FUCK Vince Cable – fuck the liberal facists – Fuck european expansion

Liberalist fascist – free market obsessed – Nick Clegg, says no cap to immigration, because to do so would be the usual threat of – economic disaster. He imagines culturally english people don’t want these jobs, If I forced him to work for the rest of his life in a workplace in England, largely full of nothing but foreign people, and having to socialise with largely foreign friends, send his kid to schools dominated by foreign immigrants children, drowning in a culture that is no longer his own by any reasonable measure, and all this visited on him whilst never choosing to leave the confines of his native Isle. I wonder … how long he would last before there crept into his imagination a desire for communication with someone who has a complex verbal shared history on this island that goes back hundreds of years ? or a restful accent he recognises as from his home domain. I guess he thinks if maybe we can just surround the common man enough, with foreign people, that he will eventually and reluctantly accept this as his new norm, whilst those who can afford the other route, can continue to send their children, through private school and into a life of enhanced privilege, separated in major terms from the sight and effect and numbers of this specific cultural-class genocide.

And how may I ask has industry allowed itself get into a situation where it can see no future path, but one where continuously like a junkie, they are addicted to endless immigration to supply their labour desires, at what point did they effectively and completely resign themselves to this scenario ? of not considering native labour as a viable option ? and blaming the native man for not being at hands reach or compliant enough for seeking with eagerness the many limited lifestyle positions offered, which require for progression complete and servile protestation to the cause of private wealth, and its broken tenets, that do nought but create division and further in-equity, and to live a life that can serve no grander cause or dedicate a portion of their energy on this earth to the unity of the wider culture in which we all live.

English people want jobs where they can afford to live properly in this culture, houses with gardens fit for family’s fit for children which they can afford, not to be constantly undercut by some fucker who can invest in a property market and raise a family – elsewhere. perhaps who receives tax benefits or as in some cases defrauds a system, and receives what might be squeezed from an inept bureaucracy, through the use of a moral compass imported from elsewhere, that may not be founded in this Isle’s sense of fair play and may only revolve around and espouse merit in what can be ‘gotten away with’, rather than promoting the native merits, of how a british civilised society should ‘ideally’ be run.

The long-suffering English poor native who no longer desires to see an economy where people in full time posts cannot afford to live properly and are effectively subsidised for the benefit of private business, at the taxpayers expense by income support, as this is effectively a transfer of free money from over-burdened taxpayers to the speculative shareholder classes company’s who they benefit from, to make the businesses they own and invest in, garner artificially high profits – this is immoral and uncivil toward those who pay taxes and cannot afford shares.

Well as far as I’m concerned he can pay for the benefit cost of the immigration he’s approving of and he cant put them up round his house, and so can cameron if he fails to cap it, from the set in aspic delusional 1950’s happy perspective of those who live in the feudal private rural enclave’s of the wealthy, that is the somewhere home county un-immigrated England, similar to chipping norton. The only class who should be making decisions on immigration is the person who suffers the consequences of it, and lives where it occurs ! in consensus with others in a similar boat.

I certainly don’t want any more fuckers from elsewhere filling this island up, and making demands upon the limited resources of affordable housing and putting any more pressure on the lower class struggling non-benefit claiming natives of this Isle, or raising house prices further for the benefit of selfish feudal multiple property owning class.

Any immigrant considering coming here, know this > they’re are many – who do not welcome you, in remaining in this isle, some temporary economic migration maybe, but not the torrent of fuckers from elsewhere that endlessly come to permanently remain in this island, for their own benefit and outbreed the native who may struggle. Fuck the city bankers, fuck the business class who benefit, fuck the shareholders, fuck the liberal fascist vain political egotists, fuck the traitors to the people of my class and native culture. who fail in imagining viewpoints and perspectives in society – not their own.

Lets lay this straight people don’t need more cheap consumeristic tat and distraction.

