A letter to the government

This Island is overcrowded, overpriced at every turn, you the government is doing nothing to curb exploitative property speculation, in this feudal Britain. As a person who doesn’t claim any form of benefit, who has been renting and saving for years to get on the property ladder, I can clearly see that you the government have no care, You do not put an effective taxational penalty on multiply property ownership in this culture, through taxing rental income, or curbing international buyers, thereby allowing this endgame version of monopoly to escalate out of control, you have failed to garner control of the borders to reduce people pressure on the house resource, the only homes that are getting built or being allowed building permission are non freehold Rowhouses, blocks of flats, or packed in micro housing estates, no Freehold detached affordable homes are being built. AS a person with 800 years familial history in this Isle, I can see you the government are impotent and complicit.

Operation cloud lab

An ok program – one major flaw 3:25 of program titles before the program starts for each episode – irritating waste of time. Slap up a logo and a sting and start the program no extended titles or recap – please.

piracy warning emails from the 2 UK isps – BT and Virgin

piracy warning systems uk the major 4 isps

lets be honest the government are a bunch of idiots who suck industry, bank, investor and property owning class … cock … at every turn, they do not represent the common peoples interests.

there is no quality of choice in broadband in the uk, all provision can be classified as either

Virgin Cable based which is very asymmetrical with massive traffic shaping based on overuse of poor upload bandwidth


BT based which is only really provided from an infinity perspective – where virgin media doesn’t exist.

ie there most often is only one choice for higher speed broadband.

all of them sell services on the basis of “upto” speeds, all of them adhere to censoring sites on the internet at the behest of giant corporations.

all of them traffic shape the shit out of the bandwidth they offer at various times, the services are generally weak.

we should not be spending 40 billion on a ‘three stop” HS2 it should be on the worlds best “publicly owned” broadband infrastructure, but then the government are tech luddites.

soon enough all people will get round to proxy-ing and encrypting there connections as a way of shutting the isp’s and giant media corporations up for good, then they wont know what we do with our bandwidth, and the media giants who pour shit distractive entertainment into the mind of humanity and then get upset when people don’t pay them over the odds for their digital distributed media. or mistake piracy for lost sales ? The truth is they want to keep their hegemony of top down pyramid paid subscriber model service, they want to be the taxing gatekeepers of the internet, when there is no need for them to be there as middle men, we need new user created urban mesh networks to tap out, of all this crap for good, use our own electricity and pay these people nothing ideally or even less for internet provision. The encrypted secure cloud network model of communication is the future, if we the people can organise it.

Google unified signin a disaster

I already have google apps for lots of my clients … I have a big issue with what you doing your making huge mistakes with logging in and identifying users and creating automatic google plus profiles – its all a disaster …
OK lets get this clear your unified login rubbish is balls’ing everything up for me !!!!!!!! I don’t need your auto intelligent bullshit trying to link every account I own, operate or use into one fur-ball of crap … is that understood? my clients google apps services logins etc are getting bundled in, with my own! now your preventing from logging into one of my domains by trying to bundle it up with loads of other google logins I use, I want the normal google apps login back ? is that understood ? as currently i cant get access to my standard login ? this stuff you’ve developed isnt working – is that clear ? please pass this information to someone who can have some consequential impact on the situation rather than as i suspect dumping it… because google is ruining my logging in – experience with google apps and services.

Jean-Claude Juncker = neoliberal destroyer of cultural integrity

Juncker it would be unwise to dictate to the british, yes there is every reason to move away from the free movement principle of Maastricht, because when you make a mistake the best thing to do, is to recognise it, and reverse it. Unlike you liberals some of us still have balls to stand for something, and will not be rolled over with the steamroller of unquestioned subjective and enshrined liberal ideology.

FGM is not a national scandal its a scandal of immigration

The BBC Is so politically correct they appear unable to use a photograph of a African girl from behind, as it might correctly identify this is an immigrant caused issue, failing to highlight the liberal and media set are largely responsible for visiting this entire pile of diseased primitive thinking and practice , by there deep seated unquestioned idea to import mor foreign people to replace english people, primitive African groups who believe in such practices should have immediately been banned. From importation.

Mutilating your girls genitalia should be reason enough for passport removal and return to your primitive cultural origin. Not a penny of British taxpayers money should be wasted on this and to think Cameron is having to bend over and attend a “girls” conference to deal with this issue when it has nothing to do with ‘our culture’ at all, repulsive disgusting problem caused by the deliberate liberal organised denigration of my culture. There should be a tax on people with liberal views to pay for all the crap they engender with their liberalism.

BBC trying to label this a national scandal