linguistic cultural invasion

Charlie couldn’t agree more

Some from the perceived fool sometimes comes wisdom … the linguistic invasion of the words pimp and pimping is to accomodate those who are your populational replacements in the good ol USA, and sadly your country has exported this word to the rest of the world, moral degradation abounds, and the linguistic front of this invasion is the prelude to the actual softening of the morals remaining in america. There are many other words I could mention that america has made commonplace through global media & cultural exports
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someone commented to the above video to state > “Pimping” is to build something! “Pimp my ride” means to make it look awesome. You are dumb!

hopefully in todays language that is what it NOW means ? but note we have taken a word whose origin lies in an immoral act of one sociopathic person denigrating another human being for profit and now we have re-used that as a word to represent something good in our culture ? what does that say about our society ?

and which cultural groups … society in america has been trying to accommodate at all costs in the last 40 years ? and which groups now have greater sway over the shared cultural imagination of the youth of the USA ? and thereby to some extent the youth of the world.

par example bitch now mainstream on the bbc ?

celebrity bitch slap bitch invasive american linguistic culture

celebrity bitch slap bitch invasive american linguistic culture

Deaths and Funerals – the actuality

Lots of people can’t wait for a death or a funeral, to bang on about how they cared and how tragic something is and its “devastating” them ?, rather than caring in actuality in real life, whilst the person was alive, when really they revel in using a death or a funeral as a stage for their own emotional overwrought display so they can garner empathy from others using their emotional routine or use it as fake emotional capital to write a song, when really the deceased as is natural in a way is secondary and discarded parcel in that process, by the living. usually the people most acclaim-adly distraught at a funeral, are using it as an opportunity to point at themselves with the “ME” sign of attention seeking. Fleetwood Mac has a dark history of casualitys storys which sadly theyve tried to vampiracally thrive off over the years. The politics of a band are riddled with vicious power cliques worse than any social scene, workplace or school.

ombudsman email re bt caller display charges

I have many unresolved issues with BT and one complaint dialog ongoing.

but lets just start with one clear complaint for the moment which relates to they way the hide their charges associated with BT caller display when you dont make the minimum 2 calls per month.

I think this video I have made explaining the difficultys in how to not get charged for caller display illustrates my point very clearly :

if you as an ombudsman cannot stop BT operating a practice whereby they penalise and charge their customers for a lack of use of their services with hidden conditional clauses and a clear Continue reading

camera ccd over exposure sun clipping is nbiru apparently ?

not all cameras demonstrate black clipping like that, quite a few do, no the dot would not move with the CCD, as it doesnt function in the same as your retina in terms looking at the sun, as when you a temporarily ghost exposure spot on your retina in the eye as you look around the afterimage appears where you look next, the black clipped area you are seeing is one tone of purest white pixel area which electrically is far out of range with the rest of the image from an electrical exposure perspective. and the automatic exposure system on the computer cannot shut the aperture down small enough to marry this bright spot up exposure wise with the rest of the image because it is so out of range signal wise in comparison.

some cameras quirky response to this problem is to Continue reading

how to be charged only £10.90 a month line rental with BT as one off £129.00 payment per annum

how to be charged only £10.90 a month line rental with BT as one off £129.00 payment per annum

first login in to your my mybt account online if you dont have one register your landline and create one

once logged in to your mybt account make your you have paperless billing and while your at it turn off other uneeded unused call features because BT will charge for something even when they know you haven’t been using that feature.

click this link >

which will take you to bt’s line rental saver page

then click the pink button that says “Get line rental saver” looks like this

get BT line rental saver

follow the instruction

How to Stop Bt overcharging you for caller display if you use a line just for broadband

How to Stop Bt overcharging you for caller display if you use a line just for broadband, theyre website is horrible to navigate and find such stuff so here is the instructions

when logged into your BT account online

select myphone from the top

then select calling features from the left hand side

then select “change your calling features”

select the landline you want to change the calling features on
it should then show you the caller features you have in a list
in there you may well have an item like this selected >
“BT privacy at home + caller display” or something like that which is “marked” as being free ie they say it is £0.0 in cost (they dont show the hidden caveats)

if you dont receive calls at all or make them per month ie you just you use your landline for broadband then they will charge you £2.70 for not using it ?
below the above option is the an option that just says
“BT privacy at home” also for £0.0 this one will not expose you to the risk extra caller display charges.

Select this option instead and you should not be charged the £2.70 a month from now on, but that doesnt get you the £2.70 a month theyve been stealing from you as money for old rope.