They need affordable space to raise a family, at
a decent living standard

They need local schools that aren’t over run by children whose first language is not english

They want to raise they’re children in a cohesive and unified culture. Not one fractured into a million little minority pressure groups deluded of self entitlement, all whining for extra rights and positive discrimination in the favour of their particular group, above the ignored common native man.

They need access to healthcare that isn’t run in to the ground with over-demand. Hospitals ruined by the unquestioned mantra of artificial and fragmented free market ideology, department set in competition against departments in a way that makes no sense, run by an gigantic clique of weak squabbling overpaid golden pensioned and parachuting impotent beurocrat’s, who pay no price for failure and retire to comfort, out of the sight of their mistakes. Hospitals Overstaffed with those who cannot make decisions and understaffed with the doctors who can.

Bulgarian President Mr Plevneliev said of England we are “a great global power that pioneered integration”.

What he fails to understand – is that the lower class struggling native were the victims of this so called ‘pioneering’ experiment, their approval – has never been democratically sort? and they were not largely willing and complicit for this liberal ideology to be visited upon their class, it is an act of genocide committed by one class who benefits from the effects of it, against another who suffers its consequences, and always was. And there is little integration in the over pandering segregative provision for minority’s groups in the UK, who have no interest and need to really bother with integration of any kind, except that which monetarily benefits them.

Politicians, financiers, bankers the media set with their mid channel middle to upper class balsamic guzzling, everything foreign sucking, international perspectives and second french homes, whose whole viewpoint is closeted and insulated by the bubble wrap of wealth, that saves them from feeling the effect of their iniquitous zealotry and thumbed approval of the agenda of multi-cultural invasion and the culture of replacement of ‘others’ for economic benefit for those who garner real profit from from private capital and its movements, and the cheaper more compliant workers that follow it. This section of this fractured society needs to wake up to their own ignorance on this matter.

And American’s can butt there head out of things on this matter, just because there culture in its present form has wholly and largely been founded on ‘multiculturalism’, does not give them any right to project or imply some sense of moral superiority around their take on culture, propaganda for multiculturalism that america projects to its own people, is not automatically a fit template to enforce or project over native peoples and cultures elsewhere.

The situation of Mail in the UK – Euston concourse postbox

yup the removal of the collection tabs has damaged the service, they’ve removed the only proof that posty’s are picking up earlier than the said final collection, damaging the timekeeping nature of the service, now of course this organisation has moved to a non public footing – disgusting, the conservatives never seem to learn that the markets cant solve everything, and worse they lumbered the taxpayer with the pension blackhole. Mail, they might be royal for a little longer, have changed the euston concourse collection from 7:00 to 6:30 and then say that customers can go for a 7pm collection from barnby street at the back of euston station ? meaning customers now have to travel further to utilise that 7pm collection and even then, we now have no evidence if theyve collected it early ? all of this is further evidence to the increasing incivility in this culture.

Rigby verdict BBC looking for fodder

What you want to use the publics reactionary opinions, as fodder and diversionary entertainment ? It might be as well to ask what is the medias reaction to the verdict ? after all you appear to be here to manipulate and mediate public opinion, And in collusion with politicians have over the last 53 years, fractured and divided and eroded any sense of unity ordinary native people in this culture had, with your wealthy liberalist perspective and ideologically driven agenda, that imo indirectly led to the events in may. Why don’t you pose yourself the question, how are we the media in collusion with politicians, culpable in creating the mess this culture is in ?

Gauntlet Reboot

Theres a delicate balance in rebooting a game, its a fine line between disaster, nostalgia, falling to far from the tree , and and an epic re-invisioning whilst capturing the essence of the original, I could never forget gauntlett, and id still love to see gauntlet done by the people who made trine or little big planet etc, top down square game area as the original, full 3d super sampled rendered 1080p 60 fps arcade random multiplayer action, with all the original levels somehow updated with a larger area, with smooth 360 degree rotational firing and the same excitement of the arcade. graphics literally updated but made to match template wise what were some of the best pixel rpg mob animation frame sets ever made.

