fibre cable survey reply

re cable :

virgin cable is in my area, but their pricing for the premium products doesnt yet present the same value as say be’s offerings, ie virgin 50mb is too expensive a monthly for unlimited, and also virginmedia is one of the companys where i dont trust what traffic shaping and controls and limitations they might put in place regardless of their speed.

fair use and unlimited :

truth is its to do with the words unlimited and fair use etc most months i download hardly anything, i might view allot of youtube videos etc, but its more important to feel that if i wanted to download allot one month that the facility would be there and not limited, and to me 250gb would seem a fair limit, but i currently dont really know how much a months worth of iplayer and youtube usage adds up to ? but ideally a package should be unlimited at first and if, that doesnt work as a framework, then introduce generous limits that 90% of customers would be happy with.

whats important for an isp to maintain :

I beleive that certain Isp’s offerings when they say unlimited are genuinely made and to some extent are not too interested in controlling what theyre users use the broadband for except in obviously abusive download cases. Whereas virgin media being a media company, I would trust less to be impartial, as such my support rests with non media owning isp’s at the moment. This integrity of nature and independance of stance within the internet market is the prime factor for me, i have moved many of my clients and myself away from isps previously because theyre deals became skewed by traffic shaping, or to heavy handed fair use policys etc, or protocol banning etc. For me it is better for the internet to remain an open place for that is its strength, and rely on a light handed approach to controlling the way in which internet is used, and dealing only with the obvious and worst abusers etc. For instance Bulldog became rubbish once they were taken over so i left for bethere, metronet became rubbish once they were bought by plusnet I have moved most of my business clients away from them because of this. Whatever you offer fibre wise it need to retain its integrity as an offering.

re faster fibre :

Obviously its no good having a 50mb/100mbit connection, if traffic shaping and contention ratios, fair use policys and infrastructure at the isp end, and the general infrastructure of the internet within the isp the country and internationally isnt capable of delivering the benefits of these speeds, ie holistic and harmonious infrastructure investment to the customers home, is important, certainly fibre investment is very important and presumably Bt’s infinity band is working on delivering a new fibre infrastructure as at the moment fibre is currently the future of where increased speeds will come from, virgin sort of has a monopoly in this area, and really for competition and investment to occur this needs to be opened up either to be shared as an infrastructure ? or for more cable to be laid, the fact that when the original cable was laid in the UK, they stopped due to financial costs of infrastructure creation highlights, how all isp’s and bt should go in on this cost together, otherwise as with virgin only certain areas will be covered, it would be important to perhaps create an isp and bt industry wide cooperative group to invest and fund this investment, so as to provide some competition against virgins offering. It may also be when content viewed is analysed that in fact most of the limitations to peoples current activity is caused by transatalantic fibre link capacity, caused by a majority of sites used being resident in the US ? slow delivery of Hd videos on youtube etc, and this would be a wiser investment, but I guess this is probably coming anyway ? but thats a matter for traffic analysis, and perhaps more cache servers this side of the atlantic.

Apple announcement : the truth about quality and cultist behaviour iphone 4g aerial

We all know the iphone 4 aerial issue is a real design flaw, something that would normally warrant a recall ?

whats the minimum Apple should do ?

Offer all of the 1.7 million iphone 4 users a free bumper or case delivered free of charge, or $20.00 towards a case of their choice on the apple store, that is the absolute minimum, at the moment they charge theyre customers for their bumpers to fix this ? apples users might as well pay to be ravaged, their evangilism for apple appears absurd, to any mature human organism.

$20 x 1.7 million = 34 millions dollars maximum to solve the issue, for apple thats a drop in the ocean, they have a cash war chest to cover rubbish like this in the 20 billion region. And its only steves arrogance that has prevented him from seeing this as the real issue it is, you cannot sensibly ask your customers to hold your phone a certain way for it to work !

Steve man up and do the right thing, youve already caused allot of damage to your market perception with delay and denial. Not that I dont know the dark secrets of many other previous design flaws youve got away with because people are to slow and thick to assert their rights.

