Welcome to Rio > thoughts

Welcome to Rio – is nicely narrated and seems very even handed, it doesn’t waste time dwelling on obvious poverty, when its clear that in fact some people, who are poor are better at enjoying life than those who are rich. In some parts of latin america as I myself have experienced, though there is poverty there is also often a bit more freedom, community and family to compensate for it, life can be hard but it can also be good, it is usually the state of the mind, that makes the larger difference in the battle for life.

Britains Whale Hunter’s > the untold story

A realistic portrayal of the practicalities of an industry, before environmental awareness really kicked in, and how the harvest of natures time created stock of whales can be liquidated into money on an industrial scale, this documentary tells the history well and brings in the human aspects of it also. Well made and stimulating.

Going to the Dogs – thoughts

a realistic documentary about dog baiting / fighting
tiresome to se that such primitive tradition we outlawed is being effectively resurrected by what at least in this documentary by accent appeared foreign immigrants to this culture.

This documentary failed to qualify the needed point that the police confiscate the dogs and are prepared to return them after having chemically castrated them and chipping them, but most dog baiters would prefer them put down. Truth is that dogs that have been trained to be vicious are a danger to the wider society.

Sport that involves violence of one creature in our charge against another in our charge, that cannot in words decide for themselves- and trusts often without reservation is a crime, its an abuse of the loyalty of animals.

We do not need to encourage further and further aggression in our society and this set of people their mindset and their so called sport is something to be discouraged, I Guess in their subconscious mis-functioning mindsets they are trying to attach themselves deeper to our culture by resurrecting some grim old english sport, but its a fallacious idea and of little merit.or maybe theyre genuinely degenerate enough to enjoy the aggressive bloodlust itself

aggression ruins this world and is not to be openly or by accident increased or promoted, this program though critical, is strangely often also a form of promotion and attention.

Battlefield Britain – father and son – Peter and Dan Snow

Nepotism aside

Dubious research, presumptions and statements, re-enacted – suspect dialog ? what evidence do we have for half the statements in this program. How can we prove what William did or didn’t know – he might have arranged for Alfred to fight one of William’s norse relations up north ? remember the Norman’s had been in normandy for not much longer than a 100 years – normans norse men north men = vikings, that went south conquered and set up a state of feudal privilege in that region of france, transplants with a delusion of grandeur

“the papal banner reminded the normans god was on their side” ? – what shit is this

When are we gonna stop having history programmes on TV that delve into improvised drama re-enactment including dialog from 1000 year previous combatants – like its reality tv. When will these programs have to put their references at the end ?

Intel 1 billion euro fine

hmm lets face that will just be added on to the cost of processors sold in Europe in the future, it would be better if some of the money was a transfer to compensate amd directly to be placed in investment to increase competition ? and secondarily the shareholder dividend should be suspended for long enough to cover the cost of the fine, to try and make sure that the fine is not just levied on consumer processor prices in the eu ultimately ?

Betjeman a hero of this culture

Sadly the road lobby led by marples and beeching and mcalpine felt the need to destroy the railways in order to justify the roadbuilding

Betjeman is the quintessential English man, who saw the nuance and necessary future need for the railways that were axed how better now our culture would be with them intact

Shit Television taking over – or is all pouring from the spout of E4 thats the issue

bad comedy >

canned laughter (I thought we got rid of that in the 70’s) – shit writing – stagey phoney looking plastic sets – like a shit UK thick nerds comedy with bad jokes

same cardboard qualities as hollyoaks no real comedy writing to speak of, compensates with crude over-debauched rancid banal Britain politically correct stereotype characterisations ?

modern britain >

cctv caught on camera
totally highlighting how much money is wasted on observing poor people crowded in stacked rabbit hutch Britain, if they’re was any testament to the inequality on the treatment of the poor

benefits street
What can I say. This is how the lovely multiculturalism and benefits poverty no standards free market Britain ends up, that guardian liberal readers so love to promote.

films >

new robocop
crap the previous robocop looked like body augmentation, in this film robocop looks a many in a body suit ? pointless wizbang unfunny iron-mun reboot fodder wank.

Comment re the heptarchy of england

Lets be Honest the coastline of this island however seemingly geographically arbitrary is a nice logical naturally occurring border, that thankfully was a natural lynchpin to hold the tide of war. This is an Island nation, which lives in close and sensible “economic” fraternity with its continental neighbours. But it makes no sense to subdivide the peoples of this island once more, however alluring or intellectually stimulating to you as a historian – that fantasy might be, certainly with the levels of population we have now. There is sadly a trend within the human psyche to perceive we will be better off if we split away into the sub group of population we feel most like our own personal identity or class. I also on the other hand in my own opinion would declare because we are not part of the continent, we need a distinct and individual setup to the other nations of Europe for whom closer harmony, but that which does not denigrate their sovereign democracy’s, national identity, specific culture or self determinism, should embrace their neighbours in economic cooperation and fraternity a little tighter than we might ourselves desire. But I also believe we need to be clear about the “democratic rights” of the people to national self determinism, and return rather than concede any more power to the european ideology, and make no mistake – no country called Europe exists, we don’t say I’m going to Europe because it vitally means little to those people within it, It does however mean something if your an external immigrant or a country on the peripherary.

