population density england :

England 50.1 million (83.7 per cent) 130,281 383 /km²
Scotland 5.08 million (8.5 per cent) 13,576 125 /km²
Wales 2.95 million (4.9 per cent) 77,925 65 /km²
Northern Ireland 1.7 million (2.9 per cent) 20,732 142 /km²
United Kingdom 59.8 million 242,514 246 /km²
East of england a population of 5,388,140 in an area of 19,120 km² (circa 2001 much higher now)
South east england 8 million population packed into 19,096 km² or roughly 419 in people per km² (circa 2001 much higher now)
London 7,51 million — 4,758/km (circa 2006) as you can see the population of london alone is probably now higher including an estimated 700,000 illegals than scotland and wales populations combined.

from my perspective the places i’m worried abut being overpopulated are london and the southeast, so lets work out the population density of that zone :

London 7,51 million — 4,758/km (circa 2006) as you can see the population of london alone is probably now higher including an estimated 700,000 illegals than scotland and wales populations combined.
South east england 8 million population packed into 19,096 km² or roughly 419 in people per km² (circa 2001 much higher now)

So the total population for london and the south east of england (circa 2001) is 15,510,000 living in an area of 23854 km² or 658 people per km² circa 2001 you could probably add another 100 to that estimate now I should imagine at least with illegals included. so circa 2010 you might well be talking 758 people per km²

other densely populated countrys for reference:

Netherlands 16.6 million population 399.89 people per km² (

so southern england is more densely populated than the netherlands ! or other countrys like belgium.

Greater London covers an area of 1,579 square kilometres (610 sq mi), an area which had a population of 7,172,036 in 2001 and a population density of 4,542 people per square kilometre. A larger area, referred to as the London Metropolitan Region or the London Metropolitan Agglomeration covers an area of 8,382 square kilometres (3,236 sq mi) has a population of 12,653,500 and a population density of 1,510 people per square kilometre

now if you were to take out of this equation farmed land used in food production which couldnt be converted to alternate uses without damaging food production, and see how many urban dwellers were packed into the remaining areas within south east england you would probably discover statistics in most towns 2/3rd’s of the way toward Londons insane densitys.

so truthfully it is much worse than people really understand in the southeast

to visualise this make a kilometer flat field in your imagination and put 758 people in it and you will notice that that the population is extremely visible upon the landscape. now give each of those people the necessary houses cars and amenitys and you will see that if we want southern england to become more densely populated it is going to become an uglier place to live.

urban density figures which are much more realistic representative figures in relation to most peoples experience are obviously allot higher, as most farmland and villages could be removed from this equation, as the majority of people do not live in such circumstances or can take advantage of such spaces, and as such actually personally experience much higher densitys, than the figures for south east england and london combined would imply.

do I want more immigration on the basis of these figures NO!

Also if you did a survey and discovered what size of family people aspire to and what size house they would like to accomodate them in, you would discover if you multiplied that up by the people we are already at the stage where large numbers of people hopes for quality of life are unrealistic and unfullfillable and going to be diminished allot further in the future, and the UK having the smallest dwelling size in europe is proof of this, you really do have to ask the question what quality of life will the grandchildren have ? thats the question.

Problems with winmail.dat files

click on the link download and install the following application :


it should enable you to open and extract the contents on the winmail.dat files. you may have to drag said file to the application icon when you opened it.

the attatchments are coming from people running bloody exchange servers, who dont adhere to open standards and live in a world they think is only occupied by computers running microsoft based software.

heartfelt props to joshjacobs for writing the software that deals with this issue please go to his site and donate if you find it usefull.

laptop advice :

Never buy a full size laptop with less than dual cores running at less than 2ghz. and preferably make it an intel core 2 duo, I cant believe manufacturers are still selling these pentium M’s and celerons with no graphics ability, they are to asthmatic when even just antivirus software is installed.

messed up UK

Average Taiwan salary equal to £10152.00 .

yet the quality of life in taiwan far exceeds the UK ?

better healthcare, education, job prospects, life expectancy, governance, infrastructure the list goes on ?

This is why britain needs to stir out of its dissolute complacency, and realise bad governance and distractional entertainments, are leading us to the sewer.

What I want as regards immigration from a new government

An general ethos and mindset of radical change as regards immigration.

