The state of Apple

Indeed … there are problems Ive had with OS X since 10.0, which I foolishly thought would always get fixed in the next version … etc, they dont seem to ever fix long term bugs, theyre too busy wasting money on other stuff like a new donut shaped saucer style headquarters, share price based monetary obesession, saphire glass and patent trolling, to be able to concentrate on making a great productive refined operating system or indeed most importantly listening to their users. I think the problem with apple seeming incapable of fixing theyre own bugs must be related to the way they organise coding on their software and operating systems, perhaps they’re heavily dependant on individuals whose code is no doubt unintellgible to others on the team, as such if that person leaves apple, the code becomes legacy and cannot be operated on. Many peices of software I have purchased have died a death this way, with an increasingly untouchable code base. I even had one developer for a different company openly admit as such to me about theyre own codebase. The Hash they’ve made of the operating system, successive itunes revamps and the incredible final cut pro debacle, Its mind blowing to me they could damage theyre own products and not have the intelligence necessary to realise it, or do do something about it, theyre too big ultimately this will lead them to get worse and worse at what they do, they are now the big brother in theyre 1984 advert, vainly spouting propaganda and ideology about themselves at others and their staff without listening to anyone, stuck on theyre agenda which has little to do with increasing the productivity of computer users, their os’s now mainly revolve around entertainment, share price increase and selling more media from apples own stores and locking you further through investment into media and apps, into theyre walled garden.

Guardian biased societal philosophy

guardian article

interesting article except as per usual when the guardian cant help promote its biased ideological world view, with the usual liberal twist when it states “still a white dominated society” as though there is implicitly an innate and given criminality in the idea of france being mainly embodied by and destined by the will of french people ? Or that society’s made of white people are somehow inherently racist in a way that perhaps society’s embodied wholly of black people aren’t. And the thereby implied idea that at some point in the future this ‘problem’ or issue should or will be corrected, if things go right ?

The year of coding an example of engineered to fail

great article on governments poor personnel selection to head the year of coding

Again those that cant do – manage those who sadly can, and that mentality is the problem, the idea the woman leading this initiative cant code is a total indightment of the governments recruiting and selection process in favour of some PC bullshit, and the idea she has the delusion of being the next zuckerberg – complete fantasy. Absurd – such revolutions will never be a success, unless less led by experienced coders themselves who have a gift for metaphor and teaching as well, the idea you can hand it off as a management task to a non coder – is crass and precisely why its a problem in the first place, the government will never learn. The idea you can learn to code a useful website in a day is rubbish, spouted by idiots, 500,000 to train 150,000 teachers ? a macdonals meal a head or less to train that many people properly ? – crap. Just working your way round a web server with php and mysql setup on it takes longer than that initially, It is not until your on your fifth real world site or program, you even getting close to beginning to understand coding. The important thing as per usual it so select the write language to learn int the first place. Secondarily where is the fundamental understanding of hardware in the curriculum to back this coding knowledge up ? its all black box to most angry birds ipad wielding kids, theyre users through and through.

register article on the birth of amstrad computers

register article on the birth of amstrad computers

down my memory lane, my second computer was a cpc6128 and coming from a zx81, it was like jumping far into the future, the CPC6128 was the best machine amstrad ever made, regardless of the 464 hitting a cheaper more populous price point in the end, The CPC6128 hit all the high notes of user desire at a cheap price point, no other home/any machine could match it at the time for the money. And this article sits in alignment with my remembrances neatly, the PCW was the most sold business machine in the UK at the time, simple enough, for the on average older business user whose needs, were mainly word simple office work and printing, to be honest regardless of how many post pcw – amstrad Pc’s – 1512’s etc they sold, they were no where near as good, and other Pc’s soon surpassed them in utility. Alan’s good decision making then was knowing when to cut the losses down one route and find the right people or companys for the job, roland perry driving forward a team of bright people that succeeded in delivering a great computer.

multicultural agenda

I don’t care for which version of a pathetic 2000 year old religion you belong to, of which shit fictional book written by some twat men in the past you think is the absolute divine truth and law written by god, Shia or sunni muslim, christian, hindu, jew, you are all fucking backward, these people are here to supplant others, commercial organisations and governments the eu don’t understand the concept of native national identity, they just want cheap labour pools, I live in Britain where native identity is practically a taboo, where we have gone out of our way to destroy our native population in favour of an unwarranted imported version of american segregative multiculturalism, in which minorities and backward nutters have more power and influence than native people, act now to limit immigration or these people their customs and culture will over run yours in less than five generations.

issues with amazon

A toggle to select “new” or “used” only products when searching on the filters on the lift, also as extra feedback you need to clampdown on people selling used goods listed as new, as that has happened to me a few times or used items not as described, a feedback system is required to deal with mis-describers, as the way you unitise used description under the new description or don’t require people who are listing a used item to describe its condition, for used items there should be a mandatory description of so many characters before the listing is accepted, and sellers should not be allowed to use generic pictures for used items, I have second hand books turn up in far worse condition than the description of photo illustrated. Its ok to have a refund system etc, but its much better in the first place, t not enable mis-describers to operate by making the system more robust as concerns photos and descriptions before it happens, as returns and refunds etc is not something any buyer wants to waste their life doing in the first place, regardless of whether such facilities are there to handle it. Also a bit smarter intelligence as regards people selling mobile phone accessories under the category of say “mobile phone handsets” etc blooming irritating this wrong categorisation or misuse of tagging needs to be weeded out in the system, generally improve the quality of search and filtering, also 3rd party and amazon toggle on the left as well. also bundling reviews all together for certain products whether 2nd hand or new seems a mistake, reviews must be attributable in a clearly recognise-able not just to products but also to sellers ? Don’t allow sellers not to fill in half the information, insist they meet a minimum standard of listing detail.