Hanna Yusuf

The whip hand has been handed by liberals and the media to shit on the native poor who have never been keen on immigration.

basically hanna yusuf requested that british natives who are not keen on enforced multiculturalism mass immigratation best fuck off from britain? as though the liberal fosterance and imposition of multi culturalism and mass immigration was an absolute that is unquestionable and done – this request was not published in a private blog like this, NO it was promoted by a national newspaper – the independent who it seems are not free from liberal dogma. What immigrants especially 2nd or 3rd generation dont realise is that the lower classes never gave their democratic consent to being replaced by the pet feudal imported fosterances of the minority power liberal classes whom are the main group of traitors who approve of them. Immigrants understand your presence here has never been agreed to by the struggling native. so if you come up against those who do not desire your presence, do not for one second inagine they are going to leave or that you can avoid theyre steely gaze – if you dont like the fact you are going to have to live amongst those who are never going to be keen on your presence, if you dont like that? well as as you would put it hanna , I suggest you leave for your truly native lands where you are welcome.

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