A change in political mindset necessary to preserve the remnants of the now heavily fractured and messed up English culture.

And addendum to the laws responsible for positive discrimination to place an emphasis on merit rather than ethnic diversity representation quotients, that have ruled the media propoganda and output over the last 40 years, and severely distorted the job market, to include the preservation, enhancement and promotion of the unity of national english culture as a priority over the promotion of foreign minority group culture within the UK. As the media has been one of the most powerful propoganda movements pushing for extended immigration into the british isles in the last 40 years. And Is equally to blame alongside the government for the situation we find ourselves in today.
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Scumm of the earth Tim Swanson stark county sherriff

Timothy Swanson, Sheriff of Stark County, Ohio. and his gang of goons.

How clothing can have been deemed dangerous and taken away in case of suicide ive no idea ? perhaps they should do a trial of letting them have theyre clothes and seem how many lives are lost because of it. Are none of these women asked politely to change into a boiler suit behind a suitable screen and informed the alternative is a stripping by force ? or handcuffed instead of being stripped, wierd she was handcuffed and stripped ? well obviously because hand cuffs dont prevent suicide ?!?!. These pigs are quite obviously doing this to maliciously mentally injure these women by raping them of their dignity forceably, this intimidation technique, which is what it is, is probably rule 1 in the manual 101 on how to break a person by torture, stripping suspects naked has quite obviously become routine and ordinary in a way, in which it shouldn’t be. These officers need firing and a new set hiring unconnected with the old crew from within the force. this certainly has reflections of abhu graib.

This is precisely what facistically happens when you give the wrong kind of people absolute power over the population.

Just so that you know which lepporous toad to spit on the next time you see him in texas, here is what the sherriff in charge looks like.

dear oh dear sad time we live in which the law connot be trusted to defend peoples rights

By the way Tim if you dont like your photo being here, for all the world to see what kind of a person you are, might I suggest you lost your right to anonymity when you became a police officer, and when you decided that women dont have a right to underwear in your custody. You are a slurr on the name police force you supposedly represent.

If I was the judge in the case, I’d order him to be stripped naked against his will in court, have his genitalia manhandled, cheeks parted by a pair roughhanded gay bears, just in case hes concealing an actual conscience up that fat arse of his. And then we can all stair at his shrivelled little dick below that pot belly, so that he gets a good idea of whats it is hes done in the so called line of duty and procedure, to other people. all rules are interpreted and he quite obviously has done it wrong.

Jason Statham

Can anybody think of one film yet this rubbish english actor has made that is any good ? He seems to be the death knell for me, to any film he is in ? which is sad as I would actually like him to be good, his characterisations seem always be the same and very 2 dimensional a bit like Vin diesel. Im sure they get confused for each other lol.

Untraceable Film Review propaganda riddled

I qualify this as always by understanding that making films in general
is a difficult and arduous process, a thankless task in which your efforts are often slated, but regardless of this my reviews attempt to offer the “intelligent viewer” a reason to watch … or not … the film in question.

Quick summary :

Quality definitely above the “made for TV” type stuff. To much borrowed
plot and Hollywood propaganda, basically if you take the plot of seven,
remove the religious motive subtract 4 of the killings , and place the
activity on the web, you’ve got this film, it also in some senses,
could be said to borrow from “SAW” type films, with its egg timer
torture type motif. A film probably funded by the media giants, as propoganda to form the publics opinion that web distribution of media is somehow dangerous and wrong.

propaganda issues in this film :

This film is riddled with Hollywood anti piracy propaganda, there’s even
parts of the film in which they portray the idea of “net neutrality”, Continue reading

Volcano health and safety overkill

look at this photo :
ash cloud

is that running over britain ? no not at the moment it isnt.

so why are all the flights in at least the southern half of the country grounded ? in reality flights could be going quite safely.

certainly there lots of private prop craft delivering rich people about the place under and outside the controlled air space which is closed.

when the cloud is directly over the country, flying in or under might have some level of danger, but where do you think the aerial shots of the volcano itself are coming from ? theyre taken from a plane or a helicopter ! right next to the volcano !

safety concerns can go too far.

Well at least theres less airborne immigration coming in, theyre always a silver lining. and fuck it, i dont go on holidays or fly about too much, so nothing to lose there.