external eu immigration cap

down 5% ? jesus thats really not going to make much difference ?! maybe the figures are naturally less this year in a recession that they were for last year by 5% anyway, ie its a reduction/cap that they dont have any difficulty in achieving because its natural anyway, for f’s sake 5% on just external to EU immigration is bugger all change, thats almost pointless, and when you figure the majority of this overloaded immigration comes from internal EU sources this is pathetic marketing headline style drop in the ocean of a statement, it has no balls whatsoever.

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some of the comments are a great deal more interesting than the article itself, with a great deal of sense and sanity shown, mainly indicating that this overall increase in immigration and 5% decrease in external to EU immigration this year, not being enough control and limitation to satisfy the public.

governments still listening to idiot industry consultants

What are the kind of idiots whove been advising the government on immigration for the last 20 years, oh just more consultants from industry like this lady :

julia onslow cole

surprise surprise what do industry paid experts advise governments to do about immigration ? let industry import whatever labour it needs ? sound familiar I wonder whether they have vested interests ?

its a tired record when companys like pwc think they have the right to advise the public sector on running the country to the extent they may as well be our unelected overlords.

then of course shes listed on spurious work migrant lobbying websites like this.

permits foundation

That dress up the concept of the spouses of international workers being able to move with them for work, as some kind of business marketing win win advantage. What this website fails to see is that if you and your wife are going to move to a country and live and work their and have children, then what your doing effectively is called emigration ?!?!?! Just rebadge the website as we would like to be americans please. and we don’t give a shit for our own cultural heritage enough to stick at it, in the country of our birth and what it can provide us with, standard of living wise.

This site seems to be a mecca for those looking to desert their country, those whose only belief is money, who lack the integrity to remain and make their countrys great, or at worst wish to use the earning potential abroad to be rich in their home countrys, and exploit a financial advantage over the native poor. Truth is if your prepared to travel internationally there are all sorts of situations and people you can exploit, because you increased your markets and populational competitional framework, and your own exposure to it by manifold degrees.

truth is industry doesn’t give a shit about culture or can possibly succeed in protecting anything subtle, it at heart is a psychopathic organism, which will do whatever necessary to further thrive, and if that means changing the entire populational cultural makeup of a culture to provide cheaper labour, just so it can create an extra margin of profitability, so as to create a marginal increase in dividend for a small niche of rich private shareholders then it will do so in a heartbeat and without a moment of remorse.

why london is a shithole in the summer

why london is a shithole in the summer ?

well one has to open ones windows to get the last gasp of stale cool air … only to be blasted by the sounds of every kind ethnic cunt vocalising their love of some foreign fucking culture or religion at 22:47 at night.

What am I being treated to tonight in Finsbury Park ? some kind of african drumming and chanting crazy religious community hall meeting with amplification, god I truly hate these people, do they not understand that in “british culture”, where they are curently living, it is not acceptable to have a roudy religious meeting at 22:48 pm at night except at a christmas mass or something. worst thing their noise is tuneless monotonous and polluting my peace !

We need to start getting real tough on these noise polluters, these people move to this country and then start practising all this crazy crap, that has fuck all to do with our culture, and worse they cant even do it quietly ?

IT is things like this that have convinced me, the majority of this multi-culturalism that has been thrust upon us is a total and absolute mistake.

Now I have to wear ear plugs or headphones to drown out the sound of all the foreign cultures and religions encroaching and breeding in on me, whilst i’m trying to fucking sleep.

gernaiums red crysanthemums blue
how much I hate the noise pollluters inconsiderate spew.

lib con alliance budget

general gist of it a fair bit of business and corporate relief to stimulate economy, but in the way its the business owners on the corporate end that have been doing fine in the current situation, more to encourage foreign investment by lowering corporation tax to the lowest in europe ? everything is already sold to private industry what more investment will he encourage with this strategy the sell off of the NHS even further, isn’t that the only thing left that foreign investors don’t already own ?

a large amount of hammering on scroungers good. as long as its evenly done so that foreign immigrants dont use discrimination laws to get unfairly beneficial treatment ? which what appears to be going on.

iphone 4g no keynote video visible ? thoughts

anyone got the link to the iphone 4g keynote video (comment back), with the stuffup or has it been pulled to protect the overly precious about itself image of apple, by getting rid of an onstage fluff by pulling the video, they’ll use that fluff to make a wifi blackout at newer keynotes be sure, theyll probably start confiscating peoples tech or something before steve gets on stage.

What we do have access to video wise ? is a fucking advert on the apple site (obviously thats a unintentional metaphorical karmic joke representative of apple itself) A new advert has been released we can all lapup like the shmucks we are, with ives and steve and the crew all cooing into cameras and calling it another fucking … “revolution”, i’m begining to get serious marketing fatigue from this shit, god these fuckers need some fucking humilty and a lack of ego for gods sake, or theyll stop fitting through doors, the iphone needs some promotion with a small p and for the rest, it can sell itself, but the marketing onslaught ? which is Steve’s true skill is relentless, it makes me sick. Jonathan Ives in particular, being once upon a time a British person, should show some evidence of reserve in his character, but all he can do is blow Apple corporate cock, because his apples shares value must keep growing and giving him a corporate erection. Soon theyll be dancing onto stage like Balmer in “dance monkey boy dance”, because they know that an incremental upward tick in share value means they can all buy a new prius
for theyre dog or some such tech mad rich guru guff. Oh to have a british technology company to show how you could create products without all this endless egotistically framed self congratulation talk. Even the audience don’t necessarily whoop on cue in the keynotes any longer to every point, much no doubt to Steve’s chagrin.

Geesh theyve made the phone better, its not a damn revolution all over again Continue reading

bbc be more representative of the native person

the lack of comment and ability to give some public feedback about issues/articles raised, feels like a kind of censure, but then you always have feared the public views being known, because you have your own specific agenda. well perhaps if comments are pointless due to quantity, how about a system of polls, with multiple choice answers alongside the articles ?

ie should there be greater international pressure on Isreal to stop throttling its neighbour gaza to death, an turning the native palestinians into a minority population within a greater state of Isreal.

• yes
• no
vote now

we need more democracy not less in this country, and the role of the media should be to help facilitate this concept, not silence the voice of the majority so that highly vocal powerfull overly pc minority groups rule, through some form of enforced supposedly positive discrimination, in which journalists or upper class politicos mediate the opinion and set the agenda for the rest of us. Continue reading

academy’s and cameron oh dear

Great now even more ditzy niche schools for the posh, cultural different, religiously primitive have been green lighted by cameron and this further outsourced academy setup, Camerons seriously knows how to really fracture and divide further this already heavily fractured country.

National trust alien plant removal

thank god at last somebody has realised that the victorian obsession with plant collecting, zoo’s and the general transport of creatures to this isle, placed huge pressures on the native species in this country unnecessarily, and the process of attempting to protect native species and habit by plant removal is important.

Next perhaps we can recognise the pressure the native urban young poor of this country have been forced to deal with, through excessive immigration. Or how that this immigration must inevitably dilute native culture.