Snobby Charities and Bad Recycling

Clothesaid in london appears not collect from my area, I phoned them to find this out, and then it dawned on me these charities are so marketing led, that they probably only collect clothes from posh neighbourhoods, a bit of me really wrankled at that thought, especially the dumb receptionist they appear to employ who has an extreme soft patronising telephone tone/demeanour (that im speaking to you like a child routine), shes obviously not allowed to say the reason why they dont collect in your area, ie :

They cant make enough money off poor peoples clothes, peddling them back to charity shops in central london at near retail prices.
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Rage against the … Bad Apple Bad Apple!

Hmm here i go again, trying to install mac os x 10.4 onto an lacie external FW disk only to discover, apple put all sorts of hinderences in your way.

Fist of all Why OH bloody WHy do they give you a set of disks with the machine that will only install on the machine you bought it with specifically ? And then not mark those disk clearly as being crippled in such a manner ? 10.4 for macbook pro intell generation x specific internal drives only etc for example, I suppose from apples wanky vanity point of view, Continue reading

Entourage 2008 syncing watch out

For a client I was syncing using entourage 2008 new ical syncing feature, and when it imported all the clients calendars labels into a single group in ical, i decided to delete that group in ical as this wasnt a sufficient result for me, as i wanted seperate groups for each label type used in the entourage calendar, it immediateley started syncing back to entourage the deletion from ical, back in the opposite direction and boom it deleted all the calendars from the clients entourage so be carefull when using entourage 2008’s built in sync services this is a warning, luckily i had an older version to revert to, but thats a serious issue. I even set it to so that entourage should write over ical but it synced the deletion back to entourage, quiting entourage while it did deleted, did not save any calendar information either as it was a true background process.

Most pesticide laden produce list, removed from the whole web

There use to be this list that listed the most pesticide heavy fresh produce, a kind of top ten worst offenders for fresh produce for pesticides, All the places on the web that use to contain this information seem to have taken it down, especiallly eh little printable card that had the top 10 on it which you could use when shopping ? It informed you of which produce was worth buying organic and which not. Strawberries for instance were quite heavy on the pesticide front. Found one site that contained the information but not in its orginal form :
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The True History of Religion

True history of religion must see : wakeup everyone ? the truth in this is that most religions are highly interelated in their mythology and share common elements, as the stories were passed about. But actually allot of the so called facts about the fictional characters in here arent quite as recorded lol, and its a pity they muddied theyre own water, krishnas birthday etc.

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Proof that humour is more potent than almost anything, and that the fact he is considered a rare national treasure, is all the evidence that you need, if any were needed, that english culture appears to be an exotic antique left out on the street to rot, surrounded by a mainly foreign audience that perceives it as perverse, quaint and mildly humourous and in some way silly culture which is redundant in this age.

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What is britain now

well spoken but a religiously indoctrinated child, the posession of parents equally indoctrinated, lets follow that with an english girl >

Oh god what have we done. The illiterate youth were breeding :
Tragic Quotes :
“Britishness is when you are in britain, not whether you live or born in britain”
thats 10 years worth of media and education, of over PC cultural indoctrination right there, she almost falls over herself to stress that almost anyone and by her definition a visitor on holiday might be british by the sounds of it, I mean how embarrassed is she about being english almost apologising for it ?!?!!?
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