like :
• Some models of Intel core2 duo macbook pro cooling systems, sometimes incapable of preventing damage caused by overheating of graphics chips through extended use.
• Some macbooks and macbook pros came with faulty nvidia chips (nvidia/apples fault)
• Lombard laptops with motorola G3 CPU’s unable to run macos x
• Lombard laptops modem sound issue, patched away.
• No cable strain relief on the transparent wired Apple pro mouse, very high failure rate.
• solder issues on power chips on white G3 ibook motherboards
• failure rate of G3/G4 ibooks in general abnormally high, to the extent of some users having them replaced once a year over a three year warranty period.
• Graphics chip failures on some ibook G4’s due to overheating and bad nvidia chips used (industry wide but heck).
• the nipple scrollwheel dying very quickly on the mighty mouse. solution was a wierd cleaning regime.
• 27 inch imac initial release high failure rate and big issues with screens
• Sudden power supply fan noise and death on some mirror door mac towers, and G5 mac pros.
• G5 imac capacitors failing causing fuzzy screen syndrome within a short lifetime.
• G4/G5 mac desktop machines unable to sleep with third party usb cards in.
• some G4 ibook 12″ machines theyre airport slots became faulty, and prevented the machines from booting until the airport card was removed.
• Ethernet port failure on apples generally a bit too high, or not syncing at the right speed (which i see allot of)
• firewire chipset variation from the Texas instruments variety to cheaper 3rd party chipsets causing huge incompatiblity issues between chained firewire devices and general instability of firewire, when it used to be a more rock solid interface then USB. Hence motu 828’s often being bundled with firewire cards that were known to work properly.
• the fact that SCSI and firewire were supposed to be hot swap but very often did not work out that way.
• How older keyboards can sometimes power some USB devices and others/newer ones not ? and the randomness of this as a trend
• Some USB ports providing enough power for devices and others not especially on laptop systems big variation in design here.
• the fact that they glued too many devices together, and went for a policy of making their batteries and components innacessible rather than accessible in newer designs.
• artifically hampered hardware, flashing dvr drives to have lower read and write speed maximums than they are capable of, for quiter use but still thats the users choice ?
• artifically low ram expansion options, compared the chipsets possible spec
• promoting some ports and ignoring others, most noteably esata ? limiting external drive performance in terms of copying with the newer drives.
• inacessibility of hard drives on allot of older laptop models.
• the overuse of BGA chip packages when the industry has proven a high failure rate with chips soldered this way which consume power or get hot (graphics glitching, RROD, YLOD etc)
• Solder reformulation from leaded to lead free solder, leading to a whole series of machines released whose lifespans were artifically low, until this formula was resolved (of course the military had a special dispensation to use leaded solder, they didnt want to lead the field on that one ?)
• USB ports to close together to connect two devices side by side on the new unibody macbooks
• slippy shouldered Apple designed USB connectors on their cables that have no grip for removing them from USB connectors.
• the nightmare of connecting ipods/iphones/ipads generally to several macs due to ruddy DRM rubbish
• the ipod dock connector being a terrible design generally

to be honest i could go on for hours about the faults with apple design, they do an amazing job generally but they suffer from too much pride to ever openly admit their mistakes.

Well I can barely remember them all theyre have been so many things Apple has got away with not recalling, by not anouncing the issues and dealing with those who complain quietly on an individual basis or not making much fanfare or apology, until the disquiet has faded with time enduced apathy, and people gullibly by another machine.

Apple isn’t better quality for its higher price than any other manufacturer, go view a genius bar anywhere in the country for an hour, to see the quantity of returns, and you will realise they are just as badly built design wise and flawed quality wise, its apple gloss and software wizziness the machines are sold on, and lets not even get started on software issues, except perhaps to mention the find function, hasnt worked properly since 10.1.

warcraft region transfer and blizzard corp

Yes it is damn well needed, blizzard as per usual ignoring their customers generating more samey, mess around with existing environments content > catacysm, rather than add a feature weve been seeking for years > “region transfer” havent played for three years as my level 70 is trapped : US side and no region transfer to eu yet available, do blizzard care ? > not a jot . theyve had six years to make such a feature and havent bothered, the classic scenario theyre working on is if you ignore descent it eventually fades through lack of fosterance from its own will. most of those who are trapped region wise have just stopped playing hence how blizzard can ignore those users. after all theres an endless generated global population of teenagers to fill the ranks of the descenters views. from a money corporacy perspective they are in the fortunate position still perhaps only just to be able to ignore their customers and still grow richer.

Their apparently seperate financial entitys (as if the customer cares what their relationship is ?) that dont talk to each other lord knows why, and they say its so difficult to do. In my reckoning if I can email an attatchment to the states, why the hell they cant send my character file between us and eu regions ive no idea, digital data is the most portable thing on earth, its in its genes to be moved from one place to another, the idea they cant manage this is ridiculous, I whole heartedly support this forum post. I ended up with a US char because the initial trial was only available in the US originally.

