comments on housing benefit reform

comments on housing benefit reform

good points you make: but as i’m a person whos been living in a flatshare at £400.00 a month, never claiming benefits and paying my own way like an idiot, so that other f*****s have had flats paid for them, at my expense well above the £1000.00 a month level in london. I have no empathy for those on housing benefit either, though I do agree the previous and current government have done little to diminish property speculation in british culture in general, which has created the obscene rents and societal division issues we see in london, but seriously im sick of being bypassed and put upon by my culture to serve some other people, who live in this country with a false sense of entitlement, the only decent people, that this culture has been surviving off economically at all, who actually have right to claim the moral ground, are those who pay their way and put more back into the system than they take and arent earning above £20k per annum ? as those who earn above that threshold cant claim themselves to be poor in truth, other such as the exploitative multiple-house owners or landlords, or people who delude themselves theyre entitled to claim at every turn and that society owes them a free living, cant claim the moral ground.

I’m sick and tired of going round peoples houses who are on benefits, whos kids never go spare for the latest clothes and shoes, who have panasonic viera televisons and consoles in every room. Benefits should be breadline and thats all, something to help those in need temporarily, otherwise what incentive is there to do any work, when you can let foreign imported people labour instead of you, in the jobs we british should be doing ourselves. If those on benefits dont realise these cuts are trying to save this country from perpetual budgetry economic life support and doom, we dont make enough money in taxes to pay for the benefit system as it stands, realise this ! I swear also today there are more people claiming the most ludicrous disability allowances, for ailments that werent allowed to exist in the past, why have we become a nation of wet idiots ? I was born in the 70’s and though theyre were strikes crippling the country and more poverty than today, people werent as crap as they seem to be today, in their general outlook and behaviour ? and false sense of self entitlement. yes government has been appaliing in its decisions for the last 60 years, but that is no reason to give up on your culture, shite government or not, we need some unity here and sense of pulling your own weight. Trust if times get tougher, people will get tougher and in this country that might be no bad thing.

housing benefit reform weakening ?

Interesting to note that the government is delaying the implementation of limiting housing benefit to £250.00 a week for individuals, is this the sign of the fact that they dont have the balls to implement any of their policies ? also interesting to note that this new yet to be enforced minmum : £1000.00 per month that is on offer is 2.5 x more than what i spend on rent per month as a single individual living in a flatshare in london ? does this mean to say that for a large number of years people have been claiming housing benefit of well over £1000.00, at my partial tax burden expense, so they can live in a flat of their own and I live in a flatshare ?

YES is the answer, theyre must be huge numbers of people living in flatshares in less than jolly conditions, who are in fact paying via their taxes for a whole load of lazy sponging cunts to live in better conditions than themselves ? when didnt I Continue reading

Religion in culture today

In my humanist opinion its now time to stand up and say … all religion is a medieval divisive irrellevance in the world today, im perfectly happy that sexual rights issues are causing religious fracturing, as religion has had its fair turn at destroying the unity of this culture with over the top belief, in happy clappy multi-culturalism, as christians by their doctrine have to beleive in a church open to all, ahead of any sense of native cultural unity or identity. All things provide some benefits including religion, whose legacy of music and architecture cannot be denied, regardless of the suffering involved in its creation.

Religions now apparent fracturing, is compensation against churches that have survived in recent times by acting as communitys centre for mainly foreign peoples, who have been indoctrinated abroad by morally dubious missionary work, only to then move to live in this country and zombie like maintain ailing religious attendance and activity in this culture by taking over churches and using them as a place for masonic like, self serving ethnic minority community activity, and ostricising the non attending native even further in the process, sadly it is the traditonal branches of christianity in this country that are being subsumed by this fracturing, and the other branches of religion, islam etc that are cohesively on the rise, this distresses me greatly for a country who historical roots of religion stem from celtic/christian origins. But this is the price christian religion will have to pay for having meddled and messed with native peoples the world over, whether in the uk or elsewhere.

Suspended jail sentence ?

What is the reality of the words “suspended jail sentence “, do people actually ever serve these suspended sentences ? or is this a quiet way of slipping under the mat, that these people rarely serve the time they are convicted to serve ? like the swiss I think this bulgarian and all foreign people without citizenship of this this country who commit crimes, should serve their sentences at their home countrys expense and be repatriated to their country of origin, and refused entry into the UK in the future. This arangement could be likewise meaning all british people abroad serve their sentences once convicted in this country, ie the country of origin should pay for its own troublemakers ? unless that country in which the crime is commited are happy of the jail warehousing business. ie its 5 times less costly to house a prisoner in bulgaria say than here ? In the UK we are equivalently spending £49,200 a year on each prisoner when cost burden of related benefits for dependants are included, and this an insult to the struggling poor paid less than this per annum in this culture, who pay for these prisoners welfare through their tax burden. To be honest the conservatives should wake up to the idea of outsourcing the long term sentenced violent prisoners within the prison system to russian prisons or somehwere where the burden on the taxpayer is much less, after all all theyve outsourced all the services for decent taxpayers, why not the services that serve the criminal ? problem is the eu human rights brigade would go mental and prevent us from doing so, even if we democratically voted for it, because in reality the EU is over-ruling democracy in this country at every turn.

GAGA behaviour, plebritys are the sick wolves of culture

the jackal grin masks of the famous

rich blackmailing the poor with their sad desire for plebrity news :

plebritys are the sick wolves of culture, thats why they always have those great big jackal grin type masks of faces, because ultimately, theyre eating you up with their own output of bullshit, do not join in their game of self love and self worship.

“lady” geek > divisive marketing

Lady geek

Sadly there are those people whose talents are so weak they feel the need to Market the abilities they do have through the filter, of the sex or race they were born with ? as the only way to be able to compete with other people, who play on a level playing field and don’t make a deal out what sex they happen to be ! As a marketing tool. Sadly Maggie Philbin seems to be some kind of overt feminist, who thinks women need some specially made and marketed version of everything as though they are breed apart ? as evidenced by her video testimonial for this show (are lady geek and philbin related somehow ?).

What is this program saying ? women need shows made by women because otherwise they will get confused ? admiteadly most of the reviews are so lightweight as to never satisfy men. And the fact they appear to have a sexist employment policy in that just women review the apps, well I didnt think that was allowed in this culture today ? Then other hand why im even fussed to rant about lady geek making her way in the world with whatever methodology of marketing she chooses ? hmm i think its the devisiveness of a show which markets around sexuality ? christ womens magazines are more offensive ? If … ‘I was a woman’ i wouldnt want to be … ‘like men’, as thats seems also pointless, but I dont think I could ever identify with say womans hour either … ( which seems so overtly anti men and wierdly a past it has been 70’s minded feminist tirade ) nor could I ever enjoy womens magazines with their terrible preponderance to dwell on gossip and plebrity bullshit. Real geek women and I know a few (one working in robotics etc) dont feel the need to pigeonhole themselves in this way.

And is there any need for women to create a show manned and staffed by women for women ? Why ? do they think cant they make it in the web reviewing tech industry because of some sexual prejudice ? hmm yes they can make it > as evidenced by all the women doing a great job in the tech review industry ?

mucho respect molly > one of the best truly honest tech reporters, hanging it with boys, an better than them shes got more balls than most in what she says, she’s female tech journalism at its best.

The great Veronica Belmont.
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