European Court of Human Rights quango re: Abu hamza

As a citizen of the UK who has 800 years of traced heritage in the UK, I would like to know why the european court of human rights sees fit to ruin justice in britain re extradition or deportation cases by taking the mickey out of UK law by allowing such criminals as Abu Hamza al-Masri or his real name “Mustafa Kamel Mustafa” to endlessly avoid extradition.

as you can read in the wiki post linked above an abuser of the foreign student visa system.

My situation in the UK :

I Cant afford a house
I have never claimed benefits
I cant afford a family life in my own country, unless I were to claim some form of benefits.
My personal morality and beliefs in english culture has prevented me from claiming in the system.
I abide by the laws of my country
I have not bred an excessive number of children, some of whom commit crime in the UK.

What Abu Hamza has stolen whilst residing in london alongside me . . .

Lots and lots of taxpayers money to support his oversize family, whilst instead of working to support them, he was spewing hatred promoting primitive religious violence against the country that fostered him and his children, this man has more than demonstrateably taken the mickey out of me and my culture, why should anyone in culture behave legally and properly when people like him are allowed to flaunt the law at every turn, and then get defended by quango courts like yours.

countrys and their relative civility are only sustained by decent people !

What justice is the european court of human rights offering me in their decision making process by allowing Abu Hamza all this endless debate and leeway of weak minded overpaid intellectualisation, for the sake of it debate, of his criminals rights ? he is laughing over all of this from prison. As he knows his extensive family is still being funded by my taxes to live in a £600,000 council house whilst I can’t afford a 25% share in a one bed flat anywhere in london, to even start a family, that is a human injustice ! And in that situation who is going to be represented in the populational future of my country ? him and his over progenisation on arrival in my culture or me ? you weak minded pricks, he has already won from his perspective, because he doesnt count behaving morally in that process.

It feels to me, as if UK culture is being run to to benefit foreign imported people, who do not appear to have to adhere to the same moral or cultural rules as set out by my forebears, who can inherit my country without there poor forebears having had to struggle over the last 1000 years to provide them this opportunity.

your worried about him being extradited to countrys with the death penalty or supermax prisons ?

well he isn’t a european citizen for starters he is an egyptian national, because his marriage for english nationailty was proven bogus, as he was marrying someone who was still married. so how does he have right to appeal to your court ? your wasting the european and uk tax payers moneys, idly arguing the virtues of various prison systems ? you know doubt will not allow him to be placed in an egyptian prison ? which in a way is condescending to egyptian culture. You people are soft

Father Alex Brown conducted 360 sham marriages

Father Alex Brown conducted 360 sham marriages, to help illegal immigrants live in britain.

Vladymyr Buchak 33, Michael Adelasoye 50 paid east europeans £3000 to marry Africans in St Leonards on sea to give them citizenship.

Father Alex Brown should be given a life sentence.
and Vladymyr Buchak and Michael Adelasoye should have their citizenship stripped from them and be returned to their country of origin and be barred entry to this country ever again and those they helped marry, their marriages should be declared null and void and any assets and money that the two criminals exploited be returned as far as possible.

Chichester Diocese church should strip this guy of his robes, and defrock him immediately, this is ridiculous it is not the right of any religious group, christian or otherwise to hand out citizenship in this country !

Prediction what will be Done ?

BLOODY NOTHING AS USUAL, blame your council, blame you government, blame your Religion, they are all muppets. Until we the people demand change by force, nothing will ever change.

NHS Dermatology Appointment London ! 10 weeks

Well I booked my 2nd dermatology clinic appointment today, for St Thomas’s when is this appointment for the dermatology clinic ? early in November > so thats roughly 10 weeks lead time on an appointment, and knowing my luck it will be as useless as my last dermatology appointment, in which that 10 week wait, is to get a lousy 20 minute slot in a specialists time, in which if he can, he palms you off with no testing and no follow-up, also at no point did the guy get much closer to me than about 4 feet, he then basically reassures you and tells you to go away and live with it if you can, using a pleasant demeanour and a bit of NLP, and suggests a condition thats been going on for 4 years, might gets better by itself ? what an idiot ! He then rights a pointless letter discharging you back to your more than useless GP’s care ! writing something about hows he’s reassured you ?! what a cock ! This guy is paid stupid money, and half the people he barely helps more than a with a 20 minute appt in which he basically talks and does nothing. If GP’s and specialists are going to be so ultimately useless and symptom appraisal from experience based, then they can at least charge a hell of allot less for their speculation. for what from my perspective seems such useless activity.

