peers you better not fuck democracy over again ! in changing anything for the better in this country.

Message to the ECHR

Yes im ‘other’ ! as in … a citizen who pays your wages !
And I note you so cannily as all organisations that feign care, but have no actual option to complain or give feedback under the websites ‘You wish to:’ selection. Thereby basically prove by that measure that you are a completely undemocratic organisation.
I am writing to express my disgust, as to how your court seems to be abused, to enable my country to be used as a safe haven by undesireables, the latest ruling your fascist liberalist central european agenda seems to set on dictating to us, is the british citizenry of Abu Qatada. Your forcing me as an englishman to be dictated to, above and beyond the limited democracy I have actually voted for in my own country, which resides in westminster, by a bunch of european bureaucrats, I despise your activity it does not benefit me, your entire operation is a waste of tax money in my opinion and I would have you abolished we do not need a central european court system overriding national courts. If I had my way I would close your courts and half of the european bureaucracy completely. Please Understand As an actual british native (800 years of traced heritage in this fair isle) who lives in the minority in London due to 40 years of over the top mass immigration and multiculturalist agenda… I hate you ! and all that you stand for, because you seem only to respect the so called human rights of those who explicitly appeal to your court. Against the human rights of those silent majority who will have to foot the bill of you liberalist ego preening generosity ! you are destroying the fabric of the people culture in my country.
Now you have heard the voice of a genuine individual from a country, not some sequestered cloister of champion uber liberals, vying to see who can be more liberal than the other at the expense of others, living in isolated ivory seclusion in the centre of europe away from the results of your decisions. I predict you will not understand this statement.

This country is turning to shit when someone like Gary Mckinnon is being extradited, and we cant ged rid of Abu Qatada ! because of the ECHR.