alternative and cheap UK courier services comparison review ?

looking at the cheap alternative delivery services versus royal mail, some on the web may seem allot cheaper, but if you compare truly like for like then its a different matter.

Lets take a parcel that fits under the medium royal mail parcel size (61cmx46cmx46cm) and under 5kg in weight including tracking and signed for including £100 insurance, for instance allot of laptops fit into this bracket :

Royal mail express parcel express 48 HR tracked and signed for will do this and upto £100 compensation:

COST: £12.99 including the price rise from 1 April 2014

Parcel2go including collection from the door I presume tracked (I’m not sure signed for) delivered by UPS “including upto £100 compensation:

COST: £14.79

interparcel UK standard which is effectively a UPS delivery, strangely wont tell you the full price until you’ve made the booking as the selection of collection time seems final and comes prior to selecting insurance signed for etc and being shown the full price ? and also additional insurance costs more and only has increments of KG for weight selection. but the inc Vat price before £100 insurance has even been additionally selected ?

COST: £13.18

myhermes:Ok MyHermes are cheap for sure but theyre insurance policy seems to exclude insurance on almost everything ? insurance for instance does not cover any electrical items at all? which must rule them out of lots of ebay transactions ? in fact theyre are so many exclusions im not really sure what you can send via them and still claim on the insurance if damaged or lost in transit ? which is why there price is so low but since the insurance is basically void for anything electrical im not sure they’re price really counts unless you don’t need insurance of any kind?

COST: £7.68

I have excluded yodel from this comparison as I had so many issues with yodel by personal experience and collection from parcel shop services or delivery centres, though very good are not delivery to the door etc.

“High Speed Broadband” yeah right – the end of net neutrality we will get it – i.e. when its worthless

Gigabit ethernet 1000Mbps was ratified in 1999
and BT want me to thank them for providing a network speed that doesn’t even reach 100base T / 100Mbps speeds ? introduced in 1995

Basically we need to congratulate them on providing 20 year old network standards to our houses as high technology ?

Im sure in the media boardrooms they fear giving people unfettered gigabit ethernet speeds ? what would they do if they could download at 100Mb a second, The media rights industry trembles, the reason you don’t have it is they fear to give it you, I guess when they can filter control and limit your access to the internet utterly, is when they will offer it ie when its pointless to have it, after all unfiltered untampered and unfettered data access to a global packet neutral data network is too scandalous to offer anyone … right ?

sheep we are withnal

Godus beta 2.0 feedback

People need to watch this video before diving into 2.0, because some of the subtle changes aren’t as obvious when you just dive in like I did. Im gonna be straight, im not sure as a god why I have to collect belief manually from roof tops ? the reasoning for that – still alludes me ? belief is an ephemeral thing it is surely as a god, transmitted to me automatically by a hidden instantaneous medium ? I should not need to manually collect it from roof tops, this is a step back from populous and populous II in this respect ? or why followers cant build steps up or down from places slowly by themselves ? I don’t like the idea that I destroy trees and rocks and followers get no benefit from that resource ? if they utilised it themselves they would ? build wood huts stone houses ? the sticker / card album isn’t my preference nor the number of screens that popup or animations over the top of the world and its gameplay, diverting me from that activity, telling me about every seemingly minor achievement, and allot of the interface elements still seem to be a standardised scale as though they’re being built for handheld devices mainly, maybe a preference to halve or double the timeline cards in size ? or scale interface size or completely alter it etc which is say auto set at start depending on what platform the game is being run on. Also I would prefer the limitation on my GOD powers to be limited by only one thing > belief ? as belief increases every Power increases automatically, so that gameplay isn’t artificially eked / teased out by me having to find endless stickers or cards in chests to be able to do anything, make civilisational advances the things > that are discovered. I don’t really enjoy endless collecting games ? finding felt in underwater chests in the sea seemed to make no sense to me in the last version presumably that is now gone ? also with the new stickers No one cant tell the logic of which sticker applies to which card ? better to just auto apply such stickers ? Does the player get pleasure from applying them ? In truth – if you had just started making godus by building populous II in this new 3D engine and then developing adding / altering the game better from there – adding civilisational and settlers / dust elements, I think things would be allot further along by now, standing on the shoulder of giants provides a better view to further the genre with, this total rein-visioning is going to take longer to get right, But I’m still believing that your believing that your whole ambition is to further the god genre, just make populousII and godus slug it out for playability, because that is the high watermark. When you finish a game of godus multiplayer against a friend can you tell the consequential story of the game you just had ? where the tipping point was as you could with populousII ? Also Land expansion totems make no sense – population expansion should auto extend sphere of influence automatically into uncharted territory. Humour ? make the people vary in height weight and size – make it humorous – humour is lacking – the fur-ball cat-fights of populous the electrified skeletons, the bubbling swamps – the barbarian isolated tribes of civ, abandoned libraries containing ancient knowledge ? god games are rarely ever zen like ? its all about a struggle for power ?