To me the most vital thing is “stable borders” and however wrongly I perceive the periods of historical peace, I do perceive they prove that stable borders are vital and that factional divide in culture is most often lethal ? Populations are often unified by time and aged bloody history, who now live in relative harmony without an increasing sense of subdivision or division from each other, without unnecessary super-numerary groupings. That is what has been damaged by 55 years of enforced and unquestioned imported ideology of multiculturalism and diversity by a political and media elite, the BBC deeply complicit in this, whose representatives, seem only able to express undemocratic left of centre middle-upper class viewpoints if they wish to remain in work. Which never clearly deals with the dichotomy of diversity and unity, and the real issues involved in the multicultural agenda.

Mass Immigration – is war on the native – wherever it occurs in history, America, Australia – and especially so – on Island natives – new zealand – andamans – jamaica – etc. Which a certain class of our antecedents with visions of empire and policies, historically visited upon others at the price of morality for some technical evolution and profit elsewhere, post war we were almost beginning to heal the historical division of class and retreat from the arrogance of empire, with a timely and needed epiphany of thinking.

Now as a nation were are rapidly being consumed by a lack of unity and increased divineness on every front masquerading under the guise of government approved ‘segregative’ multiculturalism and ‘diversity’ agendas – such enshrined liberal ideology, Which has in practice largely worked to enfranchise the immigrant, subdivide the nation into the new “communities”, which is really code for a panoply of religious and ethnic differences growing larger and receiving the benefit of positive discrimination, extra democracy through the governments ear being permanently bent by “community leaders” ? the wealthy industrial set benefit from more compliant labour and multiple property owning speculators from rents and a direct collection of and unscrupulous redirection of taxpayers money via the housing benefit system to the private wealth sector of the multiple property owning via rents in this culture – often statements are made about subjectively perceived economic gains as justification and some kind of unexplainable fuzzy moral superiority – for multiculturalism, which is really just a global philosophical export, which is saturation bombed from american culture and media. America admittedly in its current form is founded on the idea of multiculturalism and mass immigration but its one of the few countries that can sensibly claim that.

Meanwhile the return to feudalism continues apace. There are many natives today who without the fiscal bubble wrap to avoid it, carry the extra psychological burden of these enshrined policies as regards the reality of immigration, who have little choice but to square the circle of working in wholly foreign workforces, living in wholly foreign immigrant dominated areas and send their kids to schools where the first language of 90% of the children, is no longer english, and face the cultural impact of these factors on their children, and to imagine that the british working class must be declared racist for not showing pleasure at this reality and prospect they mainly alone face. They and they’re families ‘communities’ have largely had to deal with the real effects of middle to upper class liberalist hand wringing, In the remnants of what was once a community they recognised and felt even if inappropriately – comfortable with.

To not recognise this is to salaciously hide from the tribalism that all peoples and classes display, including those immigrants in this culture who naturally as any people most often coagulate together, history would indicate it takes hundreds of years to resolve the divisive effects of immigration or invasion, that itself may only take a few to undertake, how long before the invading normans in their castles realised that conducting a policy of isolationary and oppressive dominance and segregative division would never be sustainable or in their long term interests. Britain still feels the effects of that feudalist divisiveness to this day.

The history of everything human is the slow turbulent movement from ignorance to understanding, when will we again understand that which in 1940 we understood and defended the right of – each stable nation to democratic self determinism, against a german led hegemony, which then and still now is a vital idea worth defending, The european ideology does not well represent that ideal, but is merely an alternate subversion of it. Economic communities and pacts are fine, but to dissolve the sovereign borders of the nations involved and have fully open border policies, has done little but advance the cause of the mobility of more compliant and cheaper labour. Europe has done little to retain the efficient manageability of small government, small can be beautiful and a more practical form of governance. Europe is the opposite of that, the perceived efficiencies and trade pact negotiation power are lost against the cost of the ideologically driven mega bureaucracy, cultural identity, social division and a sense of unity and purpose that all cultures need to succeed long term.

gang culture and ptsd vice

lets face this > theirs a large proportion of people in these cultures from these same neighbourhoods who’ve been promoting violence and attitudinal gang culture in the art and music theyre exporting globally, round the world to make money with. And only now people in this same culture and neighbourhoods are waking up to how stressful and shit gang culture is and how much a waste of existence it is ? well go sue the rappers for the profits they made from promoting it – to fix your neighbourhoods, half these people who complain of this, probably bought the music and the lifestyle wholesale ?