looking through old BA course handouts

clearing out some stuff the other day I came across some course handouts, my retentiveness / laziness ? had prevented me from destroying from when I was a student on my degree course, and it made me realise how much a waste of time most … purely academic study is.

I began reading handouts with titles like :

time management : by liz lydiate

some lazy lecturer just photocopied this dull book excerpt, peice of crap and handed out thinking it might pass for material we wouldn’t be able to question the validity and purpose of. I dont think I read it at the time and having read it now, I can see why i didnt bother reading it the first time round, its the kind of pointless tail chasing academic piffle written by someone who probably got a PHD in writing lots of piffle and doing nothing productive in life, except trying to pass on dull obvious advice couched in language designed to disguise how stupid it is ? it made me realise the last 40 years have seen a proliferation of academic papers and articles which often serve no purpose they are merely the excorcism of some extremely dim witted mental noise of some pointless academic, especially when you leave the fields of maths and science, so much, of good life practice is based on real experience and learning and verification from personal experience, which is why books telling you how to manage your time invariably fail, because only by practice may any functional routine be established, belief in such advice writings is required, a kind of faith just as great as any religion requires.

Academic titans themselves seem to reach some kind of critical mass, in which they end up with so many letters after theyre name, that eventually they just get more accolades from other academics who impressed with the previously attained letters after theyre name, presume, that everything that flows from such academics must of course by their nature, be intellectually valid, which sadly becomes a kind of unquestioning feedback process, leading to more guilding of their activity, whereby theyre hired by another academic institution that validates the insanity even further.and this all on subjects so subjective as to defy any possible verification or valid proof, such subjects we shall not mention for theyre shame is known, and this leads to some of the most pointless dissertations known to man.

if you ever want to really laugh, have a look at eisenhowers decision grid, my god what a histerically pointless diagram, makes you wonder who this idiot was, effective time management for me would involve not reading 75% of the lazy photocopied academic handouts lecturers push onto you, in the vain attempt to justify their seemingly redundancy proof inflated salarys. academia should always be coupled with real world practice, as in isolation academic works often become grand, delusional, windy and uncoupled from any useful purpose in the real world.

another super dull totally academic and now pointless handout we received seem to be an extract from a book by ian tomlinson about consumerism, which mainly consists of observations on cultural consumer trends and partly a political bash at conservative policy and the north south divide ? but truthfully looking at this the book does nothing except drain ones life and is in itself and effective waste of time, the book although pertaining to be an intellectual elucidation of ill observed truths, is in itself no more than a perverse form of consumer entertainment for extremely dull academics, whos main desire is to be paid to observe rather than attmempt to honorably change the world of which they criticise for the better or at worse though wishing to pretend to be just observers. generally provide a very partial presentation on a subject, impartiality being close to the vanishing point.

an excellently pointless diagram in this tomlinson book is called “from heirarchy to fragmentation” ? which uses the word “true connoisseur”, no academic work should contain such a word considering such a thing cant be proven to exist, except in a purely subjective sense. any concept, expression or saying that is prefigured with the word “true” is definately unstable and of questionable validity.

As I got through these photocopied handouts it made me realise how in fact there is so much academic literature that ideally should not make it into the digital era, and that in fact “the death of information” is an essential phenomena. if we are to progress to an era of enlightenment and truth. for too much noise has been injected into the the stream of human consciousness. it also highlights sadly that video still has the potential to decimate many a bad academic literature when transalted into such a form, because when you move some information into a visual form, it weeds out language that is being used to disguise the frailty of concept and non evidential or rigourous thought that passes sadly for valid intellect in the academic world.

One of the handouts was accompanying material, to a film called “Orlando” which btw is definately worth watching, but the handouts ? … As I often say “Art cant stand for itself”. yet so many people seem to make a vicarious living, speaking on behalf of it, or writing pointless articles about it, or mediating the “Art” for people who are incapable of perceiving they have the skills to be observant and comprehending of it, themselves without the guiding hand of propaganda, of an external “intellectual/academic” authority figure, whose main purpose seems to be as a disseminator of noise on the subject they are acting as mediator for, who is often merely repeating the dubious information or an extension theyve built, on the information they unquestioningly accepted in their own time of study, like chinese whispers its so easy to see how falsity can easily become embedded and established as agreed knowledge ?

some of the articles related to the film which were handed out had titles like :
“demisytifying traditional notions of gender” = pointless noise
“acheiving a state of limitlessness” = almost pointless noise
“immortal longing” = not to shabby

ebay rip of sellers no doubt about it.

ebay fees in total are so far running at 18/19% of my sales total, and this for serving some web pages up for 20 days ? Ebay is a FUCKING RIP OFF !!!.
so let me clarify ive taken 1102.00 in sales, ebay have in fees so far charged me 196.00 in relation to this
my postage costs are around £200.00
so in total ive made around £700.00

and this isnt even taking into account the 3% theyre taking for me to receive money, or the the 3% they also make on me paying those fees with paypal ?