Whats basically wrong with this ? They charge so much they can afford only to give you a period time which means they can resolve nothing ? A bit like me trying to resolve my clients computers problems totally with half hour sessions only !

Sometimes it takes 8 hours of work, to solve a clients complex computer problems, Yet doctors magically think they can get away with giving you a half an hour of their time on a much more complex system the human body, and are supposedly bloody hero’s who can just look at us read a few symptoms and tell whats wrong ?! bullshit ! Its like fucking water divining, full generally of misses in a scatter gun approach, spread out over years of time, to book the appointments necessary to spend enough time with them !

Truthfully I also dont get my clients to turn up with their computers at my premises having booked 3 months in advance, talk with them for half an hour and tell them they need to go home taking their computers with them and if the problem doesnt go away by itself without me having done any tests at all, they can always book another useless 20 minute appt, 3 months further in the future in which I will also not attempt to help them.

Now admiteadly the human system is a great deal more complex than a computer system, but still I tend not to physically leave their premises unless i have provided some kind of functioning solution.

Its the lack of rigour and scientific testing to this whole process that I majorly object to, Id rather a whole in the wall blood testing machine did the job than a doctor. Its all this trust me im a docter ive studied allot of symptoms and now im qualified to speculate and do nothing ?

The truth is this the NHS has let a hell of allot of people slowly die, due to the culture of ignorance and deference to antiquated and system of doctoring, in which the doctor is placed on this high pedestal and unquestioned, and we dont care about it, until were ill and depending on it.

Truth is most of them go into it for societal respect to preen their egos and to fleece the taxpayer of an income thats large and very sufficient for providing for large family and home if desired. Hence all the foreign doctors in this country milking the NHS.

Cameron immigration test of will

Dear Mr David Cameron, its time to act and prove your metal as concerns attempts to get immigration under control, if you can’t quickly and effectively repatriate a single pakistani national namely a Mr Rizwan Ahmed Kiyani and his cohorts and those like him, who have been selling citizenship to this country as if it were his own priviledge to do so, and thereby defeating and cheating the immigration system for his own financial advantage, then you will fail at all attempts to control immigration.

His chain of bogus Oxford language colleges located around already heavily over immigrated towns. Its quite obvious we cannot trust foreign people in general, not to abuse any system we set in place, including any system involving tests to determine suitability for citizenship, I myself have signed up to the optimum population trust, as I believe the whole of england is currently over populated , any system of tests will inevitably be abused as experience has always shown in this regard, abandon the tests and abandon the principle of immigration and asylum, we currently do not need any immigration in this culture, 65 million people is enough, and yet we suffer enforced immigration on the european front, and dribbling immigration on the external to EU front that seems larger every year.

The simplest solution is to have an immigration holiday whilst all current cases are evaluated and illegals are removed.
Islands have rights to these measures more so than the european continent with its interconnected country states, if i wished to become a guernsey citizen it might well take me 20 years of living in vastly more expensive non local market property, and this is to protect guernsey citizens. If guernsey is sensible enough to do it, then why may not england have some more sensible controls ? than practically none.

Human rights law and european courts has been preventing us from determining our own immigration numbers for years, this must end.

1. people counting and tracking in and out of the country must be acheived.
2. A £40,000 fine imposable on people overstaying on any visa educational, tourist or otherwise by more than a month over the visa exit date, and extradition to their native land at their own expense.
3. A cap of 10,000 people per annum external to EU immigration
4. A ratio and limit set to EU immigration specific to the size of this isle, that limits inbound in relation to outbound UK people flow within europe, capped at a set limit.
5. Propose a limit on UK immigration from within the EU, to persons who have recently naturalised within the EU zone, ie meaning the initial point of entry must remain the country of domicile for at least 10 years
6. Removal of all failed case and illegals, to be acheived by multiplying the border controls workforce to a suitable size, to make this task practical and feasable rather than living in denial about the people and resources required, and if necessary placing this under the remit of the local police force. who seem to waste the wages we spend on them, doing easy stuff like handing out fines for minor traffic infringements.
7. Allow the biometric Id scheme to go ahead under a voluntary basis, so those british citizens who wish to help border controls to be tightened can do so.
8. To insist all immigrants in process for ctizenship, have to sign up to to biometric ID schemes, so that tracking their breaking of travel rules, is more easily provable.
9. Make british passports the toughest to forge and most rigourous in the world.