The unfathomable destructive greed of giant technology corporations Apple – Samsung

The unfathomable destructive greed of giant technology corporations

sue sue sue over no doubt such shitty patents

And how the US patent systems is merely functioning on behalf of companies who can afford vast patent department to copyright every crappy emergent phenomena ideas in their own name, god some companies disgust me, what a waste of purchasers money,The idea that any of the money I have lavished ob apple over the years has been wasted, to keep in gravy this disgusting class of overpaid patent lawyers, to froth at the mouth over every shit idea, I hate the idea that I’ve contributed to this colossal waste of money- god it makes me hate the world – and the sorry ship of humanity and all the fuckers in it. such ignorance, how does this activity enhance humanities rate of progress to grant exclusive license over what are fundamentally such basic crappy ideas most of the time ? The american patent is a fascist organisation written to advantage crappy american corporations mainly, What you can patent you would even be able to patent in Britain, but then shitty americans were first to allow the idea of patenting stretches of genetic code, most of which are copied spliced from place in nature to another and not genuinely novel in anyway, the americans will be the end of civility – such a dangerous and morally bankrupt nation.

the system should revolve around short copyright available to those who are attempting to bring an idea to market, which is then voided after a certain period of time if they fail to demonstrate they are driving it forward and bring to market with in a certain sensible timeframe, especially with technology, and then if you fail to bring to market with 5-10 years the patent should automatically be voided, and become public domain. if you manage to bring it to market then you get another 10 years of patent and then the idea is public domain after that period, that would speed up human progress, unlike the current system which seems designed to stifle it, and provide free monopolistic markets for greedy corporation for as long as possible and this is especially true in the ever evolving technology arena.

Sir you are being hunted, initial impressions of ALPHA version

Ok I comprehend this is alpha – which is why I’m giving this honest imo feedback now, purely on the basis id like to see this game be a raging success in final release. so no-one get upset or go into a hissy fit promise … OK ?

Games I can or cant be bothered to play and the games I play fully, are most often FUN, what does fun really mean for me ? It means the games have very linear difficulty progression (e.g.- the first PVZ is the best example I can think of super linear difficulty progression), and only introduce complexity slowly so that the player grows and is not out of their depth for very long. But finding that balance, is very much in the best games like riding a knife edge. Now so far the experience in SIr, is not leading me to play more more of it, Id would say the game is a little off-putting, especially as I have even got off the first island or found and successfully collected more than two fragments, and I’m of a mind not to bother, but will persist a little longer.

Now of course I understand they’re are probably plenty of individuals who will tell the game is too easy or they completed in a short period of time and it isn’t difficult enough et etc etc. But these people are not the measure of your full audience, the real measure of a game is whether 90% of people can get to see 90% of the game ? id say if someone pays for a game they should at least be inspired to see a large proportion of it ? otherwise the difficulty curve is wrong and Being developers its very difficult for you play testing the game yourselves to see the difficulty, the only time I ever developed a game I found it very easy to beat it, but thats because I understood every aspect of the mechanics and pathing from the inside. I presume you have set each island to increase in difficulty ? progressively ? if i cant manage the first island what chance is it I’m going to bother with the other four ? Ok with that understood.

[U]The first island is too hard[/U], especially as I selected the hunter easy mode with gun and rifle and had radar on ? I must have died 6-7 times so far for two fragments ?, which with it being on easy mode on a start island is from a player perspective disheartening and irritating, ok its not perma-death I know – progress can be made slowly, but its irritating none the less, I have bought some games and played them which are perma-death etc WAZHACK for instance, but its not my favourite game feature for sure and certainly enter into such games knowing they’re difficulty level, dying allot doesn’t feel good from a player perspective unless your a masochist, and also if that is to be the case each time you die you should be learning something that makes it less likely to happen again in the future, it didn’t feel like that, it felt the same situation would be just as deadly the next time ? I also don’t like the immersion breaking of dying allot, Dear Esther though the complete opposite I found engaging even without the prospect of dying to spur me on. After all I’m just learning the games mechanics on the first island i would have thought ?