My work :

now lets get this straight im providing my goods, writing clear descriptions and edvertising material for the sale, taking good photographs of each item, cleaning the items and carefully packaging and taking them down the post office.

The delivery persons work :

he is taking the parcels physically to my customer.

ebays work :

serving a few web pages for a couple of weeks and taking some digital payments, all of which is automated and involves no persons actual labour.

Why the fuck are they skimming 20% of all peoples second hand good sales ? for practically no work

FUCK ME do ebay need some competition the reason this shower of shit can get away with this behaviour is because they have a monopoly, and they justify it to feed their greedy fucking shareholders. whilst everyone else is actually doing the work.

and how the fuck do these chinese sellers make any money at all ? in this scenario ?

if ebay were doing google mail theyd be charging 50p per email, how these theives get away with it i’ll never know

ebay fee increases and how and why they will get away with it.

15% for a real auction house that has massive overheads in comparison to ebays small bit of digital data flying around in a computer network that shows how efficient and competetive real auction houses are that they are only 5% more expensive than a virtual auction house like ebay, bear in mind by the time you total up all ebays other scalling listing fees and paypal fees and tax and payment charge they are making on your postage costs they are actually taking more than a physical auction house would take percentage wise as a proportion on low cost items ? the point is sadly “if computers cant do what the real physical world does at around at a tenth the cost” then there is profiteering going on, ebay have shareholders to feed who seem obsessed with the rapid growth of their investments as though ebay were google or something, and this is the issue. these price increases are there to satisfy their appetites, and can and will be gotten away with while there is no decent competition to ebay. also ebays action portray, that though they grew on people selling second hand posessions from their homes, they now seem desperate to move away from the low cost item crowd into more amazon retail type circles, not realising what ebays niche is, ebay having very little competition is a bad situation, but its not there fault, google has the skill and ability to do an open source ebay type thing at a tenth the cost if not free, the reason why amazon charge more and get away with it, is because the site is mainly used by shop retail channels and there used to much higher overheads in running physical shops therefore amazon looks reasonable to them. from a costs perspective ebay have the easy part of the arrangement, you the seller do all the physical donkey work to make the sales happen, ebay distribute a small amount of digital data thats it. Truth is digital retail should ultimately cost pence per item to sell ? shipping is always going to have a high cost due to its physical nature, sending and receiving money digitally should also cost pence per transaction not a percentage ? the fact that this is not the case is because ebay has blown up into a non nimble large shareholder corporate with all its associated costs, and this makes it bad value for money. strangely their attitude toward their customer is not yet affecting their profits ? proving they can get away with it ? look at the number of paypal accounts listed (ok its not an active total which is more important) but when you have 260 million estimated payal users lets say how much money do you think paypal has sitting at its disposal ? they have the GDP of a smallish country im sure, they probably dont care what anyone thinks as theyre richer than nero, the individual can be discarded at a whim with no loss to that total. This is why your complaint is never heard. Juggernauts like this take years to turn aroud or hear anything. If you can live without ebays exposure to sell your item then ebid will suffice ? but is it going to sell on ebid ? probably not, because sady critical mass and audience are the things that will make your item sell, that is ebays strength.

The reason why Laurent Gbagbo wont leave and why the west want him out > just for the record > ivory coast the truth

first of all read the full wikipedia page and cultural details of the country, including the fact that west african immigrants make up 40% of the population.

What you need to understand from reading the wikipedia post, is that under french collonial rule the ivory coast was lumped together with other neighbouring countrys from an administrative perspective into a single entity, and the french as collonial masters defined the country on their terms. and that like most collonially occupied countrys as defined through colonisation, the masters had little to no understanding or care towards comprehending tribal groups or boundarys beyond their own devisive and exploitative interests, you also need to be understood that the ivory coast has a very high immigrant population as high as 40% who have in the most recent and rushed UN western led elections been giving full voting rights and parity without much rigourous checking of identity in terms of voter registration. This has led to allegation of electoral fraud.

The reason why the encumbent gbagbo wont leave is because he and his supporters feel they represent the real native people of the ivory coast, and the reason they are not happy about the election, is because supposed democracy, has just enabled the leader of the opposition party, that mainly represents historically non native ivorians, immigrants and their interests to win the election with fraud and recently enabled loose voter registration. Meaning control and power of the country is being attemptively switched to non ivorian native control, and this has been made possible because of the high levels of immigration into the ivory coast from other west african nations, estimated around the 40% level, this disporate populational section has managed to take control by allying themselves together as a tight unified voting unit under outarra, whilst some of the native population have remained divided by tribal alliances, this has lead to non native control of the ivory coast. And all this the average idiot western watching the news propoganda will never comprehend because the news isn’t subtle enough to enlighten the general TV watching public about the concept of nativity at all let alone in the ivory coast ? perhaps because TV is racist enough to to just perceive all the people of Ivory coast as “black people”, without bothering to comprehend the tribal and cultural differences within the population that are causing the trouble.
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