excorcism re immigration

Over the last 50 years theres has been far too excessive levels of immigration into this culture especially the major urban citys, its been a class war between a liberal wealthy power elite visiting immigration and its effects on the struggling classes against their will, ignoring the democratic will of the common man, there has always been some level of immigration, but never in the history of this british culture has it run so unfettered or for so long, and no you cannot class the Norman / Roman / Saxon / Viking invasions as periods of immigration as blood was spilt in defence and the intent of the invader was at least honestly declared by sword. As for Candi stating “Who cares if there is no bloody white faces” I assure you theres many natives that do, and its an attitude like that which means you could never be a native as you appear not to defend the tribe you suppose yourself to belong to, citizenship has been given away like confetti by a class of I’m alright jack overtly PC middle to upper class liberalists looking for more compliant labour for the investor economy that benefits them, These Liberal views could almost be classed as fascist in their zealotry, who take no alternate views on immigration into account – other than their own – whilst brandishing anyone whose views don’t align with theirs as racist. Either the native poor English people in london will die out with a whimper and the capital will be ceded(pretty much the case already just not vocalised by a government fearful of unrest), or worse times are ahead, as differentials in birth rates are compounding the issue. Sadly the immigrant EU or Non EU appears only to be concerned with their own hopes and desires in an Ayn Rand’ian sense, and does not have enough sensitivity of nature to see the negative impact of there arrival here on the unity and stability of native culture & community, otherwise they might think twice about coming, From a london viewpoint the UK is already fragile and fractured beyond recognition. Most people in london live in a highly isolated sense, keeping themselves to themselves, there is very little wider sense of community, british natives would not even be allowed to start a community centre of their own, compared to all the other immigrant minority groups that pass for “community” in the London of today. British cultural erosion through immigration appears to be a one way ratchet written at the expense of the struggling native.

Apple removed pages ?

I presume this

    link below

has been removed on some request ?

Even waybackmachine which had three snapshots no longer has the page in any form ;(

Apple don’t seem to like to hand out useful information to users or non cert techs, im looking to create fully updated universal booting non machine specific install image iso’s for all compatible machines of OS’s between 10.6.8 to 10.9.2 etc for tech support work to save me wasting mine and my clients time without unnecessary download and updates cycles etc. Apple doesn’t seem to offer any such useful images easily available ?

I will get into instadmg when I have the time as it seems a good way forward.

Q1) Am I gonna have to pay some certification/enrolment fees to apple to get access to relevant downloads and info ? also anyone no where apple has list of install build numbers and and there descriptions ?

Q2) I have two lion install images both 10.7.4, saved from downloaded installers one is equivalent dual layer – 8.59GB the other other is – 4.7GB single layer, does the dual layer 8.59GB contain any extra hardware support/information/drivers/is it universal boot ? is it me or does apple not create/release final point update install images ie say 10.6.8 install images etc ?

cheers for any relevant replys or useful info (xyzzy)