Therefore shouldn’t it be easier than the other islands ? so as to introduce the player to the game, either that or it needs a lighter tutorial island, just to learn the mechanics of distraction and shooting and bandaging etc. Secondarily they’re was some explanation of the interface on the screen which I managed to click past if there was one, and then couldn’t bring it back up, only on my 6th attempt did it dawn on me the circle on the radar represented the standing stones etc, on release the game will need an explanation of this and distraction techniques etc. perhaps less words and a few more visual cartoons to draw the eye ? with interface highlighting as as an audio version of the text is read ? The first island should be relatively easy for 90% of players and then each island get progressively harder imo.

0: [U]in the game interface please provide a feedback form[/U] of 150/200 words or less asking for feedback as regards first impressions, as many people with not bother with another forum signup rigmarole, considering the number of logins everyone has today is overwhelming even for someone like me who has a over of thousand all told creating another forum login just to spend my own time giving feedback seems a pain, that should be made by developers as easy as possible in this day and age. do you collect statistics from the game on length of play session number of deaths over what period etc ? as such statistics will give you a better impression as to how much people are really enjoying the game and sticking with it.

1a: [U]Patches of trees appear to provide very little cover compared to grass[/U] ? I’m guessing the robots vision can penetrate tree cover as well as a person moving through it ? which is not so in reality, trees should provide quite allot of extra cover ? the visibility meter should do some kind of pulsing when your in danger ? and a blinking when spotted the red bands were sort of effective though I think that could be improved.

1b: [U]movement[/U] Moving about feels a bit slow when running, I don’t get a sense of rushing or leaping, and slightly too noisy, maybe it should be variable with the scroll wheel, rather than switch weapon ? so I can decide how fast I’m moving and how much noise I want to make ? crawling about became a little dull ? as that was the only way not to be discovered when getting near an occupied objective. I also think that just walking about makes too much audible noise from an audio perspective I could be quieter than that in real life ? as hunching slightly and rapid soft-stepping as though I had moccasins is what I would do in the reality of a situation like this, maybe make it so the useless boots are of soft supple leather and can be equipped to modify your noise in the environment ? or items can act as noise modifiers / camouflagers etc ? tweed is quite good camouflage.

1c: [U]Robot vision range and visibility on first island[/U] : The range of the robots vision on the first island is too far it feels like i can be seen behind a bramble hedge from 50 yards. and even when crouching if close enough they can still see me through a hedge, UK hedges are usually tall enough and thick enough in the UK you couldn’t see someone through it if you were both directly either side of it ? and certainly not when crouching obviously the views would be awful if you made the hedges taller etc and cramp the game views in but crouching behind a hedge should make you invisible to things on the other side of it de-facto. I also think the robots need to naturally wander away from objectives a little further.

2 [U]Bleeding out[/U], dying several times on quite a few play attempts became annoying, especially if I bandaged then got shot again and bled out, strategy latterly discovered – wait until you drop the robots completely before bandaging if you can, But I think the bleed-out period is too short for those trying to make it to a house to get a bandage. I dies several times far from a house due to bleeding.

3: [U]interface size[/U] ? sometimes i suspect that interface size for PC games or as I am on a 27″ monitor is a compromise toward using one interface size to deliver on smaller touch form factors, Ive noticed this with Godus as well, but anyway it seems that some interface elements seem clunk-ily large ? not a biggie

4: [U]inventory management[/U] ? Im not really keen on inventory management games, thats not to say some realism in what you can carry isn’t a good thing, but combined with how small the inventory is, it seems its been designed to make you juggle space for food bandages bullets weapons and objective items that seem a overly large, it felt a little tedious after a while constantly reserving a space so large in my inventory for such a large objective item ? also having the weapons in inventory seemed a bit weird as they would naturally be strapped to me and not in bag inventory ? In fact the inventory issue might be solved by having them not in the inventory when in the action slots as it were ? also no stacking of items, there was a bit of me felt that the inventory was like some game of Tetris I hadn’t bargained on playing in this game.