You might say god these rules seem a little tough ? well thats only because our system has been unbeleivably lax for so long, in truth the rules have to be twice as tough as youd expect, to achieve a reduction in numbers, back to some sensible level.

emigration now a new pastime

emigration now a new pastime
if your english please dont leave your country she needs you now more than ever.


“Immigration UK – Emigrate To The UK – Information About Emigration UK

Social reasons: The UK is a multicultural society, highly tolerant of all lifestyles and has a low crime rate.”

too tolerant thats been the problem ! and adverts on web pages like that encourage too many people, it will lead to trouble in the end.

privatisation the meaning of :

couldnt be clearer really the selling of something national a population already owns, back into the private hands of a smaller richer subset of that same population, for a temporary increase in tax revenues.

ie direct theft in which the government hands all possible future growth and control to private shareholders in exchange for limited renumeration in the present.

this usually means the shareholder wins out through the underestimated value of land and property assets or its future growth in such deals, railway privatisation being a classic example of mid management understating, hiding and hijacking asset value from the public.

privatisation also has the often overlooked possibility of complete foreign ownership of national infrastructures, due to share trading and speculation with little control.

Intellectual predator Johann Hari attacking a lame duck

easy target

Wow thats a prejudicial diatribe of someone you have there, and from such a supposedly award winning journalist ? (though gongs are for the ego’d entrant). I think ending the peice with he is a “diseased and damaged man” shows a lack restraint and excesive venom. Agreed . . . please hari shock troops do not tweet such pointless regurgitaion hari praise comments for the sake of it, all this noise is noise but tweets are the reflex action of the corpse of commentary ie me too !

Suicide or injury is never a good subject for humour except by those with a lack of imagination. Btw white people, since you seem to be deeming this a skin issue ? did experience such a lack of “elf n safety” : it was called the industrial revolution ? but the people who were writers such as yourself, at that time were late to pick up on the suffering of the poor labouring classes and their early deaths, except as a form of literary entertainment for others, much as most journalism though in disguise, still is today, ie that disconnection within reporting and the action of something being done about it, which remains an essential but slow drip effect. Your quick to find reasons, to arrogantly put white people at fault ? of course. Rather than say recognising that western culture doesnt just contain white people ? And that much consumerism doesnt just occur in western cultures ? we need more sophisticated viewpoints here, humans are the problem and were all inescapably one of them.

Or Rather recognising Chinas self volition, in proactively say, trying to gainfully employ and feed its 20 x larger population of 1.3 billion compared to our tiny UK population of 0.065 billion. You may percieve Nike and Microsoft as representing western populations, I personally see them as representing the shareholder classes. Out of interest where do your statistics come from ? I assume severed in your definition means cut off completely, or does it mean cut ? you appear to reference your own article ? in which you state 50,000 a month ? not 33,000 a day ? the use of emotive words and a lack of quality references aids the draw of diatribe but not its accuracy. But then being an intellectual predator of your measured calibre, its easy look down the food chain and see lunch, sadly you need to pick bigger targets to grow. Littlejohn is not a worthy target for you :) Adam Curtis would expect more of you.

lifestyle imagery as propaganda in the UK.

I was on the Tesco mobile website looking to purchase an iphone 4g of course only to discover its one of these products that is advertised as being available but isnt really there for purchase. And I got mesmerised by a little lifestyle imagery. Ever noticed the over the top Politically correct attempt in advertising to represent ethnic diversity in this country, seems to accidentally paint the native british male out of the picture, take these 4 lifestyle images as taken from a flash rollover of images from the tescos mobile phone site, perhaps attempting to represent british people today or something, and you can see what I mean about not a historically native person amongst the images presented. do you find yourself in the picture ?

Truth is the best solution to this issue for all groups concerned would just be not to use lifestyle imagery at all, ie dont hamfistadely put one black one asian person etc in there, dont even bother to put images of people in at all, it will save winding the native or a particular minority with there lack of representation, or the those minoritys represented by the over the top deliberate representation. It all reeks of trying not to offend people which is exactly what it achieves, in the end.
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