And I will not start a char again as mine has allot more than 100 days actual playtime invested, which blizzard thinks nothing of. Because they dont truly understand the concept of character investment, though they think they do. If I invested that time in doing something in real life or earning money lord knows what value of that time might be, but blizzard think such playtime is their input and property hence the agreement which basically says your chracter is their property. I will never knowingly ever play any MMO ever again because of these badly weighted licence agreements until there is an open platform file format and standard for online mmo characters, so that time invested in such games is not wimfully wasted by a corporate whos love of itself and self glorification seems to know no bounds, anybody fancing paying $500 dollars to dine with microsoft employees before going to a computer fair ? lol : aparrently blizzard thinks everything they do smells so sweet, pity they only asked their own opinion, and if they can stonewall, silence, outmarket and censor all descent, then such descent doesnt actually exist ?

The idea blizzard listens to its customers is farcical. I’m also tempted to pay $500 to go to their suck ups dinner, so they can meet a real customer with real views, and why theyre geting it so wrong. Oh but i forgot you cant just pay $500 you have to be so lucky as to be drawn in a lottery for the privilege of being able to pay $500, my bad, and perhaps youd like to pay for all the overmerchandised franchised rubbish they market at you while your at it, apart from the game itself every day of the flippin week we have pushed in our faces, comics, miniatures, fanzines, card games jeesh do they have no humility ? theyre marketing machine is and endless behemoth its like some nasty microsoft acolyte rubbish, everytime they make an announcement its like the “dance monkeyboy dance” video , with same braying game drugees, whooping theyre way more deeply into virtual acheivement lives, with every word the blizz corporate crew spew. Also raiding times are completely incompatible when your on the wrong region which makes high end play impossible, and lag times in tournaments also a problem.

Oh and you cant post on warcraft forums unless you have an active subscription ? ie anyone they kick out or isnt paying money regardless of whether they have previously for years is not entitled to criticise or have an opinion they are effectively instantly censored ! wow blizz are so not interested in customer feedback, blizzard are a horrible corporate.

Abni Nur another abuser of the system


Abni Nur

asylum seeker stats top trumps stats
children : 7 !
wife : 1
Cost to the taxpayer : £2000 a week in housing alone ?

Basically this government is telling foreign people, that by the demonstratable action of granting people, such as Abni Nur rights to live this country, and giving them such inappropriate benefits, that if you turn up here with a wife who youve stuffed your seed into excessively enough times, so shes has lots of children swinging of her tits, and you come from a country in which their has been war at some point, and if you lie and say that if you are returned you will die.


You and your wife and the progeny of your dick, will all Continue reading

To those about to emigrate and thereby immigrate or not

BTW fairness doesnt exist, to benefit one is to disenfranchise another it is merely just a choice. If foreign people truly understood how immigration has ravaged british culture, and left the poor native people further disenfranchised in a country, that was already heavily fractured by class and wealth. Immigration truly suits private international business’s needs, consumerism and the wealthy business classes, landlords etc. The poor have always been the ones who have had to deal with the consequences of immigration, rather than those who implement the decision in favour of it. The poor must compete for the meagre resources that remain, alongside immigrants who have overtly positive discrimination laws to stand up for them. Immigration dilutes the already fragile english people culture, If you had any respect for the poor people of this culture, you would agree Continue reading

not big news ? sports teacher resigns Oh and ego’d bribe of police :

This is what sports teacher resigning story’s sound like in the US

no wonder national debt is increasing in America like it is when sports teachers at university’s are paid this kind of money to wank about and resign in a shower of bullshit marketing language, non disclosure and wont sue agreements. my god who the fuck cares ? oh actually its a bit more interesting than that the guy just happens to be a douche also Hey I didn’t have to read it, but its just more proof if any were needed of the extreme disparity between peoples earning arrangements, even though they’re just as shitty and flawed human being if not more so than the fully underpaid nice people of the world, but hey the premiership in this country is all the proof we need that sport should be heading for a good financial crash as all these sports are bloated with debt ego, vanity immorality and self importance and overcharging for what equates to a bit of crappy entertainment.

but then amercians really did export ego and money are everything to the rest of the world, as personal mantras for the modern shallow human being to aspire to. His knickerless accomplice was not doubt also a moral captain of industry, thats why shes so rich and so knickerless, and claiming their societal status meant they could get illegal actions scrubbed from view, because theyre cool and the protectors of legalilty should bend the law in awe of there greatness.

move the immovable object without any force ? DOH !

UN to probe ‘beating’ of deported Iraqis by UK staff

they had to use force to get them to return to and live in their own country ? yep to right they did ! what do you think asking them nicely works ?

Lets abstract the situation :

lets say I dont want to do something, and I know somebody wants me to do something ? yet I know that they will never use force to make me do something ? How the hell do you think those somebodys will make me do Anything ?

The truth is the border agency people do have the right, to the use of some proportional force , otherwise how the fuck else do you think they can defend our borders ? with a wishing stick ? and a few crossed fingers ? grow up !

I admire the fact that we still have some people working in the UKBA who are prepared to risk Continue reading