4b: [U]Junk items[/U] Id rather have less junk unusable stuff in houses which nothing can be done with it seems a little pointless, mouldy bread i dint bother with at all after the first session and thereby by became redundant, and to be honest almost every object is throwable in real life, your missing a humour touch there ? I wanted to throw my memorial plate at a robot – no luck ? I love the idea that scalding tea might affect robots circuitry or toy trains might work as a distraction in towns ? etc etc lots of fun to be had there ? all the objects need more function, bread for feeding the birds etc ? some blackberries on bushes ?

5: [U]distraction items[/U] ? most objects should be chuck-able as a distraction ? candle sticks in towns or against a rock would make a good distraction sound, and should be throwable ? I also so found utilising distraction items a bit of a faff, as the range between which you are discovered and the effective throw length and duration of clocks didn’t seem sufficient to circle round and collect and objective item often, without getting shot after they discover the clock. Perhaps a preference to turn on however unrealistic it may seem, a transparent arc of throw curve which indicates visually when a distraction item is selected that this option is available to the viewer, though I can understand if you think this ruins immersion, maybe just a little cue. Obviously the icon is there, but i found at the beginning questioning myself as to whether it was left key or right key to throw, and getting confused by alarm clock time setting and dropping, I think hat needs to be clearer and tighter to the user. especially having such a misunderstanding, is effectively death if you get it wrong, theres a bit of me at the moment worries that distractions aren’t as effective a choice as just using yourself to lure the robots away from an objective and running circle back to pick it up ? more dangerous but less faff, kind of damages the stealth idea and distractions, so I think distractions need to work better and be superior option to lure running and circling.

6: [U]Maps[/U] : no maps by default but presumably they can be found later, though I haven’t found any.

7: [U]robot ammo [/U]: if the robots are firing at me willy nilly then when I down one, I expect to find his ammo, and not a blown blunderbuss ? or I expect the robot to run out of ammo and make an audible clicking “out of ammo noise” and curse, so I know “NOW” is a good time to hand to hand with a robot ? perhaps a candle stick can be an offensive weapon in that case ? as well as a throwing distraction tool ?

8: [U]the cover of night [/U]? are we in the game getting more cover at night automatically ? than in the day time ? because the expression “under the cover of darkness” exists for a reason ? are these robots thermal imagers ?

9 [U]hedge gaps[/U]: gaps in hedges I could do with a few more of, I’ve had to circle some objectives that seem entirely enclosed by hedge or fencing then only open ground in the middle, with two robots next to the objective the only way to get the objective is to take them out. which means stealth isn’t really a play style option in that situation

[U]10 shooting[/U], even in easy mode i found the weapons inconsistent and unsatisfying i couldn’t determine what was making the difference between successfully killing a target or how many shots it required, and again for the first island perhaps the strengths of the robots should be lowered, sometimes it felt like I had to unload five bullets into a robot to kill him and then though they had been shooting at me I got no ammo from them ? also they’re fleeing to another robot tactic was a bit clever but a bit irritating for the first island especially if you just spent 5 bullets into the thing and had one left ? I think this game would benefit from a gun with scopes or crafting one from binoculars etc, as i like the idea of taking them out with a powerful rifle from range. It felt as if there was some heavy random /armor modifier of shot success especially when taking out robots or baloon lamps ?

[U]11 Audio ; [/U]some tweak-able audio settings, as a person not desiring to use headphones but a stereo pair of large speakers arranged left and right ahead of me, I don’t like headphones and sweaty ears in long game playing sessions, I felt the audio cues as to robots direction could have been more prominent or maybe some kind of stereo separation adjustment option for a pair of stereo speakers ? Also the death sound compared to the in game sounds was overly loud, I can kind of tell I’m dead by the red screen and falling over I don’t need some twice the volume of everything else audio cue as to whats happened at the moment, especially as dying is quite a common occurrence. And I often find that some games get the sound levels thing wrong, people usually adjust game volume for the general sound in the game environment, and if some samples have massively higher levels that can be irritating in environments with other people not playing the game, so its worth normalising the levels throughout the game such that I only need to adjust my sound volume once in the game at the beginning. and that all sounds will be in relative range to that. or certain sound volumes types adjustable etc ? Athe moment im finding the music and death music way too loud and robots not quite loud enough, im not wearing headphones, but if i had the volume higher for robots, the death music would deafening and highly irritating, it like the sting before bbc iplayer also way too loud and irritating.

[U]12 The lean function :[/U] The lean isn’t deep enough and whilst one is leaning one cant move and therefore adjust the lean, so it goes like this > lean > Oh not seeing round the wall move a bit closer to the corner > OH I’m the out of the corner > nudge back in > Lean, doesn’t really work, maybe do a smart lean whereby next to the corner of building at least it moves you to the right position when you lean to get full view down the building ? maybe auto would end up causing trouble, being able to move whilst leaning would solve it hopefully or maybe its minimum move increment which at corners seems to large ?

[U]13: higher ground advantage ?[/U] I’m finding the proximity with which the robots are circulating the objective item and the range at which they identify my presence means that neither a plain stealth approach will work or a full frontal attack as the weapons seem mainly crappy, which means that the only technique i can really try is distraction and they seem to recognise my presence at such a range that if i were to throw distract from that range I doubt they would hear it unless the object lands between me and them or unless i can throw objects twice the distance they can cognate my presence at ie over and past them ? Therefore getting closing enough involves crouching all the way and praying then chucking elsewhere whilst crouched half next to them praying the height trajectory is optimal, something that in real life is relatively easy, but difficult to judge in this game whilst crouched in grass, and is a very slow form of patience based gameplay ? if one takes the role of hunter or whatever the guns should be more viable ? usually two robots guarding an objective means you can get one down with 5 rounds meaning unless you have second 5 rounds gathered up to spend on the second robot you dont have much chance.

[U]14 run[/U] – how about double tap and hold w on the second press to run faster ? as im finding slightly too many keys to manage in tight situations and guaranteeing getting shift with the little finger is a pain in frantic situations.

15 [U]icon discrepancy :[/U] rifle with scope icon even though it only has iron sights ?

16 I’m not sure a re-loading key R imo in any game ever actually adds to my fun ? its just another unnecessary control, I don’t like it in 7 days to die either, surely a character would automatically reload their weapon in such an environment by default, and have available to use at any moment whatever ammo they had at their disposal, why don’t you make some of these options preference-able in the alpha then perm fix them later in the game dependant on what the majority of people select ? if such statistics were gathered.

17 depositing a fragment at the stone should auto save ? as im not sure theyre would be any advantage to it not saving fragment progress on deposition ? i certainly lost one fragment by not remembering to click save … at the stone before quiting the game ?

walkabout film 1971

1971 was a very different era, clunkily musically scored in a way to tell the viewer how to perceive
the scenes and moments, some kind of placatory reference to the purity
and romance of tribalism being just a different mirror of our own
culture, The kangaroo butchery and cutting to an urban western butchers
shop cutting lamb chops, all just too heavy handed, Everything in this
film is dragging the viewer about by the nose.

Definitely some 70’s liberalist revert to nature romance agenda, intimating there is a
corruption at the core of western white culture, the nudity in this
film is seventies based and comes off as a little prurient, the scene
with the boy and the girl talking about whether the aboriginal teenager
should wear the boys shirt, and then the camera focussing in on the
aboriginals crotch, while she says no he should not wear a shirt ? >
Christ almighty director – somethings can be implied more subtly ? I mean I know your audience is mainly Australian but really ?

And the 70’s pervy obligatory nude swimming shots ? Christ its so ham-fisted and
awkward ! they way the film flirts with the idea of sexuality in this
film. The little white girl lost falling for the black male aboriginal
setup ? Its as old as the hills, and the feigned flashback to nude
swimming at the end with something more implied ? when she’s with her,
dull Aussie urban husband in the future? you could skim through this
film on 4 x speed and you could still pick out all stereotypical setups
? but compared to the crap thats out there, well, enough said I think
you get the jist of it.

intel desktop cpu feedback

Ok this is the only method I could find for giving you feedback RE – your consumer desktop processor lineup. As an owner of an i7 920. I feel the need to state you are not giving me a valid reason to upgrade ? transistor count on cpu cores has not be increasing in line with moores law for some time ? you keep on ploughing on with upgrading the iGPU on desktop CPU’s full well knowing that if someone is buying a £200 CPU they are more than likely, spending that much again on a dedicated graphics card, now I’m hearing broadwell will have 128mb dram on the die dedicated for the broadwell iris pro graphics ?! why ? if i wanted to waste die area on an amount of graphics memory equivalent to a 10 year old discrete graphics, i would be nuts ?, again for the desktop user this seems pointless ? unless you going create a processor that negated the need for a full size desktop graphics card entirely ? what is the point of this for the desktop pc user ? the only reason most gamers will use integrated graphics might be whilst setting a machine up before the graphics card is installed ? or running secondary monitors ? or for low -end business machines, well they don’t need to game so iris pro is overkill on them ? it seems – since post sandy bridge – there has been no real improvement to the complexity and power, transistor wise of the cpu cores, yes you made great strides with efficiency, but the transistor count on the cpu cores or number of cores has not increased even with fab nm scale reduction ? Also I’m very much angered by you not providing full Package Specifications on intel ark any longer ? where is the die size spec for the newer processors ? you must have been reducing die size, keeping transistor count the same and thereby increasing margin, it can be the only reason you’ve stopped publicising die size information ? Im no doubt getting less of the wafer than ever if I buy haswell ? but your still not offering a higher transistor count or cores to the midlevel desktop consumer, just because amd is not fully competitive with you in max performance per core terms, is no reason to slacken off on cpu transistor count or performance increase for the end user, if broadwell doesn’t have increased cpu performance or more cores at the mid market level i will not be upgrading again in 2014. It’s a relatively simple formula to persuade me to upgrade ? follow moores law, offer me the same die area off the wafer from 2 years ago at the same price as my last cpu, but offer me double the transistor count and near double the performance at the same price point market wise ? Also what went wrong since sandy bridge the IHS’s ability to dissipate heat is reduced massively since ivy bridge onwards, not full IHS contact soldering anymore ? or is it your 3d energy efficient transistor design that is limiting heat dissipation to the IHS and thereby the overclocking max is now worse than sandy bridge ? all these issues need rectifying before anyone with half a brain will bother to upgrade ? theres too much compromise for the desktop cpu user with you trying to morph your product into an APU or cater to smaller form factors. Also BGA mounted cpu’s should not be pursued, the number of times some electronics dies ps3 xbox 360’s it most often comes down to SM BGA failure, and moving the intel desktop CPU to SM BGA seems a mistake to me in terms of reliability, at the end users expense. If your argument is that the iGPU can be utilised by programs in desktop machines for other than graphics work and boost cpu performance, then Im afraid that largely revolves around people re-writing code to take advantage of it ? and therefore isn’t guarantee-ably offering a cpu performance increase to the end user ? anyway get the formula right, because at the moment your lineup nor the explanation behind your decisions is convincing me to upgrade.

D morgan